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Seventh Year by zoeey
Chapter 16 : The Story of Seventh Year - Sirius
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 If someone would have told me this time last year that I’d be sitting with the cleverest people in our year, with the love of my life Adriana Bells and my toddler daughter sitting on my knee at graduation I probably would have hexed you and told you to fuck off; but that’s exactly what happening right now. All of us whom have been in the running for Valedictorian got our own separate seats so that the parents could see just how vaired and unbias the picking of valedictorian actually is - there’s Slytherins, Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs in with us. Us being James, Ade, Josa, Remus and I.

Barely listening to Lil’s speech, I started thinking about the past seven years I’d had at this school and I started to think about things that I’d do differently. And I can’t. every bad decision has been worth it, it’s made me grow up and realise what sort of person I want to be for the rest of my life. I want to look after Adriana and my relationship, I want it to thrive and live on forever. I want to look after Summer and any more babies Ade wants to pop out for me, I want to intimidate any boys that look after her. I want to be there for Remus and his internal struggles with who he is and I want to help him find himself after every full moon. And I want James to be my best mate for forever.

Every prank. Every detention. Every girl. Every fight. Every argument. Every gruelling quid ditch practise. It was all worth it. It’s gotten us here. At the top of the school, and at the top of my life.

Looking out into the crowd I almost expected to see my parents hiding in the background trying to hide their proud smiles. But they weren’t there, and I wondered why I’d even thought they would have been. I looked to the Potters whose proud beams were amongst the clearest ones out there - there my true family. And now I’ve got Adriana and Summer to make sure that I don’t turn into anything like them.

Ade was smiling widely at her best friend, brushing her fingers lightly up Summer’s arm and her body leaned towards me as my arm was wrapped around her frame. God she’s beautiful. Her hair was shining brightly today and it made her skin look even more radiant than usual. I’m so proud of her being up here with us, she’s come such a long way. And she’s my girlfriend, and she will always be my girlfriend. Until I become a sissy and then I’ll make her my wife. The wedding will be white and green so that it’s beautiful and so my girls look amazing.

I love her so much.

“So here we are guys, we’ve done it! Each and every one of us has been in every small detail in each others lives, and here it ends. Good luck with your lives guys!” Lily shouted happily as the students started roaring with happiness, I grabbed Adriana’s waist and spun her and Summer in a circle kissing her happily whilst Summy laughed and swatted at our faces.

“I love you so much Sirius” Adriana said, ignoring our little girls laughter at our intimacy

“I love you too baby, forever,” I told her kissing her once more before taking Summer from her arms and spinning her round just as much. This is my new family, the family that I’m going to continue to build on until the day that I die.






“I can’t believe you seriously convinced me to get a flat in the same building as James and Lil, never mind the same floor!” Ade whined as she lay down on the sofa just as I was running over to Prong’s place. We’d been living here for two weeks now, and James and I were still as inseparable as ever. I bent down and kissed her hard on the lips,

“I’ll send Lil over,” I winked before strutting out of the room, knowing that she was loving the sight of my backside more than my face sometimes.

After sending my best mates girlfriend over to my own girlfriend we laid out all of the plans in the middle of the floor in the lounge. Despite what the girls thought we were doing, we certainly weren’t just hanging out some more. I looked at the blue prints to the house that I’d grown up to know and loath, studying all of the routes in and out of the place. This was dangerous, and I was furious at the fact that Dumbledore had assigned it to James and I, fresh out of Hogwarts.

“You okay doing this Paddie?” Prongs asked me quietly, using the nickname from fifth year that used to annoy me and make me sound like a little girl; now it was just comforting to know that something’s would never ever change.

“Gotta be haven’t we Prongsie,” I paused for a minute and looked up at my best mate whose face gave away the obvious worry that he was feeling about the mission that we were due to leave the next lunch time.. “Just promise me you’ll get out of there? Promise me that if something goes wrong you’ll worry about yourself before you worry about me?”

I knew that this was probably a silly thing to say given the history that I held with this house, but I know how to handle myself with them lot. James, he’s inexperienced with the attitudes and I don’t want him thrown with the two-facedness, if he got out of there it would make me feel a whole lot better. I love him, and I don’t want him to be hurt at all.

“Don’t even know why you said that Pads, you know I’m not going to leave you there, you go down I’m coming with you. And I know it’s the same for you.”

And he was right.

“I love you man, just be careful,” I told him

“I love you too, and you be careful. I know what this is doing to you,” James clapped me on the back and summoned some Butterbeer for us.

I knew exactly what he meant, being in the ‘Noble House of Black’ tomorrow was going to hurt me. Going into the basement where the evil women once tortured me is going to be worse; but I have to do it. I have to do it for the cause. As Dumbledore said, I’m the only one who knows the layout from experience and James is the only one he can trust to do the job as well with me. We’re going to get the information he needs. In and out as quickly as possible.

