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Building Dollhouses In The Sand by daliha
Chapter 13 : Chapter Twelve
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Chapter Twelve

December 23rd, 1993  St. Mungos Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries.


                Pierre sat at Katherine’s side as the Healer in charge; a small chubby woman with a tight bun looked through her clipboard. Katherine thought her lime green robes looked like they were two sizes too big. “But she isn’t a small witch you know” she added as an afterthought. Maggie Kirk explained to Katherine what had happened the night before.


                “Seems you tried to apparate into an area with an anti appariation jinx” she said taking nervous glances at Pierre as if to make sure she was correct. “But instead of bouncing you away, you were let in but you…were…er-“


                “Splinched” whispered Pierre patiently at the Healer who nodded nervously. Katherine took a glance at Pierre who stood up slowly. Maggie cleared her throat she looked through her clipboard once more.


                “Well you should be able to leave tonight, just remember to change your bandages every day.” Pierre nodded tapping Katherine’s shoulder. She smiled twirling around her finger a piece of hair.


                “She will Maggie, I’ll make sure of it” he said turning to the woman who nodded walking backwards towards the door. She held her clipboard to her chest blushing.


                “Alright boss…um…er…..get better!”


                Katherine smiled as Pierre helped her off the bed. It was hard to move around with a bandaged leg, and standing up straight had become nightmare due to the supposed ‘healing creams.’ “Boss?” asked Katherine as she stood up holding onto to a pair of crutches Pierre held out, he chuckled.


                “I’m the Head Healer of all St. Mungo’s and I normally don’t deal with cases personally but with you…” his voice faded as he watched her stand. Katherine looked up at him, was it pity in his eyes?


                “Are we going to talk or not?” she asked roughly walking or rather trying to hop towards the door of the small room. Pierre took a deep breath he walked in front of her opening the door to the room.


                “Yes, in my office I’ll answer every single one of your questions.”




                Pierre Delacroix’s office was a large white room, adorned with portraits of its past occupants. The desk was mad of mahogany wood and the chair behind it was a lime green like the robes that hung from them, to its left was a cabinet and to the right a fireplace.


                He gestured for her to take a seat; skeptically Katherine sat in the green chair in front of his desk. “I hope you don’t mind, I took the pensieve out of your bag…” he began walking over to his cabinet. She watched him remove the basin from the cabinet onto his desk “I thought it’d help us… or rather me explain everything…”


                She shook her head, Katherine’s eyes never left the blue liquid “No it won’t…”she spoke slowly looking up at him “Tell me about Fabian?”


                Pierre looked taken aback but understood instead taking a seat next to Katherine. “Fabian and Gideon Prewett were twins” began Pierre keeping an eye on the basin. “Both of them were friends with Elizabeth, but Fabian… he was always something more. In their seventh year Fabian and Elizabeth began to go out.”


                “Until my father…” she began wiping her face before the tears could well up. Pierre watched her as he opened a drawer behind his desk.


                “Quite contrary Katherine, Fabian was there even then” he said standing extending a hand towards the basin “if you’d like take a look for yourself…”


                Katherine stood up taking a quick glance at him. Pierre looked like an honest man, maybe he was right and the pensive would help explain her story, without a second thought she stuck her face in.


                Pierre held her hand as Katherine looked around. They stood in a small living room, the items were scattered and there were holes in the walls, a younger version of Pierre healed Elizabeth’s wounds while a sandy haired young man kneeled in front of her. “That’s Fabian” whispered Pierre letting go of Katherine’s hand. She walked closer to the young couple, the scene before her was so familiar.


                “Lizzie, I promise he won’t come near you again” said Fabian stroking her hand, Elizabeth nodded mechanically. “If you’re pregnant, I’ll take care of the baby-“


                “No” whispered Elizabeth pulling herself away from Pierre “No, either he takes it or I’m throwing it into an orphanage!” Katherine bit her lip; it was only a normal reaction. She shouldn’t have expected anything else.


                “Elizabeth!” exclaimed Fabian letting go of her hand.


                “That thing isn’t my child!” Katherine felt something pulling at her heart. She turned to Pierre who closed his eyes; her hands were numb as she turned back to a sobbing Elizabeth.


                The image before them dissolved as something pulled her back.


