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Losing Game by blondeWeasly
Chapter 19 : Epilogue
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 “Night.” Sirius said, before moving closer to her, close enough to put it arm around her. 

Monica laughed, “Same Sirius.” 


“And more in love with you than every.” He said, before his eyes shut and he went to sleep. 




Sirius woke up the next morning to an empty bed, and to the sound of music. He got up and headed to the kitchen to find Monica listening to music and dancing as she made breakfast. 


“Hope you like chocolate chip pancakes.” she said when he entered. “Sit, they are almost done.” Sirius listened to her and within minutes had a huge stack of pancakes in front of him. “Eat up.” 




“These were delicious.” Sirius said once he had finished. 


“Well thank you.” Monica said smiling, picking up the dishes. 


“I really owe you for all you’ve done for me.” Sirius stated, getting up and standing in front of her.  


“Well I was thinking of a way you could pay me back.” 


“Go on.” 


“I was thinking and . . . could I draw you?” 


“What?” he said, taken aback. 


“Just one picture to remember your visit by. All you have to do is sit.” 


“Fine but I want a picture of you in return.” 


“Deal.” Monica said happily. She grabbed hold of Sirius’ hand and led him back upstairs to her art studio. “Sit on the couch.” she told him, getting her supplies. She moved a chair so as to face him and sat down herself. “Just sit and act natural.” She said. 


Monica began her drawing, while Sirius tried not to move. The two sat in silence for half an hour, while Monica worked, simply enjoying each others company until she said, “Done.”  She held up a pencil drawing of Sirius. 


“It looks exact.” he said, looking at it for a moment. “Good job.” 




“Thanks.” she replied, blushing. 




“Still get flushed around me, huh?” Sirius said, laughing. Before Monica could say anything, he continued, “So I get a picture of you.” Sirius stood and looked at the pictures she had before deciding.  


“I want these two.” One was the picture taken at the Potter’s. The other was a more recent picture, one of Monica sitting under a tree, smiling at the camera with a book in hand. 


“The deal was one.”Monica said, standing and walk toward him. 


“Well make an exception. For me.” Monica looked at him and sighed, then waved her wand and handed him the originals while she took the copies.  


“Thank you.” Sirius said softly, looking at them before putting them in his pocket. “Means a lot to have something to remember you by.” 


“Because you’d forget me without them.” Monica said with a laugh, trying to lighten the mood. 


“No I could never forget you. But now I’ll get to see you everyday.” 


Monica stepped closer toward him, raising a hand and placing it on the side of his face. They smiled at each other for a moment. But Monica cleared her throat. “Its 9:30. Daniel will be home at 11.” She said, looking at the clock. “Why don't you take one last shower before heading on your way?” Sirius simply nodded. 


And so the two went back downstairs. Monica handed him the clothes he had worn yesterday. “Yours to keep.” she said before closing the bathroom door. 


Yet again Sirius rushed through the shower, not wanting to waste what little time he had left. 


Once he had finished and dressed, he returned to the kitchen to see her staring out the window. 


“Monica?” he said once he had fully entered the room. 


“I-I was g-going to make you lun-lunch but I d-didnt know how you’d carry it-t.” she said, turning to face him while frantically trying to whip away her tears. 


“Ya, its hard to carry things in the form of a dog.’ he answered softly, coming toward her.


“I bet.” she said, trying desperately to compose herself. “Shall we?” 


Sirius nodded and the two headed out to the front yard. They stood in the grass facing each other for a long time. 


“You know there is one more thing I’d like before I leave.” Sirius said, pausing a moment. “A kiss.” 


Monica looked at him for a second before saying, “I thought you’d never ask.”  


Sirius smiled, then put one hand behind her head and the other on the small of her back, just as he had all those years ago in the corridor. He kissed her softly, trying to hold on to the moment. When he finally went to move away, Monica threw her arms around his neck, making the kiss forceful and passionate. 




“Wow.” Sirius said when their lips finally parted. “You sure know how to lay one on em, don't you?”  Monica laughed but the laughter quickly turned to tears. 


“I don't want you to go. You can’t. I spend every day alone and I don't want to miss you anymore.”  


“Love,” Sirius said, whipping away her tears. “I don't want to leave either. But we both know I can’t stay. Just remember that, when you’re missing me, I’m missing you too. And I’ll be thinking of you, every moment of every day. And even though we can’t be together in this life, we can be in the next. I love you more than anything, always have and always will.” He said, giving her a small kiss and a smile. 


Monica looked up at him, and just as she opened her mouth to respond, they heard a loud pop. 


“Monica, what are you doing?” Daniel asked, having just apparated onto the front porch.   


“I . . .” she said, turning around to see a black dog in Sirius’ place. “I gave this dog a place to sleep last night and I was just seeing him off.” Daniel gave her a strange look before saying, 


“Oh ok, come inside when you’ve said goodbye.” 


Once Daniel had gone inside and shut the door behind him, Monica turned to the dog form of Sirius and bent down to his level. 


“We will be together in the next life and we will be happy together forever.” She gave him a kiss on the head before adding, “I love you Sirius Black. Now and forever.” And after a second kiss, she stood. The dog looked at her for a moment, then let out a sorrowful howl before turning and running away. And as Monica watched him leave, she couldn't help but hope for the next life to come sooner rather than later. 

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