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The Sigh of Angels by cartoonheart94
Chapter 2 : Second Fiddle
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(A/N: I own nothing Harry Potter, only the original characters. Also, the song used in this chapter belongs to Adele and those involved in the writing, not me. So, enjoy! J)


 (Ten Years Later)


Roxanne was in her bathroom, gazing at her reflection in the mirror, her hair had been teased and tamed for the big day, and it was held tightly in an up-do on the top if her head. She had been like that for nearly a half hour when suddenly, she dipped her head in the water she had put in the sink, ruining her hair.


‘What’s the use?’ she thought, ‘I’ll always play second fiddle anyway.’


“Roxanne,” she could hear her mother’s voice down the hallway, she heard the footsteps as she entered her room and came into the bathroom.


Angelina Johnson-Weasley looked in horror at her daughter’s ruined hair, it had already started going frizzy and curling up a big puffy ball.


“Do you want to explain this?” Angelina asked calmly.


Roxanne dumbly shook her head, “No.”


“We have five minutes to go to the Burrow, and the charm I put on your hair takes thirty minutes,” her mother scolded.


“Who says I’m going?” Roxanne shrugged.


At this, Angelina's brows furrowed in annoyance as she took a step towards her daughter, who had her chin stubbornly stuck out, a trait she had inherited from her mother, “Roxanne Alicia Weasley, today is your cousin’s wedding, and whatever differences you two may have should be cast aside for later because this is a family event and I will not have you ruining it.”


“Like the fact that she happens to be marrying the man she stole from me?”


“Now honey, no one stole anyone from anyone,” Angelina felt like she was speaking to a five year old whose toy had been taken from her, “you and Teddy Lupin did have a great time together but people fall in love, and that’s what happened between him and Victoire.”


“As if she didn’t have a little help,” Roxanne muttered bitterly.


“Don’t you even start about that,” Angelina was slowly losing her patience, “her Veela blood has nothing to do with this, we’ve already talked about it.”


George stepped into the bathroom, “Hello ladies aren’t we.................. sweet Merlin Roxy honey what happened to your head?” he asked comically.


Roxanne rolled her eyes at her father, he always was the joker, Angelina turned to her husband, “Girl stuff honey, we’ll be out in a minute.”


“We’re supposed to be leaving now.”


“We’ll be there soon, make sure the wards are set, and make sure you sent those robes to Madam Malkin’s, also don’t forget to tell the Bradshaws that we will be gone for the weekend and-”


“Are you sure you don’t want to write that all down?” George asked with a cocky smile.


Angelina playfully slapped his hand, “Just go,” she said as she gave him a kiss. Roxanne sighed, why couldn’t she be as lucky as her parents, instead, she always fells for the biggest arses and the only decent person she ever fell for was marrying her cousin today. Life really did blow for her.


Once they were alone once more, Angelina smiled at her daughter, “Let’s just go to the wedding honey, who knows, maybe you may find someone there.”


“No way am I being set up again. I already have had enough of that from Grandma Molly and Granny Marie,” she mumbled.


“Well, let me tell you this sweetheart,” Angelina said gently, “whether you go or not, they are still gonna get married.”


The words stung, but they were true, Teddy and Victoire were still going to wed whether or not she showed up, it’s not like she was the priest that was marrying them. Her mother was right, but Roxanne was not going to let her know.


“So?” she retorted, “At least I won’t be able to see it.”


Angelina sighed exasperatedly at her daughter, why couldn’t she have been more like her father? No, Fred was the one that ended up inheriting his father’s easy going, patient happy-go-lucky personality while Angelina ended up passing on her adamant, stubborn, fiery, short-fused personality to her daughter.


“I think you will,” Angelina said, “during family events, when they have children, whenever they come visiting, honey, unless you are going to find a rock you are going to hide under for the rest of your life, you had better grow up and do the adult thing by going to this wedding.”


Roxanne huffed, she knew there was no escaping this; she could easily talk her way around her father, but her mother, now that was another story, the woman always knew what she was going to say next!


