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In My Blood by GingerGenower
Chapter 9 : New Things Every Day
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A/N CHRISTMAS IS HERE! Despite the fact that I’m writing this in April. Eh. Who cares? Don’t own Harry Potter, don’t own a tiger, don’t even own a cat. All ‘Call to Arms’ lyrics belong to the Ministry of Magic (the band, not the government).


Chapter 8

New Things Every Day


The time before Christmas at Hogwarts has got to be one of my favourite times of year.

The teachers let you slack off, the younger kids are buzzing with anticipation and the older kids are excited about free time (OWL year, I have noticed, give you very little of this). Trees and holly and mistletoe bedeck the corridors, and there’s a definite tone of relief and happiness.

Lily, of course, was cheerful that the dull grey of the walls were being covered for a time, although on the day we were leaving (to stay at the Potter’s- my aunt Eliza had written her first letter of the school year to ask if I could once again stay there because this brilliant opportunity had come up in Canada and thanks so much for being understanding) she was anything but content.

“WHERE THE FUCK IS MY NOTEBOOK?!” she raged, throwing the contents of Sammy’s trunk across the room. “I WANT MY NOTEBOOK!”

I leaned slightly to Rose, who was surveying the scene with an unimpressed cocked eyebrow.

“When did it stop being funny that I stole her notebook?”

Rose facepalmed.


“Rose, have you seen my wand?”

“Scorpius, why on earth would I have seen your wand?” she asked frostily.

“I don’t know.”

They paused, stared at each other, then Rose waved her hand through the snow.

“Accio wand!”

Within a few seconds, Rose tossed it in his direction.

“Rose!” a low voice called.

We all turned, curious, and it was James Henderson, breathless and panting but triumphant nonetheless. His broad frame shrank anyone beside him, and Rose seemed tiny under his smug expression.

“Oh, hey James,” she smiled at him, slowing behind us. “Our date was really fun, wasn’t it?”

*cue every Potter and Weasley in the vicinity to eavesdrop*

“Yeah, and I was wondering if you wanted to meet up over the holidays-“


Fuck you, James.

Hugo whacked him on the arm and hissed, “we’re trying to listen, you arse!”

“To what?”

“Rose getting a boyfriend!”

“Rose getting a boyfriend?!”

Ah. Scorpius has joined us. “When did that happen?”


You see, they are going to get married (Rose and Scorpius). It’s just that Jealous Scorpius is Psycho Scorpius.

Psycho Scorpius pulls doors off their hinges.

And then Psycho Scorpius throws the door at his victim.


“LOOK! A DIVERSION!” I yelled, pointing at a cloud.

He looked.

Oh dear Lord.

James (Potter) tackled him to the ground, Al and Riley grabbed his arms, Hugo took a leg, and they carried him onto a carriage whilst we girls watched with a morbid fascination. Scorpius’ pleas for help were ignored.

“Did that just happen?”

“I think so.”



Getting off the Hogwart’s Express onto Platform 9¾ has always been somewhat odd for me.

The first time I met my parents off the train, who had trailed all the way down to London simply to see me before we left to go to different parts of the country; the last time I saw them alive. The second time was to be swept away by Harry and be told my parents were dead. Every time after has reminded me of the first time.

“Mum! Dad!”

Lily raced into the open arms of her parents, grinning and laughing. Without resent I pulled her abandoned trunk for her to give her a few moments alone before I, once again, interrupted.

“Get a move on, Ell!” Al winked at me, taking her trunk off me.

I found the ground to be an interesting sight.

“Sorry. Just thinking.”

“You belong, you know.”

I blinked up at him.

He smiled gently. I wanted to reach out, just to trace a finger along that silken skin slightly inside his mouth.

“You act like you’re an intrusion, Ellie, but you’re really not. You’re family.”

“I know,” I shrugged.

At that, he chuckled as we trudged along. “You can’t lie to me.”

“I’m not lying.”