                Katherine stood again in Pierre’s office; he pulled her into a hug whispering words of comfort. Yet all Katherine could think about were two things: her mother never loved her, and Fabian…Fabian had a striking resemblance to George.




January 1994


                                The train's whistle blew, finally they’d start moving. Outside she saw Pierre standing next to Selina, she waved frantically while he simply smiled at the moving train. Katherine waved back hoping this would calm Selina.


                She sighed laying her head against the window, for now she'd be alone at least until Michael finished his rounds. Her blue eyes itched with boredom as she heard the familiar sounds of people running up and down the corridor.


                “You should have never spoken to him like that!” Selina pushed her fringes aside. Katherine shook her head.


                “I don't regret a thing” she whispered “He's a horrible man...”


                “Katherine Lyra...”


                “I hate him.”


                She stood up, it'd be best to entertain herself by doing something else. Katherine walked out of the compartment her eyes scanned the hall. No familiar faces, she sighed in relief. For now she didn't have the strength or heart to face any of her friends. Especially not him. Katherine felt her heart skip a beat at the simple thought.


                She missed everything about him. From his goofy smile to that mop of red hair but most of all his hazel eyes. The child-like warmth they always had, the way they could light up a room.


                Her eyes stung, yet she knew deep down to being in a relationship with him would be beyond stupid.  Thorfinn would have her head and his of course.


                Katherine would rather have George alive and well. Besides maybe if she kept quiet it wouldn't be true, she could pretend it was all a figment of her vivid imagination.




                She stopped frozen, that cheerful voice. “Where were you?”


                “Shame on you!” said Fred laughing “didn't write back!”


                “Gave us a scare” added George worried. She turned to meet his gaze; he looked worried as he reached out to pull her into a hug.


                “Sorry” she mumbled too shocked to say anything else. “ long story...”


                Fred raised an eyebrow “you can explain later” he said patting her shoulder. “Want something from the Trolley?” Katherine shook her head as George told him to go on that they'd catch up.


                “What happened?” he asked taking her face in his hands. Katherine pulled away from him.


                “Nothing like I said long story” she dismissed the matter with a wave of her hand.  “ was your holiday?”


                She rolled her eyes, it was the last day before they go back to school and here she was in Diagon Alley.


                Michael sat across from her he thought after a whole vacation without a letter Katherine might still be calm.


                “You wrote only once” she said plainly her blue eyes staring daggers.


                “You never wrote” he snapped pulling her arm towards him. “I'm not the only one at fault!”


                She rolled her eyes “my father watches my post” she knew she was lying through her teeth. Katherine admitted her interest in the relationship had begun to fade.


                “...and Charlie came over it was really unexpected-” George snapped his fingers bringing her out of her daze.


                She flushed “sorry...great story though.”


                His smile faded replaced by an unsure look “Katherine...”


                She knew that tone, he knew there was something wrong. Katherine bit her lip as she stuffed her hands into her pocket. “My holidays were great really” she began her voice broke slightly as she took a step forward she knew the words that were coming up.


                And for now she'd rather not hear them. “Sorry I've got to go...I left Chambers’ cat unattended” she spoke quickly fearing that her voice would crack as she took a step back.


                He looked slightly hurt as he gave her a stiff nod “oh er...Chambers has a cat?”


                Katherine nodded. Lately she had begun to pick up the habit of lying...first Michael and now George.


                She ran back to her compartment taking the same seat by the window, her eyes itched as she fought back the tears. “What am I supposed to say” she whispered “I had a wonderful holiday George...I found out my mother and father’s actual relationship...”


                She closed her eyes “...or how about I think I fancy you…” Katherine chuckled in an effort to keep herself from crying “despite the fact that it's c'mon knowledge that you spent months snogging Heather bleeding Bennett.”


                The compartment door slid open. For a moment her heart stopped.


                “Having this badge is a hassle really” Michael sighed taking a seat next to Katherine “sorry I took so long.”


                “It's okay “ she mumbled looking up at him. Most girls would think she was insane. Michael was one of the most handsome boys in her year, beautiful black hair, thin lips, a gorgeous smile. Michael Blackwood could almost be considered perfect.


                Handsome, good grades and a bright future ahead of him...


