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If It's Love by Sirius Black Dog
Chapter 29 : The Pain In The Heart
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The Pain in The Heart

A/N: I'm so sorry for the long wait but i just finished my exams after a full on 8 weeks in my course so this semester's done for now so i'll hopefully be able to get my chapters up a bit faster. Thanks everyone for reading and reviewing and please leave me some words, even if its just the minimum, this chapter seemed so hard to write and i'd love to know you fabulous people are still out there waiting for the next chapter. Thanks to each and every one of you!

It had being two days since James and Remus had found Ruby and there was no change she was still unconscious. Madam Pomfrey had healed Ruby neck and sliced arm and was continuing to look after the rest of her injuries of slower blood circulation, weak pulse, and limited water contents and dried out lungs. Her weak body also revealed the numerous and extensive torture she had had to endure. They had all taken turns sitting with her over the last 48 hours, while Sirius slept and attempted to sit in class. He walked towards the Hospital Wing with a strong need to see her filling every part of him.

When he entered the Wing he found Rainy and Annie talking happily to Ruby’s silent self. They looked up at him with sympathy as he moved closer to the bed.

‘Let’s go get some food,’ Annie said getting up. ‘We’ll come see you later Rubes.’

Sirius sat down not noticing as they paused to watch him for a moment before leaving the cavernous room. He stared at her, his eyes blank, it felt as though he couldn’t think, couldn’t function without her around him. He ran his hand gently up and down her exposed arm.

‘Ok I know you haven’t listened to me before now, maybe you needed a rest hey? But Ruby I know now what it’s like to be without you in my life. I need you to wake up, I need you to open your eyes and tell me to grow some balls. Please baby, come back to me.’ Sirius paused his eyes closing as he thought.

‘I didn’t know that I could feel this, I didn’t know that love felt like this, until you, until I fell in love with you. You’re the biggest dag I know, you’re fun and energetic, you’re so absolutely stunning that you take my breath away, you make me feel everything, everything brilliant and terrible and I love it all. I’ve never realised before how easily everything can stop, how quickly your plans are forced out of the window. I’m nothing; my life is nothing without you. Ruby…’ Sirius took her hand stroking her fingers, loving the softness of her skin. ‘Ruby, I live because of you; I love life because you’re in it.’

He stopped talking putting his head down onto her wrist. Tears were now streaming down his cheeks.

‘I need you, Ruby. I need you to take my hand and hold it because every moment you do I feel your whole life vibrating with mine and I want to feel that for every moment of my life. I love you so much and I want to wake up beside you every morning so I can kiss your lips and feel that soft skin, I want to fall asleep with you in my arms so I can spend my dreams with you always. Wake up, beautiful, wake up and marry me, spend the rest of your life living and loving with me. Let me spend my life making you as happy as you’ve made me.’

Sirius stayed silent watching and waiting for her eyelashes to flutter or her hand to squeeze his but she didn’t move at all, she just laid there, still. He couldn’t help but cry then. All he had thought about in the last few days was her and how he would feel if she wasn’t there, if his family won and she was taken away from him.

He felt empty all he loved and wanted in the world was fighting for her life and he couldn’t do anything other than try and wake her up. He had never felt weaker, it seemed shocking that all of their happiness could be jeopardised so easily.


‘Hey there,’ Lily said late that night leaning against the doorframe her hair messy as she looked at James who was now lying on his side looking at her, his chest bare.

‘Hey beautiful,’ James said his face lighting up as she appeared before him. She stayed where she was leaning heavily against the wood. ‘Is Sirius swapping with Remus to sit with Ruby now?’

‘Yeah,’ Lily said tiredly. ‘I missed you today.’

‘I’m right here, love,’ James said as he stood up, moving towards her. He gently placed his hands on both sides of her waist, pulling her off the frame, holding her hips tightly as he turned her to face him. He turned her waist from side to side gently before moving his hands up to hold either side of her face. His thumbs stroked her cheeks gently before he brought his face closer to hers; kissing her soft, plump lips gently.

He felt her lip trembling, tears splashing against his skin. James moved his face backwards taking in the raw beauty that as his girlfriend.

‘I don’t ever want to be away from you, James,’ Lily said wrapping her arms around him, her head resting on his chest, squeezing him tightly. His hands slipped around her, stroking her back before he slowly reached for her bottom, resting his hands there.

Lily couldn’t help but smile leaning forward and kissing him.

‘You never will,’ James whispered, kissing her lips ever so softly.

Lily beamed beside herself rubbing her nose gently against his.

‘I love you,’ James said softly as he kept her body close to his. Lily smiled kissing him again as she placed her hands flat on his shoulders, before she lifted herself up, wrapping her legs around his waist. His hands were still firming on her ass, holding her comfortably up.

