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Queen of Gorgeousness by Zyii
Chapter 11 : Chapter Eleven: Curiosity Killed the Cat; Will it Kill Evvie or Just Satisfy Her?
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Chapter Eleven: Curiosity Killed the Cat; Will it Kill Evvie or Just Satisfy Her?

Mild Language

When someone gives you a topic that you aren’t allowed to talk about does it make to heed that rule? No, it makes your more curious. Evvie wanted to know about her father but no one seemed willing to talk about it. There were some things that didn’t add up. Her Mother had told her that she and Evvie’s Father had mourned her when she’d disappeared and had searched all over for her, yet Blaise had told her that her Father had died in the same raid that she’d disappeared in.

That didn’t make sense right? Someone couldn’t have missed her and searched for her at the same time as apparently dying. She knew something wasn’t right, she could feel it in her bones, like her magic was drawn to something unseen. She’d asked Fleur to help her in her quest because she could trust her to be discreet and knew Fleur liked a good mystery as well as she did. Evvie knew that curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back, she only hoped that she’d find the satisfaction in her quest before she died like the saying suggested.

She decided against her better judgment that she ought to try and talk to Blaise about her Father. She couldn’t talk about her suspicions but she could at least question him about their Father. She was desperate to learn about him.

“Blaise, what was our Father like?” she asked.

Blaise visibly stiffened.

“He was good” replied Blaise unable to look her in the eye.

“How did he die?” she asked.

“In the raid”.

“I know that, but how?”

“Why does it matter?” he replied.

“He was my Father too, don’t I deserve to know a little about him?” she asked.

“It’s none of your business!” shouted Blaise.

Evvie paled, “None of my business” she stuttered.

Blaise looked at her for the first time since she started asking questions.

“I see how it is. There was me thinking how great it was to finally have a proper family. Yet apparently it’s none of my business what happened to our Father. How is that, is it because I’ve only just found out about my family? Am I not good enough? Don’t I deserve to know?”

“Didn’t you ever think it was a topic that was hard to talk about?” thundered Blaise.

“I’m family, it shouldn’t be hard to talk to me!” replied Evvie.

“I’m not talking about it, you have no right to know” said Blaise.

“Fine, fine” said Evvie.

She’d had enough, she’d known it would have been difficult to breach the topic of their Father with Blaise but she’d hoped for more than he’d given her. She was furious, and here she’d been thinking that they’d been getting on so well. She wanted to believe that this was just a mistake that Blaise was just surprised and didn’t mean to react the way he did but she’d seen it in his eyes. She’d seen how he believed it wasn’t her business and that had hurt her. For all his protectiveness, for all his caring friendship, it seemed he didn’t completely think of her as family like she did of him. It was like being transported back to Hermione Granger, where she wasn’t good enough to be told secrets and kept in the loop.

Well, she was a fighter; she wasn’t going to give up just because Blaise was being a complete bastard. There were other people she could go to for information. She’d go to Daphne next; she was close to Blaise, very close. She would have gone to Draco but well, things weren’t exactly good between them at the moment, and he’d probably rat her out to Blaise anyway. Daphne cared for Blaise but she also cared for Evvie. She knew more about Blaise than Blaise did himself. Evvie assumed Daphne had a crush on Blaise; it was obvious if you looked at them the right way.

“Daphne can I ask you something” she asked quietly.

“Sure” replied Daphne.

“You can’t tell Blaise about this” added Evvie.

“Ok” replied Daphne slightly unsure.

“I want to know what happened to my Father, all of it, not just these lies”.

Daphne sighed, “I knew this would come back to bite them. I told them they should have told you but they insisted that it was none of your business, so stupid of them. I’ll tell you what I know, but I don’t know everything, some things are a mystery even to me”.

“I’ll be happy with anything you tell me”.

“You are right though, he didn’t die in the raid that you disappeared in. I think that was just a cover for what really happened” said Daphne.

“It all started with your Mother really during school. She was very beautiful and popular but she was also kind and intelligent. I know she was matched to your Father but I believe they were in love before they knew of their upcoming nuptials. I’m told it was a happy time, my Mother was at school with yours, she always said it was very obvious how much in love your parents were”.

Evvie sensed a but coming.

“But, there was one dodgy character. Kind of like how people viewed Snape but worse. He crawled his way around the school, he practiced the dark arts but wasn’t a member of Voldemort’s group. I’m told he looked a little bit like a greasy weasel. I don’t know his name or what happened to him, I just know that he had an unnatural obsession with your Mother that borderlined stalking”.

