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Odd one out by elliefelton
Chapter 2 : Face Cream and Sunshine
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 "So Kates, you looking forward starting school again?" James asked me once we'd settled down in the common room that night, though I think he was still angry for the Canary cream.

"Yeah, I mean I want to stay here forever, I'll miss it so much. I haven't decided what I want to do yet" I told him

"I know, we'll apply for Quidditch teams together and live happily ever after!" He joked though I wish he was dead serious

"While you do what, pull every single night and I pay all the bills?"

"No, I'll just pull your sister!" He laughed.
ERGH! I don't see why he's so smitten with her, I mean she has a boyfriend, he should just move on! I just put on a fake laugh and went up to bed.

I saw my gorgeous Barn owl Amelia in her cage, she reminded me that I needed to write to Sophie. I'll do that tomorrow. Ah sunday last day of freedom before lessons begin.

I think it's best I go to sleep.


I was awoken by Dom jumping on me

"TITCH! It's so hot outside, so we're gunna go to our secret spot by the lake, okay and look sexy!"

"Dom, get off me. Okay what time we going?" Why can't Dom just awake me like any normal person?

"20 minutes, so get ready, everyone's waiting on you and Fred. Go go go!"

I flopped out of bed, yes literally flopped. Then crawled to my dresser.

"Dom denim shorts with yellow or blue vest?" I shouted

"I'm wearing a yellow sundress, so put blue on!"

"Why can't I wear yellow too then!?"

"Because it's the rules!"

I rolled my eyes, she's so funny about these sort of things, so I put on the blue vest and some Vans. I have a thing for muggle brands.

I went downstairs to see everyone but Fred there, everyone looked happy. The sun always makes people happy. Hannah looked gorgeous- as always. Her hair a vibrant orange and with loose ringlets in it, obviously to match the sunny weather.

Lucy had dyed her hair over summer, it was now more blonde than it was ginger. And Dom. She looked surprisingly girly with her long chocolate brown hair down her back. I still think it looked nicer its natural blonde though.

"Ah finally Titch is here!" James announced as if everyone hadn't already noticed "Now all we need is Freddy and we can get moving!"

And exactly on cue, Fred came down into the common room. His dark skin and gingery brown hair fell scruffily into his eyes, he was a looker, no wonder Hannah had a huge crush on him.

"Hey Freddo!" Lucy greeted her cousin with a hug

We all said our hello's and climbed through the portrait hole to get something to eat.

"Oooo pancakes!" I squealed and ran off, I heard Dom follow aswell clearly after the bacon.

I piled my plate high with pancakes and all sugary stuff.

"God Titch, don't you ever eat anything healthy, I need my best chaser in shape this year, we have to win!"

"You know I don't Jamesy. I know we have to win, if Ravenclaw beat us again, we're screwed. When are try-outs again?"

"I'm thinking next Wednesday? Oh and I need a co-captain, rather you than Dom as she'd have us all on crutches by the end of the first week!"

Merlin! Okay, so James just appointed me co-captain. He knew I was dissapointed when I didn't get captain, but obviously he's James Potter, he's a fantastic seeker. But co-captain was just as good!

"James! Thank you thank you! I could kiss you!"

"Why don't you then?" He pulled a kissy face and I swatted him away.

"You're an idiot, lets eat" he followed me to the table where we all sat

We chatted for a while, but all I could think about was James

"Why don't you then?" His voice kept ringing through my ears. Obviously he was joking.

But I wish he wasn't. Did he mean what he said last night, about quidditch teams? Probably not.

We all got up to go to the lake, It seemed as if all the other students had the same idea. Luckily we all knew a secret spot where we could be alone.

Then James suggested the worst thing EVER.

"Hey guys, should I invite Elle and her friends with us."

Oh merlin. NO NO NO! Someone say something

"Go on then" Fred said, but then Dom butted in

"NO, I mean it's our Gyffindor spot, not for Hufflepuff's and Katy spent all summer with Elle and that, so just see her later." I love Dom.

"Yeah okay fair enough" he shook his head and laughed "What was I thinking, she wouldn't come over anyway she's over there bumming her boyfriend."

AH, yes she wasn't coming, good becuase all she'd do is tell everyone about how I just never left the orchard or my den

Yes, I have a den....

Sorry I'm rambling. So I am insanely glad Dom saved the day

"Katy you idiot. Hurry up!" Elle moaned at me "I want to get a good compartment"

"Okay, sorry Elle." I loaded my trunk and waved goodbye to my Parents, I quickly ran to hug them, which was the last time I ever hugged either of them

"I'll miss you baby" my Mum whispered to me. I thought she meant as I was leaving for Hogwarts. Not that she was leaving us.

I ran to get on the train to catch up with my sister and suprise I found her hounding a family, who I later knew to be The Potter/Weasleys

"So like, your dad defeated Voldemort!" She asked

"Yes obviously everyone knows that." Said the gorgeous girl with long blonde waves that fell down her back

Elle did this false laugh she always does "I'm Elle, this is Katy. But she's useless, lets be best friends?"

