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SXRXRR by Sairahi
Chapter 11 : making a memory
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          Hermione was showering, a new kinda of lust washed down her slick body; a wonder-lust was brewing inside of her as the hot water flowed down, making her mind wander.  She thought of old times. Old memories stirred from deep places about things she had chosen to forget about. Hermione thought of her first boyfriend a muggle that came and went, in one summer. He had long black hair; the epitome pseudo musician type, played guitar, wore ripped jeans covered in marker. She met him shopping with her muggle friends the summer before sixth year. He was smoking cigarette with his friends just outside the main entrance of the mall in a black band shirt, and eyeliner on. He was everything that Hermione thought she would never have liked in a million years. Until then she had a define list of qualification’s that would make up someone who she could date, but all that went out of the window the day she met him.



                                     The relationship was short, but the experience left Hermione with a love of music that could be only gain from someone with true passion for it. He showed her all the great on those summer nights parked watching fireflies in the woods. Hermione was introduced to the greats; the Who, the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Ozzy and most importantly the Doors. Out of all the bands there something was special about the Doors . The imagery in the poetry was fantastic and off beat. Occasionally, was even known to quote Jim Morison. Only Harry ever knew of course, but Harry was a fan of all the classic’s, and happened to be known to have a pretty extensive collection of rare records himself.




                                     The nostalgia high brought on from thinking about music made Hermione know the perfect way to spend the Sunday ahead of her. She was going to give in, and gave herself the day off to think, to feel, to whatever. Hermione finished up her shower and got dressed. She tied her hair in a loose bun, lined the top of her eyes with a thick black swoosh of liner. A gray sweater lay on a nearby chair, and not wanting to think she put it on and dark blue jeans. She grabbed her trusty leather jacket; thinking it would be perfect with her jeans and boots.  Then, two seconds later Hermione was standing next to her apartment building ready to rip through the heavens. She checked over her shoulders, before closing her eyes, and swallowing hard to hold down her lunch.







                                    The high iron gates over-shadowed the a sorry looking bouquet in Draco’s hand making them see even more inconsequential then already. The gates swung opened onto a path lined with hundred year old willow trees standing guard and arraigned around the mausoleums of the Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris. He walked down the aisles looking for one in particular that he liked to start on. Draco walked to Oscar Wild’s grave stopping for a moment to give a moment of respect to one of the greatest writers of the muggle world who was secretly a great wizard. Then, he passed by Sarah Bernhard’s on the way to the one was looking for.  Draco knew his way around pretty well by now. He had been coming here for almost five year. This one of the places that he would come to when things became too hard, and the one he went to right after the war. This was a place where he felt connected to music that held no judgments, and it was resting place of one of the greatest greats whose life had been cut short, Jim Morrison 


                                     Draco placed his sub-par flowers down onto the grave and looked into the soulless eyes of the marble statue adoring the top of the marker while saying a prayer with his head down. In his prayer, he thanked the gods of music for the talent and the opportunity to give his music to the world, but most importantly the chance to show the world he wasn’t a waste of space. Draco looked at the grave with its graffiti that decorated almost every open surface and smiled. Someday he thought that some of these people might be his fans.



          He then gave Jimmy one more head bow of respect, before turning around. Draco felt his pilgrimage was a success. What he didn’t see was a set of brown eye watching from a few steps behind him. He was so lost in thought when he turned around he didn’t see, the someone, who had been watching only a few steps away. Shoes were the first thing that Draco noticed. Time seemed to slow down as his eyes followed the lines of the brown boots up the dark blue legs, and into the eyes of one person who he least think would be standing at Jim Morison’s grave.   






                                       Her first time to Paris without her parents was something else; it all flashed before her eyes the moment she saw the familiar outline. Hermione’s boyfriend at the time had a fascination about the 27 club and wanted to show Hermione the graves of one of the greats. He talked her into going into Paris for the day. Hermione was a little punchy after sitting on a train for half a day , and then two undergrounds for most only go visit a cemetery, and then only to have to go back. But, when she got to the Père Lachaise she was blown away with the beauty of it.




           The energy that emitted from it made her feel high, light headed. In the end she could have spent more than just an afternoon there. After that it became a place that every now and then Hermione would use as refuge from the outside world. She always walked the same route ending with Jim Morison’s. Taking a minute there to get the courage to return home and go on with life after the war and the choices she had made.


                                     Hermione walk throughout Père Lachaise went without anything out of the normal. She had to momentarily hide under a willow tree waiting for a passing shower, but other than that it was an uneventful stroll in the warm late day sun’s light. It wasn’t until she turned the corner where her last stop would be that something out of ordinary came into view. Her feet slowed on their-own accord, her brain played no part in it she was focused on her breathing getting stuck in her throat. She was barely moving when he turned around. At first he didn’t noticed that anyone was even there. Then slowly he saw her and looked up even more slowly.




