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Witness by Hermionniny9
Chapter 8 : Chapter eight
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  “Herm-ion-e G-ra-nger.” She replied mechanically, but as though it came at a huge price to tell her real name.

Draco  blinked.

“Let me get this straight; the Mud Blood, book-love- supreme is now the run from the Ministry under a fake name and with a different face?”

“Yes,” Anna mechanically.

Draco burst out laughing; he had done what no other member of his department could. He had found Hermione Granger.

“How did you create this face?” he asked after he had taken a few breaths to steady himself.

“Dark magic, I took little bits of the faces of some of the girls in our year and...”

“Dark Magic?” Draco asked raising his eye brows in surprise.

“Yes.” She mechanically

“What drove you to do this?”



It seemed that some internal turmoil was taking place inside Anna/Hermione.

“My parents are dead and I run a News Agents, I haven’t spoken to Harry and Ron in years. I hate being who I am. I changed my name to hide from a world when all everyone wanted to do was pry into my life...” she said in a strained tone.

“Okay that’s enough,” Draco said feeling sorry for her plight, but wishing that she would stop.

She looked up at him, her eyes boring into him, trying to show how much she detested being there. After a few seconds he looked away.

“Look, Granger or Waterson or whatever you legally are now...I have a choice: I turn you in to the Ministry as Waterson who they would instantly arrest and question or you come with me to the Ministry as Granger and have a chit-chat with the charming young man who is my boss. What do you say?” he proposed smirking at Hermione. There was little choice either way, in the end she would be in the palm of the Ministry. But if she went as Granger she had influence.

“I say that you are a complete and utter berk and that you will probably be arrested for holding me prisoner or from aiding and abetting murder...but I suppose that I will have to come quietly.” She replied mechanically,


 “While the potion is still working slightly I have two last questions for you; why were you at the scene of the crime?”

Hermione gulped and tried not to answer but then she lost against a strong compulsion.

“I was at a party which I had gate-crashed.” She said blankly

“And finally what was Goyle up to on the hill?” He asked seriously.

“Doing a deal with a man who had a weak and scratchy voice, there was a rustle of paper and Goyle’s mother asked the man if he had something. It also seemed that Goyle’s father didn’t know what was going on. They were all on edge and there was some threatening.” Hermione said, but this time through her own free will.

“Okay, well I will point out that Goyle doesn’t have a father, as he died eleven years ago,” Draco said, looking distractedly out the door in to the other room.

“So who is her husband?” Hermione asked intrigued.

“Me, well I was. Technically we are still married, but we are estranged.” He said, waiting for the look of horror or surprise to form on the woman’s face.

Hermione blinked, and blinked again, “Let me get this straight; you married one of your closest friend’s mothers? Is that not a bit creepy?”

“No, well yes it was but it was my father’s wishes. Before you say anything his will was magically binding, I would have died if I hadn’t married her. I had a choice, between life with Ms Goyle or death, she wasn’t that bad actually.” Malfoy said darkly,

Hermione just laughed.

“Granger don’t push me, otherwise I will just turn you into the Ministry as you are.” He threatened scowling at her.

“Hang on, if you’re estranged then why was she hurrying home to her husb...”

“She was lying.  Since when did anyone tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Good old Annette probably wanted to hurry things up.” He said sneering,

“I think there is something else.”

“Well good for you, now go to bed. You will need to be ready for the world tomorrow and you should probably take that spell off your face.” Malfoy commented when he let her out of the chair.

“With what, my fingers?” she asked sarcastically,

“Now now Granger it is my prerogative to be sarcastic, and I’m surprised that you haven’t mastered wandless magic by now?” he said smirking at her.

“I have, but you see this type of magic is not really that easy to remove without my wand.”

Malfoy clicked his fingers together and an elf appeared in front of him. In its hands was a box which it handed to Malfoy before disappearing.

“Here, I had it checked, and by the seams of things you have a spare.” Malfoy opened the box and took out the wands and handed them to Hermione.

She looked sceptically at the wands, “So you are basically letting me escape with two wands?” she asked disbelievingly.

“No, escape would be impossible. You can’t apperate, the floo is for only my use and I would like to see you try and get over the perimeter wall let alone out of the house.” He said smirking at her and then leaving her alone in the room.


Draco knew that she would try to apperate out; it would be funny when he was proved right.

