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Here without you by kjp
Chapter 2 : Dementors
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 1st September

a amazing chapter image by prometheus... its so beutiful don't you think? 

“BYE MUM!” I screamed out to her hoping that the train would just halt for a moment so I could just have one last hug from her. It sounds silly doesn’t it? Maybe it sounds like something little girls would say, but I am far from being a little girl.

I kept watching out of the window for them. Mum, dad and bill and fleur weren’t that hard to find in the crowed. The Weasley’s lava hair could stick out from a mile away (as could Fleur’s streaks of sunlight). I don’t know why I kept watching them, perhaps it was because I wanted to saviour every last image of them and never forget them, what if something happened to me this year? Or even worse, what if something happened to them? Would I ever forgive myself for not spending more time with them over the holidays?

It was true, I hadn’t spent much time around them. I didn’t have time too. Mum was far to parodied about the wedding and kept giving us tasks that could last up to days. Half the time was spent getting dresses sorted for the wedding, sending last minute invitations or worrying about Harry. Yes… Harry Potter, the famous Harry potter. He is my boyfriend (well… ex now, but I’ll just exclude this unimportant information for now) that is on the run at this precise second. I’ve been constantly worried about him, all summer thinking that he could have been caught, or worse… dead. Although I doubt it, I’m sure the whole wizarding world would have heard about that by now.

Someone was tugging on my arm and when I turned around I was un-surprised to see Luna’s face come out of no where.

She had changed over the short period of time, her hair seemed more curly from the last time I saw her (Which also happened to be the wedding) and her eyes seemed less dreamy and more aware of her surroundings.

Of course the quibbler was still in hand and her bizarre earrings were still in, to be honest I don’t think she even takes them off. She had stopped wearing the cork necklace, for a reason I don’t know why… So all in all, she looked much better

“Should we go get a compartment then” ah of course, I figured her voice couldn’t have changed much after all she still is loony Lovegood, even I can say that and I’m her friend.

“Sure” I yawn having not got much sleep that night.

We take a seat unfortunately next to some Ravenclaw person who I recognised as one of Cho changes old friends. Thank god Cho has finished hogwarts, I’m not to sure if I could be able to stand her this year. I know it sounds silly doesn’t it? Its like I’m holding a grudge against her for even touching Harry, well suck this Cho I got Harry in the end! (even if he’s still not with me now- but again… we’ll leave this information off)

The reason I hate Cho is because she is too perfect. I mean what hasn’t she got, She’s pretty, boys chase her, got the good grades, god! I even heard she was rich. And the worst of it all she managed to make Harry another one of her fan boys. Not that I blame harry, it is entirely Cho Changs fault.
“So… a wrackspurts interrupted me in my sleep last night” Luna said trying to diffuse the tension between me and the snobby Ravenclaw who just put her nose high in the air as though we were some disease. Typical

“Your Ginny Weasley aren’t you?” She asked looking at me with un natural dislike.

I wasn’t sure if I should answer. Wasn’t that obvious, red hair and freckles there were not lots of them at Hogwarts let me tell you.

“Uh… yeah”

She looked as though she would laugh but instead chose to open a book and start to look like she was about to gag “You’re the girl who stole Potter from Cho, aren’t you?”

What the hell is she on about, I never stole anyone from anyone… more like she got to cry-baby on him and jealous and ditched him for MY ex boy friend (Michel Corner incase you have no idea who I’m talking about) . Cow.

I didn’t reply to lost for words and the girl scooted up a bit as though I would infect her with some disease that could kill her.

My face probably showed it all. I probably looked cress-fallen because anyone who mention Harry just makes my body ache and head spin.

“Hit a nerve have I? You know I’m not to sure why Potter would even go for you. Your nothing special, just a red haired freckled face loser!”

I almost laughed because of how much this statement failed. Is that really the best insult she could come up with. Perhaps I should teach her a thing or two about insults maybe chuck some of my own at her, I’m sure she would turn her unusually large nose up at that.

Neville came to my rescue. Apparently he had been outside the compartment for awhile talking to Seamus and just so happened to have heard the whole conversation. To put it short; he wasn’t impressed.

