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Hogwarts Ex-Golden Girl by Raven claw witch
Chapter 3 : Chapter Three
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Disclaimer: Sadly, I'm not JK Rowling. I wish I was though. Partly because I'd get to be the creator of Harry Potter. And partly because I'd get to be British! Which would be amazing. Anyways, I don't own anything you recognize!

Chapter Three

I woke up to find Dom in my bed. It took me a second to realize what had happened last night. My best friend was pregnant. Yes, this is my life. And other people think their lives are complicated. Yep, that's right, you just cant beat me. Suck it bitches.

My clock told me it was five forty one in the morning. Why the hell am I up? But there is one thing about me, once I wake up, I can't go back to sleep. So, I decided to take the first shower. After I was dressed the ready to go, it was only six thirty. Fantastic. What does one do when they are up at six thirty in the morning at Hogwarts? They eat toast.

I was on my way down to get an early breakfast when someone yelled, "THINK FAST!" I spun around and got hit in the face with a bloody football. And you people think your lives are bad? Try being me. I get hit with footballs at six thirty in the morning.

"Oh Merlin, I'm so sorry." A voice said, running next to me. I looked up to see none other then Joey Corner. A.K.A. the yummiest boy in Hogwarts as far as most of the female population thought. I liked James better, but that was just me. Hold on a nargle, did I just say 'yummiest'? Okay, I'm going to have to sue the hottest bloke in Hogwarts for giving me brain damage. Actually, let me rephrase that, I'm going to have to sue the hottest bloke in Hogwarts for giving me even more brain damage then I already had.

"You okay Aspen?" He stretched out his hand for me to take.

"Peachy!" I exclaimed, starting to feel the pain on the back of my head a little and then I toke his hand and let him pick me up from the floor.

"Peachy?" He asked.

"It means I'm fine." I said with a roll of my eyes. Blokes. Can't live with them, can't not have the human race cease to exist without them

"I know that, just wondering why you said 'Peachy'." He smiled.

"I said it, because it is awesome, and to say I'm okay." I told him, crossing my arms.

"Okay then, but your okay, that is good. You know I've been meaning to talk to you since you came back, too bad its like this, right?"

"Yeah, too bad. But what do you want to talk to me for?" I said, rubbing the bump on the back on my head that was forming.

"You know, I just wanted to say that I'm really glad your back and all. It was weird here without our golden girl." Joey said, giving me a playful nudge.

"I'm pretty sure I'm the ex-golden girl around here. Someone else probably took my place and all." Dom probably took my place. Actually, we were kind of the Hogwarts golden girls. Anyways, who came up with that nickname? The Hogwarts golden girl? I find it kind of weird. And then I have images of my skin painted gold. Which is also weird. But hey, its my mind. If it wasn't weird, it wouldn't be mine.

"No one could replace you Aspen Powells." Okay, I did blush a little bit at that. Even though I'm in love with James, Joey is still extremely attractive. Maybe I should hook him up with one of my friends. Ally would look good with him. But then Professor Longbottom might kill me for setting them up. So maybe Megan. Yeah, totally Megan.

"Thanks, Joey." I told him, giving him a small smile. "I was on my way to breakfast if you wanted to join me."

He grinned, "I'd love too."

We sat down at the Gryffindor table, even though he was a Ravenclaw. "So why were you gone?" He asked, taking a piece of toast, "Or do you not want to talk about it?" I didn't want to talk about it, but I also knew that people were going to be asking me eventually. Better start now.

"I had cancer, leukemia." I said quietly, staring a slice of French toast. French toast can be very interesting. I love French toast, but not as much as regular toast. Because French toast is trying to be all fancy with its frenchiness. God, I need a life. I'm talking to myself about freaking French toast! Dom was right when she said I need to be sent to Looney bin. I've heard there are actually a few nice ones from my house.

"Aspen, I'm so, so sorry." Joey said, taking my hand and wrapping it in his own.

"Thank you Joey. I'm just glad that its over, and that I can be here. You know?" He nodded and smiled at me.

