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The Crystal of Sayan by clari_tries_writing
Chapter 13 : Chapter 11
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Chapter 11

When Harry saw his daughter falling like a rag doll he finally realised how his friends must have felt every time he got into a quidditch accident, falling off his broom countless times during his time at Hogwarts and then waking up in the Hospital Wing to be fussed over by Madam Pomfrey for the rest of the week. He had just laughed all the accidents off, not seeing why his friends all looked so worried and concerned as they stood over his hospital bed. However now it was his own daughter being knocked off her broom, he understood how they must have felt.

Ollie had had other accidents, she would not be considered normal if she hadn't, a sprained wrist from catching a quaffle oddly, a broken nose and leg from burrowing into the ground after a failed attempt at doing a feint

He had only left his daughter's side when Ginny and Tonks had made him, but he had returned as quickly as he could and had sat next to her through the night in case she woke up, even though Ginny had fallen asleep on his shoulder.

It was early Sunday morning and he was playing with Ollie's pendent when the Headmistress entered the hospital wing and demanded that she needed to speak to him urgently. Harry did not want to leave his daughter again but he knew he could not disobey McGonagall, who with a steely look in her eye, could still make him feel like a naughty first year.

'Right, sure' he said standing up, placing Ollie's pendent back on the bedside table and towards the Headmistress. Ginny gave his hand a comforting squeeze as he passed.

'I know I shouldn't tear you away from Ollie, but I recently discovered something which might interest you and your daughter.

Intrigued as to what it could be, Harry followed his old transfiguration teacher through the castle and up to the Head's office.

'Well I was clearing out this office and I found some old documents relating to the Order of the Phoenix' McGonagall said as they entered the room and she gestured for Harry to take a seat in from of the desk, while she sat behind it and pulled out an old box. 'I thought that you would find this interesting' she said, opening the box and handing Harry one of the documents. 'I think you will find the likeness uncanny'

Harry looked at the picture McGonagall was referring to closely. She was right, the likeness was almost scary. 'All this years I've thought that Ollie took after Sirius except the violet eyes, she must have got from her mother, but wow, she looks like Ollie's slightly older blonde twin' Harry said in disbelief.

'I knew it would interest you' McGonagall stated, leaning back into her chair and resting her chin on her hands as if contemplating what to say next. 'I don't know if you know much about Ollie's mother, but I think she told me once that she was named after her, so I thought you should have a look at this woman because they look so similar even though her name is spelt slightly differently'

'I spelt her name wrong' Harry whispered under his breath, remembering the odd conversation he had had with Sirius after he had ended up in Limbo, the place between life and death, for the second time.


'Oh nothing' Harry replied hastily, not wanting to try and explain to the older witch what limbo was. 'Katerina Alexandrovna Volkova' he read off the top of the document.

'Russian at a guess' McGonagall supplied

'Then what is she doing in Southern France?' Harry asked, looking at the details of Katerina's location. 'She's in the Pyrenees by the look of it. A couple of miles away from where Luna and I found Ollie' Harry said before continuing to read the document carefully, eager to find out more about this mysterious woman who had had a child with Sirius Black. 'Status: informant' he read off the piece of parchment before looking up at the Headmistress quizzically.

'In the Order there weren't just people who fought the Death Eaters in the UK, there were also people abroad who acted as contacts and supplied us with information. I think Charlie Weasley was one because he had to stay out with his dragons in Romania and it looks like Katerina must have been one too, supplying useful information to the Order.

'You don't know what type of information she provided?' Harry asked

'I'm afraid I don't professor McGonagall stated. 'Though I was in the Order, lots of the information was top secret and on a need to know basis'

Harry looked around the office, trying to fine Dumbledore's portrait, but when he located it, he was disheartened to find that it was empty because he hoped to question the founder and leader of the Order of the Phoenix about Katerina. Harry continued to look down the document, reading how it had been unsurprisingly, Sirius who had introduced her to the Order and how Dumbledore had approved her entry.