‘I love you,’ Lily said as she grabbed his hair, pulling his face closer to hers as she kissed him with every insane fear about losing him that had being welling up since Ruby had disappeared. James moved slightly so Lily’s back was against the wall. They were completely lost in the moment that they forgot that their best friend was possibly never going to wake up. They moved towards the bed, James falling backwards on top of his girlfriend.

‘James,’ Lily said placing her hand on his chest, breathing heavily. She pulled away from James’ lips as he rolled onto his side pulling her towards him so her back was against his chest. He kissed the back of her neck gently, whispering words of love in her ear.

‘We’re going to be together forever, Lils, I promise,’ James said as he hugged her tightly.

‘You think?’

‘Yeah I do,’ James said hugging the person who meant the absolute most in the world to him.


Lily yawned as she woke up, rolling over and looking up at James who was leaning on his elbow looking down at her.

‘What are you looking at?’

‘You,’ James said looking down and kissing her lips.

‘What’s the time?’

‘I don’t know.’ Lily rolled over grabbing her watch.

‘Damn it!’ Lily said leaping out of the bed and darting into the bathroom.

‘What?’ James said lazily settling back down into his pillow.

‘Charms is about to start!’ Lily yelled from the shower.

‘Shit!’ James said getting up and going to walk into the bathroom.

‘If you’re coming in your eyes better be closed, buddy,’ Lily said quickly finishing washing her hair.

‘They're closed,’ James said smirking as Lily turned off the water requesting a towel. He passed her one, watching as he brushed his teeth as she got out of the steam filled shower.

‘Hurry I’m taking over sitting with Rubes for Rainy and you’ve got to get to class,' Lily said walking quickly into her room and pulling on her clothes. Over the last nearly 3 days each member of the group and Lena had spent a set of time sitting and talking to Ruby, while the others slept, ate or went to classes. Their professors had given in only because they all knew there was nothing those teenagers wouldn’t do for Ruby and they basically didn’t have a say in the matter beyond agreeing,

Lily walked back into the bathroom, her eyes closing as she approached the fogged up shower door, opening it and waiting for his lips to brush against hers before she flew from the room. She smiled softly as she entered the Hospital Wing to find Lena and Rainy playing a muggle board game they had magically adapted while Sirius lay sleeping, exhaustedly on a nearby chair.

‘Morning how was your night or early morning should I say?’

‘It was the same, no changes and Sirius finally resting once Lena was here with me, stupid boy he'll die of exhaustion before she gets the chance to wake up..’

‘Yeah,’ Lily sighed as Rainy got up.

‘I need a shower but I’ll see you at lunch,' Rainy said leaving the room but not before quickly grasping Lily’s fingers as she went.

‘You should go too, Lena you need to stay on top of your schoolwork.’

‘Yeah you’re right,’ Lena said resisting the urge to roll her eyes at the so Lily like statement. ‘I’ll see you later; let me know if anything at all changes.’

Lena leant over Ruby giving her a light hug before kissing her cheek and walking from the room her eyes glancing nervously back at her selected big sister.

‘Sirius,’ Lily said shaking his shoulder roughly. ‘Sirius, come on,' her voice was soft but her shake firm waking him with a start.

‘Ruby?’ Sirius said without thinking looking over at his girlfriend.

‘No, I’m sorry,’ Lily said wrapping her arms around his shoulders in a tight hug as he sighed. ‘Go have a shower, make yourself clean and smell pretty then go to Charms and Transfiguration and I’ll see you at lunch ok?'

Sirius just nodded glumly before walking from the room his posture bent over in defeat.

‘You've got quite a hold over him there Roo,' Lily said trying to make her tone light and casual as if Ruby would reply or smirk in response. ‘I feel safe with James, Roo. It’s like spontaneous, we just work. Even now when everything is so screwed up he drifts around my head and makes me feel like it’ll all be ok. I had this dream last night and I’m dying to tell you about it, I need you to tell me what it means but I can’t do that unless you open your eyes. It was a very, very good dream,’ Lily said smirking hoping her limited information would send Ruby bursting like it normally did.

Lily yawned, smiling as she remembered kissing and sleeping beside James last night. She grabbed the book she had been reading to Ruby and picked up where they had left off. She yawned again; feeling exhausted as she bent the corner of the page and placed it on the bed as she played with the bracelet on her wrist. She couldn’t help but smile as she remembered James’ attempt at giving it to her for her birthday what seemed like so many years ago.

Ruby had been right. James was perfect for her, understanding her in every way. Now all she wanted was for Ruby to open her eyes and tell her ‘I told you so.’

‘Wake up, Roo for crying out loud! Your boyfriend is dying; he just can’t function without you. I need my best friend back and so does everyone else. Stop sleeping or whatever it is you’re doing please.’ Lily begged getting annoyed at her inability to do anything.