The girl just snorted and shook my hand instead "I'm Dominique Weasley, but call me Dom." I shook her hand "No need to look so scared. Oh are you aware that your sister seems a total bitch?" she whispered to me

I was shocked, we never cussed in my house. We do now, but we never did, Mum said it polluted our ears

"Yes, I know. She's my twin though, so I have to like her"

"No you don't. I have a sister Victoire, she's in her sixth year and she doesn't like me. I'm a disgrace to all part veelas everywhere."

I was in shock, wow a Veela! She is gorgeous

"Oh." that was all that came out soon enough I had Elle tugging on my sleeve

"Katy you idiot, come on!"

"Hey, let her choose where she wants to sit!" Dom defended

"Who are you to make her decisions?" she spat

"Her friend, now bugger off!"

And surely enough Elle went off and that was when Dominique became my best friend

"Sit down Titch, come on, oh you don't mind me calling you Titch do you?"

"Yes, I do!" I laughed

"All the more reason for me to call you it then" I loved her already
-end of flashback-

"What you thinking about Kates?" James asked

"The first time I met you guys, when Elle was being a cow and Dom stood up to her"

"Ah I remeber that!" She said as she rested her head between Lorcans legs. THEY'RE SO CUTE! "She hated me ever since right?"
I laughed and nodded

"You know your sister was not as hot then." James pointed out

He was right, she was still gorgeous. But her hair was a lot shorter and she sort of had a chubby face

"You were so tiny, you were scared out of your wits when Dom tried to shake your hand!" Fred laughed.

See, I love my friends. We're a close group. No suprise all of them except 4 of us come from Weasleys.

See theres- Hannah, obviously she has her Metamorphmagus gift.

Then, little ol' me!

Jason- Now he's a quiet one, he has long light brown hair that falls scruffily into his eyes. He's a litte braniac though, knows everything. But he's not even stuck up about it.

And Lorcan- He has a brother Lysander but he's quiet. He and Dom are serious.

Lorcan is a nutter and not like his mother nutter- thats Lysander.

Lorcan'll set his bedroom on fire for 3 galleons. I think Mrs. Scamander must've dropped him or something


We sat around for the day, laughing. Then it hit Lucy. She got all quiet, when we asked her what was wrong, she started to cry.

"This is our last year at Hogwarts guys, what if you all fuck off and forget about the rest of us?" She looked so sad, I wanted to cry.

"Luce, incase you've forgotten, half of us are related?" Fred stated

That made the sad moment disappear

The day went by and soon it was mid afternoon

"Dom am I still at yours over Christmas?" I asked to break the silence that we were all sat in.

"Yeah, we're all at Potters this year though, you know bigger place?"

"No, because my house is better and the ultimate shag pad!" James interrupted
Well, we were in fits! James is a douche.

It's only September but I cannot wait for Christmas Every Christmas since I was 12, I wished for my Mum to come home. Then when Micheal left, I wished for him too. I'd run downstairs and shout their names, only to be greeted by Elle saying

"Katy, their not coming, face it"

Stupid cow.

We eventually all went to get some dinner and I squeezed inbetween Freddy and Dom. Dom's sides nearly split when a group of Slytherin fourth years budged into Hannahs chair and she made her eyes go red and her hair look like flames. Having a metaporphagus as a friend has its advantages!

Fair to say, they ran off screaming.

Hannah always entertained us, I remember when I first saw her in the common room, she was reading a book, which clearly had her attention as her hair was changing colour.

I screamed. Hey! It was scary as an 11 year old to see a girl with changing hair colours....

"Dominique!" I heard Lucy yell "Where the flippity fook have you put my face cream!"

"YOU JUST SAID FOOK!" Dom was laughing althouh seeing the look on Lucy's face she stopped "Erm, check your trunk."

"It's not there Dom, where is it!"

"I love you cuzzy! Remember what I used it for was important!"

Then on cue we we heard a scream, not one from a girl, it sounded like Dom's little brother Louis.

"Dom what have you done you idiot!" but only it came out more like "BOM WHA HAB YOU DONE YOU IDIOT!" as his mouth was clearly numb

"I swapped your toothpaste with face cream, oh and I jinxed it, your mouth will be numb for an hour! Now listen here Louis Weasley. You. Will. NEVER. Touch my shirt again!" With that she held up a shirt with the words. "I STUFF MY BRA" on it.

-Just to point out, Dom doesn't stuff her bra, she makes a point out of shagging Lorcan in awkward places (Like in the orchard at The Burrow.)In fact I am insanely jealous of her lumps.-

"Good work Lou!" We heard James shout from the other end of the common room.

"Fanks James! Oh Dom, you wait till I tell Dad!" His voice sort of made sense

"Dad'll say it was bound to happen anyway" She rolled her eyes. Doms dad is a LEGEND. He has a ponytail and everything!

"Fine, I'm telling Mum AND Victoire!" Ooo, she's gunna be in trouble!

"Louis, don't you dare..." But he had already darted off. Jack and Hugo hot on his heels.

"HEY JACKY! I'm writing to Sophs, want me to say anything?"

"Yeah if she can get us some stuff from the shop it'd be appreciated!" He shouted back

Ah, I love my brother. So after a fun and awfully hilarious day I went to write to Sophie.

A/N: Really enjoying writing this, please review your thoughts :)

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