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Wounded Vexation by ScorpiusRose17
Chapter 5 : A Dying Day
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Amelia was sitting in the large kitchen of Malfoy Manner when the sun began to surge through the high arched windows that were placed sporadically around the room. The glow of the sun's rays gave a false hope to the day as birds flew by chirping a doleful tune as they went. Amelia couldn't help but feel on edge at the song she was hearing. She hesitated before deciding to ignore the pit that was forming in her stomach.

When she stood to take her empty dishes over to the old fashioned basin a crack echoed throughout the room. She instantly dropped what she had in her hands and wasn't even shaken out of her surprise by the sounds of them shattering. She turned to look towards the epicenter of the noise and saw a trembling Gibby standing there. Her eyes were huge and shimmering with tears as she searched for her voice.

Amelia started to say, "Gibby, what is the..." she was cut off by the small elf's desperate cry for help.

"Please Misses, come quick." Gibby shouted though her voice wavered at the same time. The fear from the elf emanated to Amelia.

Gibby held out her hand and Amelia walked over to her in a quickened pace, grabbing her small hand. In a second she felt that uncomfortable tugging feeling behind her navel and the feeling of being squeezed through a tube. When the darkness had gone and her feet landed on the sturdy, wooden floor Amelia opened her eyes.

Draco was standing next to his mother's bed with a look of shear panic etched into the lines of his premature face. Narcissa was again convulsing on the bed. Amelia unknowingly dropped Gibby's hand as she flew to Narcissa's side, shouting as she ran along.

"Go to the other room and get my bag NOW!" Her voice rang out.

Draco unsure of what to do and still looking at his mother's convulsing body on the bed, backed away slowly. Amelia was pulling her onto her side again, her hands trembling as she maneuvered the tiny body into position. Once she was comfortable with the way she was holding Narcissa, she turned to yell at Draco again who was frozen in shock.

"Go! Please Draco! I need my bag please!" She cried out hopeful that he would come out of his stupor.

Gibby tottered over to Draco and began to pull on the hem of his pant leg. "Master Malfoy!" she shouted, "you needs to go get Misses bag from the other room!"

But he still stood there in dumbfounded shock. Gibby becoming hysterical at the sounds Narcissa was making and Amelia's pleas, took matters into her own hands and kicked Draco in the shin. Finally he broke free of his silent solitude that his brain had taken refuge to. He glanced down at Gibby with an incredulous look on his face. The elf gazed back at him with her large, orb-like eyes that had spilled tears down her cheeks.

Amelia took notice of him coming back out of his reverie and called, "Go get the bag!"

He rushed off quickly to the adjoining room. When he entered he scanned the surroundings trying to imagine where Amelia had left her bag. Suddenly his eyes grazed over the small desk by the window where the bag had sat on top of a bunch of papers. Adrenaline now coursing through his veins, he snatched it up, and noticed a paper that caught his eye. Narcissa Malfoy Medical Record. His eyes scanned the words as he noticed a few that jumped out. Tumor of the Brain, malignant, seizures, weight loss, death, inevitable. He hurried off to the other room with his mind buzzing. 'Damn it' he thought, 'This is it. I can feel it.'  When he reentered the room he saw Gibby bouncing towards Amelia with a wash cloth as Amelia had instructed her to do. Draco walked over to her with the bag held tightly in his hands and his eyes flashing.

"Open up the bag for me and Accio out a phial of orange potion." her voice trembled as he stood there holding the bag.

"Why didn't you tell me?" he questioned her.

Amelia gave him a quizzical look, "What on earth are you talking about? I need that potion Malfoy!" She reached for the bag, but Draco took a step backwards. She was still bracing Narcissa and he had exceeded her reaching range.

"Why didn't you tell me what she was dying from?" he replied with a stern gaze.

She stood there perplexed as to why he would be asking this now, "The hospital is supposed to inform the families of what their loved one is dying of. That is not part of my job description. My job requires me to care for the patient at home while they live out their last days. Now you can either make this easy and buy us some time so we can talk, or we can stand here and argue while we watch time slip away faster. What the hell would you like to choose?"

Draco stood still watching Amelia before he took out his wand and placed the tip of it into the bag. The second he had the orange potion in his hand, Narcissa stopped seizing. He took in his mother's appearance. She was pale and drooling, as his hand outstretched to meet Amelia's, giving her the potion.

