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Something Like That by padfootforeveryoung
Chapter 15 : Traitors and Warnings
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 “Hey.” Regulus said as I drew back the curtains to my bed.


“Hey yourself.” I said with a smile and quickly got into bed shutting the curtains. Regulus had come across a useful little spell that kept the curtains closed unless you wanted them open. Combined with the silencing charm we used no one else knew that he had been spending every night here sense we had returned from Christmas break.


 It was early May and the room was incredibly warm so neither of us bothered going underneath the covers. I had just got back from the library where Remus and I were having a grueling study session for our upcoming NEWTS. Sirius had joined us and his lack of focus ended with me whipping a book at his head. I left before he could retaliate. Lately, Sirius and I had been getting along a lot better. Even Reg and his relationship had been improving. Well, slightly but at least it was evolving.


“It’s late you should really be getting more sleep.” He said as he pulled me closer and I eventually fell down on top of him. Sense the dorm was so hot I usually just slept in one of his old t-shirts and him just in a pair of boxers. I know a lot of people had assumed we had done the deed as Mary would put it, and I can’t say that I didn’t want, but still we hadn’t. Every day it got harder and harder to control ourselves, but sense we had come so close the night my parents were killed Regulus had said he wanted to wait till the right moment. I had a feeling what he wanted to wait for as he had dropped a few hints, but I hadn’t gotten my hopes up yet. Even though we had been through so much already in our lives we were still quite young. Regulus wasn’t even eighteen yet, well he almost was his birthday was May 10th so it was only a few days away.


“I know I know, but now that I’m with you I don’t think I’ll be able to fall asleep for a while.” I told him honestly. Regulus rolled his eyes, but I could tell from the smile that was playing on his lips that this made him quite happy. He had been having Quidditch practice every day, because of the final championship match that was against Gryffindor this coming Friday after lessons. His teammates gave him hell for his choices, but he loved it and he wasn’t about to quit something that meant so much to him. Besides Slytherin needed him or they had no chance whatsoever at beating Gryffindor; James on the other hand had tried to talk Regulus into quitting many a times out of concern for the harassment that he was facing. Bullshit he just wanted to guarantee a victory, but Regulus just laughed if off every time he brought it up.


“I got a letter from Russell today.” Regulus said as I wrapped my arms around his waist. That wasn’t anything new, those two were always writing letters; as were Russell and Sirius. I was lucky if my brother sent me a letter once a month.  


“He likes you better than he likes me.” I said seriously and Regulus laughed loudly.


“That’s not true love, he just gets bored and he likes to hear about my Quidditch training.” He said his grey eyes still dancing.


“He and I use to be so close you know and then you came along.” I said giving him a mock glare fighting back a smile. He just rolled his eyes at me but kissed me lightly on the lips. My heart sped up which had become the regular reaction whenever I kissed Reg.


“What do you want for your birthday?” I asked curiously. The dorm opened and I heard Mary come in. Her footsteps paused outside my bed, but after a few seconds she continued on and I heard her enter the bathroom. Even if with the silencing charm I was still a little paranoid they would hear us.


“Nothing I have something planned already that I want to do.” He told me with a stern look.


“Shouldn’t I be the one planning stuff for your birthday?” I asked scrunching my face up in confusion.


“Trust me I know what I want to do don’t worry about it.” He told me and I rolled my eyes. I’d have to have a chat with Remus about that they had been talking in whispers a lot; which neither I nor Sirius were happy about.


“I’m still getting you something though.” I told him I just didn’t known what yet. Sirius and I had agreed to go shopping together for him. I was just surprised that Sirius was getting his brother something.


“You don’t have to do that.” He said as he ran his hands up and down my arm causing me to shiver. We had definitely done enough talking for one night and I pressed my lips to his in a soft kiss; which quickly became more heated.


“I love you Katherine.” Regulus whispered breaking the kiss as he pressed his forehead against mine. I nodded my head before bring my lips to his neck kissing it gently.


“I love you as well.” I said against his throat and he let out a soft groan. His hands began to wander up the back of my thighs and onto my bum. Everywhere he touched my skin felt like it was on fire. My hands were running up his bare chest and I saw him shiver.