"Wow, your amazing." Joey said under his breath.

"Excuse me?" I asked, confused.

"Your amazing." He repeated, "Most girls here, they care about their hair and makeup. But you, Aspen, you're so much different from all the other girls here." I smiled at this, "I had a question to ask you, actually."

"Shoot." I said, taking a drink of my apple juice. Pumpkin juice is disgusting. I don't know how some people here stand it. It tastes like firewhisky mixed with lake water mixed with raw eggs mixed with the guts of pumpkins. Does that sound appealing to you?! Didn't think so!

"Do you want to go out with me?"

That, ladies and gents is when my apple juice spewed all over his white shirt and ravenclaw tie. I just die a real live spit-take. My brothers would be so proud. Well, expect for Brandon who is kind of too serious to find it funny. But the other six would be very proud. They might even hold a parade for me. I like parades. Note to self, find a parade or get someone to hold a parade in my honor, because I'm awesome and I just did a real live spit-take.

"Is that a no?" He asked, clearly amused.

"NO! I mean, yes! I mean, no!" I panicked, extremely flustered and feeling awkward. You would think I'd be used to awkward by now. Hell, I invented awkward. But it still hates me. Bitch. "I mean, that your really cool and smart and fit and awesome and stuff, but I'm kinda in to someone else."

He laughed. Yes, he laughed, in my face. Well don't I feel awesome?! "Your so hilarious, Aspen. I know you like James."

"You do?!" I felt my eyes grow wide. Hey, this was the first time anyone ever said that they knew I liked James. And I had liked him for twelve years. I think this calls for a round of applause! Excuse me while I clap my hands while moving them in a circle. Oh shush up! I know I'm insane.

"Don't worry, its not obvious, I'm just one of those few people that notice the really random small details, you know?" He said, drinking his pumpkin juice.

"Yeah, my brother Jason is like that." I told him, looking at him. If you saw him you would see why he was Hogwarts's golden bloke. Dirty blonde hair, deep blue eyes that stood out, not a spot of acne, not to mention he had a six pack (Dom told me) and was extremely smart and funny. Seriously, he looks like he stepped out the pages of a magazine.

"You have a brother?"

I nodded, "I actually have seven brothers, but they're all muggles. Because, I'm a muggleborn and all."


"Wow, you have seven brothers?" I nodded, "I only have one little sister, her name is Gianna. She is a sixth year, and she is a Hufflepuff."

"My brothers are all older then me, two of them are twenty six, three of them are twenty one and the other two are nineteen."

"So, your the only girl and the only one without a twin or triplet?"

"Yep, my mum really wanted a girl. But I love my brothers so much, they were there for me so much when I went through my cancer treatment and my recovery. And I wouldn't give them up for anything." Joey smiled when I said that.

"ASPEN!" I turned around and saw James running over to me.


"Danny just quit!" James exclaimed, flailing his arms. Yep, I'm in love with that. Sad, isn't it?


"Daniel Grant Hansen just quit my quidditch team!" He yelled, James cares more about quidditch then he does breathing. "So, I was wondering if you wanted to take his chaser place. I mean, it was yours first."

"James, I haven't played in three and a half years! So I probably stink."

"Aspen, your a bloody amazing quidditch player and everyone knows it! Plus, its just like riding a toaster, you never forget!"

"It's riding a bike James, you can't ride a toaster!" I pointed out to him.

"Details." He said, shrugging it off.

My front teeth pinched my bottom lip, "The best I can do is say that I'll think about it, okay?"

"Fabulous!" He hugged me, "I'll see you later, little A! I'm going to go find Freddy!" With that, James ran off.

"Your in love with that?" Joey snorted.

"Oh shut up." I said, punching his arm.

"Owwie!" He said, rubbing the red spot in had left on his forearm.

"Wimp." I laughed.


After classes that day I went up to my dorm. Dom hadn't been in classes all day, and even though she skips sometimes I knew the reason behind this one. I opened the dark purple hangings and crawled into bed next to her, handing her a plate with two sandwiches on it.

