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Witch against the World by Pottergirl7
Chapter 5 : The One with the Shampooing of a Snake
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Chapter Five

I opened my eyes slowly and snapped them shut again really quickly as the weak winter sunlight filtered into the dorm room. It was too bright.

I opened them again and glanced at the alarm clock.

“Hells’ teeth it’s half past eight!” I screamed, throwing myself out of bed and onto Jess’ who was next to me.

“OHMYGOD WHAT IS THAT!?” she shrieked, jumping up and trying to smother me with a pillow.

“WHO’S BEING MURDERED?” Nicola yelled, running at Jess’ bed, wand in hand.

“JESS WE’LL SAVE YOU!” Molly shouted, leaping on top of me and attempting to beat me to death.

“Guys it’s me, it’s me!” I yelped. The beating and attempted smothering ceased and I sighed in relief.

“Woops sorry Lil, so erm why are you on my bed?” Jess asked. I paused. I tried to remember why I was on her bed - OHMYGOD IT WAS EIGHT THIRTY!


The others started shouting and scrambling around to find clothes and books.

“Where’s Abi?”

“IN THE BATHROOM SUCKERS!” she yelled from the other side of the bathroom door.

“That sneaky little-”


A little later we were down at breakfast and Molly and Sirius were arguing over the bacon like usual.

“It’s mine!” Molly grabbed the towering plate of bacon.

“No it’s mine!” Sirius grabbed the plate, sending a few rashers of bacon flying. They didn’t seem to notice.

“You dog!”

“You witch!” Great insult Sirius really, the best way to insult is to state the flipping obvious.

“The power of the bowtie compels you to give me the damn and oh so irresistible plate of bacon!”

“You’re bloody crazy!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhh!” Everyone said in unison, “buuuuuuurn!” No one called Molly crazy. That was like calling a dog who thought he was a cat a dog. Or telling a child they were adopted when they didn’t know. My second cousin Sarah never forgave me for that last one.

She gasped, “how dare you?!” Molly looked over at us. “How dare he?!”

Then an evil smile spread across her face. “Your hair is greasy,” she whispered. Sirius’ mouth formed an O and his hands went up to grasp his shiny and perfectly groomed hair.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh!” We all said again, “buuuurn!” Sirius was a little crazy about his hair. I’m not going to mention the combs again.

“Lies!” he cried, standing up and pointing an accusatory finger at Molly. “LIES!”

She shook her head. “You look like Snivellus!”

He gasped and clasped a hand to his chest. “Take it back!”

“No!” Molly yelled.

“Take it back!”

“Hell to the no!”

“Guys!” We all turned and saw Peter bent over at the waits with his hands on his knees and his tongue hanging out of his mouth. He was panting furiously, desperately trying to get air back into his lungs.

“You alright there Pete?” I asked, eyeing him curiously.

“I need- need h- help with th- the Trans- Transfiguration homework,” he managed before collapsing onto the bench next to me.

“Well I would Peter but I’m in a different class to you. I could take a look and try to help you where I can?” I offered.

“Thanks but I need to do it now, I have Transfiguration second and Care of Magical Creatures first so I won’t be able to write it.” He looked at each one of the girls in turn and Sirius but it was finally Niki who took pity on him.

She sighed. “Okay fine, you can copy mine.” Peter grinned and reached across the table to hug her. She pushed him off but smiled all the same and fished around in her bag for the essay. She passed it over to him and Peter scurried out with a muttered thanks thrown over his shoulder. We settled into silence just eating until Nicola got up suddenly.

“I love him but Peter can be a bit dim and I’m worried he’s going to copy it word for word,” she said sheepishly, gathering her things. It took me a minute to realize that she was talking about the essay.

“I’m going to go supervise, see you in Potions.” She too, left and I looked around, realizing that our end of the table was looking a little empty.

“Hey where is everyone?” I asked, directing the question at Sirius. He choked down his mouthful of eggs and cleared his throat.

“Remus isn’t feeling great and him and James are sleeping in.”

“Well they may want to hurry otherwise they won’t have time for breakfast,” Jess added. Molly gaped.

“Imagine not having breakfast?” she gasped. “I wouldn’t be able to function!” As Sirius and Molly pondered that horrific thought, I checked my watch. It read ten to nine so I got up and slung my bag over my shoulder.

“I’m going to head to Potions,” I interrupted them. “I’ll see you guys there.” I waved them goodbye and made my way out of the hall.

“Lily!” I looked up in surprise and saw James and Remus coming down the staircase.

