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The dark side of love by Dracolovergirl5000
Chapter 10 : Chapter 10: Regaining Grounds
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 Chapter 10: Regaining Grounds

Free dress was nice. It allowed me to wear things I wouldn’t normally wear and show that I may be a know-it-all bookworm, but I was still a girl underneath it all. Since Draco and I were 15 minutes early to potions I took off my robes and he coughed.


“Isn’t that a little revealing?” he asked/

“Draco, It’s a skirt. It falls at knee length.”

“I wasn’t talking about the skirt.”

“Draco, shut up. You are a big boy and I think that you can handle seeing a girl in a v-neck shirt.”


“No buts. I don’t want to hear it.”


“What, you need to speak up and not talk so fast. What are you a troll or something. Geez.”

“I said, It is the first day of free dress.”

“Your point is.”

“Everybody is expecting to see you in a fuzzy warm sweater and jeans.”

“Draco. That’s the point, to give them exactly what they are not expecting. I do not live in a cave, unlike somebody I know. I can dress how I want to and I do not need you to tell me otherwise.”

“I’m sorry Rena. I didn’t mean to offend you, I’m just overprotective you know.”

“O know. But leave that to Blaise.”

“Leave what to Blaise?” My brother asked as he sauntered into the room in dark denim and a tight t-shirt.

“Nothing.” We both muttered at the same time.

“Fine, be that way.”

Harry walked into the room and I waved. He waved back, at a loss of where to sit. Blaise was sitting next to Ginny, Draco next to me, and Harry walked in late and Ron was shunning him by sitting next to Lavender. Luna waved to him from a corner, she needed to be in this class because it was the only one that fit her timetable. Harry smiled and walked off to sit next to her, and I sighed in relief.

Draco whispered something to me as Slughorn walked in and glared at him.

“Mr. Malfoy. I ask that you please remain quiet when I begin to teach.”

“Yes Professor.”

I tuned out what we were going to be making that day and Slughorn seemed to realize that I wasn’t listening.

“Miss. Zabbini, please explain to the class what we will be making in class today.”

“We are beginning the stages of the polyjuice potion.” I said aloud, not sure if I was correct or not. Slughorn smiled, correct Ms. Zabbini. 50 points to Slytherin.

“Those points should be for Gryffindor.” Ron said from behind me. I ignored him, and his comments but Professor Slughorn evidently didn’t appreciate his judgment being questioned.”

“Mr. Weasley! Please explain to me and to this class exactly what you mean by your comment that the points awarded to Ms. Zabbini for answering a question correctly should be awarded to a house she is not in.”

“That is a simple question Professor. Hermione Granger who is lost somewhere inside that traitorous slut of a pure blood, death eater Slytherin is in Gryffindor and since they are evidently one in the same and Zabbini gets her smarts from Granger’s book-wormish annoying studious habbits, and Granger is in Gryffindor, technically Hermione Granger answered those questions and those points should be awarded to Gryffindor.” Ron said smugly and Slughorn scratched his chin as he threw an angry glare at him.

“I disagree Mr. Weasley. Miss Serena Zabbini, may have been under a glamour and raised by a muggle family but has found her true identity and was placed in house surrounded by her true family and friends. Slytherin gets the points. Gryffindor loses 100 points for obscene language uses towards another student and Head Girl and for questioning a Professor’s decision. Mr. Weasley I will see you every Friday night of this month for detention.”

“But that’s not fair.”

“Do not try my Patience!”

“Bloody Hell. Now look where you got me you stupid Bitch.”

“MR WEASLEY GET OUT!” Slughorn yelled at him and Ronald stomped out of the class.

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