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The Little Things by GrangerFever4eva
Chapter 3 : Books
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What the hell! I joke at Her--Granger over her bag, and she tells me that I'm not good enough for her?!  Okay, maybe thats not EXACTLY what she said, but that's what she meant! 'Oh Draco I want a perfect boyfriend, and I'm not even gonna look for him until I find him!' Makes perfect sense to me, filthy mudblood! I can't believe Granger, filthy mudblood arrogant beautiful... No ugly, Granger, could stand me up like that, while insulting me 10 minutes before, and ditching me for Potions! 

I stopped my silent rampage as I heard footsteps, and a quiet voice say 'Heads'.

 Granger sat down by me, and I kept glaring at the fireplace. "Draco?" she whispered. 

Merlin's pants, why did that have to sound so nice coming out of her mouth?!? In a last-ditch effort to ignore her, I pretended to fall asleep. 

"G-goodnight Draco." she whispered as she snuck into her room. 

Once I was sure she was gone I whispered back, "Goodnight Hermione" it was one of the first times I had ever said her name without saying it rudely or sarcastically. It sounded nice. 

I went to my room shortly after that. Why the hell was I feeling like this about a stupid Gryffendor, and a mudblood at that! Father would never approve! But, I reasoned with myself, I couldn't always listen to Father's rule. And if something happened between Granger and I, who was a person like Lucius to stop us? Oh what am I kidding, she already expressed her hatred of all things Malfoy, all bits of me. Last year she punched me in the face, hard. The year before that, she gave me a huge boil on my face, and the year before that, she proceeded to best me at everything I tried to do! And this year... Well this year hadnt been that bad, actually. Why was this so hard?!? Why couldn't she just like me back, at least a little bit?! God I sound so-- so-- so lowly. I sound like a stupid lovesick fool. How dare she make me think like this! Didn't she know how dangerous it could be to be around me?!? God! I feel so con-fricken-fused! I need to make sense of it all before me flipping head explodes or something. I grabbed a quill and some parchment, and began writing.   

Problem: I like Hermione Granger. 
Issues with problem: she hates me, my parents hate her, she's a bloody Gryffendor mudblood
How to solve: ---

Thats where I stopped. I couldn't handle thinking of her as a problem, not when I just now had realized I liked her. It just felt wrong somehow. I liked Granger, why couldn't things be SIMPLE?! 

I soon fell into a restless sleep, only stirring once when Hermione came in to get that blasted cat of hers. 

"Sorry Malfoy," she whispered, blushing profusely in her nightgown, "But the cat needs to go to bed." I then realized that there was a warm furry ball on my chest, and it was purring. I sat up quickly, sending the ugly beast to the floor. It hissed at me, and Granger apologized way too much for it.

 I dazed out as she was talking, not noticing that I was in nothing but my boxers until I got up to use the bathroom. "Bloody hell Granger, you could have warned me!" 

She looked at me funny, "About what?" 

"Well what do you think, Gryffendor, I'm in hardly any clothing! God!"

She winced; I could tell she hadn't noticed either. "Goodnight Draco" she stated, void of all emotion, and left to her room. 


"Bloody hell Granger, you could have warned me!"

 Huh?! Warned him? "About what?" I questioned quietly. 

He screamed back at me, "Well what do you think, Gryffendor, I'm in hardly any clothing! God!"

 I glanced down at him, his chest and legs. He was actually pretty cute when he wasn't screaming mudblood at me. I winced; did I really just think that?! "Goodnight Malfoy" I said cooly as I left the room, trying to keep my emotions in check. I gathered up Crookshanks and went back to my room, only to see mental pictures of HIM. Malfoy. 

His toned muscles, his strong arms. Him, lying on his bed. I remembered our kiss, and yearned for another. STOP IT! I shouted at my brain, beginning to cry. For the last time, Malfoy does  NOT like me! He is an arrogant prat for crying out loud! You know what, I liked Draco! Why couldn't things just be SIMPLE for once?!? This sucked! I fell into a deep sleep again. 

"Granger wake up. Granger. Gra- Oh for crying out loud, HERMIONE!"

 I woke up to the sound of Malfoy screaming at me. "AAAAHH!" I screamed shrilly. 

"Well way to burst my eardrums Granger." he said jokingly, twirking his ears as he did. "I thought you'd like to know that Arithmancy startes in 5 minutes. Don't want our star student to be late."

 WHAT?!?!? Five minutes?!?? "OH MY GOD MALFOY!!!" I screamed as I started getting ready for class, "WAKING ME UP AN HOUR AGO WOULD HAVE BEEN APPRECIATED!" 

He chuckled, the ruddy arsewagon, and said "Look at the time, 'smartest  witch of our age'!" 

I glanced over, and I still had about 2 hours till class started. "You bloody JERK Malfoy!!! I have ages left!!!!" he smirked at me, god  I loved his smirk, and just left. I hurried to get ready, then ran into our shared common room, ready to explode. He wasn't there though, so I hurried to breakfast. I scarfed down my usual eggs and hashbrowns, and went to the library. 

The library was my sanctuary. Whenever I needed anything, it was there for me. I spent most of my free time there.  I sat down by the muggle books section, as it was the stuff I grew up on. I scannd the shelves, looking for my favorite book: Lord of the Flies. It was there; thank God, and I sat down to read it. Before I did, I noticed a caption on the title page. It read in a sophisticated scrawl, 

Property of Draco Malfoy: DO NOT TOUCH, DAD.  

I laughed at that.  Wait, am I really reading Draco Malfoy's old book? Stupid. I put it back and picked another random book. It was creepy, about a muggle murderer or something. I lost myself in the less-complicated version of the muggle world, without any Head issues or stupid purebloods. 
The day passed very simply, just me and a book alone in the world. I only stopped reading when I noticed it was getting dark. I returned to the common room. 

Draco stormed in a couple minutes after I returned, smacking a big stack of notes and scrolls down on the table next to me. "There." he said angrily, "There's a whole days worth of notes, homework assignments, and problems completed. And a whoppers tale about 'Oh your favorite student's sick, she couldn't even get out of bed today'. Welcome."

 I smiled at his gruff attitude; truth is he had just done something really nice and un-Malfoy-like. Wow. "Thank you Mal...Draco. That's very nice of you." I tried to stay as businesslike as possible, but as soon as I said 'Draco', his face made it almost impossible. 

He grinned at me, TOTALLY unMalfoy like, and said "So are you ok? Potty and Weasel were glaring at me all day like I had you locked up in my closet or something. It was insane. They... uh... They wanted me to tell you to talk to them again."

 I laughed.  There was obviously something that he wasn't telling me. "No way in hell that's gonna happen, have you SEEN the way they treat me?" I frowned at the memory of the Yule Ball, and poor Viktor. 

He smiled and fake-yawned "God Granger, I've put up with that for years! You're not as strong as I thought!"  

"Oh yeah," I replied with a smile wide on my face, "how's your jaw?" I mimed a punching motion, bringing back insane memories.

 He laughed loudly, and started to leave to his dorm. "C'mere Granger, I gotta show you something." 

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