“Oh hey guys,” I smiled. “Have a nice lie-in?” The boys nodded, Remus rather weakly. I noticed that he looked considerably paler than usual and had dark rings under his eyes.

“You alright Remus?” I asked in concern. “You’re looking a bit peaky.”

“It’s nothing don’t worry,” he answered. “I’ll see you down there,” he nodded to James before continuing down the stairs and through to the Entrance Hall.

“Are you sure he’s alright?” I asked James.

“Yeah he’s just tired,” he brushed off my worry and shot me a grin. “So where are you off to?”

“I’m off to Potions, care to accompany me?” James nodded and we left the staircase and began walking along the corridor to the dungeons.

“So how did you sleep?” I asked in an attempt at conversation. “It being the first night back and everything.”

“I slept alright, bit lonely without my gorgeous Lilyflower by my side.” James replied, casually throwing an arm around my shoulders. I shook my head in despair and shrugged it off.

“Lilyflower was happy in her own bed, on her own.”

“You would have been happier with me, I’m a snuggler,” James informed me with a waggle of his eyebrows. I suppressed a giggle and cleared my throat instead.

“I’m a ‘likes my own space’ type of gal myself,” I replied. James pulled me into his side and I grumbled at him.

“Well with me space isn’t an option.”

“I realized,” I sighed, pushing him away again. I liked James a lot but not so much in my personal space. I like being able to breathe my own air and not have someone else steal it.

The temperature dropped as we neared the classroom. I hate going down there, I always feel like I’m being watched for some reason. We reached the door furthest away from civilisation and walked into the potions classroom. Quickly finding my seat at the same table as James, I took out my advanced copy of potion brewing. Despite my hatred of the lower parts of the castle, this room in particular was my favourite place in the entire castle aside from the Library. I loved the different coloured jars which lined the walls and the constant pile of cauldrons stacked near the sink. Although it smelt a little damp down there, it was also warm and comforting. It was the only warm dungeon in the castle because Slughorn had complained about the cold and damp and threatened to quit (not that he ever would, the job was far too cosy). I breathed in a happy breath and closed my eyes for a moment.

I heard the door open and looked up to see Severus Snape. His eyes met mine for a brief second and then he flicked his hair back in place over his face and walked to his seat across the room. I sighed; I really did miss him sometimes.

Severus and I had been friends’ way before Hogwarts and we continued to be the best of friends up until fifth year. Even with Jess, Molly, Niki and Abi; we were still as close as ever.

It was the summer of our fifth year of Hogwarts. We had just come out of our Defence against the Dark Arts theory paper O.W.L and the girls and I were sitting near the beech tree by the lake with all the other students. The Marauders kept looking over at us but we ignored them because we weren’t really friends back then, until James and Sirius started bothering Severus. I wasn’t close enough to tell what they were saying but I could tell they were taunting him. Then James strung Severus up by his ankle using magic and I rushed over to help him. That’s when Severus called me a mudblood. I haven’t spoken much to him since.

He had tried to apologize to me a few times but I wasn’t prepared to listen. I had to face facts; with Severus’ current besties by his side I was lucky that he had only called me a mudblood. 

I heard the bell ring and I shifted in my seat, waiting for the other students to arrive. There weren’t many as it was N.E.W.T level potions and most people didn’t get enough O.W.L’s to take the class. Slughorn was pretty picky.

Jess joined James and I at our usual table and she also got her book out. Abi didn’t do advanced potions as she didn’t see how it would benefit her future career choice and Molly wasn’t allowed in the dungeons anymore. One too many explosions.

“What did I miss?” I asked her.

“Oh erm nothing much,” Jess said distantly. “Remus fell asleep and knocked the syrup all over Abi and Sirius.”

“Oh poor Sirius! Why is he always the one wearing the food?” I laughed. Jess nodded absentmindedly and we descended into an awkward silence. Professor Slughorn ambled into the room and made his way slowly to the board.

“Morning seventh years,” he said nodding to us and beaming through his walrus moustache. “Now today we will be making a very weak version of Amortentia.” We all gasped in delight. I’m not sure whether our fascination with the potion derived from the fact that we would have the chance to make something which could make someone fall in love with someone. Love was something which I found fascinating because it was so powerful. Now we would have the chance to create it. Well, not love per se but instead an extremely strong infatuation.

“Can anyone tell me what kind of potion Amortentia is?” I thrust my hand into the air, keen for him to pick me. I spent the summer looking over complex potions like that and I was excited to show off my new knowledge.