“I know this situation with his man got worse as school went on but once your parents had left school the creepy guy seemed to disappear. All was great for a while, your parents married, had fun with their early married life and then you and Blaise came along. Life seemed good. Until that raid, the one where you were taken, no one knows why you were taken during that raid, it still remains a mystery”.

“This is where it gets a bit confusing, your parents did look all over for you after you’d disappeared but they couldn’t find hide nor hair of you, so naturally after a sufficient time you were declared dead, and your parents went into mourning. However, as I understand it, your Father never believed that you were dead; he became manic in his searches to find you, and started to received threatening letters from a mysterious writer. It was somewhere during this time that your Father went missing, no one knew where he’d gone off to, he’d just said that he had some business to take care of, whether he was following a lead on you or not, no one knows. What I do know is that they never found his body and as with you after a significant amount of time had passed they declared him dead”.

“Your Mother went into a grief that I don’t think she’s ever recovered from. She hardly speaks of him anymore. She used to tell Blaise stories about your Father but she always told him that these stories were very secretive and shouldn’t be shared with others. She told him never to tell people of the real way he died, he was always to tell them he died in the raid that took you”.

“That’s all I know, I promise” finished Daphne.

“Oh God” replied Evvie. That was more information that she’d hoped for. It was information that churned through her body stopping at nothing to infiltrate her brain with thousands of possibilities and theories. This seemed far more complex that she’d imagined.

“What are you going to do with all this information?” asked Daphne, though she was afraid of the answer.

“I’m going to find him, my Father. I’m going to find him and save him”.

Daphne paled at Evvie’s answer, she should have known that Evvie wouldn’t have just been satisfied by the information Daphne had shared with her. She should have known that Evvie would want to do something with the information she’d been given. She should have known that Evvie would have an ulterior plan when she’d asked Daphne for information, no matter now, Daphne had promised not to tell Blaise of this conversation.

Evvie’s next stop was to find out who this mysterious third party was, however that was a lot harder to do when she didn’t know his name. The easiest thing would be to check the library records of past students, there were books for each year, they weren’t like yearbooks of the muggle world but they were similar. Perhaps she’d be able to find a picture of her parents with said creepy man. It was worth a try after all.

As luck would have it someone else had also made a breakthrough. Fleur had been hard at work using her sources and contacts to help Evvie with her quest and had actually managed to unearth the name of the mysterious man. She sent her results via owl post, and when Evvie opened the owl’s letter she was very pleased with the content.

Marcus Boyle. That was his name, the greasy weasel’s name. It was stated that he was not a Slytherin like Evvie had guessed but rather a Hufflepuff. If it’s one thing you don’t think of Hufflepuff’s being its practitioners of the dark arts. When you think of Hufflepuff’s you think of people with not many brain cells, but perhaps that’s a stereotype.

Now she knew his name, she was able to go back over the books to find him. Luck was on her side, more so than before. Not only did see find a singular photo of Marcus Boyle but she also noticed that within every photo of her parents, Marcus Boyle was lurking in the background. He really took unconditional love to a new level, he made Snape’s obsession with Lily Evans look normal. Boyle really was a nasty looking man, his hair was a degree of greasy that Snape’s had never been, it looked a bit like wet straw and was thinning in places. His face had the scrunched up look like he’d pulled a face in the wind and got stuck that way.

It wasn’t good to judge people on their looks but Evvie couldn’t imagine Marcus Boyle ever being a nice person, and somehow that made judging him easier. According to the book, the last sighing of Marcus Boyle was in a little bookshop in Hogsmead where he presumably worked right after leaving Hogwarts.

As a returning seventh year, Evvie didn’t have to abide by as many rules as other years. She was just lucky that she was allowed back to school, at one point it had been discussed that returning seventh years would become eighth years but due to the diminished student population that plan was scratched. Besides back to the rules, as a returning seventh year Evvie could get permission to go to Hogsmead whenever she wanted and thus that is what she went to do.

Evvie was beginning to regret going to Hogsmead so late in the afternoon. Without the normal flux of students the village was quiet and eerie. The once bustling village now stood somber and repaired. The silence was deafening even The Three Broomsticks was subdued though still filled to the brim with the usual drunkards.

The Bookshop was off the beaten track that should have been Evvie’s first clue. It looked suspiciously like the front of the Hogs Head the first time Evvie visited it but since then Evvie had learnt not to judge things at face value. The door creaked when she opened it, a little chime above her indicated to the store keeper that someone had arrived. She didn’t see the man when she first walked into the store. It was dark and musky and Evvie was outraged that the books didn’t look like they’d been probably cared for.

“Can I help you?” Evvie jumped, she hadn’t heard the man approach her.

