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Gryffindor Through And Through. by 08simmonsf
Chapter 16 : Revision Buddies
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Molly couldn't understand how the time had gone by so quickly. It seemed like only yesterday she tried on the sorting hat, and now she was speeding through her first year. Before she knew it, she was into Easter, most of which was spent with Arthur and the groundskeeper called Ogg. He was a kind old man who taught them many things the professors never could.

Molly learnt how to properly look after herbs and spices, and what potion was best for extracting their flavours. Ogg taught her what was the best way to care for poultry and other animals she may want to keep in the future. He even explained what was the best way to test for poison- take 4 oak leaves, 2 sprigs of thyme and a teaspoon of dragon's blood, crushing theses into paste with a bezoar, then pouring a drop of the suspected liquid onto the mixture. If green smoke rises, then the liquid is poisoned.

She had had such a good time in those two weeks, she didn't want it to ever end. But soon enough it did. Back to lessons and revision and the mountain of homework piled high on their burnt desk in common room. The end of the school year was fast approaching, but not before end of year tests had blighted their enjoyment of sunnier weather.

The bitter frosts and harsh winds of winter had been forgotten, and a crisp breeze floated across the grounds, bring warmth and sunshine. In order to make the most of this, Molly and Arthur chose to revise in the grounds, spending their evenings alternating between reading aloud passages of texts and then quizzing the other on their knowledge.

Ogg would occasionally pass them by, offering some chilled pumpkin juice to reward their hard efforts. But as dusk would descend on the castle, he escorted them back up to the front door, making sure they were safely inside before turning about and doing his last tour of the grounds each night. Molly and Arthur would then climb the many staircases, using short cuts where they could to get back to Gryffindor tower before the Fat Lady told them off.

The teachers were keen to make the most out of their last remaining lessons, squeezing in any additional bits of knowledge they thought the pupils hadn't grasped. Molly was Professor Flitwick's go-to girl once again as she demonstrated yet another Charms spell for the pupils to observe and try to replicate. She had a natural instinct for wand movements and how best to annunciate the incantations. Her only flaw in the subject was the theory, but even that she was begging to understand, seeing how useful that would be if she wanted to create her very own incantations and spells.

Molly was keen to help Arthur, and in return he helped her to remember important facts from History of Magic, which he still found interesting despite Professor Binns and his monotone voice. In short, these two were the perfect revision pair. Long after they had returned to the castle after another evening spent in the grounds, Molly and Arthur could be seen chatting away at their table, going over pieces of parchment which Arthur had carefully organised into piles, each subject separate and ready to be explored.

When the time came for their actual exams, students were to sit in silence and write about the theory of magic required in whichever subject they were being tested on. They also were given items to manipulate and using their magical prowess, showcase their abilities to the watching professors. This practical exam took a long time as each student had to wait for their turn. This quite often resulted in pupils standing in alphabetical order outside of the classroom, waiting to be called in.

Molly and Arthur stood next to each other in line by sheer coincidence of their surnames, and so were able to go over some last minute revision whilst they waited. Molly would correct Arthur's wand movements where needed and Arthur would remind Molly of what incantations would most likely be needed. The end result was the pair of them passing all of their exams and Molly coming top in the entire year for Charms!

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