“Darn Malfoy!” she shrieked,

“Yes? Oh and your room is the first room up the stairs and on the right, sweet dreams Granger or Waterson or whatever you are.” He said mockingly before leaving the room again.


The room was simple and yet still lavishly furnished. On the bed there was a set of pyjamas and folded next to them was a set of clothing for tomorrow morning. It was a pair of plain fabric jean-cut trousers and a blouse.

Sighing she placed the second pile of clothing on the chest of draws and undressed.

Hermione ached all over; there were bruises over most of her body from both her fall and the beatings.

Walking over to the door labelled Bathroom, Hermione smiled to herself and then opened the door. The lights flicked on to reveal a Bathroom, the first one she could use properly in a long while. Smiling she shut the door and locked it behind her.


Draco walked to his room and shed his clothing.

Thoughts plagued his mind. Thoughts of Granger doing horrifying things to herself to get her old face back, he shuddered.

Slipping into bed Draco lay awake staring off into the distance.

In one day he had ended the largest man hunt in the country and partially solved one of the most high profile post-war cases. He was in for a large pay rise, and for the first time he felt glad to earn it.

Yet he was sure that there was something not quite right, had someone known about Granger and lured her to the party in order for her to be framed and for the Ministry to find out her new identity? It was a possibility, but whom?

There were many people who would wish to remove Granger from the face of the Wizarding world, but not so much that they were willing for her to be framed for killing ninety muggles...unless they felt joy in the death of others, especially muggles. Draco could name a few plausible suspects who would happily kill ninety muggles.


Hermione dressed in the pyjamas and then sat on the floor in front of the standing mirror. She looked at her reflection and prodded her face with her wand.

She had grown accustomed to the face that had become Anna Waterson and she was sure that she would not recognise the proper Hermione.

Taking a deep breath Hermione started the spell;

“Transferre nominis larva ea solverit. Reduc vultus meus et faciat me qui ante.”

[Remove the mask of those things that shall break. Bring it back; my face, and make me one that was before]

She watched as her face literally fell away in flakes. Underneath was the stranger she had not seen in so many years.

Anna was so simple and plain compared to Hermione. Hermione bore the scars of battle, she had lines on her forehead from frowning, she had larger eyebrows, her smile was wider, her eyes were deeper brown and her cheeks flushed red more often.

She then retuned her hair to how it used to be; slightly bushy.

Feeling awfully tied all of a sudden Hermione slipped into bed and drifted off to sleep


Draco summoned a roll of parchment and a quill and began to jot down his ideas and who he would, personally name for the crime. Across the world nearly twenty of the lesser know Death Eaters lay in hiding, Draco knew this because there was a large list of known Death Eaters and their whereabouts. Most were in Askaban, only a minority had been able to slip through the fingers of the Ministry. The list was pinned to the large notice board in his department and the men’s names and faces were familiar as it was, so much so that he could tell you exactly where each of the Death Eaters had sat at his father’s dining table at one occasion.

Then a thought occurred to him,

Is she scared?

It was true, the thought that Granger might be scared worried him, Draco was not used to compassion and this worried him further. He was concerned that the events which had transpired during the war at the Manor would haunt her sleep. She had, after all, spent her last stay in the house under less than friendly circumstances.

“Yves!” Draco called, and the elf appeared.

“Yes master?” the elf said bowing,

“In the morning you will not need to cook, I will be eating out. That is all good night.” Draco said curtly and watched as the elf disappeared once more.

Draco had learnt from experience to treat elves with respect, Dobby was a clear example of how not to treat an elf and what would happen if one did treat an elf badly. Yves was his father’s last elf’s son and Draco had taken Yves and turned him into a well rounded elf. He was free of course, all elves were these days, but Yves mother had thought him too much by the time that the new legislation was introduced that he couldn’t help but call Draco master.

Sometimes Draco thought of Dobby. When he was younger he used to watch the elf when his father was beating him and see that every time the blow fell the elf would wince; the elf was more human than his father. Draco had realised this not long after the war and had laughed so hard that he had cried, the hypocrisy of his father had in the end cause him  to become far from human.

As Draco snuggled down between the sheets he thought to himself,

Will she chose to be herself or the fake?

Either way though she was going to end up in the hands of the Ministry, and that just suited Draco fine.

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Witness : Chapter eight


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