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Dark Mistress by RowlingsGirls_22
Chapter 2 : Welcomings
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A/N: Thanks for all the reviews really made my day. 

     "What do I owe this pleasure too?" the Dark Mistress asked civilly  as she sat at her desk in her personal study. After letting a Death Eater in. 
     "Your father requests your presence in his study." he stated careful to keep his eyes lowered. 

   "Ah, yes, my little assignment for the year," she leaned forward expectantly "well then. I should rephrase my question. Whom do I owe this pleasure to?"

     "My apologizes m'lady. It is I Lucius Malfoy." he bowed. 

    "The one with a son?" she asked kindly "The one with the assignment?"

     "Yes, the very same." he agreed

     "Respectful and cautious. I suspect that is the tactic that has kept you within my father's inner circle."

     "I shall take that as a compliment Dark Mistress." he smiled never taking his eyes off of the floor. "With all due respect, I think we should be taking our leave, the Dark Lord will be expecting us shortly."

     "Very well I suppose so let us be going." she sighed as she stood up and went around  her desk. 

     "Ladies first I presume?" Lucius bowed at the double doors allowing room for the Dark Mistress to go through first. As she exited the study she made no effort to show recognition or thanks to the Death Eater. 

     As they entered the Dark Lord's study. The Dark Mistress stopped dead centre of the room. How she knew where the centre of every room was was yet another mystery of her. 

     "You requested my assistance in something?" she asked sweetly. 

     "Yes, I have, come here my daughter." Voldemort smiled as much as he could with his thin lips and surprisingly it also reached his red eyes. 

     "Yes Father." she said as she curtsied and turned to dismiss the Death Eaters in the room before stepping forward to kneel before her father. Who patted her head as a sign of their affection towards each other. 

     "I have yet another assignment for you my dear." Voldemort said as he motioned her to rise once again. 

     "And what would that be?" she smirked under her hood. 

     "You are to keep a careful eye on dear Harry Potter as always and in addition to that to keep watch on Draco Malfoy." he elaborated plainly. 

     "The Malfoy heir?" she questioned irritated. 

     "Yes, he will be having his welcoming commission tomorrow evening at the full moon's light," he explained "there he will be told that you are to keep guardianship over him so that he may complete his assignment."

     "And what exactly would be my tribute for my efforts?" she demanded coolly. 

     "All of the failures of the duration of your stay at that pathetic school and eight mudbloods," he relied calmly. "Do we have a bargain?"

     "Yes father, it will be my honor. Shall I begin preparations? Or have they already begun?" she curtsied to show her honor that her father was bestowing on her. 

     "They have already begun but I think it is time for you to begin to follow, truly, in my footsteps." he suggested slowly. 

     "I will do you proud without failure." she responded slightly  shocked. Her father had told her that she would not be able to brand others and become truly Lady Voldemort until she has completed her education. 

     "I am without a doubt that you will continue my legacy even when I'm gone." he congratulated her. 

     "Father," she whispered "you make it seem as though you will diminish."

     "You know my situation my dear. Now you may be dismissed Dark Mistress and summon Nagini before you meet with your mother." 

     "Nagini, your elder master requires you in his study." the girl hissed as she walked out of the room. 

     "Yes, Mistress I will be there momentarily." the snake hissed back in response. 

     "Mother, father had told me that you are doing the preparations for Draco's welcoming ceremony." the Dark Mistress cooed as she stepped into the Lestrange Manor. 

     The Dark Mistress might've been conceived by Voldemort and Bellatrix but Bellatrix was still married to Rodolphus Lestrange. A year after the Dark Mistress was born, her father had been defeated and her mother had been thrown in Azkaban. Therefore she was to be raised within the walls of the prison until she was 7 or so after that, she was raised by relatives of the Carrows. These people taught her how to be compassionate but still be superior at the same time. It was while she was in Azkaban, that she had learned Legilimens and Occlumency when she was 6 thus, making her grow up before she had a chance to be a kid. 

     "Yes, Mistress, you are to bestow the gift to him on your father's request." Bellatrix replied. 

     "I presume the preparations are in order?" 

     "Yes, the question is simply are you ready to make Salazar Slytherin himself proud?" her mother countered. 

     "I know the incantation if that what your referring to," she snapped "I am always right beside father when he brands the new comers." 

     "Of course my daughter." she said as the girl in white apparated out. 


     The next week all of the Death Eaters all gathered in a ceremonious circle the Riddle cemetery. All of the loyal Death Eaters, amongst them were the Notts, Carrows, Crabbs and Goyles. 

     "Ladies and Gentlemen you come here today for a special occasion of more than one thing." the Dark Lord greeted to the circle of followers "tonight we welcome Draco Malfoy into our society. And tonight he will have the privilege to receive to the mark by my daughter, the Dark Mistress."

    As if on cue, the Dark Mistress walked out into the cemetery. All of the people in the yard bowed their heads and genuflected to her. The ones who hadn't known who she was all stared at her with interest. 

     "Thank you father for that introduction- look away you insufferable new comers!" she snapped to those who were looking at her. "If you are unfamiliar with protocol see this as a warm welcome and lesson. Crucio!" They all screamed in pain as they all took turns with punishment. 

     "Now Draco please come forward," Voldemort motion him to kneel before his daughter which he obligated to so that they could begin ceremony. 

     "Draco Lucius Malfoy, son of Lucius Abraxas Malfoy and Narcissa Juliana Malfoy née Black. You are reciving the honor of being the first to be marked by me. The Dark Mistress daughter of Lord Voldemort and Bellatrix Ursa Lestrange née Black. Bearer of the only Golden Mark from the moment I was born." she began. "I require your left arm."

     Draco hesitated before holding out his arm to her. As she started chanting the incantation and pressing her unicorn horn wand in circles on his wrist. 

     "Fiat tenebrae eius modo. In uincula linea Salazar Slytherin. Veniet vocatus. Erit nostra Attende eum!" when she was done his arm was consumed in violent blue flames as it always does when someone receives their mark. Draco kneeled over and screamed in pain as his arm was burning. 

     "Welcome to the Death Eaters." she smirked. 

A/N Fiat tenebrae eius modo. In uincula linea Salazar Slytherin. Veniet vocatus. Erit nostra Attende eum! Means Let darkness be his way. Bind him to the Salazar Slytherin line. He will come when summoned. He will be ours! Mark him! In Latin. 

Please review! They motivate me to write better and faster.

If you are waiting for the next chapter, please read and review my counter-parts' story Karma's a Fickle Friend.

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