‘What?’ Lily said suddenly looking at her best friend. Ruby looked exactly the same, still and silent. As Lily stared astonished thinking she had completely gone made and simply heard things, she saw Ruby’s lips move. ‘Oh my god.’

‘Yes,’ Ruby whispered her voice becoming louder slightly. ‘Yes…’

‘Ruby?’ Lily said loudly before touching her hand. Her fingers moved ever so slightly and Lily leapt up. ‘Don’t wake up just yet.’

Lily ran out of the Hospital Wing, her heart pounding in her ears, her lungs dilating and constricting dangerously. She’d never felt so ill, so alert before, running towards the Transfiguration classroom. She skidded as she reached the door, her bare feet still pounding against the concrete.

‘She said ‘yes.’ She’s waking up!’ Lily screamed as she burst through the door. She turned around quickly as she saw her friends getting to their feet as though something painful had just grabbed their behinds. Lily watched as Sirius over took her, running faster than she had ever seen anyone run before. They all reached the Hospital Wing at about the same time, watching as Sirius fell to his knees.

‘Ruby,’ Sirius said gently holding one of her hands with both of his. He leaned forward kissing her fingers, never having felt so hopeful in his life. His eyes watched her face, having memorised every detail so that now it was more familiar than his own, waiting.

‘Yes,’ Ruby said again her plump lips parting as the word slipped from her mouth. Her eyelashes fluttered a hint of blue flashing for a moment before her eyes closed again. Sirius watched her lips moving again, her skin still pale grey as her eyes flew open. The bright blue finding Sirius quickly as his face lit up.

‘Baby,’ Sirius said exhaling with relief. Ruby let her eyes slip close for a moment before opening them once again.

‘Bib,’ Ruby said delicately looking like it was costing her a huge amount of energy.

‘Rocky,’ Sirius said life bouncing in his eyes as he leaned down and kissed her lips tenderly. He pulled back just as quickly not wanting to hurt her, their eyes still locked on one another as the others finally came over, touching, hugging and smiling lovingly at Ruby. Ruby felt free, she could only remember parts of what everyone had been saying to her over the last few days, including parts of the proposal. Without even thinking about the effort it was using, Ruby beamed at Sirius.

‘I love you…’ Sirius said breathing heavily.

‘I love you…All of you so much,’ Ruby said finally letting her gaze drift over her friends. Her grip on Sirius’ hand remained weak but fierce as Dumbledore, and McGonagall walked in.

‘Miss Mason, it’s very good to see you again,’

‘You mean alive…’ Ruby whispered smirking gently.

‘Yes,’ Albus said smiling gently, his eyes twinkling at her humour. ‘How are you feeling?’

‘Brilliant,’ Ruby said her eyelids drooping. They all looked at her their eyebrows raised. ‘I feel floaty.’


‘Like I can’t lift anything because nothings really there.’ Ruby answered breathing heavily.

‘Is that normal?’ Sirius asked panicked.

‘I almost died, baby, its fine. I’m really ok,’ Ruby said looking through her growing hair. Sirius leaned forward, gently stroking her hair away from her eyes. Their gaze upon each other was intense, deeper than ever before.

‘Ruby, when you’re ready we must speak.’

‘About what exactly?’

‘Your ordeal,’ Dumbledore said softly.

‘What’s to know? I’m fine now.’

‘Never the less, there are things that must be explained.'

‘Baby you need to get it off your chest.’

‘Why, it’s not going to change anything? It’s not going to change what happened.’ Ruby said her voice thick with effort. No matter her weak condition Ruby was stubborn and for whatever reason speaking about what had happened to anyone was not something she wanted. Energy seemed to be sucked from her as she fought against what they wanted.

‘It helps, especially because…’ Sirius says his voice growing quieter.

‘Because what Sirius? Because it was your family who kidnapped me? I just want to forget it all ok,’ Ruby said her lower lip trembling, her eyes begging Sirius to understand.

Lily looked at Ruby with sympathy knowing why her strong best friend was saying such things.

‘You won’t lose him, Roo. He's not going anywhere,' Sirius caught on then looking Ruby directly in the eye.

‘I promised remember?’

‘You’re sticking to your word then?’ Ruby asked her blue eyes fearful.

‘I’ll prove it to you tomorrow.’

‘Kinky,' Rainy said smirking, no one other than Ruby and Sirius knowing about the proposal. Ruby blushed slightly looking at each face in the room as Rainy spoke.

‘When you're ready Miss Mason, it’s very good to see you awake,' Ruby nodded at Dumbledore, smiling kindly as he and McGonagall left.

'Miss Mason needs her rest and you lot have classes to attend,' Madam Pomfrey said as she approached to check Ruby’s vitals. ‘You still have a slow pulse but it is increasing. You're body’s exhausted, but healing. Off you lot go!' she walked towards her office as her friends began to get to their feet.