“You will be the death of me.” He groaned loudly as he played with the hem of my knickers. Never in my wildest dreams did I think it was possible to feel like this.



“You look incredibly tired.” Sirius said slapping his book bag down across from at the breakfast table the next morning. He could say that again. Just, because Regulus and I hadn’t gone all the way didn’t mean we didn’t enjoy doing other things. My cheeks flushed just at the memory of last night and the way he said my name as he…


“Hello, anybody in there?” Sirius asked waving a hand in front of my face. I quickly snapped out of my rather delightful memory and focused on him. His dark hair was hanging elegantly in front of his face. It apparently made him look like a sexy rugged rebel according to Mary who constantly gushed about it to Marlene at night, causing Regulus and I to burst into fits of hysterical laughter. It’s not that Sirius wasn’t handsome, because I’d be lying if I said he wasn’t. I just preferred his brother’s features to his. Although they did look similar, Regulus just stood out more to me and I couldn’t help it.


“Sorry about that.” I said and began buttering some more toast and he let out a bark of laughter. We both turned around when we heard a wail come from the Hufflepuff table. A young brunette girl who couldn’t be more than a fourth year was being escorted out of the Great Hall by Professor Sprout who had her arm wrapped around her student. My heart broke for her, because everyone knew what it meant when your Head of House approached you in the Great Hall during breakfast. Someone you knew had died or been tortured and they wanted to reach you before the Prophet did. I glanced over at the Slytherin table to see Snivellus watching the situation with a smirk. What a sick bastard. I absolutely could not wait until that little grease pit got what was coming to him.


“That’s terrible.” I whispered sadly and Sirius nodded his head.


“I do my best not to think about it, because it just makes me want to be out there fighting even more.” He responded and I knew exactly what he meant. We had both talked about joining the Order as soon as we graduated. After a few minutes of slowly chewing and trying to push the memory of what I had just saw out of my mind, I decided to ask him something that I hoped he might know the answer too.


 “You wouldn’t happen to know what Reg has planned for his birthday would you.” I said curiously. Surely, if Remus knew he would have told Sirius. They shared everything with each other it was slightly worrisome.


“No, shouldn’t you be the one planning something? Speaking of which, we really do need to get to Hogsmeade to get his present.” He added observing me carefully.


“Yeah I know. It’s just do you know what he and Remus have been whispering about?” I asked hopefully, but was disappointed when I saw him shake his head no.


“I don’t know but it’s bloody annoying he’s supposed to be my friend. Regulus is always about taking my things.” He added grumpily shoving some egg into his mouth. I shook my head, because sometimes he was just beyond ridiculous.


“You sound like a five year old who got his stuffed animal taken away.” I told him waving my fork at him and all he did was shrug his shoulders like it was perfectly acceptable for an eighteen year old man to act like a child. I can’t say I was really surprised though, this was Sirius I was talking about. When I started to giggle Sirius couldn’t bite back his any longer either. We must look ridiculous to everyone else as we were laughing like lunatics very loudly I might add.


“What’s so funny?” James asked sitting down next to Sirius with Remus in tow.


“What? Oh uh nothing.” I said continuing to giggle. Sirius looked at me through bright eyes. James rolled his eyes and Remus looked at me curiously.


“You two have been getting along very well lately.” He said, but it sounded more like a question than a statement.


“You know I take offense to that. Why can’t she get along with me?” He asked with narrowed eyes before turning to me.


“And you I do not act like a five year who got out his stuffed animal taken away.” He snapped and I laughed even harder. He was fighting back another smile too. I don’t know what had gotten into us today.


“Please he never had a stuffed animal he was constantly playing with our cousin’s dolls.” A voice said from behind me. I turned to see Regulus standing there with a smirk and his grey eyes dancing playfully. There was nothing the two Black brothers loved more than getting the other one riled up. It also didn’t help that James burst out laughing along with me and that a Remus was fighting a smile. I had no idea where Peter was. It was strange he never usually missed a chance to stuff his chunky little cheeks. Regulus took the seat next to me and pulled me into a quick kiss. We were never usually big on PDA but after last night I definitely was okay with it. He seemed to be thinking along the same lines as he pulled away and his usually pale skin was flushed.


“Not at breakfast.” Sirius growled and pushed his plate away. No wonder he played with dolls he was such a drama queen.