She slowly took them and began eating. "Aspen, what am I going to do?" Dom asked quietly.

"I think that you should tell Bradley." She looked at me with horror, "Dom, Bradley is a good guy, and I think that it would be a good idea to tell him, the man that is the father of your baby." She didn't say anything.

It was at least five minutes before she spoke, "I'm keeping it, Aspen. I have to keep it."
A smile made its way onto my lips, "I know, Dommy, I know. That's why you need to tell Bradley."

She sighed, "Could you tell him for me?"

"Dom, we both know that isn't a good idea."

"Worth a shot." She mumbled and then looked at me with her huge blue eyes, and pouted. Well the rest of this year should be fun! "Fine, I'll tell him."

"Within the next two weeks?" I asked.

"Fine, within the next two weeks!" Dom gave in. YAY! I didn't even have to use blackmail. Which I've had to use one or two times, okay, more like fifty. That and threats. I was quite good at threats. And everyone know that I carried through with them. Once, I tied Dom to the top of a statue on the 6th floor of a large pig with wings. There was a school legend that it was a school on mars called Pigfarts. I may or may not have started this legend when I was in first year. Anyways, she was stuck up there for twelve hours. Last time she borrowed my favorite dress without asking first.



"When you say keep it, do you mean keep it in your stomach or keep it as your child?"

"I don't know for sure, yet."


"But I'm leaning towards as my child. I mean, I'll be having the baby towards the end of the school year and all."

"Dom, I think your doing the right thing in all of this."

"Thanks Aspen. I missed you a lot while you where gone, and its so nice to have you here for this. I don't know what I would be doing right now if you weren't here."

"Probably crying all alone on your bed and ruining your makeup." I said with a small smile.

"Well, then thank Merlin your here." She said and pulled me in for yet another hug. What is with all the hugs lately?

"Now come on, were going to go get some dinner then go down to the forest and watch the fairies." Ever since we came across them in our first month at Hogwarts, Dom has loved fairies. I don't. They are weird. I know I shouldn't be talking in all, but seriously! It's not normal for things to be all small and glittery like that. That's probably why Dom likes them so much. She has a small obsession with things that sparkle. Kind of like my small obsession with grilled cheese! But grilled cheese is cooler. Deal with it.

Dom took my hand and we headed down to the great hall. "Hey girls." Bradley said with a smile and Dom blushed. Dom didn't blush! She eats like pig, swears like a sailor and I love her for it. But she doesn't blush! Pregnancy is weird.

"Hey Bradley." I said, and he could tell that I was acting a little weird. Well what else was I supposed to say? Hey Bradley, heard you shagged my best friend and knocked her up, oh and can you pass the bread?

"Were just going to get some food and take it down to the forest." Dom said, picking up two burgers and handing one to me.

"Forest?! I want to come!" Freddy said, yet again, clapping his hands together. We really should admit him to St. Mungo's.

"Sorry Freddy, girls only."

"Well aren't we being rude today." He replied, crossing his arms. What a girl. And thats coming from a girl. Yep, I tell people he is my friend.

"Come on Dom, lets leave the boys alone." I said, taking the burgers and grabbing her arms, "Bye guys!" I shouted as we ran off.

It took as twenty minutes of walking to get to our part of the forest. The clearing was only a few minutes in, but it was still kinda freaky walking through the forest alone at night. Okay, so I had Dom. But we all know that if something was to pop out and scare us, she would push me down and scream, 'GO FOR HER! SHE TASTES WAY BETTER THEN I DO!' And then run up to the castle. And I call her my best friend. FML.
We lied on our back, looking up at the fairies and eating our dinner. "Hey Dom?"



"If I tell you something, do you promise not to tell anyone else?"

"Of course, Aspen. Your my best friend in the whole world." She said, not taking her eyes off the fairies.

I sighed and then blurted out, "I'm in love with James." Where the HELL did THAT come from? I must be bloody insane!

"WHAT?!" She yelled, "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!" I shook my head, "OH MY GOD! YOUR IN LOVE WITH JAMES FUCKING POTTER! AS IN MY FUCKING COUSIN! Aspen, how long has this been going on?" She asked. This, my friends, is why I'm insane.