                Yet she'd give it all up for George Weasley in a heartbeat.


                For the red-haired goofball with the everlasting smile, he probably wasn't the most handsome after all the freckles and some didn't find ginger hair attractive.


                Katherine smiled despite herself as Michael went on about one thing or another.


                She loved his messy red-haired and his hazel eyes. The way his presence always lit up the room even the way he frowned when he was having a hard time with potions. She closed her eyes as Michael ran his fingers through her hair.


                Her thoughts began to drift...


                “See Oliver what did we tell ya?” yelled Fred throwing at him a bottle of butterbeer.


                “I really don't think we should be celebrating..” said Alicia as Angelina shook her head. The common room was a ruckus. Gryffindor had beaten Slytherin again even though a rogue bludger had made it a bit difficult for Harry.


                “Oh relax Alicia” added Angelina smiling “we won I say we deserve to celebrate!”


                Katherine nodded as she took a bottle from George “of course! If we keep this up Flint can kiss the cup goodbye!”


                “Here, here!”


                The party went on, Katherine joked around with the twins until George managed to dump a bottle of butterbeer on her.


                “Sorry Kitty here” he pulled of his robe using to wipe her face, she frowned at him. ”Sorry I promise to buy you a new dress.”


                She scoffed “I hate dresses.”


                “How about peppermint imps?”


                “Are you implying my breath stinks?”


                George cracked a smile “actually it doesn't.” She stared at him as he went on “it smells like chocolate fudge.”


                She blushed as he chuckled. Katherine pulled the robe from his hand “I hate you George Weasley!”


                “Well then I hate to tell you Kitten” he pulled his robe back “that I love you...”



                * * *

                Katherine began to hate her fifth year. Homework began to pile alongside the six times a week Quidditch practices. This all left one night which was usually spent with Michael, their meetings were usually physical.


                They rarely spoke anymore. After that she'd walk into the common room to find it empty, even if she'd never say it out loud Katherine only walked in to the common room hoping to get a glimpse of George.


                He had gone on with his life and she had even seen him walk around the halls with Heather Bennett.


                At those moments she ran to the nearest lavatory in hopes that nobody would see her crying. All this was her fault.


Her relationship going to the dogs.


The hate her mother felt towards her.


The sudden need to have George Weasley, ever since the images in the pensive she felt a pull towards him. Deep down she knew she wanted more than a simple friendship, but then again why destroy the one good thing she had left?


                Katherine cursed wiping her eyes before leaving the lavatory; as soon as she opened the door she heard something crash into the floor.


                A bushy haired girl began to pick up a stack of large text books. “Sorry here” said Katherine pulling out her wand with a simple flick she stacked the books neatly onto the girl's hands.


                “Thank you” she looked up. It was Hermione Granger.


                “No problem” Katherine gave her a small smile “are you going to the library?” Hermione nodded as Katherine took a couple of books.


                “You really don't have to-”


                “I need to get to the library too” cut in Katherine as she began to walk “O.W.Ls are coming up.” Hermione followed shyly.


                Their time spent in the library was in silence but it was just what Katherine needed. She agreed with the third year when she complained of an overcrowded and noisy common room.


                Of course it was, the noise in particular was annoying. Katherine sometimes looked up form her books noticing the dark bags under her housemates eyes or the way she scratched out something with her quill two seconds after writing it.


                “Ancient Runes?”


                Hermione looked up confused until Katherine pointed at the book the frizzy haired girl nodded. “Yes-”


                Before she could finish Katherine pulled the parchment from her hands and whistled “well this seems a bit difficult....want any help?”


                Hermione seemed to think it over, Katherine knew she was a clever witch but even the smartest people sometimes needed a bit of help. She looked slightly embarrassed as if she wasn't used to accepting help.


                “Alright then, I'll look this over.”


                “Thank you-”


                “Katherine, though you probably knew that” the icy eyed witch gave her a tired smile “go on this will only take a moment...”


                Hours went by before Hermione Granger left the library satisfied at the amount of homework she had completed, Katherine watched the third year walk towards the Gryffindor common room while she made her way down towards the Ravenclaw tower.


                She was already late to go meet Michael but she could care less. In fact if you asked Katherine why she walked towards the Ravenclaw tower she wouldn't have a coherent answer...

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