“Okay. Well, talk to Lily about it, won’t you? You need to talk to someone.”

I rolled my eyes, and we joined them. Harry was hugging James, and Ginny pulled Al and I in together.

“I’ve missed you both so much!” she told us, pulling away.

“What about me?” James demanded.

“Eh, not so much.”

We all laughed, and continued our greetings and exclamations of news and random events that had happened recently. It was normal, at least, for us.


“Dad...” began Lily when we reached home.


“I was thinking, and you know how I’m your favourite daughter?”

“What do you want, Lily?” he asked, vaguely amused by her antics.

“A tattoo.”

James, Harry and Ginny all choked on various edible items.


She pointed at the back of her hand. “A Nimbus 4.0, right here. And a quaffle. And maybe a snitch? And a bludger.”

I’m pretty sure Harry was about to explode with a million reasons of not when Ginny waved her wand and Silencio-ed him. “Pray tell me why, Lily.”

“You know. It’d be awesome.”

At least think of a decent reason for giving your dad a premature heart attack.

“No, Lily. Just no,” James said, shaking his head incredulously.

I just thought it could be a good source of amusement; after a week she’d be cursing it to hell because it was too boring.

“Please? It’ll look so cool.”

“When you’re eighty,” Al suggested.

She looked disgusted at the idea. “Eww, no. I’m dying young and beautiful, thank you very much.”

“It isn’t happening, Lily,” Ginny said calmly. “Not now, not ever.”


“You’ll thank me when you’re thirty and in your open casket without a hideous freak of a mark on your hand, trust me.”


Lily and I stumbled in through the fireplace on the twenty fourth of December, spirits high and singing loudly (despite the fact that it was nearly midnight and seemed as though everyone was asleep) after the Raging Hippogriff’s concert.

“GONNA DANCE ALL NIGHT TO DUEL EE-VIL! GONNA DANCE ALL NIGHT WITH THE ONES I LOO-VE!” we yelled, raving around the Potter’s dark and empty living room.

Ginny wandered in.

“Did you have fun?” she asked us.

We did the headbang in response.

“I forgot how excitable under seventeens are.”


Suddenly, we couldn’t sing. No singing meant no dancing. We turned and glared at Ginny, who had Silencio-ed us.

What? Shut the hell up already.”

Lovely woman.



I swear to sweet baby Jesus, if that child does not stop using that nickname I will ensure his firstborn son will have it written on his birth certificate.

“Fuck off, James,” groaned Lily, who rolled onto her front and buried her head under her pillow.

“And good morning to you, sister,” he grinned. “It’s Christmas!”

“Fan-fucking-tastic.” Clearly, she was as thrilled with this way of getting up as I was. “Go bother mum and dad.”

“I did. They cursed me.”

I opened an eye, and he had the remnants of a bat bogey hex on his face. Nice one, Ginny.

“Remind me to give mum a present later,” sighed Lily. “But I’m sleeping now. Go bother Al.”

“He punched me.”

We both looked up, and indeed, he had a black eye. I snuggled back into my pillows, but Lily heaved herself to her feet and sprinted out of the door. She came back with Harry, who promptly Body-Binded his eldest son, grinned, and told him ‘good luck’.

Lily winked at me and got her red lipstick out.


“Merry Christmas,” yawned Al, wandering into our room three hours later and rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

We simply smiled innocently as he took in James’ appearance.

His pyjamas were transfigured into Lily’s stripper outfit (bra and suspenders included), a feather stuck in his blonde wig and neon pink heels, expanded to fit him perfectly. We’d gone all-out on his makeup, giving him the full monty- amazingly, he actually suited false eyelashes.

Who knew, right?

Al’s eyes widened, then broke into fits of laughter, bent double.

“That- is- genius,” he wheezed, tears streaming down his face. “Can I take a picture?”

I grinned, and held up my camera. “Lily’s promised to find some of the developing potion she made a few weeks ago asap.”