 “Ms Evans?”

“Amortentia is an incredibly powerful love potion which causes the drinker to develop a strong infatuation or obsession with the target.” He nodded, his cheeks wobbling with the slight bob of his head.

“Very well done! Five points to Gryffindor. Does anyone know the properties of it?” My hand shot up again and Slughorn beamed. “Yes Ms Evans?”

“Amortentia can be identified by its distinctive mother-of-pearl sheen and characteristic spirals of steam. The potion smells differently to everyone according to what attracts them.” I quoted.

“Excellent answer Ms Evans, take another five points!” Slughorn said. “So we’re going to be making a very weak version of this as a powerful one could have disastrous effects if done wrong.” He looked over at a group of giggling Hufflepuff girls. “And no, we will not be sampling them, nor will we be taking any samples away,” he added sternly.

Slughorn waved his wand and the instructions appeared on the board. “Oh and before we begin I’ve decided to assign you partners.” We all groaned.

Suddenly Nicola and Remus burst through the door and looked around.

“Sorry we’re late sir,” Remus smiled weakly. “We had a little disagreement with a jug of syrup.” Slughorn waved his hand.

“Yeah what he said,” Nicola added, jerking her thumb back at Remus.

“No problem m’boy, no problem at all.” Niki and Remus went to sit in their regular seats but Slughorn stopped them. “We’re having a little change around today which means new partners!” He glanced down at a piece of paper on his desk. “Now Ms Johnson, why don’t you sit yourself over there with Ms Clarke and Mr Lupin can you sit next to Mr Avery please.”

Nicola choked down a sob and Remus bit his lip. They both grudgingly strode to their newly assigned seats. I squeezed my eyes shut and crossed my fingers under the table as Slughorn started to read out the partners. Please not Snape, please not Snape.

“Ms Evans and Mr Snape I think, yes I like that. Ms Evans and Mr Snape,” Slughorn decided. Oh God you really do hate me don’t you? I took a deep breath and reluctantly made my way to Snape’s table, where he sat with Avery and a very awkward Remus. At least I’m not alone in this torture.

“Alright class, now begin!”

I kept my eyes on my book as I flipped it open and found the right page.

“I’ll get the ingredients,” I muttered. “You prepare the cauldron.” I glanced up and saw Snape nod slightly before I slid out of my chair and hurried to the ingredients cabinet. I met Nicola over there.

“Do you think Slughorn will believe me if I say I have a feeling this is going to end horribly and we should all just stick to making Pepperup potions at our normal desks?” I asked, rummaging for my ingredients. My previous excitement had evaporated and now I was just dreading returning to my desk. Nicola chuckled.

“You’ll be okay Lily. Just keep your head down and get the hell out of here as fast as possible when the bell goes,” she replied moving off, laden down with everything.

“Who’s your partner again?” I called after her. She turned around and grimaced.


I sniggered, “good luck.”

I procrastinated for as long as possible before going back to the cauldron and dumping the things on the table.

“Okay,” I said immediately taking charge. “I’ll do these ingredients and you do those. That way everything is one after the other and we take it in turns.” I pointed to the list of ingredients. Snape nodded again and silently started his work. I sighed and began my own.

An hour later and we were just waiting for our potion to simmer. Everyone else was almost finished and it had been a relatively quiet lesson. For the last five minutes I had been inhaling my three most favourite odours in the world. Freshly cut grass, sunflowers and a woody, pine smell that I couldn’t quite place. It was my favourite scent by far but I couldn’t remember where I had smelt it before.

Suddenly a loud bang shook the classroom and screams erupted everywhere. I couldn’t see and I felt my feet lift off of the ground and I was thrown backwards. I felt something hard connect with my back and I stopped moving.

I put my hands out and felt around making sure I was safely on the ground. The room was quiet but I could hear movement. I checked my body for damage, gingerly stretching out my limbs. Flexing my fingers, I then rubbed my eyes trying to clear the dust and god knows what else from them.

An angry shout broke the silence.

“JESSICA!” That sounded like Nicola. A very angry Nicola.

“Oh shit, that wasn’t supposed to happen.” And that was Jess.

“I specifically told you not to add the ashwinder eggs until the potion had cooled!” Nicola shouted.

“It was cool!”

“Well obviously not enough!”

“No shit Sherlock!”

I carefully got to my feet and tried to wave some of the dust clouds away.

“Is everyone alright?” Slughorn called. There were irritable murmurs and mutters from the crispy students, as they too gradually got up and began to clear away the smoke.