Her weak grip attempted to tighten on Sirius' and Lily’s hands as her eyes locked onto Remus'. He smiled softly at her frail form, his heart pounding against his chest at the look of such desperation in her usually bubbly blue eyes. He sat back down watching as the others headed towards the door.

Lily and Sirius looked down at Ruby's petrified face and felt sick.


'Please don’t leave me.'

'Never again,' Sirius said kissing her fingers to try and relax the panic that had overtaken her. James leaned forward, past Lily and stroked the side of Ruby’s face with the tips of his fingers.

‘It’s all ok, Rubes,' James said as he signalled for Sirius and Lily to let go of her hands. Ruby’s breathing changed immediately; fear setting in even though she was looking up into Sirius' face.

‘Prongs,' Sirius said an urgent tone in his voice. James nodded his wand now out as he transformed Ruby’s small hospital bed into a large round bed that would fit all five of them comfortably on it. Sirius and Remus helped to delicately move Ruby so her head was now resting on a pillow where her feet had just been. Sirius lay down beside her, her back to his chest, his arms slipping around her waist and holding her familiar body close to his. Ruby rubbed his arm gently, her dry skin catching slightly in his arm hair before Lily lay down, her body aiding in taking up to three fifths of the bed. Lily laid facing Ruby taking her left hand and holding it as James climbed in behind her, his head also making up the centre of the bed. Remus grinned as he lay down in the available space his fingers holding Ruby’s exposed fingers that were supporting her head on the pillow.

Ruby couldn’t close her eyes. She could feel Sirius behind her his warmth, tingling and familiar, Lily just in front, her hand in her own, James' caring hazel eyes on her as he held Lily and Remus who was on his stomach watching her, stroking her fingers gently.

'Sleep baby,' Sirius said gently.

'It’s the middle of the day,'

Sirius shook his head knowing it was just an excuse so he flicked his wand sectioning off their area and darkening it from the rest of the sun enhanced room. He kissed her neck softly as he felt her breathing hitch, a single tear trickling from her eye.

'Shhh, love, close your eyes, we’re all here.'

'No,' Ruby said shaking her head. 'I don’t want all of this to be a dream; I don’t want to wake up without you all, back there.'

'You won’t, I’ll pinch you to prove you’re awake if you’d like,' James said trying to make her smile.

'James!' Lily said jerking her bottom backwards as she couldn’t slap him in her position.

'Oh Lils save it please I’m trying to pinch Ruby,' James huffed. And it worked, Ruby smiled, chuckling ever so slightly before speaking.

‘Are you guys going to sleep to?’

‘Yeah we're exhausted,' James said again laughing.

‘I’ll sleep when you do,' Sirius said and Ruby nodded glad he was there.

'Promise, none of you will let go before I wake up, promise me please?'

'We promise Rubes, we just got you back where is it you expect us to go?' Remus asked smiling as he rested his head on his hands, one still holding Ruby’s fingers.

Ruby sighed then letting her eyelids slide close, sleep kidnapping her immediately.

‘Do you think she’s ok?’ Lily asked gently.

‘Yeah tough as knives, and look at the luck, we get the afternoon off,’ James said smiling.

‘Nice timing, Rubes,’ Remus whispered watching as Lily leaned forward, kissing her best friends nose.

‘Are you gonna sleep mate?’ James asked ten or so minutes later when he opened his eyes to find grey ones wide awake and gazing at the auburn haired girl in his arms.

‘When I know she’s ok and not going anywhere.’

‘She’s not, Padfoot.’

‘I know that, it’s just this will sound pathetic but...' Sirius paused 'I feel like I can breathe again, like someone has given me a potion that’ll keep me alive while every other person dies of some horrific disease or something.’

‘I get that.’

‘She’s my girl,' Sirius said pulling her closer, nuzzling his face into her familiar scent knowing no matter what this is where he was safest, with her, this was where he was free, with Ruby in his arms, this was where he was meant to be, by her side, always.

And for the first time in nearly 5 days each slept peacefully, soundly and safely with no hint of fear or horror, just comfort and love, just what seventeen year olds are meant to feel as they sleep with their friends by their sides.

Sirius woke up the moment the sunrise began. He blinked feeling like he had been sleeping for 100 years. He could feel Ruby’s body beside his and smiled as he looked down at her face. He had expected fear, panic, nightmares to terrorise her sleep but she looked so peaceful. He leaned down letting his lips brush against her cheek.

‘Sirius,’ Ruby said as she woke up, tears in her eyes. ‘You’re still here.’

‘Der,’ Sirius said kissing her lips.

‘I thought I might wake up without you, back there.’ Sirius couldn’t find the words he wanted to say to her; instead he wrapped his arms firmly around her waist, kissing her with everything he couldn’t say.

