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It's Called Summer by applesugar33
Chapter 7 : Chapter 7 Miss Ginny Weasley
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             The next morning Hermione was in the kitchen, she had decided that she should at start her summer homework as school was approaching. She had just finished her essay for potions when she heard the front door open. Less than a minute later Draco walked into the kitchen. He took a seat next to her after kissing her in greeting.

            “Good morning,” Draco yawned putting his head down on the table.

            “Morning, what’s wrong with you?” She laughed at her half asleep boyfriend.       

            “Tired,” he mumbled into the table.

            “Let’s make breakfast, that should wake you up!” Mia jumped out of her chair and pulled some ingredients out of the cupboards. “Pancake time!”

            Draco walked over to where she was and watched her cook. She had almost finished with the batter and was stirring while singing and dancing around the kitchen. Draco sat at the counter laughing at her antics. He then noticed that she left the flour on the counter next to him. When she looked away he quickly reached in the bag and threw it at her. Hermione shrieked at him, the flour was all over her, taking the spoon she was using to stir she flung some pancake mix at him. Soon enough they were both on the floor laughing hysterically covered in pancake mix and ingredients. When their laughs had subsided somewhat Draco picked Hermione up into his lap and kissed her, beginning lightly.

            “You look cute right now,” He laughed at her, she was totally white with flour and the pancake mix was drying on their skin.

            “I bet I’m as white as you now,” She teased. Draco pouted, but eventually began to laugh knowing it was slightly true.

            “Can I tell you something?” he asked looking into her chocolate eyes. She simply nodded. “This is the best summer I have ever had. Hermione, I-I love you.”

            Hermione smiled at him, he seemed extremely nervous for the first time since she had ever met him. She pressed her lips to his before learning back and whispering, “I love you too.”

            Hermione and Draco sat on the floor for quite a while before Hermione said she was going to take a shower.

            “I’ll be back in like 20 minutes, don’t burn anything down please,” Hermione said getting off the floor and heading down the stairs. Draco went in to the family room and turned the television on. He clicked threw a few channels before stopping at some comedy show. Draco decided the show was really inappropriate, but really funny. He had just settled into the show when the phone rang. Draco looked at the phone before quickly hitting the talk button and putting it next to his ear.

            “Hello,” Draco said into the phone.

            “Hi, is Hermione there?” someone just about yelled into the phone.

            “Who is this?” He asked, “And stop yelling and just talk into the phone.”

            “It’s Ginny Weasley, and who are you?” Ginny asked.

            “Hermione’s boyfriend,” Draco was starting to get aggravated and just wanted Hermione to come back here and deal with Ginny herself.

            “Oh, well I called to ask about what Ron and Harry were saying about the other day. I knew they were lying in some way or another,” Ginny said obviously angered at whatever Ron and Harry had told her. “So is she there?”

            “Yeah, she’ll be a few minutes, she just went to take a shower,” Draco said, “There was an issue with the pancake batter this morning.”

            “Oh okay,” Ginny said dejectedly. “Can you ask her to call me back. I feel really bad about what Ron must have done the other day and I really need to speak with her.”

            “Hey wait. I just heard the shower turn off, she will probably be back up here in like 5 minutes,” Draco said.

            “Do you think she’ll be mad at me?” Ginny asked.

            “No she won’t. Potter and Weasley just pissed her off. She won’t be mad at you, she’s fair tempered when it comes to this stuff.”

            “How long have you known her?”

            “I’ve known her for a while but we’ve only been dating a little over a month. It’s going to suck when school starts again,” He sighed. “Spending everyday with someone then not being near then for months.”

            “Yeah that’s got to suck. Oh what’s your name?”

            “I can’t answer that, sorry, but I think Hermione is walking up the stairs now,” Draco said.

            “Drake, who are you talking to?” Hermione said squinting her eyes at her boyfriend.

            “Miss Ginny Weasley,” Draco said throwing the phone to Hermione who’s eyes turned big as saucers. “She wants to talk with you.”

            Hermione sent Draco a glare before putting the phone to her ear and saying, “Hey Gin.”

            “Are you mad at me?” Ginny said quickly.

            “No! Why would I be mad at you? You’ve done nothing wrong,” Hermione said.

            “Well that idiot of a brother must have said something to you yesterday and Harry well he is just stupid sometimes,” Ginny said sadly. “I just thought that you may be mad at me.”

            Hermione laughed. “Ginny I really am not mad at you! Why don’t you floo over? We can talk and do stuff, I haven’t seen you in forever, bring some stuff for a few days and you can sleep over and meet my friends.”

            “Okay! I’ll be over in like half an hour,” Ginny said happily before clicking the phone off. Hermione turned to Draco when the line dropped.

            “Did you say anything to her?”

            “Nope just that you wouldn’t be mad at her and that I was your boyfriend,” he shrugged. “Don’t worry I didn’t say my name.”

            “Good.” Hermione then walked to the door. She opened the door and motioned for him to leave.

            “What?” he said looking at the open door.


            “No. I don’t want to.” He said.

            “You have to.”

            “You will have to tell Ginny, y’know. So you and Ginny can talk up here and I’ll be downstairs in the other family room watching television,” Draco jumped up kissed Hermione on the cheek and walked down the stairs. Hermione sighed in defeat and went to clean up the kitchen.

            Hermione had just finished washing the floor and convincing Draco to go back downstairs again after feeding him. She heard the floo open up and walked into the living room where the one and only Ginny Weasley was standing.

            “Ginny!” Hermione yelled when she saw her. Ginny’s jaw dropped when she saw Hermione. “Is something wrong?”

            “You look amazing!” Ginny said. “When did all this happen,” she waved her hands gesturing at Hermione’s looks.

            “I always look like this at home, I have more time to get ready and don’t need to study or anything,” Hermione shrugged. “So how was your summer?”

            “Boring, Ron has been more annoying than usual and Harry wants to go out with me and he isn’t being subtle about it either.” Ginny said signing before falling onto the couch.

            “Oh the hard life, Harry Potter wants to date you and it’s just so dreadful.” Hermione laughed at the younger girls problems.

            “Well I kind of have a boyfriend, that’s the problem,” Ginny added nervously. “Promise not to be mad when I tell you who.” Hermione was about to answer when the door opened and in came the 4 other people.

            “Hey Mia, where’s Drake?” Josh said. Then he saw Ginny sitting there, “Hello, I’m Josh, you must be Mia’s friend Ginny. This is Aubrey, Mike, and Emily.”

            “Hello,” Ginny replied.

            “Drake is downstairs in the living room probably crying about something,” Hermione laughed. “Go down there; we’ll be down in a minute.” When Hermione no longer saw the other four she turned back to Ginny asking her to continue.

            “We I’m going out with a slytherin,” Ginny said anxiously just wanting to get Hermione’s reaction out of the way.

            “THAT’S AMAZING!” Hermione jumped up and hugged Ginny. “Who?”

            “Blaise Zabini. I ran into him one day in Diagon alley and we got talking, then kissing, and we decided to hang out some more another day and it’s been going on for over a month now. I can’t tell Ron because he will be so mad and then Harry will be upset.” Ginny buried her head in her hands, obviously frustrated. “Why are you so happy about it?”

            “Oh, well that’s one of the reasons I wanted to see you. Let me show you,” Hermione took Ginny’s hand and led her downstairs. “Ginny I would like you to properly meet my boyfriend, Draco Malfoy.” Ginny fainted. 

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It's Called Summer: Chapter 7 Miss Ginny Weasley


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