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Nothing Is As It Seems by LadyMalfoy06
Chapter 5 : "You have no right!"
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The trio walked along the corridors, the meeting was to be in the formal dining room of Malfoy Manor. They walked into the room and took their seats, Alexandra between Draco and Blaise, and across from her parents. Whilst waiting for their Lord to arrive Alexandra’s thoughts turned to her decision, she knew she was making the right one, this was where she belonged.  A noise startled her out of her thoughts.




In the corner of the room sat Bellatrix, caged in a magic cell which she could not get out of and was currently yelling at her husband for not trying to help her. Lexy looked at her brother questioningly,









“I didn’t put her there, don’t look at me.” He defended himself.









“Miss Malfoy it was I who brought your Aunt up from the cells.” A quiet voice stated from behind her.









She whirled round in her chair to stare at the man behind her. Lord Voldemort had arrived.



He moved gracefully, around to the other side of the table, taking a seat between Lucius and Narcissa in the middle. His black cloak, moved snakelike as he glided across the floor, he was exactly as she remembered from the Ministry of Magic in fifth year, back when she was helping Harry, when she was unaware of his false friendship. At their master’s arrival all the guests abruptly straightened in their chairs, their utmost attention focused solely on him.









“My faithful followers, at first I was not sure as to why my presence was requested tonight at Malfoy Manor but now I must admit I am pleasantly surprised. Tonight we welcome one more to our midst, Alexandra Malfoy.” His voice was muted, but held the attention of all those gathered, Alexandra did a quick headcount and estimated 30 Death Eaters in total were here.



“But first, Alexandra, before you swear into my service, let me ask you a few things about yourself. Oh and we mustn’t forget Bella’s punishment either, I understand from Lucius, that you want to deal with her? Is that correct?” He asked.









“Yes my Lord. I want her to suffer as she allowed me to suffer.” Alex answered, not daring to look away from him.









“As you wish. Now tell me, how did you discover you were a Malfoy? And who were you before you changed?” He asked.









“It was just over a week ago; I was packing my trunk as I was due to go to a friend’s house for the remainder of the holidays, when my mum asked to speak to me. When I got downstairs I found my parents sitting there with Mother, Father and Draco. Whilst they were speaking I started to feel quite odd, and after a few minutes the pain stopped and I looked as I do now.” She explained waving a hand in front of herself briefly “I know what you’re thinking, why would I just go off with the Malfoy’s? Notorious Death Eaters? The answer is quite simple really. I wanted a new start; I didn’t fit in in my old life. Now I feel like I have true friends and family.” She hung her head, afraid she had said too much.









“Interesting... very interesting. And so your parents had adopted you from Lucius and Narcissa?” He already knew the answer but he wanted the girl to tell the others.









“No my Lord. I was kidnapped when I was barely a month old, and taken from my family. I was taken because the women who took me wanted to raise me herself to become like her, and to be a protégée for you. But she could not look after me and so left me with another family, whilst implanting false memories within my parents so they would not suspect a thing...”She paused, weighing her next words carefully,



“Bellatrix Lestrange did not think she would get caught out. But Bellatrix Lestrange did not realise one thing. I am the smartest witch of my age, whether I look like my old self, Hermione Granger, or my new, and in my opinion improved self, Alexandra Malfoy.”





At Alexandra’s words the watching death eaters all began whispering to each other.









“GRANGER?!” Bellatrix shrieked from her cage, “Mudblood! Get out of my family’s house! You do not belong here!”









At this statement Alexandra leapt out of her seat and over to the cage in which her Aunt was in. “Don’t you dare speak to me you pathetic woman! You have no right! Because of you I lost out on seventeen years with my family! Because of you I’ve spent the last six years of my life in fake friendships being used just because I am smart! You have no say in what I do. And you had better shut up before I make you!” She threatened, grabbing her Aunt through the magical cage and twisting her face to make her look at her.









“Mudblood! Mudblood! Blood traitor! Filth! You should not be allowed near my master!” She chanted.









Alex whipped out her wand, the rest of the Death Eaters (Lucius with a proud smirk on his face, he knew his baby girl could look after herself) watched transfixed as Alex vanished the cage so Bella fell to the floor. “Crucio!” She shouted, she was furious. How dare this woman accuse her of being a traitor? This woman ruined most of her life; she deserved to be punished. Bella was hoisted up, withering and screaming in the air. Only her husband attempted to help her but stopped once Draco stood up and turned his wand upon him. Alex let her wand drop, and Bella fell to the floor with a loud smack.