“But what about my hair?” she asked helplessly.


“I have a good mind to let you go like this,” Angelina said, “but if we work together, I think we can make this work.”


Both raising their wands, they waved it around her thick bushy hair and in ten minutes, they managed to have it tamed. Roxanne quickly tied it in a simple ponytail, knowing that there was no time to start doing anything fancy.


“Ready?” her mother asked, she knew that her mother was not asking about going.


She feverishly nodded, “But if it gets stuffy, I’m leaving!” she said.


They walked to the apparition point and swiftly turned on the spot, apparating to the Burrow.


“Oh there you are!” Molly Weasley said as she went up to greet them, her lovely buff robes swishing behind her as she walked, “I was afraid you would not make it in time for the portkey!”


“Well, here we are!” Angelina said brightly as her mother in law hugged her.


“And my dear Roxanne, finally I get to see you after six months!” she said as she engulfed her granddaughter in a gigantic hug, “I was beginning to think you were avoiding me!”


Roxanne smiled uneasily, she had been avoiding her, Roxanne loved her grandmother, but she really needed to relax with the whole setting-her-up-with-every-male-with-a-N.E.W.T-level-qualifiaction.


“What!” Roxanne laughed, “that’s crazy grandma! I’ve been busy with work that’s all!”


“Hmm, working for Malfoy,” Mrs Weasley said darkly.


“It’s not that bad Gran,” Roxanne laughed, “I promise.”


“Okay, come on in,” the older Weasley pulled her granddaughter in the house.


Roxanne looked around, the whole entire Potter-Weasley family, together with Andromeda Tonks were in the sitting room. The younger ones must have gotten night passes from Hogwarts to attend this as it was the start of the new school year and under normal circumstances they would not have been here.


Everyone was huddled in their little groups, Molly and Lucy as usual, Albus and Rose, Hugo was trying to speak to Lily, who was too busy checking her makeup, Roxanne laughed at this, she shifted her glasses closer to her face and looked for where to sit, she decided standing was her best option as she leaned against the banister. Louis and Dominique were probably already at the venue as they were part of the bridal party.


 Roxanne remembered fondly when she and Victoire were still on speaking terms, they were their own little pair, after Afia died that day, the two became closer, with only a year between them, they were as thick as thieves, but that had all changed now, when Teddy came along and reshuffled the deck.


“Oi, Roxy wanna see something cool?” James asked. Roxanne was startled as she had not seen him coming, this was because he had just popped up next to her.


“What?” she asked, not even bothering to sound enthusiastic.


“Here,” James showed her a pink flower.


“What is it?”


“It’s an aphrodisiac, wear this behind your ear and you will be the most irresistible belle of the ball,” James said in a sing-song voice.


“Get away from me,” Roxanne growled.


“Well, I can’t say I didn’t try,” James shrugged.


“You have until the count of three, if you are still here, this wedding will become a funeral,” Roxanne hissed.


“I think it’s time I left,” James laughed in mock fear, and with that, he dissaparated from where he had been standing beside her.


Just then, Hermione walked in, “Portkey’s here!” she said.


Everyone got up from where they were and went to the garden. The portkey was an old bucket that sat in the middle of the garden, everybody put their fingers on and the thing shone a silvery blue before transporting them to France.


“Nice place,” was the first thing Roxanne heard as they materialised on a small cobble-stoned alleyway.


“Of course it’s going to be nice Al!” she could hear Rose’s voice, “We’re in St. Paul de Vence, one of the most romantic places in the world,” Rose said whimsically.


“Come on people, the church is this way,” Mrs Weasley said as she led the group of people around the little alleyways.


Angelina slipped a hand through her daughter’s, and together, they walked into the ancient church.


The church was beautiful, the old, ivy covered stone walls adorned with stained glass and the wooden benches were strewn with lilies and orchids. The silence was almost heavenly; the only sound came from the harps that played themselves above them.


