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Drowning Down Under by AussieLottie
Chapter 22 : Chapter 22: I love him, I love him not.
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A/N: Dear readers, I am feeling very proud of myself, I finished my Chapter 25! :) I think I have actually gotten past my writers block! Which means I am going to be back to regular-ish updates! Hopefully... :P I am sorry for the long wait.. It just has been a struggle to write Chapter 25... But here is Chapter 22! A bit sad :( But neccesary.. I hope you all enjoy it! Beta'd by anythingbutmuggle and all rights go to J.K. Rowling, I only own the plot and my own OC's. Have fun reading!!



I woke early the next morning, I was sore and my body ached from the position I’d ben sleeping in, I rolled my shoulders, trying to ease the stiffness. I glanced at my watch, 5:30. Grand. I could reflect on the stupidity that was my life. I was in love with two guys. Draco and Ron. How can I choose? All my memories with Ron are happy and nice, a happy cloud. With Draco… Everything is exciting and new, my body goes wild while he is around, yet, I can’t quite understand why he has changed and is going for me.. It isn’t a trick, he does care for me, I hope. I just don’t know what to do, Draco, or Ron? I can’t just choose.. I love them both, in different ways. Ron makes me remember the times before the war, when we were all happy, he makes me happy, yet, Draco makes me happy in a way that is entirely different. One thing is for certain, if I do intend to choose Draco, I need to tell him what has happened, that I kissed Ron, I don’t want to lie to Draco, even if I choose Ron, he has the right to know.


I still can’t believe that Ron confessed his feelings for me.. It is weird, I never imagined Ron would choose me over Lavender, he is a great kisser.. BUT SO IS DRACO! DAMN THIS! I throw back my sheets and stand up, I need to get up, I can’t bear thinking any longer. I’ll have a shower, then at least I can think clearly.


The Prefects bathroom is wonderful, as always. My shower did the job, I feel more like myself and I know what I need to do. I need to tell Draco I kissed Ron, tonight. I will do it after the Prefects meeting, we will be alone and I can tell him what happened. I need to be honest if our relationship is going to work, if it doesn’t, well, then fate has told me who I need to choose…


I think I am going to go out for a walk, it will be light soon and I would love to see the sun rise over the lake.



I had woken early today, I don’t quite know why, I just felt, odd. I had pulled open the curtains and gazed into the lake, the sun was just beginning to rise and beside the lake, watching the sun rise, was none other then Hermione! I grinned to myself and pulled on some clothes before heading out of my dormitory to join her. As I approached her, I could tell something was a bit off about her.. I snuck up behind her. Shaking her shoulders and yelling BOO! She screamed and span around, relaxing when she saw it was me.

“Draco! What are you doing here? It’s barely 7:00, why aren’t you still asleep like a normal person?” She asked jokingly.

“Well, I could ask you the same question.”

“I, couldn’t sleep, too much on my mind I suppose.”

“I would have thought you’d still be asleep after your snoozing through my absolutely enthralling speech in the Head meeting, you were absolutely dead on your feet!” I said, smiling teasingly.

She hit me lightly on the arm, returning my smile.

“You noticed?”

“You were kind of hard to miss, snoring and all..”

“I DO NOT SNORE!” She shrieked

“You kind of do,” I said grinning mischievously, she raised an eyebrow as I approached her, slowly backing away as realization dawned on her.

“Draco.. No..NO! NO!” She shrieked as I began tickling her.” We fell onto the grass, lying together, watching the sun make it’s first appearance of the day.

I rolled her onto her side, facing me.

“Hermione.” I began


“You’re beautiful, you know that right?” I asked happily, my fingers playing with a strand of her long wavy, still wet hair. She gazed at me. Adoration in her eyes, I needed no more encouragement, I sat myself up, pulling her with me, and began to kiss her, she seemed slightly unsure at first but quickly returned the kiss, opening up and waiting for me to take charge, which I immediately did. I don’t know how long we stayed there, holding each other, but after what seemed no time, she pushed me away, her eyes full of worry and sadness.

“I, I have to go.. I will see you later. I just need to get back to the common room and change..” She murmured.

“Me too, I will see you soon.”

“Bye.” Hermione said turning away. I pulled her back and gave her a kiss, feeling an odd sense of dread.

“Bye,” I replied. What was that?



The day went by painfully slowly, I was absolutely terrified of telling Draco, especially after this morning, by the time the Prefect meeting had finished. I was absolutely freaking out. The troop of prefects seemed to be taking even longer then normal to leave, Tim and Doris had run out halfway through the meeting and I didn’t expect them back anytime soon. At last, we were alone.



“I, I need to tell you something, Ron is here.”

“In the castle? Why does that matter? You told me it was over between you two, isn’t he with that Lavender Brown girl?”

“He was, and it was.”

“Wait, what do you mean?”

“He kissed me Draco, last night..”

“And you’re only telling me now?” He asked calmly, “After this morning.”

“I didn’t know what to do..”

“Don’t give me that Hermione, you always know what to do.”

“I thought I did.”

“Well, what happened?” He asked emotionlessly.

I sighed, “I felt something, I thought I was over him and I would never hurt you, but I thought you had a right to know.”

“You were never over him Hermione, I had just hoped that what we had was more important then your past with him. He chose a bimbo over you Hermione. The school fool, yet you continue to gaze after him like a love sick puppy, which is all you really are I suppose, it is disgusting. I thought you and I, that we were special. I should never have tried to do this.”

“Draco, please, don’t do this.”

”Do what?” He asked contemptuously

“Break up with me..” I whispered.

“We were never together.” Draco shrugged smirking, sauntering out of the room. I slid down against the wall and shook.


Why do all of the girls I fall in love with have to break my heart? Am I meant to be alone? Because it sure as hell seems like it. I never thought that Hermione would do this to me, what we had was special.. Wasn’t it? Was it all me or did she ever feel anything? How dare Weasel kiss Hermione when she was with me! Doesn’t he know about manners, although, I suppose he has done a favor, forcing Hermione to confess the truth to me. I will never make the same mistakes. Damn Hermione. Damn GRANGER!



A/N: Well.. Do you hate me? :3 Did you enjoy Chapter 22? Was it worth the wait? What do you hope to see in upcoming chapters? R/R PLEEEEEASE!!!

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