‘That’s one way to wake up,’ Lily said laughing softly as she saw the beam that spread across both faces. Even after sleeping for 18 hours Ruby still looked exhausted but the difference was that she looked happy. ‘How’d you sleep?’

‘Good, I feel safer awake though.’ Ruby’s hand brushed against Sirius’ arm and Lily chuckled as goosebumps appeared on his skin.

‘Look at that,’ Lily said smirking as she rolled onto her back. She looked around at the roof above, without seeing it, she felt warm and happy and couldn’t help but smile thinking about how good everything was again for now.

‘What are you smiling about?’

‘Nothing,’ Lily said still beaming as she rolled onto her side, holding her head up while leaning on her elbow. She could see the slight red colour on Sirius’ cheek and could hardly believe she was witness Sirius Black blush.

‘Does that smile have anything to do with what you wanted to tell me, I vaguely remember you teasing me to wake up,’ Ruby said smirking her usual confidence and fun shining though.

‘Maybe,’ Lily said pulling her lips tight as she smiled her eyes twinkling.

‘And let me guess, I’m not allowed to be around for that,’ Sirius said looking down at both girls.

‘How’d you know?’ Lily said smirking, you could see Ruby influence in how she talked over the last year and the Marauders found this almost amusing.

Sirius leaned towards Ruby whispering something and kissed her cheek ever so softly, his warm lips sending tingles down her spine. Sirius looked up at Lily and back at Ruby a silent exchange occurring, a gleam in his eye.


‘None of your business, Red,’ Sirius said faking annoyance. ‘I should get going anyway, things to see, people to do.’

‘Nice, Black,’ Lily said shaking her head.

‘Early start, early finish,’ Sirius said as he got up, leaning back over to kiss Ruby.

‘Don’t worry, I’ll be with Lily,’ Ruby said tapping his nose gently.

‘Don’t leave her, Evans,’ Sirius said his grey eyes drilling into her green ones.

‘I won’t leave her side I promise, besides everyone will be here, or awake soon anyway,’ Lily said not hesitating in the look they were sharing. ‘Apparently we’re the only ones who can function on no sleep.’

Lily watched smiling as Sirius’ gaze fell subconsciously on Ruby, who was looking at him, fear trickling through the clear blue.

‘Promise me you won’t go anywhere near your family, please baby.’

‘I promise I’ll go nowhere near them.’

‘Good because you’re going to come back and soon.’

‘I’ll be back here with you in an hour, maybe two.’

‘Ok, I can live with that,’ Ruby said her eyes closing momentarily. Sirius leaned forward again kissing her cheek, his lips lingering for a second longer, he moved up kissing the tip of her nose, his lips moving up to kiss her closed eyes ever so gently, he moved quickly this time kissing her lips deeply, his fingers running along the side of her neck.

‘I love you,’ Sirius said kissing her forehead before walking quickly from the room, looking back at his resting girl, his heart paining him as he left her.

Lily rolled back onto her back, slipping her hand into Ruby’s after having seen her face when Sirius left her.

‘Hey Sugar?’


‘I want a shower.’

‘How are you going to shower, sweetie?’

‘I was hoping you could help me.’

‘I won’t be able to hold you up, even if Rainy and I tried to.’

‘Are you saying I’m heavy?’

‘No lovely I’m not, just you’re a bit of dead weight at the moment.’

‘Thanks, that makes me feel so much better, I’m dead weight,’ Ruby said pretending to be exasperated.


‘What if we get the guys to help? I really want to get it all off me.’

‘How would they help?’

‘By helping to hold me up,’ Ruby said her eyes quite desperate.

‘You’re ok with one of them holding you up, naked in the shower?’

‘Yeah they’re my boys why would I care?’

‘Maybe because you’re a normal human being?’ Lily asked laughing. ‘Apparently not.’ She closed her eyes, feeling the warmth of her best friend’s hand and then the sudden tenderness of her boyfriend’s lips.

‘Good morning,’ Lily said smiling and opening her eyes. James beamed, his heart erupting as Lily sat up hugging him.

‘Aww now I feel left out,’ Ruby said pouting.

‘I just had to watch you and Sirius, it’s my turn.’

‘We got rid of mine though,’

‘You what?’ Remus said as he yawned.

‘Sirius went out,’ Ruby said and they noticed the flash of fear in her eyes. ‘And before you say anything, no he’s not going after his family; he’s coming back to me.’

Remus looked at James for a moment before nodding as he locked eyes with Ruby who so desperately wanted them all to trust that he was coming back to her as he promised.

‘Hey Rems, can you help me with something?’

‘Sure, what do you need?’ Remus asked sitting up, his attention twisted between Ruby and his other friends.

‘Could you help me in the shower?’

‘In the what?’