“Oh look Sirius, Mary is coming this way.” I said faking cheerfulness, but it turned real as soon as I saw the horrified look on his face. Scary Mary was indeed coming this way her makeup fresh and caked on in layers. How lovely.  


“Bloody hell.” He whispered and every one roared with laughter.


“Hey Siri.” She said happily ignoring everyone else at the table. Merlin, now my appetite was gone. Regulus and I were in an actual relationship and we didn’t have ridiculous nicknames like that and neither did James and Lily. Although, Remus did call Dorcas “Dory” but I think that was just the nickname people she was close with called her.


“Hello uh Sca.. I mean Mary.” Sirius said and Regulus’ grin widened. All of us had gotten into the habit of calling her Scary Mary; I really wanted to see her reaction to her “Siri” calling her that. She sat down next to him and he bolted up like she had pinched his bum again.


“Well I must really be going I have uh a very important meeting with um Dumbledore my apologies.” He said frantically stepping over the bench.


“Katherine we must do what we talked about earlier.” Sirius added giving me a wink and smirking at Regulus who stiffened beside me. They always tried to one up each other on the whole revenge thing. 


“What is that you two must do?” Regulus asked in a tense voice as he watched his brother’s retreating back. He definitely wasn’t a big fan of my friendship with Sirius.


“Yes, I would really like to know that myself!” Mary said icily.


“You do know you and Sirius aren’t dating right?” I said slowly hoping she could process it. She glared at me while James snorted into his pumpkin juice.


“It’s only a matter of time he’s just playing hard to get.” She snarled viciously before giving me a vindictive smirk. “Something you wouldn’t know anything about. Whoever casts the silencing charms around your bed really needs to work it.” My face went bright red and Regulus froze beside me. All of our friends were staring at us with wide eyes.


“You slept with her? You told me you wanted to do things properly with her.” Remus demanded angrily towards Regulus whose eyes went wide when he looked at me quickly. I however wasn’t paying attention as I launched myself at Mary over the table and she let out a squeal. However, someone grabbed me around the waist before my fist could make contact with that little slag’s face. She had no business saying anything like that as she was found every other night in various positions with a new guy every time.


“Let me go.” I said and swung my hand just as Mary jumped back from the table. I swear to merlin my vision went red.


“You’re insane McEwen no wonder why your family was targeted.” Mary cried out and everyone in the near vicinity went dangerously quiet. I froze I couldn’t believe she had just said that. My wand which I had reached for fell to the Great Hall with a loud clatter. Mary was looking at me smugly. How she was not sorted into Slytherin? Oh right, because she was a muggleborn just like me. Her face paled considerably and I turned to see Regulus pointing his wand directly at her heart.


“Don’t you ever say something like that again or you will regret it. I promise you that.” He said in a viciously low voice. She nodded her head like she was being controlled by the imperius curse before bolting out of the Great Hall her blonde hair trailing behind her. For the amount of confrontations that I had been involved in the Great Hall I had been surprised that I hadn’t received a detention yet. Regulus was breathing heavily and I put a hand on his arm causing him to jump slightly. Everyone was staring at us and honestly I felt like I was going to cry.


“Come here.” He said softly and put an arm around my shoulders comfortingly before steering me out of the Great Hall. We left with everyone whispering after us. When we got out into the Entrance hall I broke down and just started sobbing into his shoulder. Regulus pulled me behind a tapestry that was a short-cut to the seventh floor and held me close. It felt like I cried for hours as I thought about my parent’s death and my siblings all alone.


“Just let it all out.” He whispered soothingly into my hair and I continued to do so. I couldn’t believe someone could be so cruel and throw my parent’s murders in my face. My tears began to subside and I lifted my head off of his shoulder. Regulus looked as terrible as I felt and I had soaked the side of his shirt. How attractive of me.


“I’m sorry about that.” I said gesturing towards his ruined shirt. It had my mascara on it as well.


“Don’t worry about something as silly as a shirt. Are you alright?” He whispered. I avoided looking at him through my blood shot eyes and he brought a finger to my chin to gently make me look into his grey eyes that were filled with worry. If a guy can still look at you like that after you just sobbed all over his shirt you have someone special.