He high fived us both, made us promise to give him a copy of the photos, and waltzed out. He whistled as he went.



“When are we letting him free?”


“Girls, we’re opening presents now,” Harry smiled, peeking around the door. “I suggest you run and hide, because I’m going to let James go.”

Lily grinned and twirled James’ wand in her fingers. “I think we’ll be fine.”

After he was freed, James sprinted into the safety of his room, and ten minutes later he emerged in about twenty layers of decent clothing and no makeup on, vowing to pay Lillers and me back.

She told him to shove it up his arse ‘because it’s Christmas... and all that shit’. What a charmer.

We all shared our presents peacefully- me occasionally taking a picture or two of people’s reactions to presents, but it was nice to just sit and be with family. Lily loved ‘An Insight Into Muggle Herbs’, which she’d pointed out in the summer holidays as fantastically useful for some research she was doing, and the particularly beautiful phoenix feather quill I had found in Flourish and Blotts (she sometimes struggled to find coloured quills). In return, I’d acquired a silver ring with a bright blue stone that matched my eyes.

“It has healing properties,” she told me quietly. “The stone is enchanted with several incantations, and the silver itself is goblin crafted. It is very powerful, and should protect you if that Slytherin jerk tries to attack you.”

I hugged her and put it on.

From James I had a very interesting book on Demiguises that he’d thought I’d like (he was right) and I gave him a new cloak, a dark red one that suited him very well. He ruffled my hair and shrugged it on over all the other layers he already had.

I always leave the more interesting shapes until last, and so came to Al’s very late on.

Unwrapping it, I realised it was two separate items but was intrigued nonetheless, and the two objects fell out.

The first was a neatly folded set of pyjamas: the loose bottoms were covered in little snitches and the top had an adorable embroidered snitch on it, and they were warm to the touch; the second was a little blue book. After a moment of studying the cover, I smiled gently and opened it to find a note scribbled on the front page.


Mum told me you never looked at your copy and why, so here’s a new one that you can ruin to your heart’s content. Al xxx


I turned to the first page of ‘the Tales of Beedle the Bard’ and began to read.

I had only reached the fifth page or so when I was rudely interrupted by a body slamming into me and knocking the book across the room. It had turned out that Al had opened his present: a Merlin chocolate frog card (he couldn’t, for the life of his collection, find one) and a stack of books on Defence Against the Dark Arts;  all the rare ones that were long out of print, such as ‘Fighting the Dark Arts: A Guide’ and ‘Prevention, Attack and Defence’.

“THANK YOU SO MUCH THIS IS EPIC!” he yelled in my ear as we rolled around in the wrapping paper, Lily kicking his back to stop us squashing her presents.

I squeezed my eyes shut and breathed in his smell. He was woodsy and familiar, with that gorgeous tang of the exotic. His arms were comfortably wrapped around my neck and body pressed tightly to mine, and I began to giggle when I felt his breath tickling my throat.

I pretended he liked me too. Just for that second.

We finally ended up with me resting on top of his, but it was of no advantage to me- he clung to my neck, still babbling about the brilliance of my present and that he owed me a much better present along with about thirty Sugar Quills.

I chuckled into his shoulder until James decided it would be fun to start a pile on (it wasn’t), and made an ‘Ellie sandwich’.

“Get off,” Al moaned, and I definitely needed a break from his intoxicating presence.

“James, that hurts,” I whined. It didn’t. Not physically, anyway, but being pressed directly into Al’s warm body was certainly on my top five most torturous experiences.

When she was bored of Al’s growled threats and my whining, Ginny hexed James off so I could roll next to Al. I pouted as I picked Spellotape out of my hair.

We were both panting from lack of air, Al less so. It appeared he had clenched his stomach muscles and been able to breathe fairly normally, but I had no such abilities.

He put a warm hand next to mine, and I jerked away quickly and sat up.

“Thanks for my book, Al,” I smiled hurriedly as Lily passed it to me and kneeled up, trying to stack all my presents up and clearing the paper up by hand.