‘Don’t you think that could be…’

‘Lily can’t hold me up; I can’t ask James because that would be awkward with his girlfriend standing right there. I want to have a shower, I just want to clean it all off.’

‘Ok,’ Remus said and Ruby smiled.

‘Let’s go then,’ Ruby said as her other friends including Lena came in. Lily, James and Remus looked up as they moved, Ruby desperately trying to move any part of her body.

‘Ahhh.’ Ruby’s eyes filled with tears of frustration, hating how weak she felt, how helpless, how vulnerable.

‘Come on Roo,’ Lily said as she got out of the bed and watching as Remus pulled her up into his arms. Lena gasped as she watched Ruby’s neck fall backwards. Remus readjusted pulling her body forward so that her head fell forward, resting against his shoulder.

The others sat around talking while Remus and Lily walked towards the Hospital Wing bathroom. They sat Ruby down on a clear glass level Lily had conjured while Remus held her, Remus held her shoulders back so she couldn’t slip or move. Lily started to remove Ruby's dirty, bloodied clothes that for some reason hadn’t been removed since she had been found.

Lily couldn’t muffle her sounds of shock as she striped off her friends clothes revealing bruised skin and deep looking cuts. Remus couldn’t help but look taking in the dryness of her skin, the deep purple bruising and the nasty red cuts that looked small but deep.

‘Ruby...' Remus said softly his voice almost whistling.

‘It’s nothing, now get me clean so I can put some clothes on and your girlfriend doesn’t’ get jealous.’

‘Ruby these look so painful,’ Lily said as she washed Ruby’s hair gently.

‘They are, especially whenever someone touches me, which seen as I can’t move is often,’ Ruby said still not making it sound like it mattered.

‘So when Sirius held you last night and we touch or carry you…’

‘It was fine, now come on I want to get this lovely blood off me,’ Ruby said looking up at Remus who smiled softly at her his eyes full of affection.

And so Lily and Remus did as Ruby told them, washing her body before drying her off and putting fresh clothes on her. They returned to the room to find Dumbledore waiting a look of severe distress on his face.

‘Miss Mason, do you know where Mr Black went?’

‘No,' at Ruby’s words Dumbledore’s mouth tightened into a straight line. ‘Nowhere near his family don’t worry,'

‘Are you absolutely positive? Reports have informed me that a young boy in Gryffindor uniform was sighted near Grimmauld place.’

‘No, he promised me and I trust him.’ Dumbledore looked doubtful but relaxed never the less.

‘Ruby could we please talk privately?’ At this the others got up smiling at her as they left, Dumbledore turned back towards Ruby and saw that Lily Evans was still by Ruby's side seemingly helping her from not slipping to her right or left.

‘I need to know if they made it clear as to why you were taken.’

And so Ruby told them quite reluctantly and leaving holes that both intelligent people could fill easily but with information Ruby couldn’t say out loud.

‘They want Sirius?’

‘Yes and they think by taking us out of the equation it'll give them what they want.’

‘Did they say why they wanted him?’

‘I overheard them saying that they had to please the Dark Lord, Bellatrix was very enthusiastic. It’s Voldemort, he wants the strong purebloods and Sirius is that. I remember a few other names mentioned as well including James and Remus but only quickly and never to me directly. I remember hearing that I was for fun, to test Sirius, see what he would do, they knew that the quickest way to hurt him was through hurting me and vice versa they threatened his life when I told them that they had no power over him. They're building an army sir and they're recruiting all brilliant wizards and witches.’

‘Yes I had thought that could happen. We will use this information, Ruby thank you. Is there anything else at all?’

‘They seemed like they wanted him that Regulus wasn’t good enough, that they wanted their eldest son to lead the way and in their deranged mind they thought eliminating me would bring him back over. It doesn’t make sense though you could tell they hated him, enough to kill him definitely, I just, all I could think of was Sirius and what they wanted with him.’

‘They seem to like indirect contact, we should all remain alert,' Ruby and Lily nodded listening as their headmaster finished speaking before leaving, a twinkle faintly in his eye, a smile at Ruby’s strength evident in his facial features.

‘Are you ok Roo?’

‘Yeah fine.’

‘That would have being hard. And I know that wasn’t the full details of what they did to you.’

‘Maybe, maybe not. I can’t tell Lily, I just can’t,’ Ruby said before closing her eyes. 'So let’s talk about that dream then.’

‘You want to bounce straight from the nightmare you lived to my dream?’

‘Yeah from negative to positive,’ Ruby said smiling as Lily got into bed next to her and beamed.

‘I dreamt about James,’ Lily said and she chuckled at the sudden excitement that filled her friend’s voice.


‘Ok,’ Lily said getting up and crossing her legs as she lifted up Ruby’s head and placing more pillows under her and on either side so she couldn’t fall in any direction. She was looking at Ruby and couldn’t help but start laughing. She leaned forward and hugged Ruby quickly before sitting back as she began to speak.

