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Harry Potter: Hallowed Existence by HarryGinny05
Chapter 7 : CHAPTER 4: LIGHT’S OUT
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“Has it been a year already?” The Dark Lord asked as he looked out of his wall-sized window overlooking the huge ‘Magic is Might’ monument at the center of the Ministry atrium. “Has it been a year since I have proven that no one is mightier than I, Lord Voldemort?”

The three Ministry officials standing in front of their desk kept their silence. They knew better to speak out when their Dark Lord is in a contemplative mood.

“It has been a year since I have been victorious and the world fell kneeling in front of me. Yet, it seems that the boy still refuses to accept my triumph. I killed him yet his afterthoughts still haunt me, his supporters still lingers. There are still who believes in Harry Potter. And so I wonder. How goes is our quest to eradicate the last vestige of his supporters?” The Dark Lord turned toward them, his eyes flashing red. As during his search for the wand, Voldemort has rarely stayed in the Ministry. He had opted to exert his effort to strengthen his power over the muggleword. “I hope you bring good news, Dolores.”

“Majority of the undesirables have already been rounded up, my Lord.” Umbridge bowed. “Only those in staying in the Forbidden Forest and Kingsley‘s ragtag group is left opposing your rule.”

“And do you have plans to correct this situation?” The Dark Lord turned to Yaxley.

“We had plans to invade the Forest but Walden Macnair, one of the principal planners, was waylaid last night.” Yaxley gulped. “All he can remember was trying to set up a trap for the Weasley brat. I thought it would be prudent to postpone the attack…”

“Ronald Weasley vexes me more than enough.” The Dark Lord sat, webbing his fingers together, his elbows resting on his desk. “Another ghost of Harry Potter that still fester me.” He murmured. “It is time I deal with him personally.”

“My Lord, Arthur Weasley was with us when Yaxley and I were discussing Walden’s idea to attack the Forbidden Forest.” Umbridge spoke up, eager to please her master. “He may have tipped his son about it.”

“Arthur loyalty has been proven numerous times.” Thickness said. “He has hunted mudbloods without mercy for almost a year now. Besides, he has already disowned that boy.”

“Perhaps it is time we test Arthur Weasley’s true loyalty.” The Dark Lord surmised. “And it is timely. I have grown tired playing politics with the muggles. It is time I cut the string of my puppet and takes full control of the Muggle Ministry. And I know the perfect time to do it.”

The three stepped closer, eager to hear their master’s plan.

“Tomorrow, the muggles minister is scheduled to meet their queen in the Buckingham Palace. He is taking me with him. I will have Arthur Weasley infiltrate as one of my staff. Once in the presence of the queen, he will prove his loyalty by assassinating her and the muggle minister.”

“It is a good plan, my Lord.” Umbridge smiled sweetly.

“I will inform him of it at once, my Lord.” Pius Thickness bowed before he rushed off to find Arthur Weasley. Yaxley bowed and turned to follow him but was stopped by the Dark Lord’s steely voice.

“Yaxley, Yaxley…Do you think I would forget about Kingsley Shacklebolt?” The Dark Lord cocked his head sideways and Yaxley fell to his knees, clutching his chest in pain. “Do I make myself clear, Yaxley?’

“Yes, my Lord…” Yaxley murmured as the pain in his chest lessened. He woozily stood up.

Through it all, Umbridge has stood resolutely on her place, never looking at Yaxley.

“Tell me what have you plan for Kingsley?”

“With great effort, we already have planted a mole in his ragtag group, my Lord.” Yaxley said between troubled breathing. “The mole promised to deliver Kingsley alive for you to have your satisfaction, my Lord.”

“Make sure he does.”


“George…” Lee Jordan peeked at the window before turning to his partner. The red-head was sitting behind the counter, his feet crossed on the counter as he drink a cup of tea. He appeared calm and collect despite the growing number of Death Eaters watching their store. “I think they are about to storm us.”

Ever since this morning, the number of death eater watching them has increased from the usual two to now ten. All of them have their wands out and were stopping any customer from going near the shop. Lee knows that they had finally reached the limit of their luck.

“Then I suggest you hide your transistor and other broadcasting devise.” George smiled at Lee. “Use the shrinking and invisibility charm we developed. That way we could still broadcast even in prison. They will never think of looking for Potter Watch inside a concentration camp.”

“Be serious George.” Lee rebuffed. “We are useful outside than in prison. The whole purpose of Potter Watch is keeping hope alive. That what we do and the joke shop helps as well. I accept that the shop is a lost cause but I’ll be damned if…”

“Did you know that I just realized why my father joined the bad guys?” George suddenly asked; his voice losing its joviality.

“Why?” Lee Jordan asked, glancing back at shop’s door. He was actually curious what George’s crazy mind has come up with this time.

“I think my father joined the bad guys to do only one thing and I think Bill and the missing Charlie is helping him.” George murmured almost to himself. “I was so stupid not to realize so soon…but they are foolish…”

“George!” Lee almost shouted.

“Father joined the bad guys to search for Ginny.” George looked at Lee as if seeing him for the first time. “A noble and fatherly but foolish gesture. He won’t find her in any known concentration camp or in Azkaban. You-Know-Who wasn’t born yesterday. She would have been the perfect replacement for Harry. Imagine the Chosen One’s love calling for witches and wizards to bear arms against the Dark Lord. She could have rallied us all together against him. He would have hidden her somewhere out of reach.”

“That’s a far fetch idea, George.” Lee raised an eyebrow. “You-Know-Who doesn’t need a secret prison. He just kills those who oppose him.”

