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Rose Wealey - My life so far by Kitty Potter
Chapter 1 : Starting Hogwarts
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This is it. I was on my way to Hogwarts for the first time. I had been waiting my whole life for this day. We had walked through the barrier to platform 9¾ and the whole place was filled with thick, white smoke, unfamiliar faces and the screeches of owls. Through the smoke and people was a bright red train. The Hogwarts express. My mother and father embraced me for what would be the last hug from them in a while. Unaware of everything else I stepped aboard the train. I spotted the rest of my family, all squished into a compartment. My cousin, Dom, yelled at me from a different compartment. She was sitting next to 3 girls. I greeted my cousin with hug and she introduced me to 3 girls. The first girl had long brown hair which reached her waist and brown eyes framed with a pair of purple glasses. I learnt her name was Dahleigha. The next was a girl with a black kind of hair which was just below her shoulders, a pale face, freckles and blue eyes. Her name was Caitlyn. The last was a girl with really curly hair and which was pretty short and was a red kind of dark browny colour hair with the name of Sophie.


We sat in the compartment talking about everything, our favourite foods, colours, animals. Everything! Then the trolley lady came by “Anything from the trolley?” she asked. We all grinned at each other and bought literally everything on the trolley! Chocolate frogs, Bertie botts every flavour beans and the newest addition to the trolley, puking pastels! I put aside the pastels with plans to use them on my brother later. Then we got onto the topic of parents. Everybody knew who Dom and I’s parents were so we asked what the other girls parents did.


Sophie was the first to answer, “My parents are teachers at a muggle school.”


“My parents work at home mostly” Caitlyn said, “We have a lot of land so they look after it”


Dahleigha was the last to answer, “My mum is an accountant and my dad is one of those people that helps muggles when they are in need, like in emergency’s.”


Caitlyn, Sophie and Dahleigha parents were muggles but Dom and I didn’t care. 5 minutes later my brother and other cousins walked in. Hugo swore at the amount of sweets we had and I handed him a puking pastel.


“What is this?” he asked.


“It’s a new sweet that apparently makes to irresistible to girls” I replied. Hugo was all ways someone who believed in everything he heard. He spied a couple more in the compartment and shoved them into his mouth. Just as he did that my cousin Fred walked in.


“Don’t eat it Hugo! It’s one of Dad’s puking pastels!” he yelled at Hugo. But in was too late. I laughed at the sight of my brother who was starting in to sweat. He ran out of the compartment, pulled open a window and started puking up everything. Everyone but Dahleigha found it amusing. I suspected that she had a little crush on my brother. Albus sat down next to Caitlyn. He was laughing so much that he was crying! The rest of my massive family left, laughing so hard at my brother who was still puking his guts up. Dahleigha left the carriage saying “I am going to go and find you brother, Rose, and make sure that he is alright.”


Caitlyn looked king of flustered sitting next to Al.

“Did you see his face?!” Al asked in between peals of laughter.

“I did” Caitlyn replied shyly, her face slowly going red. I guess that I should have seen it then, the way they looked at each other, directly into each other’s eyes… ‘EW!’ I thought, am I turning into a match maker or something. I shuddered at the thought. The train stopped shortly after that but somehow we had all managed to change into our robes. We stepped of the train, once again surrounded by thick, white smoke and unfamiliar faces. Above all of the students towered the well heard of man-giant, Hagrid. He was everything my Uncle Harry had said. A large black bread, black, beetle like eyes and a large dog, Fang. He led us to a lake. The shore line was surrounded by little boats.


“All board!” he shouted. Slowly, we all walked cautiously towards a bout. In my boat was Dom, Caitlyn, Sophie and Dahleigha. As if by magic (though it probably was magic) we sailed out across the lake. I looked over to see if I could find my brother. I saw him leaning over the side of his boat, still throwing up. I laughed at the sight.


“Rose, quickly look!” a voice said next to me. I quickly turned around to see everyone in my boat staring at something in awe. I looked around. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the castle. It looked even better than I had imagined it to be. Tiny light could be seen shining out of the million windows around the castle, the wimping willow in the distance and the giant squid in the lake making ripples as it swam about. Everyone was silent, taking in the magnificent castle. It grew bigger as well slowly came to a stop. One by one we clambered out of the little boats. An elegant, elderly lady appeared from out of the massive doors.


“Thank you Hagrid,” she said “First years follow me.” This no hesitation she turned on her heals and walked through the massive oak door, followed by all of us, eager to start school but nervous. She led as through the entrance, the walls covered with paintings and pictures that moved, to a corridor which had a door just as big as the entrance door at the end of it. “Wait here” she said and swiftly walked through the doors. Chatter started up between us all. I saw one boy at the back of the crowd. He was fairly tall with platinum blonde hair and gray like eyes. Dad had described him to me often enough that I knew that this was Draco Malfoy’s son. He wore a smirk on his face and slowly walked towards me.

“A Weasley! Who would have guessed?” he growled at me.

“You can talk Malfoy” I snapped back.

“Oh yeh? You filthy blood traitor?”

That had gotten to me. I whipped out my wand and hexed him. I had used the spell ‘conjunctivitis’ which made him get a pink eye. He was about to hex me back when the older lady walked in. Luckily she didn’t see us fighting.

She simply commanded “Follow me.”

We followed her through the big doors and were led down the side of the great hall completed with 5 long tables. One was a the end of the hall. I saw Hagrid and waved at him. Along with him I saw other people my Dad and Uncle had told me about, Oliver Wood (who is the quidditch coach), Katie Bell/Wood (the transfiguration teacher), Seamus Finnigan (the DADA teacher), Neville Longbottom (as the Herbology teacher) and Luna Lovegood (the divination teacher). One by one we got called up. The lady read off long list.

“Allen, Caitlyn”

“Bailey, Dahleigha” and so on.

“Potter, Albus

“Malfoy, Scorpius” so that was him name!

More names got called but I could barely hear then from nerves. But I heard the next one.

“Weasley, Rose”

I walked up slowly to the stall. Everyone was looking at me. Some people whispered to each other. My face blushed bright red. Trust the Weasley genes! I sat down on the stall and Mrs put the sorting hat on my head. It slipped down past my eyes and I heard its voice in my head. “Courage indeed but the need to prove yourself to the world. Mm, maybe Ravenclaw with that brain of yours. Definatly not Hufflepuff. Well, better be…


A/N: Hi!!! Thanks you reading the story! Hope you liked it! Please tell me what you think about my story! Good or bad? I really don’t mind what you think about it. If you have any suggestions for the story please let me know!! Or if you want to be in the story just give a name and description and I will try and get you in the story. Please review, this is my first story. Stay tuned… Love Kitty Potter xoxo PS: I don’t own anything but the 3 new girls. They are my best friends! Though I don’t really own them…


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Rose Wealey - My life so far: Starting Hogwarts


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