‘I walked up the stairs and I opened his door and kissed him straight away. Then I walked away into the bathroom and the next time I walked into the room, I didn’t have a top on and I stood there and asked about the fair that we’re organising and he was blushing but he replied as though I was fully dressed. Then I thanked him and left and then a few moments later I went back this time I only had my underwear and tie on and asked if he had any food. And James moved so he was sitting on the side of his bed and reached down and picked up a bag of muggle potato chips and passed them to me so I thanked him and left again…’

Ruby was beaming loving where she thought it was leading and the look of subtle thrill on her face.

‘So the third time that I went back to him I had nothing on, except my gold and red Gryffindor tie. And I walk across the room as though it’s the most normal thing in the world to be naked and I lean against the bed post and I like indicate him to come towards me and he does. He kind of twists my tie around finger and pulls my towards him and wraps his arms around me, like I was leaning back a bit so he had to lean towards me to kiss me and it was…’


‘Then he pulled me around so I fell onto the bed and he looked at me like…’

‘Like you were the most beautiful and important person in the world to him,’ Ruby said smiling.

‘Yeah,’ Lily said nodding. ‘What do you think it means?’

‘Honestly? I think it means that you love him and that you’re moving towards the place where you two can…’

‘Have sex?’

‘Yeah but its more than that, Sugar. I never really understood or believed that sex was ‘making love,’ until I had sex with Sirius, it was more than I could ever expect. It’ll be just as perfect for you two and my god it’ll be hot,’ Ruby said laughing at the pink that crept up on her pale cheeks as she smiled beyond her self control at the idea.

‘Is it as good as they say?’

‘Yes, very good. It’s odd at first, a bit uncomfortable but its good once you relax so even the first time I enjoyed myself.’ Lily smirked at Ruby’s words unable to help how easy their conversations came. They looked up glad they had finished talking as their friends came back in, sitting around comfortably.

A half hour or so after they had all joined up Sirius Black walked in, his dark curls falling gently across the edges of his forehead.

‘Hey beautiful,’

‘Hey handsome, your late,’ Ruby said glaring slightly.

‘I’m sorry, I was with Andy,’

‘You realise she’s part of your family, right?’

‘Yes, love, but she’s the good half,’ Sirius said coming over to Ruby and looking down at her. ‘I want you to do something for me.’


‘Come dance with me,’ Sirius said as he conjured a record player and placing a record inside.

‘Sirius, I can’t sit up by myself, I can’t shower by myself, what makes you think I’ll able to dance with you.’ Ruby said chuckling at the idea.

‘You can because I’ll be holding you up,’ Sirius said holding her hand.

‘Wow, two hold ups in one day, at least this time you’ll have your clothes on this time,’ Rainy said smirking.

‘What?’ Sirius asked his eyebrows shooting up.

‘Nothing, just Remus had to help me in the shower today,’ Ruby said as though it was nothing unusual.

‘He what?’ Sirius asked flinging his eyes around to Remus whose eyes widened.

‘Calm down big boy, he was just helping me clean up, nothing major, he just held me up and talked to me. He attempted not to look, not that anything would happen even if he had I’m very happy with you.’

‘Well thanks love,’ Sirius said shaking his head as Ruby squeezed his fingers nibbling softly on her lower lip. ‘Now you have to dance with me.’

‘Why do I have to dance with you?’

‘Because you practically cheated on me.’

‘How did I practically cheat on you?’

‘You got naked with another guy so…’

‘But it’s not technically cheating because I didn’t kiss him or sleep with him so it shouldn’t count.’

‘Is that your reasoning?’

‘Yep, that’s my reasoning.’

‘Come on, Rocky,’ Sirius said as he pulled back the covers and slipped one arm under her knees, the other supporting her back, her nice, clean clothes crisp against his skin as he lifted her up. He moved away from the bed and into the centre of the room while their friends and Lena sat around them on the beds watching. Sirius let her feet rest upon his own, moving so her arms were placed around his neck before securely holding her body against his. Sirius smiled at her, brushing her growing hair away from her eyes as he flicked his wand so the music started.

Sirius started swaying, moving their bodies, watching as Ruby smiled recognising their voices singing.

‘I haven’t heard this Chisel song before.’

‘It’s brand new, only just released in Australia,’ Sirius said his eyes taking in the sparkle in his girlfriend’s beautiful clear, blue eyes. Ruby smiled broadly, tears in the corner of her eyes as she realised how much thought he would have put into finding this song.

As Sirius twirled them around, moving them, he watched her carefully, singing the lyrics to Ruby, the raw truth of each word evident in his voice.

