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Forgotten by Theia Luna
Chapter 2 : The Burrow
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And here's chapter two! I know I take forever and I apologize! Thank you so much for everyone that's stuck with this story's abcences. Let me know what you think! =)

“Hold on one bloody second,” voiced Ron looking confused. “What do you mean ‘Prewett’?”


Hermione and Harry were seemed just as confused looking at Ginny for an explanation, hoping she had one.


“I don’t know Ron, that’s why we’re going to the Burrow,” snapped Ginny.


“Wait a moment,” said Hermione stepping slightly forward. “How do you know that journal belonged to a woman named Aliana Prewett?”


Knowing where Hermione was heading, Ginny quickly shook her head, “Don’t worry I already checked. It’s not cursed.”


Hermione, still looking stern but concerned said, “But you opened it? Without any of us there?”



“I told you I checked. We don’t have time for this,” said Ginny impatiently. “I know how to check if an item is cursed Hermione. I’m not as stupid as to let the past repeat itself.”



Hermione, looking taken aback said, “I know you’re not, but you could have at least had one of us there just in case, before opening it.”



Ginny couldn’t help feeling slightly guilty, acknowledging that what she did was indeed irresponsible. But mulling over this wasn’t going to give them answers and she was desperate for them. The sickening feeling continued, pulling at her gut. She didn’t know why the discovery of this woman and her journal gave her such a strange reaction.


“Look –I know, I’m sorry. But we really ought to be heading to the Burrow.”


Harry was holding the journal now, reading the note Aliana had written for Sirius. Closing it up again, he looked up even more confused. “Where did you find this?”



“It was in his office.” Said Ginny quietly, referring to his godfather.




“But I didn’t even know about her. Surely he’d mention—?”



Ron stood up and handed everyone their coats. Looking grim himself he added, “Might as well head out now. Mum’s probably just starting lunch and today’s Dad’s day off. We’ll be able to get some answers from him if Mum won’t budge.”


 All four of them appeared at almost exactly the same second just outside the house, and before knocking at the door they looked at each other hesitantly.


Gripping the journal tightly in one hand, Ginny let go of Harry’s and knocked three times on the door. It flew open to reveal a beaming Mrs. Weasley.


“Oh, my dears! We weren’t expecting you lot until tomorrow, at the very least.” said Mrs. Weasley fondly.  “Come in, come in! Heaven’s knows why you four thought of knocking, this is still your home you know.” 


And she ushered them in, with calls of serving them up some lunch.


“Actually mum,” said Ginny, giving Ron a look of warning as he showed signs of grabbing for a plate. “We actually came to ask you about something. Where’s dad?”


At that exact moment Mr. Weasley walked through the door carrying with him a potato peeler, and looking as if Christmas came two months earlier.


“Look dear, at what one of the locals down at the town just gave me! Poor chap, said he was glad to get rid of it. Probably didn’t know what he was talking about, it was laying there with a few broken things. Didn’t bother getting those th—Oh! Well hello kids,” said Mr. Weasley seeming to barely notice them in the kitchen. “What brings you all here?”


“Mr. and Mrs. Weasley,” said Hermione carefully, immediately taking lead of the situation. “We, um, wanted to ask you about something…something Ginny found in Grimmauld Place.”


Mr. Weasley smile faltered as he took in their grim expressions.  He turned and put the potato peeler on the counter next to him and pulled a chair for Mrs. Weasley to sit in.


“What do you mean?” he asked more seriously, taking a seat next to his wife.


All four of them in turn followed their lead and took a seat at the table, Ginny careful to hold the journal in her lap before showing it to her parents.


“We were going to begin cleaning the rooms when I heard a sound coming from Sirius’ old office,” began Ginny. “I thought maybe a boggart so I decided to take a look. I found this,” she said, putting the journal lightly on the table, “instead. I know what you’re going to say. I performed all the spells to see if it was cursed but nothing happened.”


Mrs. Weasley was tight-lipped and Mr. Weasley looked pale.


“Ginny you know better than to go reading through any more stranded journals—,” began Mrs. Weasley hotly, but Ginny interrupted her quickly.


“Mum this journal is different! It—it says that it belonged to a woman named Aliana. Aliana Prewett.”


There was a stunned silence lingering in the air. Mrs. Weasley took a closer look at the journal set in front of her daughter and her eyes immediately had a pained expression as she recognized it. Mr. Weasley put a hand over his wife’s, looking quite stunned himself.


“Molly dear,” began Mr. Weasley quietly. But Mrs. Weasley shook her head and seemed to try and gather herself together by mumbling rapidly something about the chickens.


“I—I’ll be back,” she said in a falsely cheery voice and walked swiftly out of the house without another glance back.


“Dad,” said Ron, just as his mum disappeared from view and looking bewildered at his mother’s behavior. “What in the bloody hell was that about?”


Harry and Hermione were looking at each other stunned. Harry looked as if he couldn’t understand what was happening but Hermione looked as if she had gathered enough information.


Mr. Weasley looked towards the door looking very worried and turned reluctantly only to answer his son’s question.


“Ron, Ginny; what you’ve got to understand—and maybe you both too Harry and Hermione—is that, when you’ve lost someone—and maybe you’ll find you feel this even now—you find it… quite hard to talk about them.”


There was a wave of a nod around the group and an agreement that this feeling was not uncommon. Even now Ginny still felt it difficult to casually throw Fred’s, Remus’ and Tonks’ name around as if they weren’t gone.


“Well,” hesitated Mr. Weasley. “Back in the old days, when You-Know-Who was first at large, loosing someone was just as difficult as it was this time around. Only this time we knew what to expect. Now, I’m not saying it was in anyway easier, but the shock was just …” and he took a deep breath, seeming unable to describe what he was trying to say. Finally he heaved a heavy sigh finishing quietly, “It was as if you had been knocked off your feet and slammed onto hot concrete; leaving you breathless and in unimaginable pain.”


He let that sink in for the group to gather and Ginny thought that that’s exactly what it felt like whenever she had heard news of someone else lost.  What she felt when her brother was no longer there, when Tonks and Remus were suddenly gone, when Sirius and Mad Eye were lost too; it was the exact same feeling she had felt every time.


“Dad,” said Ginny slowly, that uneasy feeling returning in her stomach. “Who was she?”


Mr. Weasley suddenly looked years older than he was, his eyes shown with a sudden grief that could only be compared to that when losing a close friend; someone loved. His voice gave a slight note of hesitation before looking at them warily and saying quietly,


“She was your mother’s little sister—your aunt.”

Oooh, family secret is there? Please R&R!! I'd love to know what you think of the story so far. Thank you for your patience =)

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