“Now, you were saying? Or do I need to give you another taste of my anger?” She asked sweetly. Bella said nothing, but stood up shakily and walked to the door; with a hard look at Alex she exited the room.









Calmly and coolly Alex walked back to her seat and sat down, as if nothing out of the ordinary had just happened. Voldemort was impressed. He saw how much power the girl had held over her aunt, and he knew that was only her first time casting the spell. Lord Voldemort was thrilled, if the girl joined him, she and her brother would be his most prised possessions, the key to taking down Potter.









“Miss Malfoy that was some impressive spell work. Now onto more pressing matters. Before you changed, you were Potters best friend, correct?”









“Yes my Lord, but they were just using me; they wanted me to help them in their quest in figuring out and capturing and destroying your Horcruxes sir.” Alex thought it best to tell him everything she knew.









They know about the Horcrux’s. Voldemort was abruptly furious. How could Potter have discovered them?! They were supposed to be impossible to find!





The watching Death Eaters could see how angry their master was becoming and cowered silently in their seats.









“Miss Malfoy it seems its time to make your decision. Will you join me in my fight to rid our world of those of less importance, and most importantly eradicating Potter once and for all?” He asked, his voice tightly controlled.









This was it, the moment Alex had been waiting for all week.









“I will.”









“Then come, we must have you officially made a Death Eater. To the graveyard everyone!” Voldemort turned and in a swish of his cloak was gone, the rest of the Death Eaters followed, leaving the four Malfoy’s behind.









“Wow Lex you sure showed Aunt Bella!” Draco laughed, and hugged her.









“Yeah well she deserved it.”









“My darling we must go, we do not want to keep our Lord waiting. I am so proud of you.” Lucius told her.









“Take my arm, Lex. I’ll apperate us there.” Draco said.


















They landed in a deserted Graveyard, beside a large manor on a hill. Alexandra instantly knew where they were, this was the Graveyard in which Voldemort killed Cedric two years ago. This was where Lord Voldemort was reborn. Riddle Manor was behind them.









She took in the scene around her, the death eaters had gathered in a wide circle, with her in the centre. She shivered slightly, the air had a slight chill to it, and it was roughly two in the morning after all. She started as she felt someone slip a cloak around her shoulders, she turned her head to stare into Baise’s eyes, smiling softly in thanks, and he gave her shoulder a squeeze before walking back to his place in the circle.  









She turned back round, and was face to face with Lord Voldemort. When did he get here?! She thought.









“Right. Alexandra I need you to kneel before me.” He told her. She did so instantly.









“Alexandra Malfoy, do you swear to be loyal to me for the rest of your life? Do you swear to abandon your friendship with Potter and help me bring about his end?” He asked her.









“Yes my Lord I do.”









He began muttering in Latin, Alexandra being as smart as she was understood most of it. He was binding her to him, as he did with all his followers, so when he needed them they would know instantly and is able to reach him.









“Stand up.” He told her after a few minutes.









“Here, this is for you.” He handed her a beautiful necklace, it was pure silver, long enough to be hidden under robes, but it was a replica of the Dark Mark. She took it from him, thanking him over and over.






“All the Dark Daughters receive this necklace, whilst my Dark Sons get the mark. Through this necklace you will be able to reach me wherever you are and whenever I need you. If I call for you, you will feel it. Understand?” He told her.









“Yes my Lord.”









“My loyal followers we now welcome Alexandra Malfoy to our ranks!” He called. The death eaters in the circle cheered as Alexandra ran to her brother who wrapped her in a big hug, before she was pulled out of his arms and into her mother and fathers. Lucius had tears pouring down his face. He did not care he was showing emotion in public, he did not care if the others were laughing at him, he was so proud of his baby girl. He may have only had her back for a week so far, but there was no doubt about it, Alex was a daddy’s girl. Alex pulled out of her parents arms as her master began to speak.









“Well that shall be all for this evening. Draco, Alexandra, I request a meeting with you two privately before you both go back to school in two weeks. I shall inform you  of when I will arrive. You are all dismissed.” He disappeared.









Pansy and Millicent came and hugged Alex. Quickly they made plans to go to Diagon Alley and shop for their school supplies together, before they all separated and went back to their family homes.









So Alexandra is an official Death Eater now! I hope you all enjoyed reading this chapter, and as always I shall ask, please leave a review?! Also, I want to thank every one of you who have read my story and reviewed so far! Over 1000 reads!!! A little hint for next chapter? Oh well you persuaded me, the five new friends go to Diagon alley , have a slight run in with the Chosen one and Hermione Granger makes an appearance! Bye for now! :)

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