“I’ve been better. I just try not to think about my parents well you know and just to have someone throw it at me unexpectedly like that it just took me by surprise as all.” I told him wiping my face on my sleeve. I couldn’t look much worse that was obvious.


“First of all MacDonald is a spiteful bitch and second of all I meant what I said back there. I will make her regret it.” He told me seriously and I nodded my head. There wasn’t a point in arguing, because when Regulus set his mind to something he did it and you couldn’t do anything to stop him.


“I suppose we need to work on our silencing charms.” I said trying to make a joke and he gave a small smile.


“I’m sorry I got a bit err enthusiastic last night.” He said scratching his dark hair and looking a bit embarrassed for a moment.


“I was thinking you were more along the lines of grateful.” I told him standing up finally and he did the same. He smirked in response to what I said.


“Well my love I have to say after last night I can’t wait to get you alone again.” He said wiggling his eyebrows suggestively and I slapped his shoulder playfully.


“Merlin, you’re a git.” I told him laughing and he pulled me into a quick hug.


“And you’re a goddess.” Reg said laughing at how much I blushed. He was definitely more than charming when he wanted to be.


“I really wish we didn’t have class today.” I told him as we walked out from the tapestry. The corridor was pretty much empty and learning was not on the list of things I wanted to do today; especially if I had to see that bitchy little tart Mary.


“Let’s not go then.” He said seriously as we approached the stairs that would take us to Charms.


“We have NEWTS in less than a month we can’t skive off any more classes.” I told him regretfully. A walk around the Lake would be wonderful right about now.


“It’s my birthday though.” He said giving me a puppy dog look.


“You’re birthday isn’t till Saturday.” I told him giving him an exasperated look. At least he wasn’t like Sirius who during the month of September demanded special treatment, because it was his birthday. It was sickening how many girls complied with his wishes.


“Exactly it’s my birthday week and I am demanding as one of my presents that you skip at least the rest of the morning classes with me. We can go to Defense if you really want too and then I do believe you owe me a Rune’s tutoring session.” He said looking at me with a smile. Regulus had improved greatly in Runes and the majority of the tutoring session was spent studying for NEWTS (my anxiety was making me really nervous for them,) working on my occulmency, and then participating in much more pleasant activities that were an excellent stress reliever.


“I don’t know…” I told him uncertainly.


“Please?” He asked in a quiet voice. My greatest weakness had always been being tempted with something that I wanted. I could never say no to Regulus even if for some strange reason I wanted too.


“Alright, but don’t think you’re getting out of tutoring early today.” I said sternly and he laughed before grabbing my hand and dragging me outside into the empty grounds. The weather was lovely and the sun was shining. I couldn’t believe that I was almost done completely with my career at Hogwarts. Seven years definitely had gone by fast.


“I have to ask you something.” He said as I tiptoed into the water. It was chilly but with the humid air it felt refreshing at the same time. Regulus was sitting on the shore watching me carefully.


“What is it?” I asked curiously and he cleared his throat. What now? He looked mighty serious.


“What exactly was Sirius talking about in the Great Hall?” Regulus asked looking at me intently.


“Umm…” I said uncertainly. I didn’t want to tell him that Sirius and I were going to pick out presents together as I had been looking forward to the surprise of him finding out that his brother was actually going to get him something.


“What was he talking about?” He asked again a bit more forcefully this time though. Regulus had never really spoken to me like that before so I was taken aback.


“He and I were going to go birthday present shopping for you together.” I said finally after a few seconds.


“Are you trying to tell me that Sirius was actually going to get me something for my birthday?” He said in a doubtful tone. Well I guess I couldn’t blame him for being surprised.


“Yes, he seems like he really wants to fix things between you two.” I told him and Reg rolled his eyes. “You can’t tell me that you don’t want a relationship with your brother?” He seemed to ponder this for a moment.


“I want a better relationship with him, but I just don’t’ trust him completely yet.” He finally said running his fingers through his black hair.


“I get that.” I said earnestly, because I really did. “I don’t think Ann and I’s relationship will ever be the same and it sucks. I just don’t want that for you.” I finished before kicking at the water out of irritation. While Ann I had written the letters were always short and never really held much detail as to what was really going on in our lives. She talked about Keltie, and I talked about Regulus and school. That was it, nothing about our feelings or anything else and especially not our parents. I felt Regulus come up behind me and wrap his arms around my waist.