Once the dust had cleared, I walked around the room and saw James and Remus helping Niki and Jess to try and fix some of the damage surrounding them. Slughorn was anxiously flitting around trying to help where he could and the same annoying group of Hufflepuff girls were squealing and chatting rapidly in a corner.

I passed them and reached my friends.

“Jessica,” I began.

“Don’t even start Lillian!” she interrupted me angrily. “Nicola has been on at me and I swear if I hear the whole speech once more, I may just have to throw you from the Astronomy Tower! I was preoccupied okay?” She stormed off and began to fix a table on the other side of the room.

“I didn’t know you were called Lillian,” James said, scratching his head.

“I’m not but I don’t have a full name so Jess calls me Lillian when we’re angry.” I explained, picking up cauldron fragments. How the hell do you blow up a cauldron?

“I see.”

The bell rang loudly and echoed through the classroom. The students dropped what they were doing, grabbed their belongings and left the classroom in disarray. We watched as Jess tried to sneak out unnoticed.

“Ms Clarke I’ll be seeing you at eight thirty tonight sharp. Don’t be late.” Slughorn said without looking up from his broken desk.

Jess stopped and stamped her foot in irritation before disappearing into the crowd.

“Well what did she think would happen?” Niki asked in amusement as we grabbed our things and walked out.

“Oh I don’t know but you know how much she hates getting caught.” I grinned.

“I’ve got to get to Transfiguration.” Niki said running up the stairs. “I’ll see you guys at lunch!”


It was twilight and the boys and I were sat underneath the beech tree by the black lake. There were streaks of midnight blue jetting across the inky purple sky and three quarters of a moon had already come out and was shining down weakly on us. Although it was autumn, it wasn’t yet cold enough to warrant a jacket; so we were lounging in our school jumpers, with our cloaks on the ground next to us. The leaves on the tree were deep oranges, reds and yellows and they had begun to cluster around the bottom of the trunks. I had this morning’s copy of the Daily Prophet out and was idly flipping through it but I wasn’t really paying attention. The boys were sprawled out, each one of them looking incredibly bored.

“I’m bored.” James moaned, moving himself up into a sitting position. He ruffled his hair with his hand and then fell onto his back, groaning as he did so. “What can we do?”

Sirius’ face lit up. That was bad; you can practically see the light bulb flashing above his head. It was my turn to groan.

He looked at me. “I haven’t even suggested anything yet!” Sirius said looking a little wounded.

“I know whatever it is won’t be good.” I replied, shaking my head. He grinned.

“Well I think that’s a matter of opinion.” He leant over and whispered something in James’ ear. James grinned and then repeated it to Remus and then Peter. It was like a game of Chinese whispers only I knew I wasn’t going to be included. I glanced around for a distraction and saw Snape sitting not too far from us, his school books spread around him. I looked back at my devilish company and saw the smirks beginning to form on their faces. That could not be good.

“Back in a minute my Lilyflower,” James smiled before getting up and jogging off in the direction of the castle with the others.

“Why can’t we just summon it?” I heard Peter ask.

“Because Peter we don’t know which one, there are so many.” Sirius replied impatiently. Remus trailed behind, walking slowly.

I felt something akin to doom beginning to form in the pit of my stomach and I closed my book, laying it on the ground next to me. Maybe I should go and warn Snape? After that Potions lesson I don’t really feel like talking to him. I’m sure whatever the Marauders are cooking up won’t include him. They’ll probably just kidnap one of the merpeople or something foolish like that. I hope.

Before long the boys had returned and Sirius was holding a pink bottle. I eyed it wearily.

“What’s in the bottle Sirius?” I asked cautiously. “It’s not chloroform is it?” I added as an afterthought. He shook his head.

“No of course not.”

“Well what is it then?”

“Shampoo,” James grinned. “We’re going to pour it in the lake and make it bubble over!” I raised an eyebrow.

“Really, that’s it?”

“Hell yeah!” The boys began walking to the lake and they passed Snape on their way over. I stayed where I was sitting, a safe distance away.

“What do you want Potter?” Snape sneered. James sighed.

“Look Snape, we don’t want any trouble, we’re just going over to the lake,” James replied. I sighed in relief. Thank god James wasn’t rising to it.

“Go away Potter,” Snape said forcefully. “I know you’re up to something!”

Sirius stepped forwards menacingly. “Listen Snivellus,” he growled. “Apologize to James or else. James may be a decent enough bloke not to mention it, but I don’t have the same qualms. You owe him one alright, so don’t push it.” What? ‘You owe him one,’ what does that mean?