"Um, since I was about five?" I said it like a question. What? Dom is scary! She once pushed a sixth year out a window five stories up. And that was when we were in first year. Yeah, my best friend is absolutely blood mental.


"Forget to mention it?" I tried and then she gave me the look. If looks could kill Dom would have killed more people then dear old Voldie. "I'm sorry Dom, I just thought that you would hate me for it." I said quietly.

"Are you kidding me?! I've always thought that you and James would be perfect together! All we have to do now is get him to realize he loves you!"

"Please, I would be the last girl James would want to date."

"Shut up! Your beautiful and you know it!"

"It's not about that! It's the fact that I've been his best friend for twelve years. He thinks of me as a little sister, even though I'm older then him!"

"Were just going to have to change that, now aren't we, Aspen?"

"I'm actually fine with just being his best friend, I mean, what if he doesn't like me and then we can't be friends!" I told her, it was the main reason that I had never told James how I felt about him. That and the fact that the female population at Hogwarts that aren't his cousins would murder me and then leave my body to be eaten my a hippogriff and then my bones would be hippogriff shit. And I'd rather not be hippogriff shit.

"Aspen, you have to take the jump and hope that'll he will be there to catch you when you fall."

Did Dom just say something smart?

"Did you just say something smart?"

Yes, I repeat this I say in my head. Your the one still reading this story! And this is my life! I can do whatever I bloody well want!


"It was bound to happen at some point in the span of our lives." She said with a smile.

"Okay, so I've told you about James so now you need to tell me about the Bradley situation." I said, trying to change the topic.

"Do I have to?" She moaned like a three year old.

"Yes, you do have to!"

"Fine, we had a little fling over the summer. It lasted from a few days after school got out to a week before we came back. And, I thought I was in love with him, Aspen. So we did it one time, and then we decided to end it before we came back to Hogwarts. And its been a little awkward since then, and all. But Aspen, I think I still love him. It felt like love is supposed to feel like, and now I'm feeling what everyone talks about. The heartbreak. And on top of all that, I'm pregnant with his child and my parents are going to murder me, James is going to murder Bradley and then you'll commit suicide because your best friend is dead and then everyone is going to either be in prison or dead." Ladies and gentleman, meet Dominique Gabrielle Weasley, drama queen expert.

"Dom, its going to be okay. You'll get through this, and I'll be by your side the whole time, it's all going to be okay." I told her. She didn't say anything, just cried.


Two days later Dom and I were sitting on my bed. "Are you ready for this?" I asked her.

"I'm about to tell Bradley that I'm pregnant and it's his. How can you be ready for something like that?" She asked.

"Good point, but I'll be here for you Dom, your not alone in this. So let's go." I told her, taking her hand and we walked out of our dorm, down to the common room and then up to the seventh year boys' dorm.

We were hit with the instant smell of blokes, otherwise known as sweat. But I had been in here so many times, it didn't faze me anymore. Oi! Not like that, get your head out of the gutter people! I went in there to visit my mates a lot! All of them were my mates! Well, expect for James, he was my best mate and also the boy I wanted to snog. Anyways, all the boys were in there. Freddy, Danny and James were playing exploding snap on the ground and Louis and Bradley were sitting on their beds writing essays.

"Okay, everyone but James and Bradley out." I said, pointing at the door.

Dom gave me a look that said, 'James?'

I shot her one back that said, 'He is your favorite cousin and one of Bradley's best friends, he is staying.'

The boys took one look at me, saw that I meant business and left. Dom and I sat on Freddy's bed and James and Bradley sat on James's bed. We sat in silence for a minute before Bradley spoke, "What is going on here?" He asked.

"Bradley, I have something to tell you." Dom said, starting to cry.

"Dom, you can tell me." He said, looking into her eyes. She clutched my hand and I squeezed it back.

She gave a huge sigh, "I'm pregnant, and it's yours." Dom said, starting to sob and was nearly squeezing my hand off.