“Are you okay, El?” he asked quietly.

“Yup, sure,” I grinned a little too brightly. “You?”

“I’m... fine.”


“Ellie, what did mum and dad get you?”

God bless you, Lily, I thought to myself as I turned away from the younger Potter brother and began an animated discussion about my new camera.


“Mum, dad, I want to ask you something.”

We were all sat around the table eating the feast that Ginny had seemingly conjured out of nowhere, laughing and ripping crackers apart when James started talking, looking a little nervous.

“Yes...” Ginny said slowly, eyes narrowed at him. I assumed her train of thought was that the only reason he would be nervous was if he’d broken several laws.

“The thing is... you know, tomorrow when we go to the Burrow...”


“Well, when we go and see everyone... can I bring my girlfriend? She really wants to meet everyone.”

Harry nearly choked on his turkey, and Ginny suddenly had a huge smile on her face.

“Who is she? What’s she like?”

“She’s called Chelsea, Chelsea Edwards. She’s great- a Ravenclaw, actually, and-“

“Is she quite tall? Blonde?” Harry asked, wiping his eyes on a napkin.

“Yeah,” James shrugged. “Only a couple of inches shorter than me in her heels. Why?”

Harry smirked. “I’ve already met her.”

“What? When?”

“Her dad works in the Magical Transportation department. It was a retirement party for one of the older guys, and I went along. She’s very kind,” he commended. “Very pretty, too, if my memory is correct.”

“She really wants to come,” James near pleaded. “Please?”

Ginny shook her head at him, chuckling slightly. “Of course she can come, James. I’d love to meet her.”

She turned to Lily, Al and I.

“What’s she like?”

“I really like her,” I piped up quickly, before Lily could open her gob and drop Chelsea in it. “She’s smart and kind.”

“And she has total control of James,” Al sniggered. “He goes all romantic whenever she’s around.”

Ginny raised her eyebrows.

“I have to meet her now.”


Teddy and Victoire appeared unexpectedly through the fireplace, and were both beaming at each other.

“We’re engaged!” they said excitedly, barely giving us a second to look up from our fierce rock-paper-scissors tournament.

Harry was the first to leap to his feet, and grab his godson in a tight hug.

“Congratulations!” I squeaked as Lily and I rushed to see the ring.

“Nice one, Professor Lupin!” James grinned.

“It’s SO PRETTY!” Lily squeaked, nearly jumping up and down with excitement at the sparkly diamond.

“Where’s the Butterbeer?” I demanded loudly, and Harry instantly accio-ed a whole batch.

We all hugged and congratulated them, the girls discussing the wedding dress and James and Al demanding to be invited to the stag night.

“It’s just going to be family and close friends,” they promised us as we settled in the living room. “We don’t want any media or reporters.”

“What about bridesmaids?” Lily asked Victoire.

“I was going to have Dom and my cousins,” she sighed, “but then I realised that’s you, Ellie, Rose, Roxanne, Lucy and Molly. Six bridesmaids is a ridiculous amount, so I’m just going to have Dom. Plus you guys get to pick your own dresses that way.”

I was touched to be included in her list of cousins.

“Who’s best man, Teddy?” Harry prompted, smiling.

“Erm... well...”

Victoire nudged him. “Go on.”

“Shh. Alright. Harry, I was wondering if... you would be.”

For a moment, Harry stared at him blankly, then nodded slightly. His eyes were overjoyed and agonized at the same time.

“I’d be honoured.”

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Ginny subtly wipe her eyes. His past may have never left him, but I doubted Harry could have wished for anything different in that moment.


A few hours later, we were all still sat in the living room.

Ginny had her feet up on the sofa and was leaning into Harry’s side, who was smiling contentedly to himself as he watched us. Lily was spread across James’ lap, idly making tiny plaits out of his hair. Al had sat at my side, and I’d eventually curled up to his shoulder.

