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Evans and Potter by LilyLunaPotter17
Chapter 1 : The Longest Train Journey Ever
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I must say, I do rather like this chapter image by Apocalypse @tda, don't you?


I never thought that going back to Hogwarts would be so horrible. I got the letter from Professor Dumbledore saying that I was Head Girl, but it never mentioned who the Head Boy was. Petunia sniffed disapprovingly and stalked out of the house, probably to meet her loser boyfriend, Vernon Dursley.  Mum and Dad were so proud, of course. They threw a party for me, just the three of us (Petunia locked herself in her room) and I sent owls to my four best friends, Mary McDonald, Lisa Chapman, Ella Jones and Courtney Allison. Courtney was the first to reply. Her owl came just the next day, teasing me about who the Head Boy could be. When she suggested it could be James Potter, I nearly vomited.

  The day before I was going to Hogwarts, Petunia practically smashed down my bedroom door when she knocked. I opened it and there she was, looking as though she wanted to murder me, but holding a thick wad of parchment.

  ‘What?’ I snapped.

  ‘You have mail,’ she replied snidely. She thrust the parchment into my arms and within a second she was gone. I closed the door to my bedroom and sat down at my desk. I opened the envelope to find a long letter written in unfamiliar handwriting. I scanned down the bottom and to my horror, I saw that it was signed off by James Potter. I read it from the beginning:


Dear Lily,

  I know you’ll probably turn me into a beetle for writing to you, but I just wanted to congratulate you for becoming Head Girl. Don’t ask me how I know, I just do. (Your friend Ella told me). Padfoot and Moony also say congratulations and Padfoot says thank you. (He’s weird).


I couldn’t be bothered to read the rest of it, so I dropped to the end.


Anyway, see you on the Hogwarts Express!




It infuriated me to see that he had put “Love James” and the end, so I just binned the whole thing.


‘Lily!’ A loud squeal came from the direction of my right. I turned and saw my friends’ heads poking out from a compartment. I hurried towards them. I was about to join them when I remembered something.

  ‘Oh, damn,’ I growled.

  ‘What is it?’ Ella asked.

  ‘I’ve got to go to the Head compartment. I’m meeting the Head Boy there.’ I told them.

  ‘All right then,’ Lisa said. ‘See you later,’

  ‘Yeah,’ I said miserably. I made my way towards the Head compartment. I saw someone already in there. I slid the door open. The boy turned. He grinned.

  ‘Oh, great,’ I said sarcastically. It was Potter.

  ‘Hel-lo, Lily!’ Potter said enthusiastically. ‘Did you get my letter? Where is it?’

  ‘The bin,’ I sneered. ‘When’s Professor McGonagall coming?’

  ‘She should come now,’ Potter said, still grinning insanely. Just then, Professor McGonagall stepped into the compartment.

  ‘Hello Miss Evans. Hello, Mr Potter,’

  ‘All right, Minnie?’ Potter said cheekily. Professor McGonagall glared at him.

  ‘I am here to explain your duties as Head Girl and Head Boy. First, you must arrange a meeting with the Prefects, to tell them what to do. You may do this at your leisure, but it must be done before the end of September. Also, you will be sharing a common room, which is located near the Gryffindor common room. The password is “Crumple-Horned Snorcack”. You will also share a small study and a kitchen, though your bathrooms are separate.’

  After Professor McGonagall’s speech, she left and I told Potter to look away while I changed. He did so obediently, but I could tell he peeked. After I changed, he stripped off right there, but I retched a lot and buried my face in my knees. He tried making conversation with me, but I just ignored him, so he gave up.

  When the train stopped, I left in an instant. As I left the train to look for Mary, Lisa, Ella and Courtney, I knew I was letting myself in for a year of utter hell.   

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Evans and Potter: The Longest Train Journey Ever


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