“Rosaline!” oh! Rosaline that’s her name. I remember now, she’s captain of the chess club (saddo!) even my brother wouldn’t think of creating a chess club and he’s mad about chess “Shove off, go pick on someone your own size that just so happens to be little first years”
Luna laughed as did I… Roseanna (What ever her name was) was pretty short. She had short legs but a large head that just looked plain stupid on her. If I hadn’t have seen her hanging around with Cho chang I would have thought she was a franky first year (not that I ever stalked Cho Chang in anyway. There was no way I was trying to see what she was doing to Harry, I didn’t even have the slightest intention of doing so- Sarcastic much)

“Shut it Longbottom. At least I can get boys to notice me… have you been having any luck with girls lately”

I was pretty impressed. She was still standing up for herself even though it was three against one tiny little student. She was brave, I’ll give her that.

And then a strange thing happened.

Luna went red as my hair as though she was embarrassed by something. I didn’t even know she was listening because her eyes had stayed transfixed on the quibbler.

Luna’s eyes quickly turned to Rosaline and met hers with sudden anger in her eyes. It was strange, Luna’s eyes were usually so calm and relaxed. It was so weird that I was scared of her a bit.

“Rosaline! None of us give a crap about what you think so how about you go back to your little book and stay there and we’ll pretend like you don’t exist” Whoa! Go LUNA!

I don’t think I have ever seen anything like this before… not once has Luna ever got angry about someone insulting someone. Perhaps Neville’s different for Luna

Hang on… is something going on between them.

Rosaline also looked scared and hurried out of the compartment before I could get a good jinx at her… I have just found a new spell which I’ve been itching to tryout on someone.

Neville and Luna’s eyes met each others and a faint smile came onto both there lips leaving me incredibly awkward sitting in the middle fidderling with the hem of my skirt.

I munched on my corn beef sandwich… which I hate by the way, but I hardly notice while the other two stay staring at each other and silently smiling.

Oops… shouldn’t have eaten that corn beef… forgot it makes me sick.

I was about to be sick and the other two noticed because they pulled out of there gazed.

Luna pulled me up and Neville opened the compartment door while Luna hurried me out rushing to the loo not wanting to cause a scene where I dramatically be sick on the corridor.

I want to smack myself for even thinking about eating it.


Half an hour later and the train was still moving and the sky above us was completely black and layers of clouds could be seen hovering above us. I felt like someone was watching us from up there and something not very nice, this thought cause me to shudder right as the train came to a sudden halt making Luna fall into Neville’s lap. Oh dear god.

The lights turned of and I got a sudden feeling of déjà vu.

My head spinned and I stopped breathing for a moment.

Someone was coming aboard… that was one fact I knew.


That’s all we heard for the next ten minutes. Not even Neville or Luna spoke. We sent each other questioning glances but that was about it. Although Luna seemed less scared after about five minutes her nose was back in the quibbler again, How she read in the dark I still have no idea.

The air was ice cold now with the trains heating turned off… none of us thought to use magic.

Then the coldness got thicker until we almost drowned in it. My head got worse and my vision blurred.

Harry… that’s what came to my head. He was my worst memory, yet the best thing that happened. He was my worst because it pained me now to think of him, but yet I don’t regret a thing.

My vision was so foggy that I could only just make out a dark figure looming over me wearing a hooded cloak.

I didn’t need to think to know what it was. It was clear.

A soulless creature was about to suck the life out of me and all good memories would go. The heartless thing drew its hood down and I reacted quickly as soon as the thought of kissing Harry came to my head I pulled my wand out and a large beautiful horse appeared. I didn’t even need to think of a good memory. It was already in my head. Harry kissing me… the best and worse thought imaginable.

It galloped towards it and the dementor stopped pulling his hood down and started to fight the patronus off. The horse kicked at it and it moved backwards until it was out of sight.

I don’t think I have ever pulled off a more amazing patronus than that. I can honestly say I’m proud of myself.


Maybe I fell over or maybe the impact from the dementor took all energy from me… I’m not to sure what happened all I know is that I fell through darkness… remembering everyone who seemed to far away from me; Hermione, my best friend who told me to act normal around Harry and who I owe my life too in return for that piece of advice.

Then there was Ron. My good for nothing brother… average at everything and more protective that what is healthy for any normal human. For this I love him, and proud to call him my brother.

Harry. Nothing more. I wish I could say he was my Harry and I wish I could be the one who was there with him and could protect him myself and defend him if need be. But what everyone says is true and I think I’m starting to understand it… I am far to young and shouldn’t be meddling with things that doesn’t concern me.

After all, Harry did brake up with me to ensure I was safe, doing stupid things this year would just be betraying his trust.

I was starting to doubt myself

It was a weird feeling inside me. I’d never experienced it before. I shouldn’t be too surprised, I’ve never doubted myself before either.


A/N Hope you enjoyed… please read and review.

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