Teddy and Victoire had gone again within an hour to spread the news, but promised to be back by ten that night to stay and go to the Burrow with us tomorrow afternoon.

We were exhausted by the day’s events, happiness being one of the rarest and tiring emotions a person can experience, and had barely moved for an hour.

James pulled Lily into a soft hug, and she snuggled deep into his chest. As though in response, Al wrapped his arm around me and pulled me tighter in so I slowly shifted to lean into him. I wondered if I could possibly desensitise myself to everything so very Albus.

I wish I’d thought to pick up my camera, old or new, and take a picture of one of the most precious moments of my life.


The next morning we all woke up late, and the guys challenged their dad to a game of Quidditch (Harry still played like a pro) and the rest of us were sat around the kitchen table, eating toast and croissants.

“Wish mum and dad knew I play Quidditch for Gryffindor,” I said thoughtfully. “Dad would have loved it.”

Lily smiled sadly at me, and Teddy shook his head.

“They do,” he shrugged.

I spread raspberry jam carefully across my toast. “Do you think so?”

“My mum and dad didn’t even know Vic was going to be born. But I know they like her.”

I had never appreciated before how he was the only person I knew, aside from Harry, who was an orphan.

“You think they can see us?”

“Of course,” he shrugged. “Talk to Harry about it sometime.”

“What does Harry know?”

Suddenly, everyone around the table looked away awkwardly.

I got it.

“This is a war thing, right?”

Ginny nodded. “Ellie, come with me.”

She led me into the next room, shut the door behind her and gestured for me to sit down. I did so unquestioningly, but she pulled open a cupboard I’d never noticed before.

“I’m going to tell you everything. I think your mum would want you to know by now.”

I didn’t blink, my gaze fixated on her.

“What do you know about your mum’s career?”

I stared at her, unsure as to where this particular conversation was leading to as she pulled out a cardboard box from the cupboard. It was labelled ‘books’ and she accordingly buckled a little under the weight before setting it down on the coffee table in front of me.

“She was a writer... a good one, too...”

Nodding, Ginny sat beside me, but we turned to face each other a little in our seats.

“These are the books your mum wrote,” she told me, gesturing to the box. “All her finished ones, and even an unfinished manuscript of a novel she was writing.”

I bit my lip, and looked at the label.

It was hastily scribbled on, faded and aged with the black marker wearing away, but I clearly recognised my mother’s handwriting.

“Ellie, this is why your parents died.”

My breathing stopped.

“Katie was an extraordinary writer, Ellie. She could see thing that no other person could, and make sentences and phrases so beautiful it wrenched your heart into pieces; she had a gift, but like most talents she discovered it at her worst time. She was haunted by her own parents’ deaths because they died in the war. They were muggles targeted for harbouring a Muggleborn that didn’t register in the time when Voldemort was in power, and she left them to fight in the Battle of Hogwarts. A couple of rogue Snatchers killed them and she blamed herself.

“Anyway, in her pain and suffering she began to write, and not only did it help her accept what had happened but she found she was good at it, too. It was a year and a half after the war when her first book came out, and it was different to anything else on the market at the time. There were a few speculative Rita Skeeter pieces, a tentative exploration into Voldemort’s past, but nothing concrete and more importantly, nothing approved or written by anyone who’d actually been there or fought at all. Katie changed that. Her first was always the most popular, probably because of the title and the content. She wrote a chapter each for eight people on their experiences in the war and the aftermath, and one for herself.”

“What was so... strange about it?” I asked quietly.

“Well, one of the people she talked to and wrote about was Draco Malfoy.”

I shrugged. “He’s alright. I’ve seen him with Scorpius a few times.”

