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The Love Potion by WildCat
Chapter 2 : Devastation In All Forms
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                                        CHAPTER TWO:
                                      Devastation In All Forms

  When Harry entered the Great Hall he knew immediately that something was wrong. The Great Hall was in complete and total disarray. There was food all over the floor the four long house tables were lying on their sides and there were chairs everywhere. Worst of all, there were pairs of Kissing students everywhere.
  Harry saw Seamus Finnegan kissing Parvati Patil, while next to him Dean Thomas was kissing her sister Padma Patil. He saw Pansy Parkinson kissing Zacharias Smith. He saw Hannah Abbott and Justin Finch-Fletchly locked in an closed embrace, while Neville Longbottom snogged Luna Lovegood!
   And worst of all, Harry stood watching as Ginny Weasley and Draco Malfoy slowly swayed back in forth their lips locked.
   Ron came running over and stopped dead in his tracks when he saw what Harry was staring at. His face turned to stone and he tense about to leap on Malfoy but suddenly he stopped and nearly tripped over Harry.
“Harry, Look over there” He croaked hoarsely. Harry's gaze followed Ron shaking finger and he stood still in Horror.
   Severus Snape and Minerva McGonagall were kissing up at the high table.
“Well so much for going and talking to Professor McGonagall” Harry finally said.
“Yeah” Ron whispered quietly.
   They slowly edged through the kissing couples and out into the Entrance Hall, Hermione following Harry like a little Puppy.
“You know” she said in a cheerful voice “we could that.”
“Do what?” said Harry, feeling completely exhausted.
“Kiss” said Hermione Brightly “ It is very sweet how all the students have found their perfect matches.”
“Right, so Malfoy and Ginny are the perfect match?” Ron retorted, moodily.
“Yes, actually I think they are” Hermione said thoughtfully.
   Ron gaped at her, open mouthed. “Hermione, how could you say such a thing?” he said in Horror.
“Because it’s what I think” she said coldly and in a completely changed tone of voice, “come along Harry Warry.” And she marched off.
“Hey Harry” Ron said quietly “Where are we going?”
“I don’t know” Harry whispered back. He couldn’t think where they could go, now that all the Teachers were under the spell. Then it suddenly dawned on him.
“Of course” he said “Why have I been so stupid.” And he raced off.
“Harry, wait” Ron cried, hurrying after him. “Where are you going?”
“Don’t you see” cried Harry still running “If there is one person, who might have not been affected is…..”
“Dumbledore” cried Ron “Of course.”
   Harry and Ron both sprinted up the corridor and round the corner till they reached the Stone Gargoyles.
“Liquorice Wands” cried Harry, without thinking. The Gargoyles didn’t budge.
“Ron, help me quickly, what’s the password?”
“I don’t know” cried Ron “Um, what about: Cauldron Cakes?” her asked the Gargoyles.
“Wrong again” they sniggered, “you’ll never get this one, it’s Fabuuuuuuuuulous.” And they burst into fits of laughter.
“Only changed today and the best password yet!” one of them cried between gasps.
“And so Mugglely too!” the other one giggled. And they were off again in more peels of laughter.
“Be quiet, would you, I am trying to think” Snapped Harry.
“Oooh, this one has a temper!” The Gargoyles squawked.
“Shut up!” Harry shouted “what about LemonDrops?”
“Clever as well” Said one of the Gargoyles and they separated to revile the Spiral Staircase.
   Just then, Hermione came sidling up the corridor. “Harry, Oh Harry, thought I had lost you.” And she threw herself on him and kissed him.
“Hermione” cried Harry “cut it out.”
“But I love you” she
“Thank god” said Ron in relief as the “That was a good guess Harry…..Harry, Harry where are you going?”
   For Harry was already running up the staircase and knocking on Dumbledore’s office door.
“Professor Dumbledore?” he cried
“Come in” came a voice from inside.
   Harry opened the door, there was Professor Dumbledore sitting calmly at his desk and there were the little instruments still whirring on their spindling leg table, and there were the portraits of old headmasters and headmistresses.
“Ah Harry, I presume there is something you wanted to tell me.” Dumbledore said
“Yes Professor, you see somebody has put Love Potion in all the drinks at Hogwarts.” Harry said as Ron came bursting in.
“I beg your pardon?” Dumbledore said in utter amazement.
“I said, somebody has Love Potion in all the drinks at Hogwarts” Harry said again.
“It’s true” Ron put in “It affected Hermione as well, you see now she is in love with Harry.”
“Where is she now?” Dumbledore asked.
“I left her downstairs by the Gargoyles” Ron said.
“Mister Weasley, would you be so kind as to fetch her for me please?” Dumbledore asked.
   Ron hurried out and came back a few minutes later with Hermione trailing behind him.
“Ron said you wanted me Harry Warry” she said as soon as she saw him.
“It was the only way to get her to come” Ron muttered to Harry in a low whisper.
“Ah, Miss Granger” said Dumbledore when he saw her “Would you be o kind as to open your mouth for me please?”
   After inspecting Hermione’s mouth, Dumbledore said to Harry and Ron: “I thought as much, come here and have a look at Miss Granger’s tongue.”
Harry and Ron both came over, and Harry was astonished to see that it was Bright Blue.
“Professor Dumbledore” Harry asked “why is her tongue Blue?”
“Because Harry, Miss Granger here has the unfortunate misfortune of drinking one of Mister Fred and George Weasley’s unfinished Love Potions. Which means that there is no cure yet.”
“But who would give put it in all the drinks at Hogwarts?” Ron asked.
“Probably someone who wanted to play a practical joke” Dumbledore replied “and the people who are bound to have practical joke stuff are..
“Fred and George” Harry finished the sentence for Dumbledore.
“Exactly” said Dumbledore “so the question is how to take the spell of?”
“How?” Harry asked.
“Well, the best way would be to stop the person from ever playing this Practical Joke”
Dumbledore said wisely “that way the students will have never experienced this remarkable turn of events.
“But how do we do……Oh” Harry sentence trailed of as it dawned on him.
“We have to travel back in time don’t we?” Harry asked.
“Yes Harry, I believe you do” Dumbledore said.



Sorry about the wait. This is not one of my best chapters, but I hope you like it!



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The Love Potion: Devastation In All Forms


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