‘It’s all for you there are songs in the world’ Sirius silently sung to her taking her hand, moving her feet easily from his and onto the floor, twirling her around while one hand moved around the circumference of her body supporting it. The others watched as they danced, Sirius singing to Ruby, both seemingly in their own world.

The second chorus started and Sirius sung the lyrics easily.

‘It’s all for you, cause you’re the only girl… And I’m young again… And it feels so good to be alive,’ and as Sirius sung the lines that meant so much to him he took her hand moving it up closely to their chests as he separated her fingers, slipping on a seemingly simple gold ring with a large square diamond on the top with a border of much smaller diamonds seemingly enclosing the main one.

Ruby was completely absorbed in Sirius, she knew would he’d done, she could feel the ring on her finger, the natural fit and smiled, unable to bring herself to look down at the ring, her gaze remaining constant on his face. Sirius used one hand to hold her hands against his chest, the other holding her beautiful body against his while he continued to sing to her.

As the song ended Sirius continued to look down at her with a deep love. Ruby exhaled heavily reaching up so her fingers could stroke his cheek, using the energy she had to show him what she couldn’t say at that moment.

‘Everything from now on is all for you, Rubes, all for you,’ Sirius said before he leaned down and swiftly kissed her lips before he continued, his eyes desperate. ‘I don’t want you to think for a moment that I proposed out of desperation or just to wake you up, yes maybe a bit but, I proposed to you because you missing made me realise how much I not only love and want you in my life but how much I need you. You complete me Rubes; you’re the only person in his world that I want to spend every moment with. No matter what I want to spend every second, every minute, every hour, every day by your side, loving you, laughing with you, growing with you and sometimes even fighting with you because Ruby everything I do, am about to do is all for you. I would die for you; kill for you, without a second thought.’ Ruby placed her hands on the sides of his face tears trickling from her eyes as she watched him tearing up.

‘I love you Sirius Black, you’re the reason I woke up, because lying there being able to hear you but not see or feel you was torture. Hearing what you said literally warmed every inch of me to the point that I used every bit of energy I had just to say yes to you. Yes to spending my life by your side.’

Sirius leaned forward and kissed her, his arm wrapping around her back and pulling her closely against him as he held up her weight.

‘Hmmm,’ came the sound from Ruby as she smiled hugging him and resting her head on his shoulder breathing in all that was familiar to her. She raised her hand as she hugged him, finding energy she didn’t realise she had looking at the beautiful ring on her finger, before she leaned back so she could kiss his cheek. Sirius lifted her up, his hands looking huge against Ruby’s waist before he kissed her, intimately.

Lily had moved during the song leaning into James’ side, his arm wrapped around her shoulders. Lily smiled, her mouth dropping open as he green eyes widened as she saw the ring on Ruby’s finger as the two kissed, she narrowed her eyes trying to confirm the glint of gold.

Sirius picked Ruby back up, still kissing her before he moved back towards her bed, placing her back down and sitting by her side so she could lean on his chest, closing her eyes as she kept her arms around him.

Lily moved from beside James leaning over on her knees so James tilted his head to the side checking her out as she got off the bed and sat down on a chair beside Ruby. She took Ruby’s hand, beaming with excitement as she saw the stunning gold engagement ring showed the essence of her best friend.

‘You didn’t?’

She kissed Ruby quickly who moved sitting up, startled thought smiling knowingly, watching as her red headed friend flew across the bed, kissing Sirius full on the mouth.

‘What the?’ James said his face red with anger and confusion, jealousy shining in his eyes.

‘You proposed to her, that’s what you meant when you said you weren’t going anywhere and you were going to prove it to her today. He’s literally proven to her that he’s not going anywhere, he’s going to spend the rest of his life with her.’

James looks at Lily who was almost glowing, so absolutely thrilled. Lily knew that Ruby was finally happy, just as she deserved. The congratulations started, hugs, kisses, and cheers happily carried around the group. Lena hugged Ruby tightly before looking over to her brother who had just hugged Sirius and was now looking at Ruby.

‘You ok?’ Ruby asked looking at Remus carefully. Lena looked at her brother and the girl she considered her sister before glancing at Thea who was watching the pair of them carefully.

‘I’m really happy for you,’ Remus said as he leaned forward and kissed Ruby’s cheek, hugging her body to his.

‘Yeah you look it,’ Ruby whispered sarcastically.

‘No I really am, you deserve the best Rubes, and Sirius is that,’ Remus said tears in his eyes unwillingly. Remus loved this girl with all his heart, she was his best friend and he was happy that both Sirius and Ruby were finally going to be together always, just as it should have been all along.

‘I love you Rems,’ Ruby whispered again and hugged him tightly before he stepped backwards looking at Thea with what seemed like fresh eyes.


A/N: The song used is All For You by Cold Chisel and I highly recommend using it as it’s truly amazing. I hope you enjoyed the chapter and what’s about to come up :)

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