Snape sneered again, “I don’t owe a blood traitor anything, just go back to your mudblood Potter.” He looked at me as he said mudblood. I swallowed the lump that had suddenly appeared in my throat and forced down the urge to yell a string of curses. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to him saying that so -so spitefully.

James looked absolutely livid. I watched open-mouthed as he impulsively opened the bottle and emptied the contents all over Snape. I got up quickly as the liquid started to pour down his face.

“MY EYES!” he screamed. “MY EYES!” I ran over to the Marauders.

 “What did you do?” I yelled at James and he looked surprised that he’d done it; like he had just woken up or something. I grabbed the bottle and scanned the label for the contents list. It was just shampoo. But why would the shampoo burn like that? Sure when you get shampoo in your eyes it hurts but not that badly.

“I- I didn’t mean to, it just happened.” I glared and fought the strong urge I had to beat him repeatedly with a bat.

“The bottle says it’s not supposed to burn eyes!” Sirius shouted. “LIES! LIES!”

“Why is it doing that?” Peter screamed hysterically. “FALSE ADVERTISING!” Remus looked pale and frantic. I knew why. This was bad, really bad.

“Hey can you read this?” Sirius took the bottle from me and brandished it in front of Severus’ red face.

“MY EYES! I’M BLIND!” Snape screeched, frantically rubbing at his bloodshot eyes and still writhing.

“Right of course,” Sirius replied distractedly. Severus was beginning to get wrapped up in his cloak so I tried to pull it off him. His arms and legs were flailing madly and one of his legs caught me in the stomach.

 “Oh,” I grunted as the breath was knocked out of me and I fell to my knees. I took a few deep breaths and James worriedly pulled me to my feet and pulled me behind him so I didn’t get kicked again. Suddenly Molly appeared behind us.

“Who stole my Strawberry Twist shampoo?” she asked, hands on hips, eyes narrowed.

“Why is it burning his eyes?” Remus shouted over Snape’s screams.

“Wait- what?” Molly whispered looking horrified.

“We may have poured the shampoo over Snape,” James muttered, looking down at his shoes.

“Its bleach you twats!” Molly exploded. We all looked at each other horror-struck.

“Why did you put bleach in your shampoo bottle?” I cried, raking a hand through my hair.

“Uh in case I’m robbed! Why else?”

“That’s ridiculous how were we supposed to know its bleach?”

“Well maybe if you didn’t steal it-”

Suddenly Snape stopped writhing and lay still. His eyes were closed and his chest wasn’t moving.

“OHMYGOD YOU KILLED HIM!” I screamed, kneeling down next to him. My fingers fluttered over his chest and then his neck for a pulse but all I could hear was my own heart pounding in my ears.

This was bad.

So bad.

“Correction, we killed him.” Sirius said quickly.

“What do you mean, we?” Molly demanded.

“We’re all here, we all did it,” he replied nervously.

“You and your stupid friends are the ones who threw the godforsaken bleach over him!” Molly yelled. I got up and stood between them.

“This is getting us nowhere.” I interrupted, feeling panic rising up in my chest. “What do we do?” 

“Well we get rid of him.” Peter answered.

“Peter!” I was shocked. “He’s probably still alive!”

“You checked for a heartbeat and I’m guessing you didn’t find anything,” Peter argued.

“I’m going to go,” Remus said quietly, starting to slowly back away.

“Oh hell no,” James roughly pulled him back. “We’re all in this together.”

“Where’s Jess when you need her?” Molly mumbled.

“Remus I’ve been looking for you everywhere! Are you okay-” That sounded like-

“Jess!” I yelled. She came striding across the grass, with a concerned expression on her face. It immediately morphed into shock when she saw us crowded around Snape.

“Oh shit,” she whispered.

“No judging! You’ve done tons of crazy stuff so you’re not allowed to judge us for this!” Sirius said quickly.

Jess’ eyes bugged out of her head and she looked scared. “I- err-” She cleared her throat and took a deep breath. “I wasn’t going to judge you; I was going to say we need to get rid of the body before someone see’s us.” Jess replied, taking charge of the situation. She took a small box from her bag and opened it. Inside was a pair of black leather gloves and black tinted sunglasses. She swiftly slipped the gloves over her small hands and put the sunglasses on.

“What’s that for?” James asked.

“So I’m not recognized and so I don’t get my fingerprints on the body,” Jess replied, looking worried.