No one talked, not for at least three minutes. Bradley stared at Dom. Dom stared at Bradley. James stared at me. I stared out the window. Got to love my life. Never a dull moment.

"Oh my god." Bradley whispered.

Well that was better then screaming and running out of the room at least. Which, to be honest I thought might happen. "I'm so sorry, Bradley." She said through sobs.

Bradley came over and hugged Dom, "Dominique, I don't know what to say. But I can tell you that I'm going to be here for you. And I'm going to help and I'm going to try to be the best father I can be. Oh, and one more thing."

Dom was totally shocked, all she uttered was, "Yes?"

"I love you." And with that, he kissed her. Well holy hell, I didn't see that coming! Usually this is the part in my life where he runs out of the room, screaming he hates her and vanishes from our life only to be seen years later with some filthy slut who he is only married to because she wants his money. And Dom is all alone raising a child with no money, because her parents cut her off! Basically, this is the part in my life where it all turns to shit. But it didn't this time! ACHIEVEMENT!

James jerked his head towards the door and I nodded and we headed out of the room.

"Well I didn't see that one coming." James said and I laughed.

"Me neither, but James?"

"Yeah Aspen?"

"I'm scared for her." James looked at me with those amazing hazel eyes of his. God, those eyes make my knees weak. How am I not on the ground now? Oh wait, I am.

"Are you okay?" He said, extending his hand down to me. I took it and he heaved me up.

"Yeah, just another Aspen moment." I said, "But anyways, she is only seventeen and she is pregnant. In a few months, she is going to be a mom James!"

"I know, it's so scary. But all of us are going to get through this. We just have to be there for Dom." He said, still looking into my eyes and holding on to my hand.

"Your right."

"Oh course I'm right, I'm James Sirius Potter!"

I rolled my eyes, "Prat."

"You know it!" James said with a huge smile, "Have you made any decisions about rejoining the quidditch team yet? Because you know I have a spot free and your the best bloody chaser in this school, after me of course." He said with a wink.

"I've decided that I'll try out. But you have to hold open try outs James, okay?"

"Okay, mum!"

"Fine by me, your mum is bloody awesome!" It was true, Ginny Potter was amazing and didn't take any shit from anyone. She's practically my idol.

"Anyways, I'm holding tryouts tomorrow."

"TOMORROW?!" I questioned, "I can't be ready by then."

"Rise to the occasion, Aspen." With that he waved a little goodbye and took off towards the portrait hole, even though it was after hours. Probably going to get food.


I stared at the ceiling while I tried to fall asleep that night. But I couldn't get something off of my mind. Bradley had confessed his love for Dom, and yet I couldn't even tell James that I loved him. I'm a wuss. It was pointless lying here, I knew that I wasn't going to get any sleep with tryouts tomorrow so I grabbed my broomstick from under my bed and opened the window.


Cold air hit my face, but it was a nice cold hair. The kind you want on a summer day. I swung my right leg over the broom and took off. I hadn't flown since a Ravenclaw vs. Gryffindor match back in third year. It took place just a week before I was diagnosed with cancer. I felt a little wobbly that game, but we still won. I shot thirteen for fifteen.


It felt amazing to be up in the air again, it felt as if nothing can touch you. Now I remember a big part of the reason I wanted to go pro when I was younger. This feeling. The feeling that time stops around you and that its just you, a broomstick and the air. It makes you feel nothing more or less then alive. I hadn't felt alive in quite a long time.

And then I decided something, just hovering above the castle. I was going to tell James, I was going to tell him that I was in love with him. I didn't know when, but I was going to tell him no matter what. Cause you only live once, and damn it I wasn't going to be the person that just exists, I'm going to be the person that lives life to the fullest.


"Whatcha doing?" I spun around on my broomstick to find James looking at me on his own broomstick.

"Sitting on a broomstick at midnight above the quidditch pitch."

"And why are you doing that?"

"Because I couldn't sleep. You?"

"Saw you coming down here, thought we could check off midnight game of quidditch."


"Number two on the list." I said, remembering the list in my mind. I could remember random stuff really easily, things on a test? Not so much.




