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Perfect by I_trusted_Snape13
Chapter 1 : Perfect
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Fleur Delacour stroked the soft blonde curls on the infant's sleeping head, her heart aching, searching desperately for a way out of the heart-wrenching act she was about to have to perform. The tiny infant didn't react to the touch, instead he remained in the world of dreams without a single care in the world.

Fleur's heart yearned for what the sweet child had: no worries or cares. For the past nine months, her chances for a life without those things were abruptly ended when she laid eyes on a pink plus sign on a white stick. Ever since that fateful afternoon, her every thought included a worry of sorts.

Her life, it had seemed, had already been planned for her. Sometimes the idea mused in her head that maybe, just maybe, her parents had begun planning the life they desired for their daughter before her existence was even questionable. Her life had been, to outsiders, much like the life of a princess. To her father, she was a princess. Her perfect life included an education at Beauxbatons Academy, the chance to see numerous exotic locations and any toy or article of clothing which her heart yearned for. She had inherited the beauty of her mother while gathering the wits of her father. Guys desired her; girls envied her. However, after a Hogwart's party to celebrate the final task of the Triwizard Tournament approaching, she succumbed to the pressure of consuming a beverage known as firewhiskey, which ensures you do not have proper control of your brain for the evening, and after a dance went too far, she wound up in her current predicament.

Her eyes traveled to the sleeping baby, who was stirring slightly and beginning to whimper, and all she wanted to do was cry. This tiny infant, her flawless newborn son, would be so ashamed of her. Her parents were, to say the least. When the news, which was initially a secret, was broken to her parents they lashed out and thus her perfect life came to a screeching halt. Upon instance that she put an end to the 'problem', as her mother declared, she decided she would make her own way without assistance, but after three weeks she was back on their doorsteps. Eventually her parents came around to the idea, largely due to the agreement that the baby would be placed up for adoption upon it's arrival in to the world.

She had gone along with the adoption plan because she knew it was best for him. Having stable, married, and adult parental guardians could ensure him a better life than any eighteen year old could give him, especially as a single mum. She had envisioned what she wanted her life to resemble for as far back as she could remember, but this was a curveball she'd never imagined. She was faced with the prospect of putting her newborn son up for adoption because not only was she a teenager, but no father figure would be there for him if she kept him and raised him as her son. She hated the idea of what felt like giving him away, but she'd planned to go through with the act to give him the life she wanted for herself. However, upon seeing the soft blonde curls and the large blue eyes that made up the face of her son, she couldn't help but yearn for a way to hold him and never let go.

A small knock on the door broke the serene silence and a petite, auburn haired woman entered as quietly as possible. Fleur smiled upon seeing the woman, "'Ello, Annie," she greeted in a whisper, "Eet es good to zee zoo."

Healer Annie smiled, "How are we doing, little mummy?"

"Wonzerful," Fleur smiled, "Eet es a wonzerful morning."

"I'm glad everything has been going so well," Annie said. "Now, I thought I'd let you know that it's nearly 11:00, Darren and Natalie will be here shortly." There was remorse glinting in her eyes; she hated giving news that would surely break Fleur's young heart even further.

Fleur nodded curtly, her decision weighing heavily in her mind. "Thank zoo," she whispered, her throat tightening. With a glance at the clock she saw it was 10:48; twelve minutes until this ended. As if the last nine months hadn't happened; as if they were all for nothing.

Annie left the room with a nod, completely aware of the pain she'd just helped inflict.

Fleur let her eyes wander back to her sleeping son and she stroked his curling blonde hair once more, her heart still yearning to take him back with her and not let him leave. Was this really what was best for him?


8 months ago, in the bathroom of an inn in Switzerland in the midst of a family ski trip.


Fleur tapped the stick with her wand for an eighth time, desperately trying to change the symbol upon it's exterior. It was a piece of muggle plastic, yet she felt like it had complete control of her life. Even with yet another tapping, nothing changed. On the front of the stick, there was still a hot pink plus sign practically glowing against the white tile floor. Her stomach sank to the floor, or possibly even further.

She let her mind wander back to that fateful night a couple months ago, the night that had been the beginning to this predicament she was currently in, although at the time she hadn't known that. She was in the Alps in Switzerland on a family ski trip to celebrate the Triwizard Tournament being completed with her a survivor, and yet instead of skiing she was in a bathroom that felt like it was getting smaller by the second.

Regret flooded though her body, why had she done what she did? She was completely out of character that night. Drinking wasn't what she did and she was never a partier either. Now, since she'd decided to do both of those things, the prospect of becoming a teenage mum was afoot.

All she wanted was to go back and change that night. She didn't want this for her life. She didn't want to be a mum, especially not a teenage one. She didn 't want a baby. Not that the universe cared at all though.

There were three options and she knew it. She could: keep it, place it up for adoption or get rid of it. She quickly tossed the third option from her brain, she knew in her heart that was something she didn't have the heart to do. So now, there were two options, and both of them meant telling her parents. Great.

The last thing she wanted was a baby and all she wanted was for it to go away, because there was so possible way it wouldn't ruin her life. All it was was the result of a momentary lack of judgment; a mistake.


Present time.

Fleur cradled her sleeping son in her arms, ashamed of the things she'd thought after she'd taken that test. He was in no way a mistake and it pained her to think about how selfish she'd been at that moment. Sure, it was a shock of epic proportions, but that didn't give her the right to say such cruel things about him. After all, no baby ever asks to be born.

She checked the clock on the left side of the room, there was just three minutes until noon; three minutes until they would be here to take her son from her.