                                     Draco had no idea what was standing in front of him, no to mention a whi. He couldn’t make sense that someone could know him at Père Lachaise, not the mention the someone being Hermione. Her face was all smiles, while his was in utter shock. Draco felt like he was kid who got his hand caught in the cookie jar or something. Almost like he shouldn’t have been there at all, but then his senses came flooding back to him. He lowered his shades grinned then said.



“It must be my lucky day, bumping into you like this, and at one of my favorite places.”


                                     His words made Hermione giggle unknowingly. It was just that his words felt like they were tickling her insides with each syllable the licked her ears. Her brained seemed to fail her. She just stood there standing staring at him.



                                     Draco could feel he had the upper hand. Letting himself laugh at the circumstances.  The old Draco he would have said or done something to finish the job and make her loose it completely, he thought but instead he shot a warm smile and asked in a sweet tone.  “You alright, Granger you look like you have seen a ghost?”




                                     The question rocked Hermione out of her comatose state staring blankly into his steely stare. 


“Hi” she answered in a low voice “Yea, fine thanks” she then took a step passed him to the front of the grave.



 “He was one of the greats, and infamous.” She shrugged, not look at him, her eyes moving to the grave just behind him.



Draco wasn’t sure if was a question or a statement “Yea, he was.”



                                     Draco short words fell into a few minutes of silence while they both stood in front of the grave of one of the greats. He searched his brain for something he say after the moment of silence passed, but came up with nothing. Draco attention couldn’t formulate any words, he kept getting distracted by the way the Hermione looked in the late day sunlight. Random tendrils danced in a blowing breeze, and the slight shade of pink on her cheeks was the only things that his brain could follow.




“Draco Malfoy, you’re just full of surprises. Aren’t you?” Hermione looked over her shoulder at him, meeting his eyes briefly, topping it off with a slight smile.  “I always wondered who you really are under all that ‘circumstance’.” She said adding finger quotes.




                                     Draco had no way to answer her. Everything felt flat in his head. All of what he would have normally said seemed so beneath the moment. This wasn’t any normal person in-front of him. It was the first person who saw something other than death eater in him. Just as this though crossed his mind Hermione turned to face him with a knowing smile on her face.




 “You don’t have to say anything about that night. You did your part in the end. That’s all that matters” She shrugged her shoulders and started to walk away.




          Draco watched her turn, taking the first few steps away from him, before realizing that he could follow her, that is if he wanted to. In two steps he fell into stride with her like it was something they did all the time. Once Hermione saw he had caught up with her she turned to him “I sorry if I looked daft this morning. Not a big drinker and don’t do things like what I did last night.” Hermione looked up meeting Draco’s directionless stare.




“No, worries you were fine. Seen worse, hell been worst myself.”




          She laughed, saying sweetly “I bet” Hermione smiled thinking of Draco loose with drink. It was something she could barely see in her mind’s eye. He always was the model of decorum and it made Hermione want to be silly with him. Something about it seemed so taboo that she couldn’t help herself to indulge in the thoughts of him falling down drunk.



“It was a nice side of seeing of you, Granger. Your head is normally so up your arse, it was neat to see you so….” His words trailed slightly before finding the right one to say and started before Hermione could get mad at his statement. “ um, relaxed 


Hermione laughed outright at his statement “Relax?! Ha… That’s one way to say it. Blibbering idiot is more like it.”



“No” Draco said stopping them both in their tracks, he eyes narrowed at her statement. “You were honest. The drinks made you let down your walls. I don’t know ….” He smiled a bit as the last words came out “you were cool.”


                                     This Hermione made to think; I know it shouldn’t matter, but did Draco Malfoy just said she was cool? Did that really just happened? She knew it was silly to feel validated by his opinion, but the way he said it, so matter-factly is what gave Hermione butterflies and made her blush. There was no denying the fact though, that just by him saying it, she indeed felt cool. She lost her words, but thanked him with raised eyebrows and a smile. They walked along the well-worn paths their hands mere inches apart as the swung with each of their steps. A nervous energy ran through Hermione. She didn’t know what came over her, but she took Draco’s hand, looked him in the eyes and said


“Any plot for the rest of the day” Her question was laced with her big brown eyes that Draco wouldn’t have been able to resist even if his life depended on it. Her eyes were so tempting that Draco was shaking his head, agreeing with what she had just said by instinct. Hermione eyes dropped to the ground “Oh” left her lips in an almost sigh, but Draco saw that she had misunderstood him. “Sorry, no plans.” He added quickly



                                     Hermione didn’t know what she wanted to do with Draco. It was just that she had this sense that this was what she was supposed to be doing this afternoon. She racked her brains in search of a memory that she could be made with him. Something was irking on the inside her saying it was ok to let go of her life and indulge in the moment and make things great out of it. A Slytherin worthy smile grew on Hermione face in the iota of second she took grabbing Draco’s hand.  In a sly and silky voice Hermione said ‘hold on’.






