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Running by TimeSeer
Chapter 1 : Off to Hogwarts
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Wonderful Chapter Image by VioletBlade@TDA! This is Olivia.


Just walk through the wall between Platform 9 and 10 in King’s Cross Station. I never pictured McGonagall to be vague. Maybe she has been talking to Dumbledore’s portrait too much.


How the bloody hell would that get me to Hogwarts? I need to get to Hogwarts. I cannot run away anymore plus the Ministry of Magic would never expect me to go to school. I have been running since I was eight and I will not do it anymore.


You are probably confused, so let me explain. My name is Olivia Thompson. I am one of the last Seers alive. Why are there no other Seers alive, you ask? Well after the Second Wizarding War people were freaking out. I mean Voldemort already came back to life once, so what would stop him from doing it again? A few months later the people stopped worrying about Voldemort, but instead started worrying about another evil wizard coming to power. The Death Eaters were still around, so they could easily try to take over for Voldemort.


Kingsley Shacklebolt, the Minister of Magic after the Second Wizarding War, promised the people there was nothing to worry about, but this did not calm the people. Especially since some idiot named Fudge lied to the people his whole time as Minister, when Voldemort came back. Anyway a lot of people wanted to kill anyone who was a threat.


The Aurors caught all the old Death Eaters and put them all into Azkaban for life. I think there are only two of the former Death Eaters alive today. Even though this happened the people still demanded more precautions to happen. They wanted any threat to be gone, starting with all the creatures that sided with Voldemort during the war.


Shacklebolt ordered that those creatures have a trial and if they are found guilty then they would be put in Azkaban. He also ordered that the government be able to keep numbers and locations of all these creatures. All of this was fair and some of the creatures were sent to Azkaban, but most were found innocent and set free. The government now watches all of those creatures and their fellow species.


Three years after the trials happened, people still wanted more to happen and were mad that Shacklebolt did not do anymore for them. They demanded his removal from Minister of Magic, so he lost his job.


The next Minister of Magic, Matthew Coleman, was what the people wanted. He promised he would get rid of any threat, and he did just that. He put every creature ever accused of being close to Voldemort or his Death Eaters in enclosed places. For example, the unicorns had to go because Voldemort drank their blood. When he put the creatures in these enclosed places, he did not separate them. There were unicorns, giants, trolls, goblins, and snakes all in one area with other types of creatures as well.


The people responded with appreciation. They believed that someone was finally listening to them. Some people warned that these precautions could lead to another war on their own, because the creatures were not happy. Coleman did not listen to those people; he was too busy basking in the glory the other people were giving him. When the people wanted more, he gave it to them.


The people of the wizarding world started looking at what caused the war next. They made sure to watch every orphan witch and wizard, just because Voldemort was an orphan. Then they remembered the prophecy that Professor Trelawney, who was dead by then, made. They must not have realized that the prophecy ultimately saved them, because the people decided they wanted to kill all the Seers.


Coleman, wanting to please the people, sent out his Aurors to kill every Seer. Some of Aurors quit when they were assigned the job of killing innocent wizards and witches who just so happened to been born with the gift to see the future. But the massacre still happened. The inventors in the wizarding communities started coming up with ways to figure out if a person was a Seer. While they were inventing, the Aurors were told to kill anyone accused of being a Seer.


It was mass chaos in Britain. Most of the Seers and even people worried they would be accused tried to flee to France. Very few of those people made it out of England without being killed because they were either accused or people just thought they were Seers.


Two thousand witches and wizards died in the first year of the massacre. The government still knows some Seers are still out there, so the Aurors still have to look for them. Luckily for me and the other Seers, the wizarding inventors did not believe in killing Seers so they have not finished creating the machine that will be able to tell if a person is a Seer or not.


But I digress.


Once I apparate to King Cross Station, I pull my hood up over my strawberry blonde hair and put a pair of sunglasses over my forest green eyes. I am wearing a worn out pair of jeans, a plain green shirt, and a worn out jacket. Luckily for all the Seers left, if there are any, which I am pretty sure there are, being a Seer does not give you a distinct look. My eyes turn a shade of black when I see a vision but that is it, and that is the reason I always carry sunglasses.


Since the Ministry of Magic has finally calmed down with the Seer-hunting I can finally go to school at Hogwarts. I got my letter of acceptance when I was eleven but I could not go because the government had sent officials there to make sure all the Seer children were killed. So I lied and said my parents would teach me. Of course, my parents could not teach me because they kicked me out of the house when they found out I was a Seer. I have been on the run since then.


I bought some school books and a wand while I was in hiding. I taught myself as much as I could but I could only do magic when I was in very highly populated wizarding areas, which I preferred to avoid.


I made it through being homeless and teaching myself. Now I finally get the chance of having a normal life and go to school. I get to go to Hogwarts for only one year, since I am seventeen. Professor McGonagall knows that I am a Seer, but she is the only person allowed to know. She did not believe in the massacre, or any of the precautions the Ministry of Magic took under Coleman for that matter.