'Look on the back' McGonagall told Harry

Harry obliged and was confused to see the word MISSING scrawled on the back in dark red ink. 'Do you know what happen?' Harry asked, putting the parchment back onto the Headmistress' desk.

'No' McGonagall replied. 'I looked through the other boxes and bits of parchment I found, but I could not find any more mentions about Katerina. Perhaps someone who attended all the meetings during that time would know more' she suggested, hanging the document and picture to Harry. 'Ollie should know about her mother'

'Thank you Professor' Harry replied, folding up the parchment and tucking it into her robe pocket.

'Ollie going to be alright' Professor McGonagall said as Harry left her office.

'I hope so' Harry replied, as the old wooden door closed behind him.

Instead of heading back to the hospital wing, Harry turned left, headeding outside into the school grounds to try and clear his head and to take in all that had happened. First his daughter had ended up in the Hospital Wing after acting the hero and taking a bludger for Molly Weasley and now Professor McGonagall seemed to have found Ollie's mysterious mother, except of clearing up everything, it had just made everything more complicated, with so many questions unanswered. Who was this mysterious Katerina? How did Sirius meet her? What information was she supplying the Order?

Harry knew, as he sat under the old oak tree which had his parents initials engraved on it, that he should probably tell Ollie what the Headmistress had discovered, as he remembered what it had been like to not know anything about your mother. In the short time they had had together, during the summer holiday before his 5th year and that eventful Christmas, Sirius had told Harry, with the aid of Remus, lots of the Marauder's adventures but even with living with his mother's sister for most of his childhood, Harry had still learnt more about his mother from Snape's memories than his aunt. Now he and Petunia were on friendlier terms he had finally learnt more about his Mum, but there were still huge gaps in his knowledge. However if he told Ollie, he knew that she would want to find out more and would be bitterly disappointed if they found nothing.

Still in a quandary about what to do, Harry headed back to the Hospital Wing, knowing that Ginny would be wondering where he was. As he approached the room in he had spent several hours in Madam Pomfrey's clutches, he heard some shouting and running out, which puzzled him because when he had left Ollie's bedside everything had been very still. As he turned the corner and entered the hospital wing, he was greeted by the sight of Ollie curled up on the bed, moving around as opposed to lying there motionlessly. Madam Pomfrey was standing over her, whilst Ginny was holding Ollie's hand tightly. Harry ten realised that there was a third person standing around Ollie's bed. It was little Dominique Weasley who seemed to be talking, but he could not hear what she was saying. Then as he moved closer, he realised that she was translating. Ollie seemed to be sleep talking in French.

'Papa please come and get me-' he heard Dom say, interpreting Ollie mumbles for the non French speakers in the room.

'Please come and love me' Harry said finishing off Dom's sentence, deciding to make his presence known and sitting down next to Ollie. 'Papa loves you Ollie' he whispered into Ollie's ear, stroking her face and black curls soothingly, like he used to do when she had bad dream when she was younger. When she was like this, it reminded him of the horrible nightmares he had been plagued with during and after the war and how all he needed was to be woken up to make it stop. 'Wake up Ollie' he whispered.

Upon hearing her father's voice, Ollie seemed to calm and her eyelids began to flutter.

'She's waking up!' Ginny exclaimed as Madam Pomfrey encouraged Harry to keep talking. After a few more words of encouragement Ollie's eyes opened slowly. Dominique immediately ran out of the Hospital Wing to spread the word that Ollie Potter had woken up.

'Papa' Ollie whispered, upon seeing her Dad's emerald green eyes looking into her violet.

In that instant Harry decided not to tell Ollie about the document, which was tucked safely into his robe pocket. She had obviously been trapped in a bad memory of her past and he did not want to distress her or cause her anymore harm. He was her father had he wanted to protect her from disappointment. He decided he would tell her when he found out more about Katerina and her relationship with Sirius and the Order of the Phoenix.

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