           Draco found himself standing in an empty car-park. His gray eyes mocked Hermione’s chocolates ones, but she stopped any ill thoughts with a playful slap right above his shoulder. “Stop, this will be fun” she said in the same voice as before. Draco was a little shocked with Hermione’s behavior it was just so out of the norm of what he thought she should have been like; she should be up-tight with a note book out ready for a lecture. She smiled leading him past a pleasant older county-side looking lady who gave them a map for an inconsequential donation.




                                     Hermione pulled Draco passed a huge white owl, who they both felt a pang of sadness for being stuck, locked in cage. But, the fact the muggles thought this brilliant animal was wild and should be caged was too funny for them. They ran by the amazing creature and right to a set of lamas fenced in the center of the zoo’s petting park. Hermione put some money in a red and glass candy machine to get some feed for the sorry looking animals. She poured a little in Draco’s palm a bit more tenderly than she normally would have to anyone else, letting her fingers linger in his palm. Draco noticed, but took this gesture as her animal loving nature and not as intendant tenderness towards him. When he did met her gaze, they a look got locked for a single long moment, then she looked away as a llama begged for attention at that moment. Both them instead finding the black eyes of the llama to be more important than the look the they had just been sharing.



                                     The sights, sounds, and especially the smell brought Hermione back to present perception. “Um, this way, I think the bird house is over there.” she stated, talking Draco’s hand again and leading him towards a greened copper roofed building that happened to at the end of the path that they were standing on. Hermione couldn’t feel the apprehension that coursed through Draco. He had once had a bad experience with a peacock when growing up at the manor and ever since had grown to distaste birds. However, when Hermione asked, no better like told him to go with her, he did not argue. The events of the night before overdue hang over now in full force he pushed his self to follow her with a smile on his face. She looked so happy, making him happy to think about him making her this happy. It was all that he needed to trench along with her feeling as ill as he did.



                                     The day had turned out to be a little bit warmer than either one had thought it was going to be or was it the sexual tension that ran through the shared air; neither one of them knew. While they walked slowly their hand met under over grown trees on a raised wood path. They happened to choose a walkway that went along indigenous forest then went into an open safari experience right there in England. Hermione pointed out that giraffes had black tongues and Draco threw out the fact that it was cruel to bring these animals over just to be gawked at right back at her. All Draco’s comments were a little dark because of the remints of the night before and it was getting hard for Hermione to keep a light mood going. Draco saw the struggle in Hermione’s eyes, it made something fell like it burst inside of him. As soon as the new emotion flowed through his veins, Draco took off his sunglasses  he was hiding behind. He looked Hermione in her endless bliss of mahogany.  “Sorry, I’m just a little tired.” But he had a spark that she had never seen before in his eyes. Before, Hermione could think about it, her world stopped. His lips were against hers. His smell made her legs feel weak as it wrapped around her head and she was happy to have taken refuge leaning on the railing on the elevated boardwalk at that moment. Sublime giddiness followed for the both of them. Something had just happened that neither one of them could explain nor did they want to. It was just something that had just happened; was supposed to happen. It didn’t need an explanation. It was just the universe working its magic.



                                     Hermione and Draco walked through the rest of the zoo as any new lovers would; holding hands, playfully chasing each other, laughing, and trying to take pictures with their phones of a lion inappropriately sunning itself on a rock. In the end it was a wonderful day. Just what Hermione had wanted, she set out to make a memory and that’s exactly what she did. It however brought up a new set of thoughts into motions in her head. Hermione started to think about if’s; what if there was something to be had? Was there a meaning behind the kiss. What were the lasting effects of her 1st and hopefully her only one night-er. 



                                     They parted ways in the car park just as the sun started to dip under the horizon. Things were left unsaid on propose, Draco and Hermione didn’t say anything about the events of the day, but both left wanting more. Neither one of them knew what had be set in motion, only knew something had been. It was too much for them to understand, nor did they want to ruin it by putting labels on what they just experienced. They wanted to hold on to the feeling of the moment.


                                     Their eyes met briefly, before Draco took his leave first. Hermione searched his gaze for some understanding of what was floating in his head, but came up dry. He cracked a faint smile, took her hand gave it a slight squeeze, before vanishing into the gray sky above. Hermione watched him leave taking the pinch in her gut like a pro. Her hand went right to her lips to hold on to the kiss that wiped all of recent history from her head. The night before felt like a faint memory to her now, all of her thoughts were centered on the new feeling brewing upside of her. Hermione took a cleansing deep breath before following suit and vanished on the spot with her hand still holding on to his kiss.   

A/N: Well, Draco had a fun filled night & day. I hope you enjoyed this chap. Till nxt time ~S

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SXRXRR: making a memory


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