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Simple Lives. by heyImcrazy37
Chapter 1 : Hi I'm Rose
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Secret 1: I hate the fact that my parents are so famous.

Hey there. You've probably heard about me. My family is always mentioned at least once in the Daily Prophet and on nearly every second page in the Quibbler. Doesn't ring a bell? You must be a muggle. Now kindly get out of this place before I hex you into oblivion.

Hi I'm Rose, Rose Weasley.
Very pleased to meet you.

Now I'd like to tell you about my oh-so-perfect life. I have a brilliant family. Famous even. Loving mother who cares for me and frets over me, a fantastic dad who always makes me laugh and a wonderful brother who is always there for me.

Pft. I wish.

I am a Weasley. Enough said.

Red haired, prankster, rule-breaker. The package. But then again, I am also a Granger. Frizzy haired, smart... and that's about it, really.

Figured out my parents? Yes thats right. The famous Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.

I get asked to sign autographs every time I walk into a shop in Diagon Alley. You must be thinking "Wow! Exciting life! Famous and all that blah blah blah"Not for me. It's very annoying.

Now let me introduce my family properly. My mother, Hermione Granger, is an extremely smart witch, part of the Golden Trio and is currently the Minister of Magic. She is married to Ronald Weasley with two children.

Ronald Weasley is also part of the Golden Trio, a fantastic Quidditch keeper, playing for the Chudley Cannons and a father of two.

Now Hugo is my dear little brother. With his enormous inflated head, he believes he is god's gift to man... and women. He is a self-centred little brat who gets anything he wants when he asks for it. He is always surrounded by a mob of fans at school. This thirteen year old boy's looks has earned him more girlfriends than James Potter, and thats saying something.

Then there's me, poor old me. I am a fourteen year old girl with low self esteem. I ain't ugly but I ain't got the looks either, or the curves for that matter. I do well in school but I usually spend my time sending off dungbombs near the Griffindor common room. I am friendly, but I have this knack for scaring people that I just met. One word to describe me?


No wait, in some cases, that's an understatement. But the word sums up every thing about me. My looks, personality, actions, speech.etc. Most of the first and second years adore me. Yes I could say that I was popular to some extent. Most people just think I get too much attention from my parents and let it get to my head.

We all love each other dearly, but that doesn't stop us from arguing and fighting with each other. There is not one day that I don't hear my parents arguing on something unimportant such as who ate the last cookie. Then there is me and Hugo. We are like fire and water, cat and dog. Equal in power, but entirely different.

I wouldn't say that our family is dysfunctional. I mean, look at Aunt Fleur and Uncle Bill's kid, Victoire. She is somewhere in London, partying with Teddy Lupin while her parents and sisters are looking everywhere for her. I feel sorry for them, but that doesn't mean I'm going to tell them where she is. Victoire is seventeen now, she can handle herself. Besides, she has an eighteen year old Teddy to protect her.

Sometimes I just wish that we had a family moment. Not a Weasley/Potter gathering. Just us. My parents hardly have time for me. Between her Minister job and spoiling Hugo, my mum barely acknowledges me. And as for my dad, he is sometimes a bore. All he basically talks about are his "Amazing saves!! You should've seen 'em Rosie!! I was brilliant!"

So that's my family. Wait, no, there's more. The Weasleys/Potters have basically taken over Hogwarts and the Ministry. You have red hair? BAM. People think you're a Weasley. I have so many cousin, I don't even know all their names.

My favorite cousins are Al, James, Roxy and Dom. Al is the kind and caring one but James is fierce and full of pride. Roxy is the smartest in her year. And Dom's the pretty one who turns heads.

I have one best friend. The only non-Weasly/Potter girl that I can trust to not stab me in the back. Her name is Angela Meng. She's a pretty Asian, sorted into Slytherin as soon as the Sorting Hat touched her head.

Oh yes. I almost forgot to tell you!
I am a Slytherin.

Secret 2: I still sleep with my teddy bear that I had since I was 2.

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