“What about our fingerprints?” Sirius cried. She shrugged.

“If we do this properly, no one will ever know. But if you balls this up, you’ll go down for first degree murder or manslaughter if you’re lucky and I’ll go down for obstruction of justice.”

I broke down into tears.

“I can’t believe we killed him!” I sobbed. Jess took me by the shoulders and shook them roughly.

“Lily we don’t have time for this, I need you to repent and feel guilty that you took a young boy’s life whilst he was in his prime later!” she said, looking into my eyes intently. I sniffed.

“Okay.” Jess nodded.

“Right; James and Sirius you take his shoulders, Peter and Remus you take his feet.” she ordered. The boys grabbed the lifeless Snape and held him between them, grunting with the effort.

“Now we need a place to bury him.” Jess mused, running a shaky head through her mess of blonde curls. “-but where?”

“BURY HIM?!” I shrieked.                     

“Yes Lily otherwise we’ll be found out and sent to Azkaban. Do you want to spend the rest of your life in Azkaban having tea with Dementors?” she demanded. I recoiled.

“No, carry on.”

This is horrible.

I’m a horrible person.

I’m aiding and abetting criminals.

I’m an accessory to murder.

I’m perverting the course of justice.

I’m burying my ex-best friend.

-Because I had helped to kill him.

 I deserved Azkaban.

And the tea parties.

“Thank you, now where to put him?” Jess paused; thinking, and then jumped up in triumph. “We’ll bury him in Hagrid’s pumpkin patch!”

“That’s not very concealed.” Molly pointed out looking dubious.

“Exactly, we’re hiding him in plain sight!”

“Erm I think that only works with books and smaller things. I don’t think it’s a great idea to hide a body in plain sight.” Remus replied anxiously.

“Who’s the leader of the criminal underworld?” Jess asked irritably. Remus sighed.

“You are,” he answered reluctantly.

“Right so let’s hide the body in the pumpkin patch.”

An hour later we were almost finished digging a deep enough hole. By now it was getting so dark we’d had more than a few accidents and tensions were running high.

“Dammit Sirius if you hit me around the head once more with that fudging spade I will knock you into next week!” Molly spat.

“Oh you will, will you?” Sirius taunted.

“Don’t push me Black.” she growled.

“Guys,” Jess interrupted. “I think we’re done.” We stepped back to admire our bittersweet handiwork. The hole was around 2ft deep and 6ft wide. It was pretty much person shaped as well. We were good hole-digging murderers.

“Looks good,” Peter noted.

“Let’s just get this over with.” I muttered.

“Boys grab the body again,” Jess ordered.

“Snape,” I said. “He is not ‘the body’ his name is Snape.” Jess rolled her eyes.

“Fine, gentlemen grab ‘Snape’.” The Marauders picked him up again. “On three,” Jess began.

“You’re not just going to chuck him in?” I asked incredulously.

“Well duh. Lily he’s dead, he won’t feel anything.” I bit my lip as Jess counted to three.




Snape was thrown unceremoniously into the pit and landed with a thump.

 “Let’s cover him up.” We all picked up our shovels again and morosely began heaping dirt onto Snape.

There was a groaning. “Mmmm.” My head shot upwards, as did everyone else’s. The fear in my own face and eyes were mirrored as I looked around at the group.


“What is that?!” I shrieked, running over and clinging onto Nicola who was standing next to me.


“OHMYGOD!” Jess screamed hysterically, hiding behind Sirius. The little bit of dirt on top of Snape began to move and there was a rustling noise. His head appeared out of the dirt and Snape sat up, looking extremely confused and covered in mud.

“He’s come back to enact his revenge!” Peter shouted, pulling at his hair.

“ZOMBIE!” Sirius screamed.

“I knew I shouldn’t have showed them The Crazies,” James muttered. “Damn films.”

We were all paralysed with fear.

“Oh so I did add chloroform!” Molly announced from the other side of the pit. We all gazed at her in utter confusion and then absolute fury as the penny dropped.

“You mean he was only knocked out?” I asked through gritted teeth.

Molly frowned and stroked her chin thoughtfully. “It would appear so but chloroform doesn’t usually knock someone out for that long. It must have been a combination of the bleach and chloroform which kept him unconscious for so long.”

“Molly,” I said quietly.

She looked up. “Mm?”

“I’m going to kill you.”


A/N- Reviews and favourites are loved! Sorry for the super long chapter! Oh and the film 'The Crazies' doesn't belong to me it belongs to the writers/producers. 



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