"But how are we going to play quidditch with just two people?"


"Simple, were both chasers. We see who can go the longest time without missing a single shot."


"Done!" I said as he tossed me a quaffle.


"Ladies first." I flew towards the goal posts and shot the quaffle in. It sailed through the tallest hoop.


"She shoots, she scores!" I exclaimed, pumping my fist in the air.


James stuck his tongue out at me. He took the quaffle and threw it, and it went straight through the ring. Damn it.


He passed it back to me.


Mine went in.


I passed to him.


His went in.


He passed it back to me.


Mine went in.


I passed to him.


His went in.


He passed it back to me.


Mine went in.


I passed to him.


His went in.


He passed it back to me.


Mine went in.


I passed to him.


His went in.


And it kept on going on like that. We were probably an hour in and we were shooting all kind of fancy shots. "Your going to be great you know, when you go pro." I called, shooting yet another shot. It went through, yet again.


He took the quaffle and shot it, again it went through. "You mean, if I go pro."


"Oh shut up, James. You know your going to go pro. It's what you have wanted since you were born. And I will be damned if I don't see you in a Chudley Cannons uniform." He smiled at me.


"That's why your my best friend, Aspen Powells." James said, flashing another thousand watt smile. That smile makes my knees weak. Good thing I'm on a broomstick, because if I'm on the ground I'd would have fallen over.


"Your my best friend too, Jamsie." I took the ball again and shoot it. And it didn't go through though. It hit the edge of the ring and bounced off. Damn it.




"Remind me why in the name of Merlin's pink heart boxers that your my best friend?" Yes, Merlin did have pink heart boxers, it is a fact. And if you try to tell me otherwise I'll put my fingers in my ears and sing 'The wheels on the bus'. You think I'm kidding, but I'm not. Just ask Dom or James.


"Cause I'm amazing and I have amazing abs!" I laughed and rolled my eyes. We think so alike.


"Yeah, yeah, you won! Yay for you! I'm going back to bed now." I said, and started slowly flying towards my dorm.


"Wait!" He called.


"What?" I said, looking back at him.


"Let's check off number eighteen, 'deck the great hall in Gryffindor banners'."


"Okay, let's go." I said and we both flew to the great hall. We got our wands out and started decking the hall with our colors.


When we were done, it looked amazing. Well, to us anyways. Slytherins, Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws probably would not be thinking the same thing as us. But we are Gryffindors, and were bloody awesome. So we can deck the hall with our colors and even though its going to be taken down tomorrow, it is still amazing.


The two of us decided to walk up to the Gryffindor tower instead of flying. After we passed the fat lady (she scolded us about a million times about being out late and thought we were doing, and I quote 'Unspeakable things', what is with the lady and her dirty mind?). But anyways, after the fat lady I said, "James, can you carry me?"


"Aspen, you know as well as I do that I can't go up the girls' stairs!" He said.


"I don't care, I'll sleep in your bed. I'm just tired." I moaned. He sighed and picked me up.


"Fine, only because I love you." Hearing those words, well it made my day, no my week. I was very attempted to say 'I love you too.' I didn't though, because that would have been awkward.


He carried me up to his dorm and put me down on his bed. He got in next to me and pulled the covers over both of us. And he wrapped his arms around my stomach. It felt so natural, like he should always do this.


I didn't fall asleep at once, but he did. Within a minute or two, his eyes had shut and his breathing steadied. In that moment, I felt so safe with his arms wrapped around me as he slept. Why couldn't it always be like this?



Author's Note: Okay, I'm sorry that it took so long to update! I had to update my other story and then I messed up and had to send it in again for valdation! I know it was kind of a filler chapter and all, but I hope you guys liked the chapter and everything! Please review! I have the chapter questions right here:

What do you think about Joey?

Aspen telling Dom about how she loves James?

Dom keeping the baby?

Aspen trying out for the quidditch team?

Anyways, I hope everyone liked it! Please review and again, sorry that its so short! Next chapter should be out soon! Love you guys!


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