“You know what?” He asked and I giggled as he tickled my sides through my blouse.  




“You look really hot right now.” He said and before I knew what was happening he picked me up and tossed me into the water. I let out a screech as I landed with a splash and was soaked to the bone; he was going to pay for that.


“You’re dead Black.” I said trying to sound angry, but failing miserably. Launching myself on him I pulled him down into the water in a heap of laughter. This was definitely what I needed.



“Dorcas says hello.” Remus said later that evening in the library studying. Ah yes Dorcas, Remus’ girlfriend. They had been writing nonstop and I had met her during a Hogsmeade trip right after we had gotten back from break. I was surprised at how much she brought Remus out of his shell. Her carefree attitude had rubbed off on him, and his more serious nature did the same for her. They balanced each other out and I was happy for them. Plus, Dorcas was in the Order of the Phoenix and I had got the opportunity to express my interest in joining as soon as I graduated. She’d been more than happy to explain to me how it worked. Apparently, they needed all the members they could get, although Regulus wasn’t very thrilled by it.  


“Well, let her know I say hello as well.” I told him before looking around and once I established we were alone I leaned in closer and whispered so only Remus could hear me.


 “Has she been on any missions lately?” Remus paled at that as he always got nervous whenever he knew she was about to go out on one. However, I wanted every detail. I had become obsessed with finding out everything I could about the Death Eater’s movements; especially those of Bellatrix Lestrange and Rosier.  


“Not that she’s mentioned.” He said and began writing again. Really, if he was going to force me to sit down here in the library with him to study and all he did was write letters I was going to leave pretty quick or just find something else to distract me. I began staring at him intently while twirling my quill. Nothing annoyed Remus more than when people stared at him without saying anything.


“What do you want McEwen?” He asked irritated. I smirked; he only ever used my last name when he was annoyed.


“I’m bored Remus.” I told him choosing to ignore how whiney I must have sounded. One could only study so much and I had reached my limit for the day.


“Where’s Regulus at?” He said exasperatedly. Oh so he was trying to get rid of me eh? 


“Quidditch practice.” I said smirking again; it wasn’t going to be that easy. “What exactly have you two been whispering about? It drives Sirius and me absolutely insane.” Remus gave me a sarcastic smile probably to get back at me from distracting him from his letter.


“You’ll find out soon enough.” He said and I let out a groan. That’s exactly what Regulus said and I did not like being kept out of the loop.


“Please tell me.” I asked giving him the puppy dog eyes.


“No.” He said firmly.


“You are the worst best friend ever.” I told him in a snippy tone and he laughed.


“Your right I’m just downright awful, how will you ever forgive me?” He said. Sarcasm did not suit him at all it just made him sound like Sirius and James.


“Oi McEwen!” Someone called out. Ah, speak of the devil and the devil shall appear. James came walking up; actually it was more similar to strutting. Lily was walking behind him looking unbelievably stressed out. Between NEWTS, Head girl duties, and keeping James in check I don’t know how she was still functioning properly.


“Yes, James?” I asked as sweetly as I could manage. If he was going to start lecturing me on how terrible I was for not making Regulus quit Quidditch for his mental health I might not be able to handle it. It was funny the first few times, but now it was just a tad ridiculous.


“I just wanted to let you know that MacDonald got two weeks’ worth of detention for earlier this morning.” He said giving me a serious look. My stomach dropped slightly at the memory of this morning. Regulus had greatly improved my mood and I hadn’t seen that bitch all day so I had pushed the thoughts out of my mind. Being friends with the Head girl and boy definitely had its perks.


“With who?” I asked curiously.


“Filch.” James said smiling. Oh Mary was going to be livid. She was going to be spending her time polishing trophies and cleaning toilet bowls.


“Dear merlin she is going to get her hands dirty whatever will she do?” I said sarcastically and they all laughed. I had definitely loosened up around people and it was nice to have a group of friends to lean on.


“Godric knows Mary’s going to think the world is ending.” Lily added her green eyes lighting up with laughter. James put an arm around her shoulder. Those two really were made for each other. I was honestly just waiting to see the ring I was sure was going to appear on Lily’s finger before the end of the year.