I walk up between the two Platforms and wait. I have no idea how I am supposed to get through the barrier, so I will have to wait and watch someone else do it first.


I see a family of four people coming toward me, and I hope they are going to Hogwarts; it seems like it because the two kids have trunks. Professor McGonagall made sure I have a trunk, the uniform, and all the necessary books, so I could fit in more.


The family consists of a red haired grown man, a brown haired woman, a red haired daughter and son. The father was tall and lanky. The mother looks beautiful, along with her two kids. The daughter looks to be around my age, while the son seems to be a few years younger.


They walk by me--I have learned to blend in well--and go up to the wall between Platform 9 and 10.


Hold up, did the son just actually run through the wall? I thought McGonagall was lying to me when she said to run through the wall. Okay there goes the mother. I guess McGonagall was not joking. I begin walking over once I picked my jaw off of the floor. By the time I make it over to the wall the father and daughter have gone through. I get a running start and sprint through the wall with my eyes shut.


I made it through the wall just fine, but unfortunately I ran into someone on the other side and knocked both of us down. We both stood up and I picked up my trunk before turning to the person I knocked down.


“I am so sorry. This was my first time going through the wall and I did not know what to expect. Are you okay?” I ask the boy I knocked down. He has messy black hair and emerald green eyes. He seems familiar but I cannot place him.


“Yeah, I am fine. Just watch where you are going. And how is this your first time, you don’t look like a first year?” he asked me as he stood up. Bloody hell he is tall, I mean I am only five feet six inches but still, he is well over six feet. But it seems I chose an acceptable outfit because he is wearing a gray t-shirt, a pair of jeans, and some trainers that look as old as mine. Oh shit he asked me a question, what was it again?


Oh yeah, “I am just starting at Hogwarts this year, I am a seventh year though.” Nice save Olivia!


“Brilliant! I am a seventh year too. I am Al Potter.” Then he presents his hand.


Fuck, I just ran into the second born son of the Savior of the Wizarding World. Maybe this whole school thing was not for me. Do you think I can leave now and pretend this never happened? No, I want to go to school even if I get thrown in jail after it because I ran into a Potter.


Shit he is staring at me now with an amused face, probably because I am sure my face looks like a deer caught in headlights.


Shake his hand you idiot.


“Nice to meet you, I’m Olivia,” I say while shaking his hand. Brilliant, maybe I will not ruin this whole meeting people thing completely. Snort.


He grins at me and says, “Well I will see you around then, Olivia.” He then promptly waves and walks off.


That was not so bad. Maybe everyone at Hogwarts is really nice!


“Were you just talking to Albus Severus Potter, you bitch?!” Or maybe not.


I turn around to face the person who just called me a bitch. I see a girl that has dyed her hair blonde a few too many times. She also looks like she has about an inch thick of make-up on. She is wearing the SHORTEST skirt I have ever seen with heels that could kill someone. She is also wearing a pink shirt that is so low cut that she may as well not be wearing a shirt at all because she is not covering basically anything.


Huh, she looks like a slut.


Wait, does she actually want me to answer? She is looking at me with a questioning look. I thought that was a rhetorical question. I mean most likely she actually saw me talking to him, so why would she need me to answer?


“Well, look who it is, Morgan Lewis. Are you already bullying the new girl?” says someone who is most definitely not me. Trust me, I do not want any enemies but this ‘Morgan’ does not make it seem like we will be best friends.


I whip around to see who is saving me from ‘Morgan’ and come face to face with the girl that I saw going through the barrier with her family. She has her wavy red hair down and is wearing a blue tank top and a pair of skinny jeans with sandals.


‘Morgan’ retorts with, “Oh go away whore.” Um have you seen what you are wearing. I think the whore in this situation is you, ‘Morgan.’ “No one likes you anyway Weasley,” she sneers.


That girl is a Weasley!


Fuck, am I just going to meet every famous person’s offspring today?


“You have so much wrong with that last statement I can’t even be bothered to correct it all.” Weasley says. I am not really sure which one she really is because the Weasleys reproduce like rabbits.


“Ugh whatever bitch. You,” she points at me, “just stay away from Albus Potter, he is mine.” Whatever you say ‘Morgan’, just kidding, I will talk to whoever I want to.


‘Morgan’ walks away after that statement. Weasley turns to me.


“Sorry about her. I am Rose Weasley by the way,” Weasley--I mean Rose--says.


“I’m Olivia,” I say while shaking her hand, which she had held out to me.


“Brilliant. So are you new this year?” The typical question it seems, that I will be asked by every single person besides maybe ‘Morgan.’


“Yep.” Bloody hell I have such brilliant talking skills, I bet everyone at Hogwarts wants to be my friend right now.


“Well we better get on the train before it leaves. Come on, you can sit with me,” Rose says while starting to turn around and walk to the train. I follow her. At least I will not be sitting alone.


Well, Hogwarts, here I come.



Author's Note

I would love any feedback you can give me! You should definitely review my story now!


Disclaimer: I am not the creator of the best series of books so J.K. Rowling owns everything you recognize.

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