“I-I was looking for Marcus Boyle” stammered Evvie.

The book clerk visibly stiffened at the mention of the name. Apparently that name didn’t bring up pleasant memories for the book clerk.

“What did you say?”

“Marcus Boyle, did you know him?” asked Evvie.

“Why do you want to know?” he asked in response.

“It’s important” replied Evvie evenly.

“Marcus Boyle is the devil’s child; you’d do well to stay away”.

“Why do you say that?”

The book clerk turned and for the first time Evvie got a glimpse of his face. She gasped at the horrific gash that lay across his face, the burnt flesh and boiled skin.

He acknowledged her gasp with a simple statement, “Courtesy of Marcus Boyle”.

“He did that to you?” she asked horrified.

“He’s a violent man when he’d angry” he replied.

“Why was he angry?”

“I expect it had something to do with the marriage of Katherine Williams”.

“Who was Katherine Williams?” asked Evvie dreading the answer.

“Well she would be Katherine Zabini now” the book clerk thought out loud.

“What can you tell me about them? Please!” begged Evvie.

“I reckoned you’d have heard of the triangle between the then Lily Evans, James Potter and Severus Snape”.

She nodded in response.

“Well this triangle was a whole lot worse. Tales of unrequited love are never good ones” he paused, “Let me see” he murmured, he seemed lost in memories.

“I can’t tell you everything. I know they said he disappeared but they never found hide nor hair of him. I don’t want to end up further scarred or worse dead” he motioned for her to move further into the shop clearly he was as frightened as his voice suggested.

“Marcus Boyle was from an ordinary family, they were neither rich nor poor. I believe both his parents were half bloods. He was sorted into Hufflepuff. He seemed an average normal boy till he met Katherine. He thought she was god’s gift, an angel in disguise. He set his mind on claiming her. It was feet easier said than done for her heart was already set on another, Andre Zabini I believe his name was. Marcus wasn’t one to give up because of competition. He pursued her relentlessly, drove her into feared state from his continual presence. His nature just sent her further into the arms of Andre Zabini. He tried everything but was unsuccessful. It was around this time that his behavior started to change. People said they heard him talking to himself, others saw displays of his violence, and there were even a few who believed he’d sold his soul to the devil himself”

“Suddenly his tactics changed, they became more sinister. He started hunting Katherine, cornering her, forcing her into conversation. He began showing his violence to others, using unheard spells, causing panic and fear. He attacked Katherine’s friend, she begged him to stop but he told her he wouldn’t unless she agreed to him demands”.

“What were his demands?”

“That she break off the engagement to Andre Zabini become his wife and let him take them far away. If she agreed he promised to stop hurting the people she loved. But she couldn’t accept his deal, she couldn’t give up Andre. It was right after graduation that he disappeared. He’d been working here during the summer months. Katherine was happy. She thought his disappearance meant the end to all the panic and fear. She moved on with her life, married Andre Zabini, had children and forgot all about Marcus”.

He paused and his face transformed into a gruesome painful expression.

“Have you ever heard of the muggle story character Rumplestiltskin?” he asked as Evvie nodded.

“Marcus was a bit like Rumplestiltskin, he liked making deals and he always collected. He made a deal to Katherine and didn’t appreciate it when she rejected him. She sealed her fate then, he was never going to let her go” he gasped in pain.

“Are you alright?”

“You look just like her you know, Katherine looked like you when she was young. Andre Zabini is not dead, his grave is empty, he is at” he gurgled too much and Evvie never heart what he meant to say.

She stood frozen in horror as the book clerk seemed to choke on his own saliva. She watched in horror as a dark brown substance dripped out of her eyes, nose and mouth. Evvie’s heart beat rapidly in her chest as the book clerk dropped down dead. Evvie seemed to unfreeze, she ran from the shop without looking back once. Neither was she looking where she was going either.

“Ommph” she ran into something solid.

“Evvie what are you doing here?” the something solid turned out to be Draco.

“Nothing” she stuttered.

“Where did you come from what are you doing? Blaise has been looking for you”.

Evvie pointedly refused to look at him.

“Blaise is right your Father is dead. Don’t look into something that isn’t there” he commanded.

He was still holding her like he thought he could shake some sense into her.

“Let go of me” she said, he complied and she stormed away quickly from the one person who set her heart aflame.

Enjoy y'all. I went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour last week, it was fabulous, I'd like to live there. The starbucks man that served me had a dark mark tattoo :3 Am currently holed up in bed on anti biotics, it hurts to move, so I'm trying to stay still like a stick insect! ~ Zyii 


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