Roxanne followed her mother to the row that was placed for the Weasley family, which was on the left side of the church, discreetly glancing to her right, she saw the Delacours and the rest of their relatives. All blonde, all beautiful, men and women alike, they had their heads held high and their heavily lashed blue eyes all identical and they all wore soft blue robes with gold trimming, they looked unreal, sort of like clones, or porcelain dolls. Roxanne felt uncomfortable staring and averted her gaze to her more unorganised family, which was a sea of red hair with the exception of six people; herself, Fred, her mother, Harry, James, Albus and Hermione.


James appeared to have been in a hushed argument with his mother and in the end got up and walked out of the church, a short while later, the church doors opened and in walked Teddy, he was wearing black robes and had his hair shining jet black, his eyes shone green, resembling Harry and behind him was Julio Zabini, his best mate and also best man, and after that came Louis, a cousin of Victoire’s that Roxanne did not know and finally a harassed looking James who had managed to change into bridal robes during that short interval.


The men got to the front of the church and stood there, “Wow, they look like a bunch of penguins,” Fred whispered in her ear, “Poor James.” Roxanne had to bite her lip not to laugh. Sometimes, she did enjoy having him around.


A short while later, there was seraphim-like singing from a source unseen as the doors opened once more. The people in the church began to stand and Roxanne mechanically followed suit, looking over her shoulder, Roxanne saw the bridesmaids begin to waltz in, first in was Dominique, then came two cousins she did not know and finally Jolie, one of Victoire’s friends, they all wore soft peach robes that went flawlessly with their perfect skin and hair. Then she saw her Uncle Bill, on his hand was Victoire, she looked so beautiful it hurt. Her hair was in a French braid, with a crown of flowers adorning the top of her head, she had a small bouquet and it was hard to tell where on her body her beautiful ivory gown started from as it looked like it just flowed from her like it was a part of her, starting slim at the top and flowing out in a spectacular organza around her legs. She looked beautiful, like a perfect piece of art, like she was one of the beautiful statues Roxanne had seen in the streets brought to life.


Roxanne turned to look at Teddy, his eyes were glued to his bride. His bride. There it was, Roxanne saw it, the love and adoration, he would never look at her like that again, and it gutted her like a fish.


The service was short, much to Roxanne’s liking, and soon, the whole party was making their way to the reception, which was at the Delacour family palace. Once there, everyone was too busy having fun and socialising to notice a tall, bespectacled girl wearing the buff robes her mother forced on her quickly sneak out and go into the muggle village.


Roxanne walked into the first bar she came across and ordered a beer, she was glad she let Victoire get her acquainted with the French dialect of this village or she would have never known what the barman was saying.


Roxanne barely put the drink to her mouth when the doors to the pub opened and in walked her father, his bow tie skewered to one side. “Would you care to explain what this is all about?” he asked, a serious expression on his face, which was a rarity for George Weasley, so Roxanne knew that whatever she had done was very bad.


“Just having a drink dad, that’s all,” she replied, trying to sound casual.


“Just having a drink,” George repeated, “I’ll have one too, and maybe we could talk over the drink yeah?” he gestured to the barman and ordered his drink.


“You’re missing a great wedding, grandma won’t like it,” she said.


“When did I ever listen to your grandmother?” George asked, when his daughter raised an eyebrow at him, he sighed and said, “Okay, so I do, but the point is, why are you not there?”


“I told you, I just came to get a drink.”


“You know darling, you had been acting quite weird ever since you came down from Belfast for the wedding, at first I thought you might have been pregnant,” Roxanne choked on her drink, her father continued, “but I talked to your mother a few minutes earlier and she told me everything.”


“Oh no,” Roxanne groaned.


“Hey! Nothing to be ashamed of,” George replied, “but it’s not what I came here to discuss.” He sipped his whiskey.


“Then why are you here?” she asked.


“To spend time with my favourite daughter,” George replied.


“I’m your only daughter.”