Finding what we need will be easy, it’s the getting in and out part is what I’m not looking forward to. Sighing I turn back to study it again. Making notes on the simple escape routes from the basement. I took a swig of butterbeer; this really wasn’t how I imagined the rest of my life. I thought it would be much more fighting and much more.. Well glamorous…

“Glamour charms!” I said excitedly looking up to James, who suddenly looked very confused.

“Yes mate…” He looked at me as if was mentally retarded,

“We get the girls to put a glamour charm on us so that even if we get spotted were not us and they wont come after us!” I said, grinning as Prongs’ face grew into an amazed smile
“We’re going to be great!”







That night I went home and lay in bed next to Adriana, just cuddling her too me. Pressing my face into the small crooks of her neck, inhaling her scent and lightly kissing her collarbones. I need to be able to remember every single part of her, just in case something happens tomorrow. Kissing her with so much passion just to get across that I love her. To get across that she’s the only person that I’ve ever loved and that she’s the only person that I’ll ever love.

“Stop it,” She whispered, pushing my chest lightly to get my body off of hers. I backed up and looked into her eyes, I saw the worry and the apprehension mirrored from my own into hers. I lightly kissed her nose, not wanting to take it to far and that I leave in an argument.
“Stop kissing me like this is goodbye. Because it’s not, hear me!” She pleaded to me,

“Promise me you’ll come home,” She said, this time more desperately. Tears rolling down her face. I rolled off of her and pulled her to my chest. Suddenly feeling so guilty for doing this to her. I stayed silent and just rocked her back an forth as she cried. I couldn’t say anything, I was too shocked for anything. I couldn’t even promise her that I would come home.

“I love you so much Adey,” I kissed her head softly as she cried herself to sleep that night, all the time tightly holding onto my shirt and keeping her head nestled onto my chest.








“Ready Jamie?” I asked, just before impersonating my mother in her own home,

“Ready Paddie,” He answered me, he was becoming my father. Luckily we had caught both of them walking along the road and we were able to stun and curse the two before hiding there bodies away and getting some hair for the Polyjuice potion that Mad-Eye Moody had let us borrow. According to all of our research there should be no-one in the Noble house except my mother and father - and alas here we were.

“Swing your hips a little Pad, be more like a girl” James whispered to me, I nodded and started to slightly wobble my hips and I held my hands in the disgusted by the world manner that she used to. I looked at James, he had to much swag to be my father.

“Think like you’ve got a stick up your arse,” I whispered as I unlocked the door with a simple unlocking charm. My mother and father are obviously not cautious enough.


What we didn’t know was that because of our mission, it would cause so many of our friends deaths.
Fabien Prewett
Gideon Prewett
Tat Ellis
Josa Parks
Benjy Fenwick
Dorcas Meadows.

The death eaters killed them for involvement in the Order of the Pheonix, whom were obviously responsible for the break in at the Noble House of Black. They killed our best friends mercilessly because they were linked to the organization which we had introduced them do.

Also we didn’t realise that the information we picked up was what caused Sybill Trelawney to See James, Lils and their young son’s death. We basically picked up their death sentence. We didn’t know that on Halloween that following year, that Peter Pettigrew would betray the Potter’s whereabouts to the ‘Dark Lord’ and we didn’t know that he was coming that night. We didn’t know that Summer and Adriana would be there as well.

James and I never thought that we would have collected the secondary source for not only our best friends assainations, but also our own families.

Because of Wormtail, I have lost the only things that have ever meant anything in the world to me.

I lost Tat. I lost Josa. I lost Lily. I lost James. And I lost Adriana. And I lost Summer.

I lost my girls..

And I will get revenge, I will make sure that baby Harry will avenge his parents and I will make sure that he analites the evil thing that has caused this much destruction.

Someday I’ll have them back in my arms; but only once I’ve made sure Harry is okay and that he knows what he’s doing.




And here was the story of love and of heartbreak. Here was the story of Seventh Year and how it changed everyone’s lives. Here’s to Seventh Year- the best year of my life..




Authors Note - hey! this is the last and the shortest of all the chapters that i've written! but this is it! i'm finished my first every fan fiction! please please review with whether it was good or not! did you like the ending? did it work correctly and everything - i only knew what i was writing once i had already written it and it seems to work? please review if you think that it didn't, or even if you think it did! just want to say a quick thank you to everyone who has review this for me, you seriously made it a whole lot eaiser! if you likes this please read my new story 'Potions Masters Daughter' it's a whole lot different but hopefully just as good! thanks again -

love zoeey! xxx

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Seventh Year: The Story of Seventh Year - Sirius


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