Fleur craned her neck to look out the window behind her and felt her stomach flip when she saw the man and woman walking towards St. Mungo's. She recognized them from their last meeting together a month previous: they were the ones who would take her sweet son from her. And they were early. Wonderful. Not!

Holding him in her arms was by far the most wonderful feeling she'd ever experienced. She had literally felt her heart double in size upon seeing his perfect face. And that was all about to be over.

After a few minutes, the door slowly opened revealing Darren and Natalie. Darren had his silver rimmed glasses pushed down his nose and was wearing what looked like something you'd wear at Sunday services. Natalie had her blonde hair in a tight up do and was wearing a pink and yellow sundress. It turned Fleur's stomach to see her wearing such bright color's when it was such a dark time to the mother who was giving away her innocent baby.

Bright colors; happy colors.

This was the darkest time in her life and she was wearing vivid, happy colors.
How rude.

"How we doin' Fleur?" Darren asked, unsure of how to register how mood.

Darren, a university professor, wasn't a stupid man, in fact he was rather brilliant when it came to things in a classroom. However, handling the emotional roller coaster that was a woman was still fairly new to him. He didn't want to upset the woman who'd enabled him a son by saying the improper thing, while he also didn't want to remain silent and have her think he was an insensitive mute. So, he went with a seemingly appropriate greeting.

"I 'ave zee most beauzeeful baby boy in zee world, ezeryzing is amazing." Fleur answered curtly, gulping after finishing her statement.

Natalie smiled, "That is wonderful, Fleur. I'm so thankful for you and all that you've done for us."

"Zame to zoo." Fleur said, attempting to be polite with them; they honestly had done nothing wrong, although it felt like them breathing was wrong. They were taking up his air.

Natalie inched closer to Darren.

"Feel free zoo zee him, he es gorzeous." Fleur smiled.

Natalie looked to Darren for reinforcement, then came to stood by Fleur, who held the infant at an angle that showed off his flawless features.

"Oh!" She gasped, as did Darren as he saw the face of his son, "He's....perfect!" Both of their eyes flooded with tears.

"I zoo agree." Fleur nodded, a tear escaping her eyes.

They spent the next eight hours in that room, all fawning over him, and discussing the future, names, and anything else related to the bundle of joy. Fleur came to understand that maybe this wasn't the end of the world, but it still was a painful day. Which, of course, led to an even more painful parting that evening..

Fleur's mother stood at the edge of Fleur's room, her breathing scarce, trying to stay strong for her daughter, but having trouble sustaining her thoughts that giving away her grandson was the right decision.

"Well," Darren said as Natalie rocked the baby gently, "I guess this is goodbye..."

Fleur nodded; her throat was so choked up, a response would have been impossible.

"Thank you, again, for everything," Natalie said quietly, knowing the pain Fleur was in from when she'd lost her daughter at three months pregnant, "And I look forward to seeing you in the future."

Fleur nodded, giving a faint smile which was insincere.

They nodded towards her and then, suddenly, the door closed, leaving Fleur and her mother alone.

"Mum," Fleur gasped after several moments of painful, heartbreaking silence.

Mrs. Delacour understood immediately, "Oh, sweetie," she said, pulling her to her chest.

"I did zee right zing, right?" She gasped, tears overflowing, "I mean, for heem."

"Oh, zweetheart, yez! Ee's going zoo hav' a wonzerful, ztable life with two loving parents, isn't zat what zoo want?"

Fleur nodded, "Then zwhy does eet feel zo wrong? I'm zuch a veakling, I jus' gave zup on eem!"

"No! Zoo didn't! You're eighteen! You'd be a zingle mother! Zoo don't haz a job! Keeping eem with zoo would not benefit eizher of zoo! You made his life what eet should be!"

"Then why does eet hurt zo much?" Fleur cried, shaking from the pain.

"Eet's going zoo hurt, baby. But, jus' know zoo did zee right zing for him; for zoo."

"Eef, onlze Cedric vas here..." She gasped.

"Vell, he'z not, zweetheart, I'm zorry. But, y'alls zon needs zoo haz zee life zee two of zoo would vant for heem!"

As much as it hurt her, Fleur knew her mother was right. Her son's father, the late Cedric Diggory, would never be able to be around for him. Natalie and Darren could provide him the life she wished he could have, but knew she couldn't provide.

But, he'd remain in her heart, always.



17 years later

Fleur thundered down the steps of her house, heading towards of husband Bill downstairs. Bill had just hollered up to her to get downstairs because someone was waiting on her. Fleur, who'd been in the middle of doing her hair, was not thrilled by this.

"Bill, vat es et, I vas-" She stopped mid sentence as she burst in to the kitchen, her heart stopping.

In the kitchen was Cedric Diggory.

Correction, Cedric Diggory with slightly lighter hair and blue eyes. Her eyes. Other than that, it was like being reunited with Cedric for one more time.

"Are you Fleur?" He asked bravely, but it was clear to both of them who each other was.

All she could do was nod.

"My name is Luca," he paused, her breath caught in her throat, "I'm-"

She cut him off, "You're my son." she gasped.

He smiled as tears filled up her eyes, "That's what I've been told," he laughed before getting serious, "Would you like to have dinner with myself and Your husband is welcome too, of course," he laughed.

Fleur looked to her husband, "We would love zat." She said, tears flooding her eyes.

Seeing him and their following dinner, showed her just how right she was when she placed him up for adoption. He was truly everything she'd wanted him to be.

Everything in her life was complete, perfect. Just as it always had been.

A/N Opinions would be lovely. Never written anything quite like this....did I pull it off?


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