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Rest in Pieces by BrittJade
Chapter 25 : Blame
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A/N: Good morning/afternoon/evening my loverlies! First of all I would like to say sorry it has taken me so long to update. I blame that on Writer's Block. Second of all this chapter was cut in half/I added unplanned stuff to it. Therefore I can no longer say the length that this story will go for. My writing is to unpredictable. 
Anyway, I hope you enjoy! -Britt


 Luna’s P.O.V



       “HEN’S PARTY!” Hermione yelled as her, Ginny and Lavender streamed into the house George and I had recently bought. I giggled as I shut the door behind them. It was two days before mine and George’s wedding and he was having a bachelor party at some club somewhere.

       “Are you ready to go?” Ginny asked as I rushed up the stairs to grab my purse. I hurried down the stairs to where the girls were waiting and smiled.

       “So where are we going?” I asked no one in particular. They all giggled simultaneously as Lavender grabbed my hand.

       “You’ll see.” She said, turning on the spot in time to Hermione and Ginny.


I opened my eyes to find us standing in front of a magical nightclub, very well known for its Bachelorette parties.

       “You didn’t!” I gasped as they led me towards the door to ‘Infamous’.

       “Hello boys. We’re the Lovegood bachelorette party,” Ginny said as a group of very fit men strode over to us.

The man that seemed to be the “leader” stepped up. “Which one of you lovely women is the lucky lady who is getting married?”

Ginny and Lavender nudged me forward. “She is.”

       “Well then, your chariot awaits you.” Purred the leader backed away to reveal, indeed, a chariot that was being held up by four very strong wizards. I gaped at in, my mouth unable to form a coherent sentence as they lifted me up and took me to a table at the back of the club.

The leader, whose name apparently was Ryley, took our drink orders when the others arrived at the table.

After we had received our drinks Ginny announced that they had some presents for me.

       “Me first!” She exclaimed producing a very light and plain-looking black cardboard box. I had no Idea what it could be and then it struck me: Lingerie.

I pulled off the lid and stared at the contents. Of course I was right. And oh, did it make me uncomfortable.

There was a very small scarlet lacy thing that didn’t look like it could leave very much to the imagination at all (not that that was the point) and there was a bra and panties set in the same material. Oh, and a black silk robe, that went only mid-thigh.

       “Thanks, I guess.” I said after a few moments of silence from the other girls. “It was certainly what I was expecting to find. I’m thinking that George will be very happy.” Ginny gave a sigh of relief as I shoved the box on the chair next to me.

       “I have one similar.” Mumbled a blushing Lavender as she handed me a oddly shaped package. I gave her a surprised glance before opening the gift. Inside lay an ugly looking photo album.

Lavender pulled out her wand and tapped the cover of the album.

It magically transformed. Instead of the mouldy green colour it was, it was now a creamy ivory with lace trimmings. On the front cover, it said “George and Luna’s Wedding Memories.”

       “This was really from Mrs Weasley and me, since we thought it was appropriate for you and George to start your life together with an album.”

       “Thank you! I hadn’t even thought of having an album dedicated to our wedding! Thank you so much Lav!” I squealed wrapping an arm around her tiny waist, now free from her pregnancy weight. I unwound my arm from around Lavender and turned to see Hermione observing me.

       “This one is a bit different. It is from Harry, Ron and I.” She said tears glistening in her eyes as she mentioned Ron’s name. “We had this planned to give to you since we went back to Hogwarts.” With that Hermione handed me a small navy blue book. I glanced up at her before opening to the first page.

It was a photo album. Of Fred and George.

       “Oh my gosh,” I whispered turning through the pages carefully.

       “I thought you would have liked to see Fred and George how they grew up. They were like second brothers to Harry and I both and we wanted to share that with you.” She whispered quietly, her voice shaking slightly.

       “Thank you ‘Mione.” I said pulling the three of them into a massive hug.


