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How We Met by Drunaforever
Chapter 1 : How We Met
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 So I am trying to write a story for each pairing on HPFF! I wrote this Arthur/

Molly one-shot pretty quickly so I hope it is okay at least. Pretty please

review this story after you read it! Constructive criticism is welcome! Thank



It was a chilly afternoon in October. The leaves were orange and the sky cloudy.

Molly Prewett waited patiently for her interview, her fingers playing in her lap
nervously as butterflies in her stomach flew around. She was always anxious and full of emotions as usual, something she got from her mother's side of the family. She hoped herchildren wouldn't have as wide as an emotional range when she married and actually had children.

"Prewett, Molly." A bored voice said by a door.

She stood up shakily and made her way to the door. A few other men and women waiting for their turn gave Molly encouraging smiles. The man with the bored voice

opened the door for her and she walked in.

"Ah, Molly. Come in, come in. Sit down, please. Would you like a drink?"

"Um, yes please." She said in a small voice.

"Tea? Water? Butterbeer? Gillywater?"

"Tea's fine, thank you."

The minister poured some hot water into a small cup and added a tea bag. He

handed her the drink and she stirred in honey and sugar.

"So," Cornelius said. "I understand that you want a job?"

Molly nodded.

"Okay then, let's start with the basics. What do you like to do? Or what are you

best at?"

Molly cleared her throat. "Well, I..." She stopped. She had just noticed another

man in the corner of the room, probably doing paperwork or taking some notes. He

wore glasses and he had red hair. As red as her own.

Fudge noticed her looking at him. "Arthur Weasley, Misuse of Muggle Artifacts

Office. My assistant is out today so he volunteered to be here today."

Arthur looked up and smiled. Something clicked inside of Molly. She found

herself staring into his blue eyes, and he looked back into hers.

She came back to reality. The minister was still waiting for an answer.

"Oh! Right, um, I can cook. And bake. Really well. I am very crafty too."

"Well perhaps you would like to work in the food area. The Three Broomsticks,

Madam Pudifoot's teashop, the Leaky Cauldron. Here are some applications and

more information for some places you might like. Have a good day."

That wasn't so bad, Molly thought as she left the office and headed back to the

atrium. In the wizarding world, important people like the minister of magic,

help you make job decisions in interviews. She had expected it to be much

scarier than that.

Molly exited the lift she had taken to the Atrium. She looked at the big golden

fountain as she walked towards a fireplace in the side of a wall. She heard

someone behind her.

"Can I take you to lunch?" Molly turned around to see Arthur Weasley. He looked

nervous as he asked her this simple question.

She blushed, feeling that click again.

"Yes." She said, smiling.

He looked a little surprised but pleased.

"Okay." He said. "Let's go then!"

Molly grabbed his arm for partner apparation, smiling at her successful day.

This could be the start of something new.

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