“Don’t be so sure,” George whispered.


“Yeah, I’m definitely sharing that one with mom later on,” she mock-laughed.


George put his drink down, “Your mother and I were talking,” he said gravely.


“What about?” she asked, a bit too innocently.


“About when you’ll start to live your life right.” He said bluntly.




“Roxanne, you’re twenty three years old, that’s way older than I was when I made my first million, but that’s not the point,” he said quickly, “The point is why a smart girl like you chooses to have a meagre job like that, and working for Malfoy?”


“Mum put you up to this didn’t she?” Roxanne asked.


“No, the both of us feel the same way,” George replied, “you are not decided with your life, first you decided to play pro-Quidditch, which lasted only six months, then you went into auror training, which you did really well and of all things, you quit a promising career as an auror to go and work as a snob’s assistant.”


“But I’m happy,” Roxanne lied unconvincingly.


“No, I think you’ve been trying to avoid this family, and you knew that the only way you wouldn’t get to see us is if you got a job with the enemy.”


“Mr. Malfoy is not the enemy dad, he’s quite okay if you get to know him,” Roxanne countered.


“Do you hear yourself? You sound like your uncle Percy when he was still a ministry prat.” George said incredulously.


“So then, what do you want me to do, just quit my job and go and work for the auror office?” Roxanne asked, “Hasn’t it ever crossed your mind that maybe this is what I want to be?”


“Roxy, among all your cousins, you were the most ambitious, and everybody knows that this is not what you ever planned to do. Am I lying when I say it does cross your mind that you are not happy with what you are doing?”


Roxanne did not reply, George continued, “Well then, continue wasting your life away, just know that things don’t stay the same forever.”


“Well, maybe it’s because I feel like I’ve always got something to prove whenever I’m with the whole family,” Roxanne blurted out before she could stop herself.


“Huh?” George asked.


“Maybe I like to stay far away because every time I come around, it feels like I’m being scrutinised by everyone, it’s almost like everybody is playing a comparison game between Victoire and I and I can’t stand it.”


It was George’s turn to be speechless, Roxanne continued, “I see the sad stares I get from everyone, it’s like they’re saying, ‘Oh, look at you two, you grew up together, went to the same school, got the same grades but look at your cousin, she has her own fashion line that’s kicking arse and oh look! Now she’s married, but look at you, sad old, underachieving spinster, you were cut from the same cloth, so what do you have to show for it?’” Roxanne took a long swig from her bottle, “So maybe I don’t bother because I know that no matter how hard I try, I’ll always come second to her.”


“So this is what it’s all about, you’re jealous,” George said quietly, “your mother had told me about Teddy but I did not know that this had stretched this far, Roxy, you two are two different people, yes you may be related but that does not make you clones.”


“Try telling that to grandma,” Roxanne replied in her bottle.


George took a deep breath, he shouldn’t have let Angelina talk him into giving his daughter this lecture, because now he did not know what to say, taking a sip from his glass, he said,

“Harry said there is an opening at the auror office, you can talk to him if you’re interested,” he gave her a pat on the back, paid for his drink and left to attend the rest of the wedding.

After her father left, Roxanne took out her diary from her robes pocket, in it, she scrawled:


Saturday, 10th September 2011,

Maybe it’s time I moved on.



She pocketed the tiny red book and drank the remaining beer, as she was ordering another drink, a song started to play on the muggle stereo that was in the bar, she was sure she had heard the song from somewhere but was not sure, she closed her eyes and listened.



I heard that you’re settled down

That you found a girl and you’re married now

I heard that your dreams came true

Guess she gave you things I couldn’t give to you...................




Roxanne smiled sadly as she made a mental note to go and see Harry about the auror job on Monday. Maybe it was what she needed, who was she kidding?  It was exactly what she needed.



(A/N: I hope you enjoyed the chapter, I will be writing a separate chapter for each principle character, so the next chapter will focus on Maria ten years after the fated event. Please keep reading.)

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