George’s P.O.V


I had left the planning of my Bachelor party in the hands of Draco, Harry and Seamus, so I wasn’t surprised when I found myself on one of the busiest streets in London, the street that held the nightclub I had prayed we wouldn’t go to. How were the guys supposed to know what the place meant to me; to me and Fred? I stood staring at the entrance as the other guys dragged me into the nightclub known as ‘Cameron’s Cove’.

We were greeted at the door by a very leggy blonde.

       “George? I didn’t expect to see you here.” She said looking at me with surprise. I just nodded as she led us to our table; conveniently the same table that Fred and I had claimed as our own. Suddenly I wasn’t in the mood for celebrating anymore. Seamus pulled me off to the side just before we sat down.

       “Is everything all right?” He asked looking concerned. I just nodded again and sat down. No words could describe this place to them. Not one of them would understand.

       “Can I get you boys anything?” Our host, named Bree, asked almost as soon as we were seated. This was when I found my voice.

       “Just the regular please Bree.” I managed to croak out. She nodded and scribbled something on her pad of paper.

       “Oh and George, I am awfully sorry about Fred. I shouldn’t have left things the way I did.” She whispered, her big hazel eyes filling with tears of pain and guilt. I smiled at her and told her not to worry as she whisked away. I turned back to see three sets of eyes boring into me. Of course now I would have to explain things to them.

       “When Fred and I left Hogwarts in our seventh year, things were going pretty well at the joke shop, well enough that we could have weekends and nights off. We started coming to this club to get away from the business. That is how Fred met Bree. She was our regular waitress and the two of them soon formed a romance. It wasn’t a relationship, but you could tell it was heading in that direction. Gradually things got harder for both the joke shop and the club. This put tension on all of us and they soon fell apart. Before the war Fred came to see Bree. She was scared and yelled at him to never speak to her again.” After I finished there was silence. All three men looked at me with pity. I shook my head.

       “Don’t feel sorry for me, it should be Bree. She blames herself for Fred’s death; Knowing that her last words to him were words of anger. She thinks that if she didn’t say that to him, he would have survived.” I could feel the tears in my eyes, threatening to overspill.

       “Would you like to leave?” Harry asked me. He, better than anyone, would know what I was going through. I nodded as we got up from the table just as Bree was returning.

       “I’m so sorry Bree, but we are going to have to leave now, you understand?” I said quietly to her. She nodded, her eyes brimmed red. I could tell she had been crying.

       “Bree, you have to understand that it wasn’t your fault.” I said giving her a quick hug before we exited.




I awoke to the sound of someone at the door. I flicked on the bedside light to find Luna slipping into her pyjamas and climbing into bed.

       “Are you just getting in?” I asked as she curled up against me. She nodded.

       “Why, how long have you been home for?” She questioned sitting up to look at me.

       “We lasted for about thirty minutes before coming back here.” I said quietly, playing with the fray of the blanket. Luna looked at me her eyes questioning me. I should have known I wouldn’t be able to slip past this so I went ahead and told her everything.

By the time I was finished tears were streaming down Luna’s face. I looked at her in alarm.

       “Luna, love, what’s wrong?” I asked as she sobbed against my chest.

       “It wasn’t Bree’s fault.” I rubbed my hand up and down her back soothing her quietly.

       “I know.” I murmured into her hair. Luna sat straight up and looked at me.

       “No, you don’t understand. It wasn’t Bree’s fault because it was mine.” She cried. I stared at her. She couldn’t possibly believe that she was to blame for Fred’s death?

       “It was my entire fault! I was battling a group of death eaters by myself and loosing badly when Fred and Dean Thomas came to my rescue. If I had of stunned the before they got there, then they both could still be alive. Instead they both died and I survived! Why not them?” Luna wailed pulling her knees up to her chin and rocking back and forth on the bed. I wrapped my arms around her shaking body.

       “Luna, it is not your fault. It isn’t our fault. It’s theirs. It’s all theirs.” I soothed as her cries turned to hiccups.

       “I love you George.” She whispered hoarsely.

       “I love you too beautiful.” I kissed her as she drifted off to sleep.

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Rest in Pieces: Blame


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