She shook her head and smiled. “Ellie, at the time that was shocking. Everyone had huge, grandiose stereotypes in their minds- that all the Death Eaters were evil and everyone else was wonderful. This book shattered that ideology. Draco was yet to be put on trial, but he went ahead and told the whole truth- about his family, what he’d done- and how he’d been forced to do a lot of what he did. It changed everyone’s view on him, particularly the way Katie wrote it. She never missed anything, so when he had to wipe his eyes when talking about being tortured of course she noted it. She included it in the final copy. She was perceptive about everything and made her own speculations; he became a victim, and I think she singlehandedly managed to save him, because the Wizengamot probably wouldn’t have listened to him had the whole country not been calling out for his freedom.”

I frowned. I couldn’t imagine a world so twisted.

“But in doing this, Ellie, your mum had accused Voldemort of exploiting not only his enemies but his servants, too, and that outraged the still-loyal few. They despised the very accusation, that they had not made their choices themselves, and that their loyalty was through fear. Katie went to Rodulphus Lestrange’s trial a few months after the book release for research into her new one, and in the middle of his statement in which he was ranting about the Dark Lord’s return, he stopped, turned to your mum, called her a string of insults including Mudblood-” I hissed in shock “-and promised her she’d die for what she’d done.”

“But surely, had he pleaded guilty, they would have seen how he’d been manipulated too-“

Ginny snorted. “Not all were victims. A lot believed in what Voldemort stood for and the rest were just running scared. Your mum didn’t stop writing, though. She angered a lot of pro-purebloods when she signed-“

“ ‘Pureblood’?” I questioned distastefully. “People still used that word?”

“Yes,” she smiled. “They did. Your mum signed an agreement with Harry, you see. After the release of her first book, which was both beautiful and truthful, and his past with playing Quidditch with her for so long, he felt he could trust her. He liked how she never judged a person; how she completely and wholly understood the feelings even they didn’t know they had before she wrote a word. The agreement was that she’d write a set of books, one for each of his years, complete with every detail he and his trusted friends told her, in exchange for all the profits of them. They were a complete hit- a pain to write, by the way- and it took her a ridiculously long time to do them, but they told the truth, just as Harry saw it. A lot of people had an input into the books, but they were centred on Harry himself.

“They’re an incredible set of books, brilliant to read and so bloody good- but Ellie, your mum had already received several anonymous death threats before she wrote them, and then she did, and she got near four a week for the rest of her life. It scared her to death when she found out she was pregnant with you, Ellie. She wanted to spare you this. This life of not knowing, of living in fear of losing your mother. She never truly believed Ollie would die with her, but she did worry.”

I sucked in the air through my mouth.

“Anyway, my point to this was that you should read the books, because Harry explains everything in there. He died at Voldemort’s hand, but by a few ridiculous loopholes he came back. They can see everything, Ellie, and they’re watching you right now. I promise.”

After several seconds, she pulled me into a hug.

“And Ellie, most important of all,” she said into my ears, arms holding me tightly, “they love you. They love you more than themselves or each other. It’s just... they had to stand up for what they believed in.”

I nodded into her shoulder, tears springing in my eyes. I finally knew.

They hadn’t died for me, not really. They’d died for bravery, they’d died for the freedom of knowledge and for the truth. None of it was me- I was merely a by-product, something left behind.

I slowly pulled away, and smiled at Ginny, who was also silently crying.

“Who is it, then? Who’s still out there?”

She reached out, wiping the tears from under my eyes with her thumb tenderly. “We don’t know. Harry’s been tracking them - he’s never given up, but he’s never found them either. We’re just waiting, now. They haven’t been heard from for years, so it’s hard to know if they’re even alive.”

My mind cast back in the conversation, and I stepped away. “While we’re confessing stuff, can I show you something?”

She frowned and nodded, sweeping some hair behind her ear.

Digging into my pocket, I pulled out the death threats I had got at Hogwarts and passed them to her. She smoothed her fingers over them, and frowned. “Ellie, where did you get these? I put them in away years ago.”

“Read them,” I suggested. For a few seconds, she squinted at the barely-legible writing, then stared and swallowed.

“Are these addressed to you?”

I nodded.