“Remus, why aren’t you paying attention to us?” James said complaining to Remus who was bent over his letter again. I think he was still convinced that Regulus and I were shagging and it made him really uncomfortable. I was practically Remus’ sister after all.


“Because, I don’t want to remember this morning and that’s what you guys are talking about.” Remus replied glaring at me and I rolled my eyes. Lily watched us looking amused. She hadn’t been present for the episode this morning, but James being the gossip that he was she had heard all about it.


“For Pete’s sake Regulus and I aren’t sleeping together. He just stays the night sometimes, because of the nightmares I have.” I said and Lily’s eyes went wide along with Remus’. James was grinning madly.


“He actually has been staying the night?” Lily screeched earning a dirty look from Madam Pince. She had relaxed enough to finally not watch us constantly in the library after the incident in the beginning of the year, but if we kept being loud like that she was going to swoop in on us like we were her dinner.


“Get the knot out of your wand Evans I just told you nothing inappropriate was going on.” I said.


“But still he’s a boy staying the night in the girl’s dorms.” She said seriously looking at James as if to back her up. He held up his hands in defense.


“Don’t look at me Lily there’s been a couple times that we’ve fallen asleep in each other’s beds.”  James’ face went red.


“Pretend like you never heard that.” He said looking amazed at his own stupidity. That’s gross I didn’t not want to think about those two having sex. I didn’t want to think about anyone having sex actually.  


“James!” Lily said hitting him on the side of the head in an eerily similar fashion to what I had seen his dad do back in December.


“Sorry, sorry.” He said rubbing his shoulder. “Bloody woman you hit hard.” Don’t be such a baby Potter.


“Well, I suppose I’m going to have to accept it sooner or later. Probably sooner actually.” Remus added thoughtfully. What the hell was he talking about?


“Speaking of Pete where has Peter been lately?” James asked suddenly. I had mentioned the word Pete five minutes ago and he was just now bringing it up? Maybe, people should stop hitting him upside the head it clearly wasn’t doing him any favors.


“No idea.” A voice said and I turned to see Sirius had joined the party. “But whenever he disappears he takes the map with him.” That was definitely interesting and I was going to have to mention it to Regulus later. He’d been weary of Peter for a while now.


“That’s strange.” Lily said scrunching up her face. Dating a marauder gave her access to all information concerning them. Well, most of it anyway. James looked at the other two thoughtfully but didn’t say anything.


“So how are you doing Katherine?” Sirius asked pulling out the chair next to mine and looking at me closely.


“I’m fine Sirius thanks for asking.” I told him and stood up.


“Why are you leaving?” He asked looking a bit put out. Merlin, that boy always loved attention.


“Well, I’m not getting anything done here,” I said looking pointedly at Remus who rolled his eyes. “And Reg is done with Quidditch practice in a few minutes so I’m going to go and meet him in the Entrance Hall.” Plus, Madam Pince staring me down made me a bit uncomfortable.


“Do you need me to walk you?” He asked standing up. Everyone was looking at us, but I shook my head.


“No that’s okay, but tomorrow can we get to Hogsmeade?” I asked and his eyes lit up.


“Definitely. We can go right after class if that’s alright with you?” Sirius asked excitedly and flipped his dark hair back.


“Sure see you all later.” I told everyone and walked out of the library. At least I wasn’t being creepily watched anymore. I was lost in my own thoughts as I walked down the corridor. I really hoped Regulus and Sirius would fix things soon.


“McEwen wait up!” A voice said from behind me as soon as I got into the corridor outside the Entrance Hall. I turned to see the tall pale figure of Narcissa Black looking at me intently. So much for not being stalked.



Sirius’ P.O.V.


“Definitely. We can go right after class if that’s alright with you?” I said happily as I brushed my hair back out of my eyes. I always did that when I was nervous. Don’t get me wrong I did want to pick out my brother something somewhat nice, but going with Katherine was just an added bonus. She scrunched her face up like she was thinking about it but nodded her head yes.


