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Summer by luvdobby26
Chapter 2 : Summer's Secret
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A/N This chapter I decided to do in first person from Summer’s point of view. I just wanted to show you what Summer thought of Harry and I did it in first person so I won’t get confused when writing and you when reading! :D Enjoy! 
Summer's POV

                                                             Chapter 2


He watches me every single day. He thinks I don’t see him, but I do. I see his messy black hair and his shining emerald green eyes that watch me through his glasses. I don’t know his name but I wish I did. Usually, I would think those sort of people are creepy, but he’s not. I’m intrigued by him. By the way he runs his fingers through his unruly black hair and the way he pretends to read but is actually watching me is...I don’t know. Intriguing.

When I’m there, I sit by the river reading half the time and watching him the rest. I feel as if I’ve known him forever, but we’ve never even talked. I’m too cowardly to go and talk to him but maybe he doesn’t want to talk to me. If he did why hasn’t he come forward. Maybe he is just a random girl stalking creep after all! But deep down I know he’s not.

I remember the first day I ever saw him, the best day of my bloody life.

I had had an argument with family, a bad one, and managed to escape with my book. As I walk down the road bare footed, tears coursing down my cheek, I saw someone blurred by my tears entering the forest ahead of me, although I didn’t pay much attention to him at that point, I couldn’t stop staring later.

I loved the forest and was just going to the tree I usually go to to read. I got there, listening to the birds singing in the trees, and sat down to read, wiping the tears from my eyes.

I read for awhile, chewing a strand of hair which was a reading habit of mine and escaping to a different world better than my own. An exciting world full of happiness, tragedy, sorrow and love. Where beautiful princesses get rescued by the handsome prince, instantly fall in love and live happily ever after. Where good verses evil and good always wins.

That’s the world I want to live in. The world where everything would be perfect.

Anyway, I was getting rather chilly sitting in the forest so I decided to go further than I usually go, to the field of flowers and the rushing river.

I stood up, placing my bookmark between the pages and carefully closing the book. After wiping the leaves and dirt from the back of my shorts, I started walking bare footed through the forest. Twigs snapped beneath my feet as I made my way along the path and as I got nearer I heard the rushing water of the river, running as if in a hurry to get to some unknown place.

I shivered as a cool breeze blew gently against my skin and I rubbed my arms, feeling goose bumps beneath my hands. My teeth started to chatter since I was in the shade for so long and was relieved when I came to the edge of the forest and into the field.

I had only been once before. Years ago when I was six or seven with my family for a picnic. It was amazing. We had cakes and juice and played by the river for hours, until I fell asleep and had to be carried back home.

I pulled the branches back and peered through. I smiled seeing the flowers and feeling the warmth on my cool skin. I came out of the trees and caught a glimpse of him near the river bank, but I didn’t want to stare in case he saw. I would leave that until later.

I looked over at the river and my face broke into a smile. It looked a perfect place for reading and brought back all those happy memories.

I was aware of him staring but didn’t really care. At this moment I wasn’t really bothered about him, all I wanted to do was escape into my book again. I was happier now. I had forgotten about the argument completely.

One thing I did notice about him though, was how scruffy he looked, and still does. His clothes are always baggy and his hair messy. His clothes aren’t just baggy, but ripped and dirty too. It’s like he’s not being looked after properly. Especially how he looks so skinny and underfed. His face is pale and his eyes hollow. I want to help him, find out what’s wrong, but I’m scared. I don’t know why. It’s not his scruffy appearance or his staring eyes that scare me. Maybe I’m just a coward.

I sat and read, lost in another world until, I don’t know why, but I stopped. I looked around and saw him sitting there, still staring. He hadn’t noticed me though, I just cast him a quick glance but the fact that he was staring was clearly noticeable. I decided just to ignore it. So I went back to my book, but did what he does now. Pretended to read so he wouldn’t notice. And I don’t think he did. I couldn’t help staring. There was something about him that I loved. I don’t know what it is but I just sat and stared for ages.

That’s what I’m doing now, although I’m with my sisters today. Daisy, Hazel and Poppy. They’re my best friends too, we do everything together.

“Summer,” Daisy shouts, standing in the river, water up to her waist, “have you seen the time?”

I hadn’t. I look down at my watch, my heart sinking. We were late. I grab my jumper and bag and shout to the other three to come. Daisy swims back, dripping wet.

“They are going to kill me!” she complains, “They’re going to kill us all!”

“Stop moaning and come on,” Poppy says, dragging her forward. We walk across the field and I tie my jumper around my waist as my sisters laugh at Daisy.

We get to the trees and my sisters enter in front of me. I follow, pulling the branches away, but just before I enter I look back right at him and smile because tomorrow I know exactly what I’m going to do.


A/N Second chapter done! Right, like I said at the start, this one was from Summer’s point of view but this will be the only chapter is. The rest will be 3rd person and from Harry’s pov. It will need serious editing since it’s poorly written and has lots of grammar mistakes but I’ll do that another day. I hope you leave a review and tell me what you think and I hope you’ll stay with it to the next chapter. Thanks! xx





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Summer: Summer's Secret


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