Her hand brushed his and he flinched a little, but turned his gaze upwards at her looking her in the eyes for the first time since her arrival. She held his gaze looking for a feature to give some sort of trace into the way that he was feeling, but it never came. With the bottle in her hand, she eased Narcissa back over from her side, repeating the steps she had taken a couple of nights ago, and held her head firmly in her hand as she poured the orange potion into her mouth. Draco's eyes were watching her every move and she could feel them burning into the back of her. It was like he was trying to read her thoughts.

When she turned around after fluffing the pillow behind Narcissa's head, she turned around to find Draco sitting in a chair that he had conjured up.

"Can we talk?" asked her pointedly as he flicked his wand and another chair appeared beside him.

She wiped the back of her hand across her sweaty brow and straightened her blue colored scrubs before she hesitated to reply, "Sure."

"What do we need to do for my Mother?" he spoke openly as she took a seat next to him.

Amelia was stunned by this question. 'After the outburst he had just had he wants to sit here and ask this question?' she thought. She stalled for a moment thinking, before replying, "Well," she started looking in the direction of the bed and Narcissa's calm body, "I don't think either of us should go anywhere."

Draco tore his eyes away from Amelia and looked down at his hands that rested comfortably in his lap, "Is it coming?"

Amelia didn't know how to answer that question with words, so she simply nodded her head yes in reply.

"I knew it," he spoke in a voice hardly above a whisper, "I knew it was going to happen today."

I'm sorry Draco, but there isn't anything else that I can do." She answered back lamely.

"I understand. I know I lost it with you a little while ago when I asked you why you hadn't told me. It was just a shock when I saw the paper under your bag..." He trailed off.

Amelia gave him a cold stare, "Why did you look at the paper? I needed you to get me my bag not to dilly dally reading a paper that caught your eyes. If you wanted to know so badly then why didn't you Owl Mr. Lamport?"

He returned her icy glare, "Because people don't think I have a heart. I'm a damn Malfoy! Who in their right mind would want to have to break that news to someone like me? I'm a former Death Eater remember? It's my fault that Albus Dumbledore is dead! It is my fault for being so easily manipulated into believing something so stupid. My father should be the one here dealing with all of this, but because of his crimes he's locked away in Azkaban for life. I'm not going to have anyone in my life when she dies!" He rambled out as his voice shook.

"Draco," Amelia spoke softly, "I am sorry that nobody told you. It must be hard being labeled the way that you have, believe me I know what it is like to experience prejudice. Remember in school? I was picked on by none other than you, yet here I sit helping someone I completely despised. The things that you have done in your past are terrible, but it is what you do in your future that makes the difference. I know your angry and hurt, but there is nothing you can do to change what is happening. That power is beyond the both of us."

"You will be here with me until the end right?" He asked nervously as he fiddled with his hands.

"Until the end." Amelia stated.

For a few hours they sat there in silence as Gibby bounced back and forth bringing them something to eat or drink. The small elf had bandages on her hands covering the burns she had made awhile after she had kicked Draco. As the hours of the day ticked away on the serpent clock on the night side table, they both became dozy in their respective chairs. It wasn't until the tiny clock chimed one, when someone cleared their throat. Both Draco and Amelia shot up in their chairs to see Narcissa laying in the bed awake looking at the pair of them.

Draco wiped the drool off of his chin and tried to flatten his hair. Amelia's hair had ended up tousled. They both rubbed the sleep out of their eyes. After realizing that it was still the better part of the early afternoon, Amelia stood and started to take Narcissa's vitals.

"No," Narcissa spoke clearly, "please Amelia. You don't have to do this today."

"But, Mrs. Malfoy," she began before she was cut off.

"No but's Amelia. It isn't worth it today." She looked pleadingly into the eyes of the young girl.

"Mum," Draco added, "She has to do her job."

Narcissa smiled weakly, "I know love, but I don't need her to."

"Why?" Draco pondered as Amelia gave him a knowing glance.

"I need to talk to you in the" She advised him. Draco looked uncomfortable by her demand. "Excuse us for a minute Mrs. Malfoy."

Amelia grabbed Draco by the sleeve and pulled him to the door. She opened it with her free hand and guided him out through it, into the open hall. When she was through the door, she pulled it shut with a firm snap. Draco tugged his arm free from her grasp and turned to ask, "What the hell is this all about?"

Amelia rolled her eyes, "Are you honestly trying to tell me you're that dim? She is dying. That is why she doesn't want me to do anything. She is going to"

Draco looked at her affronted. "No...she can't be. You're just saying that so she will be happy."

"Draco. Stop living in denial. You know she is going to die eventually. This is something I learned in Healer training. You need to listen to the intuition of the terminally ill patients. They will know when they are going to die." She folded her arms and gave him a firm look.