“Sure see you all later.” Katherine said her eyes lighting up when she smiled and walked away. This was one of the rare moments where I allowed myself to watch her go. Usually she was with my brother and he had taken to watching me like a hawk whenever she was around. I knew I needed to get over her, but I was hooked on my brother’s girlfriend. How fucking spectacular was that?


“Sirius this needs to stop.” Remus said interrupting my thoughts. I turned and fixed him with a glare.


“You think I don’t know that mate?” I said icily. James and Lily were watching us carefully. Remus began folding up his letter that was probably for his precious Dory before looking at me again.


“She and Regulus are in it for the long run and that’s not going to change.” He said in a terse tone.


“You would know all about that wouldn’t you? You’ve been best of pals with my little brother from what I’ve seen lately.” I snapped angrily at Remus.


“There are other girls out there Sirius that would be lucky to have you.” Lily said kindly and James nodded his head vigorously. Did they think I didn’t realize that there were other girls out there? If I could get her out of my head I would, but she was stuck there all the fucking time.


“I know it’s just…” I said but was interrupted by Remus who looked really irritated. Welcome to my world mate.


“He wanted to know what I thought about them taking their relationship to the next level.” Remus said with narrowed eyes.


“Look you’re one of my best mates and I didn’t know how to tell you this, but I think you need to be prepared for it for when it does happen.” Moony said a bit more calmly. What the hell was he talking about? They already lived together, what other step could they take.


“Remus are you saying what I think you’re saying?” Lily asked cautiously looking at me quickly and James’ eyes widened with understanding behind his glasses.  


“What are you people talking about?” I asked getting irritated and slamming my hand down on the table. I saw Remus nod his head in Lily’s direction and she covered mouth with her hand.


“I think what Remus is trying to say mate is that your brother wants to take things to the biggest level you can in a relationship.” James said and he was looking at me pityingly. He had known about the whole Katherine thing for a while, and also knew I hadn’t talked to her out of respect for Moony.


“What level? They already live together.” I said hating that I sounded pathetic.


“He’s going to ask her to marry him.” Remus said quietly looking down at the table.


“Marry him?” I asked stupidly and Remus nodded his head slowly. I can’t say I was completely surprised, but it hit me smack in the face with the force of a bludger. They were in a relationship I could accept that. They were in love I could accept that. They made each other happy I could accept that. But marriage? That was permanent and I didn’t know if I could ever accept that. Over the past few months I had really gotten to know her and that had just made my feelings intensify. I knew there was nothing I could do though. If I said anything I would lose Katherine completely and whatever relationship I had with my younger brother and there was no way I would do that. Deep down I wanted to be close with Regulus like when we were younger. This whole situation was just a fucking disaster for me no matter how it turned out.


“I know that your relationship with Regulus is tense, but he’s not a bad person. He’s good for Katherine and she is for him as well.” Remus said sounding somewhat apologetic.


“Excuse me.” A shrill voice said nearby. Madam Pince was walking towards us and it saved me from having to answer Remus; which was probably a good thing seeing as how I could feel my control of my temper slipping especially after what he just said. We would never have known how good Katherine and I could have been for each other, because of Remus.


“Yes, Madam Pince?” Lily asked polite as ever as all four of us stared at her. I was not in the mood to listen to this bitch with a beak start chirping at us. At least it wasn’t a member of that bloody fan club talking to us though.


“Professor Dumbledore has just sent word that you four our needed in his office immediately.” She said scrutinizing us carefully.


“Did he say about what?” James said urgently and her bead like eyes narrowed.


“Do I look like an owl to you? No, he wants you in his office now.” Did she really just ask that? I mean she must have some idea of what she looks like I thought as she flew off towards another rowdy table full of fourth years.


“What is that all about?” Lily asked nervously and I shook my head.


“I don’t know but we better go find out.” James said standing up and the rest of followed suit. I felt like I had been hit by too many things all at once. My little brother proposing to the girl I was crazy about and now being called up to Dumbledore’s office to more than likely receive some bad news. Today was definitely not my day.


Katherine’s P.O.V.


I froze when I saw who it was. Seeing Narcissa reminded me of her sister and that made my heart speed up and anger to course through my veins. I was definitely on the verge of having a full blown panic attack. It’s not like I hadn’t seen Narcissa in classes or around the corridors, but never one on one and Regulus or Remus or somebody was usually there to keep me sane.