She leaned back in for a moment, then leapt to her feet and frantically picked up the box, tucking the notes into her pocket. Seemingly from nowhere, she pulled out her wand and whipped the door into the kitchen open, where Lily, Teddy and Victoire were sat. They looked startled as Ginny dumped the box on the table in front of them before getting her wand out again.

“All of you, get a coat, your shoes on and your wand. Be back in here as soon as possible,” she ordered, shutting the door behind us. “Do not touch this box and Teddy, you’re in charge.”

They blankly stared at her, and Lily’s gaze fell to me.

I shrugged.

“Where’s Harry?”

“Outside, with James and Al-“ Teddy started in confusion, pointing to the back door.

“Wands. Go!” she said, and they shot out of the kitchen.

Ginny grabbed my wrist and yanked me out after her, her breath sharp as we saw the three high in the air.

“Harry! HARRY!” she yelled.

He quickly landed, looking windswept and exhilarated. “Are you okay?”

“Read,” she demanded, thrusting the notes at him whilst casting a look at the boys.

He did so, and his green eyes widened in shock. A hand ran through his messy hair nervously.

“Ellie, when did you get these?”

“November and before I left for Christmas.”

He turned to his sons. “AL! JAMES! GET DOWN!”

“Just cos we’re thrashing you, dad!”

“NOW!” Ginny added, already dragging me back inside where the three were already waiting, varying degrees of frightened.

She rushed around, grabbing various items such as keys and her purse, before silently conjuring a Patronus whilst we watched.

Harry burst in, quickly followed by James and Al who simply looked confused.

“What’s going on?” Teddy asked, his wand drawn in a way that showed his experience to that of Lily and Victoire- they simply stood with them at their sides. He was ready to fight.

Harry waved him off. “Later. James, Al, go by Lily.”

They quickly did as they were told, and Lily passed them their wands.

“Where are we going?” Ginny asked him.

“Ron and Hermione. Make sure everyone in the family knows, and I mean everyone. Fleur’s family, Angelina’s, and I’ll get an Auror to Hermione’s parents, okay?”

“Where are you going?”

“Kingsley. I can’t think who else.”

She nodded, and offered the pot of Floo powder to Teddy.

“Hermione’s,” she repeated to them, and he and Victoire quickly vanished into the emerald flames.

“What’s going on?” challenged James.

I noticed how it was just me and the Potters again.

“Lily, you go,” Ginny told her.

“What? No, I want to know too!”

“I’ll tell you all everything in a minute, okay? Just go.”

Lily rolled her eyes at me and left too. Al took his turn without comment, but James ignored his mother’s urgency.

“Why are you going to Kingsley? What can you need him for?”

“Ellie needs protection only he can give. We can’t do a damn thing compared to the Head of Magical Law Enforcement and ex Minister of Magic, so we’re going there now.”

“Ellie’s in danger?” he asked, shocked.

“It’s more because of my mum and dad,” I cut in. “Not their fault, but I’m part of it now.”

“She’s been a part of this since the moment she was born, James,” Ginny sighed, exasperated. “Go, James!”

He darted past her and took my hand, but looked at his father.

“Dad. I’m of age. You can’t stop me.”

After a moment’s hesitation, Harry nodded and Ginny rushed over. She pecked Harry on the cheek and hugged the two of us briefly before turning and disappearing into the fire.

“We’re Apparating,” Harry told us, before grabbing a wrist of ours each and spinning on the spot.

A/N Thank you to Pheonix_Feather49 for your gorgeous review- seriously, I read the review and posted this chapter on the same day. Oh, and I promised juiciness, you get juiciness.

This, my friends, is what we British like to refer to as ‘word spew’. Many writers are subject to this illness, and I, alas, suffered today. About 7000 words in three hours, my friends. Yes. BE SURPRISED. Erm, oh, oops... it’s midnight and I have an exam tomorrow. I should probably go to bed.

*GingerGenower falls asleep in her maths textbooks*

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