Draco's head was bowed down so Amelia couldn't see his face. She saw him lift his hand to his eyes and rub them. When he raised his head back up she saw that his eyes were red and damp from tears.

"Come on," Amelia told him while she put a hand on his shoulder, "we should get back in there."

He nodded in agreement.

They both marched back into the sun lit room. Back over to the chairs where they once sat and Draco moved his ever closer to the edge of the bed. Amelia walked up to Narcissa's side and collected up her equipment. She then turned her attention to Narcissa as she took in what she was seeing in her patient. Her pale, gray skin, her gaunt face, and the hopeless gray eyes. Smiling weakly, she took the cloth off of Narcissa's forehead and placed it on the side table.

"Thank you." mumbled Draco.

"You're welcome." She smiled lightly, but Draco could see a flicker of fear hiding in her eyes.

"What is it Amelia?" He questioned. "What is the matter?"

Amelia looked startled by Draco's questioning and hesitated briefly before she answered, "She's not going to make it through the night." Amelia looked down at her feet before continuing, "I suggest that you say whatever you think needs to be said to her and soon. I'm so sorry Draco." She finished with a defeated tone.

Draco moved to the bed and sat on the edge clutching his mother's hand in shock. 'This is happening way to fast,' he thought. He knew that she was going to die, but to hear Amelia say she wouldn't make the night was so finalizing. He stared at Amelia with a pleading look on his face as his silver eyed searched her green ones, begging them to betray their owner in what she just said, but they didn't. He sat there knowing with every heart beat his mother's time grew short.

Amelia moved to one of the chairs next to the bed and took a seat. her hair fell in front of her eyes. With a fast swipe of her hand she brushed one of the blond locks back into place. Her eyes returned to the sight in front of her. She watched  as Draco turned to his mother.

With his eyes piercing hers, he began to see his mother in a different light. His mother, the wonderful being who gave him life, a childhood where he was spoiled, and when Voldemort returned it was his mother who put her life on the line for her son. A large lump set in Draco's throat as he sat there just looking at her.

Gibby had just reappeared with some yellow flowers from garden and replaced the ones wilting in the vase. Once she completed this she waddled over to the other empty chair and sat down.

Amelia sat and reflected on the past week and a half. A lot had happened between her and Draco and it had been so unexpected. She actually found that he wasn't as horrible as she once thought he was. Behind that tough, outer crust dwelled someone with a heart. She reached forward and placed her hand on top of his and in response he didn't flinch. He turned and gave her a small appreciative smile which she returned.

"Again, if there is anything you need to say to your mum, I would do it now." She finished looking slightly pale herself.

Draco sat and thought. His eyes wandered around the room he'd grown to know so well as a boy and yet now he was sitting here at a loss for words. Then something struck him. Turning to look at Amelia with a pained expression on his face, she squeezed his hand then let go giving him an encouraging smile.

He took in his mother's tiny, frail, frame that only took up a quarter of the massive bed. He took his hand and placed it on her cheek, brushing it slowly on her high structured jaw. Her eyes were sunken in and she had dark circles forming around them. She smiled ever so slightly at his soft touch, but only the corners of her mouth twitched upwards showing a sign of her reduced energy.

"Mum," Draco started, "I... I've never told you thank you." He stopped watching her. She had a confused look on her face, so he continued on, "Thank you for being my mother, thank you..." he halted suddenly watching a small tear escape from her beautiful eye. "Thank you for giving me the greatest gift a mother could give, the gift of life." He finished with tears leaking from his reddening eyes.

Narcissa reached up and grabbed his hand that had been brushing her cheek. With a small smile, she spoke softly, "I love you Draco."

"I love you..." He paused alarmingly as the grip of her hand had slackened, her smile faltered, and her eyes lost the vibrancy he once saw burn eagerly behind the,.

Amelia stood from the chair and walked to Narcissa's side placing a hand to her neck and waiting patiently for a few minutes. She looked up at Draco who sat in stunned silence waiting for Amelia to say something. When she shook her head in confirmation of his fears, his grief overwhelmed him. Amelia closed Narcissa's eyes and placed an arm on Draco's back rubbing it in a gentle sympathetic way. A small tear escaped from her as he sobbed over his mother's body; his one remaining family member that has remained a part of his life after the war was now gone.


Author's Note: Well I hope you liked the chapter, despite the sad ending. I would love to know your thoughts, so if you have some time please let me know what you thought. Thanks!



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