“Katherine, can I talk to you?” She asked looking a bit nervous. Her pale face looked a bit flushed and I was chewing on my lip nervously trying to remember how to breathe.


“What about? I’m supposed to be meeting Regulus right now.” I said a little more coldly then I had intended too. She wasn’t the one that had held the wand to my parent’s that night, but her sister was and Narcissa was engaged to another Death Eater. How sweet, I’m sure Bellabitch will make an excellent auntie to whatever spawn they reproduced.


“I know you must hate me.” She said her voice low even though we were completely alone in the corridor that led to the Great Hall.


“You knew about it didn’t you?” I asked and she shook her blonde head furiously.


“I didn’t know what they were going to do exactly, but I know they would do something. I tried to warn Regulus before the holidays, but that’s not what I’m here to talk to you about.” She said and my eyes narrowed. My hand was fingering my wand tightly in the pocket of my robes. If she even thought about trying anything I wouldn’t hesitate in cursing her. For the time being I tried to clear my mind like I had done earlier during Regulus’ tutoring sessions when we worked on my occulmency again.


“What do you want then?” I snapped and she zeroed her eyes in on me her face now free of emotion.


“I know you want to join the Order when you graduate and I know that Regulus will do the same in order to make sure you’re protected.” She said in a matter of fact tone. How the hell had she known?


“I have my ways of finding these things out.” She said in a smooth voice and flicked her hair over her shoulder as my mouth gaped open. My mind was spinning as was a usual result when I talked to her; which thankfully didn’t happen very often.


“What I’m about to tell you next is for my cousin’s safety and yours as well, because I know what you mean to him. He may not speak to me anymore, but I watch you two and I’m good at reading people if I do say so myself.” She said. This conversation was turning more and more disturbing by the minute. I couldn’t understand why she would want to help me when I was the type of a person her family despised. Shouldn’t she also want to make Regulus pay for leaving their crazy arse family behind?


“Okay.” I said dumbly. How was I supposed to know what to say in a situation like this?


“I don’t know who, they haven’t told me that much, but there’s a traitor amongst your group of friends. You need to know this, because they are either a Death Eater already or are in the process of becoming one. If they get into the Order I’m sure you can put together what will happen to you or Regulus, your friends, your brother and sister.” She said emphasizing the last part. Dumbledore had said that everyone believed them to be dead; I should have realized that the Death Eaters would know better than that. They after all, while evil, were smart. Voldemort didn’t just let any dumbarses into his ranks, well any dumbarses that couldn’t offer him something of value.


“How do you know…?” I started to say before a voice filled the corridor.


“What are you doing here Narcissa?” Regulus snapped his tall form approaching us in the dimly lit corridor. His grey eyes were filled with anger as he examined his cousin who was shaking her head.


“I was just leaving cousin. Listen to what I said Katherine.” She told me looking at me one last time with her icy blue eyes before turning around.


“Stay away from her Narcissa.” He called after he threateningly and she slowed her pace for a second as if she was going to stop but changed her mind and her footsteps quickened.


“Regulus I…” I said but I couldn’t get it out. What did she mean there was a traitor? Then it dawned on me; all of his disappearances, taking the map with him whenever he left, how the Death Eaters had known where I lived and his skittish reaction every time he saw me sense the holidays. That spineless little bastard.


“It’s Peter. We need to get to the Headmaster’s office now.” I whispered and Regulus looked concerned and confused.


“How did you know we needed to go see Dumbledore?” He asked questioningly. “I just got the message at practice and I was coming to find you now so we could go there. What the hell did Narcissa say to you?”  Regulus finished breathing heavily.


“No time for that now. We have to get to Dumbledore.” I said hurriedly and grabbed his hand dragging him off in the direction of the Headmaster’s office.



Author’s Note: I just wanted to clarify Regulus and Sirius’ ages. Sirius is the older one with his birthday in early September, and Regulus’ in the middle of May. Their mother (the crazy old bat) became pregnant with Regulus almost immediately after having Sirius and Regulus was born two months earlier than his suspected due date. Just wanted to clear that up for everyone to avoid confusion! I hate having to beg but please leave a review it’s what keeps me writing. Thanks for reading! 

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