“Unless he has plans for them.” George pointed out even as the shop started to shake. The death eaters have finally made a move and they have encountered his charms.

“I don’t think the shields would last long.” Lee said, rushing toward a nearby cabinet. He pushed the merchandises away and took out a small pouch where he hid his broadcasting tools. Grimly, he tied it to his left arm before magically making it invisible. “I suggest we leave now.”

“A lot of people have gone missing…people like Ollivander that still has uses for him.” George continued, nonchalantly seeping his tea. “I also think he would keep around people like who us who have the audacity to laugh in his face…at least only to make us suffer for a long time.”

“Just tell me your plan!” Lee shouted as the shop shook again, one of their shelves falling against another one.

“I truly believe Ginny is being help in one of those secret prisons and the only way for us to find that prison is…” George raised an eyebrow at Lee.

“…is for us to get sent there…ahhh hell!” Lee swore as the door to the shop finally imploded, letting in angry death eaters.


Arthur Weasley sighed as he accompanied the Dark Lord and the Muggle Ministry passed the ceremonial guards of the Palace. He and the Dark Lord are dressed in muggle coat and tie. The Dark Lord has even taken the effort to disguise his snake like appearance. He looks, in all appearance, like a mild-mannered statesman, walking dutifully a step behind his superior the Muggle Minister.

Arthur knew what was coming and what his part will be. He and Thickness has gone over the plan over and over again. He will have to assassinate the queen and this unfortunate Muggle Minister who due to the stress of kowtowing to the Dark Lord has been remised in his job of protecting the Country’s economy.

Arthur knows he will need to be quick. Otherwise he will find himself in the opposite end of the Dark Lord’s wand.

Right now, he must forget that just yesterday, George and Lee Jordan was carted off by the death eaters after a brief struggle that lead to three death eaters unconscious and the joke shop destroyed, the dark mark floating above it.

Once again, he needs to suppress his concern for his family. That will be two children he needs to look for secretly.

“My Queen…” The Muggle Minister bowed before an elderly regal lady when they were escorted into a private room with a throne raised in a dais. The Dark Lord and Arthur followed suite.

Arthur looked surreptitiously around. He knows that the place has probably been infiltrated by death eaters hidden magically.

“It is always fastidious to see you, Minister.” The queen acknowledged their bow before she gestured for them to stand up. “And is this Glaslow Broderick that I have heard so much about?”

“I am honored to finally meet you, my Queen.” The Dark Lord bowed subserviently at the queen. “And may I introduce to you my aid, Arthur Weasley?”

“My Queen, forgive me for what I have to do.” Arthur inclined his head as he reached for his wand.

“What is that dreadful stick you have there, Mr. Weasley?” The queen asked, eyes growing wide as she noticed the wand.

“What…?” The muggle minister slowly backed away. He turned to Lord Voldemort who was also backing away, his eyes convincingly showed fear. “This wasn’t…”

“Arthur, what are you…?” The Dark Lord stammered, playing his part.

The queen sensing something amiss slowly backed away toward the throne.

Arthur sighed before he committed himself to seeing this to the bitter end. Gathering all the anger he has, he snarled, pointing his wand at the Dark Lord whose eyes bulged.

“Reducto!” Arthur shouted, slamming the Dark Lord against the door. Without missing a beat, he pointed his wand at the door. “Duro!” The massive door immediately turned to stone, barring the guards, who have heard the Dark Lord slamming against the door, from entering.

The queen, wild eyed, foregoes all sense of finesse, ran screaming toward a bell-pull near the throne.

“This is madness!” The Muggle Minister shouted before two beefy death eaters magically appeared behind him. He turned in fear at the two newcomers. “Who…?”

“You have outlived your usefulness…” Macnair drawled before he blasted the Minister with a killing curse.

The queen screamed as she watched the Muggle Minister float in midair amidst greenish glow before he was sent sprawling near her. She screamed more as she desperately pulled on the rope.

Arthur walked purposely toward the shrieking royalty even as more death eaters appeared out of thin air. Grimly, he pointed his wand at the woman.

“Your reign ends today, madam.” Arthur was about to release the killing curse when multiple pops sounded all around them. Arthur turned to see a wizard in green cloak shoots a violet spell against one of their death eater. He noticed the Dark Lord still down probably still feigning for the muggle security cameras.

Arthur turned just in time to raise a shield when Kingsley appeared in front of him, shooting a disarming spell that staggered Arthur.

“Stop this madness now, Arthur!” Kingsley shouted as he continued pounding on the Elder Weasley’s shield. All around them, Kingsley’s forces are dueling with the death eaters. “After all that they have done to your family, you still side with them? Wake up and join us!”

“You know nothing of what I have suffered.” Arthur said through gritted teeth as he sent a blasting curse at Kingsley who hastily deflected it. “What I had to sacrifice for my family…”

“This is not the way, Arthur.” Kingsley said. He glanced at the door turned stone. He needs to buy more time while the muggle security tries to break through the door. Despite the curses flying everywhere, he could hear the faint humming of a muggle equipment. “I can help you find Ginny and now George. You just need…”

Kingsley ducted when Yaxley showed up to reinforced Arthur.

“You should have not come here, Kingsley.” Yaxley sneered before he was blasted away by Cornelius Fudge, one of Kingsley’s newest recruit.

“It is over, Arthur.” Kingsley and Fudge pointed their wand at Arthur. “Look around you. My people have won this fight. In consideration for the friendship we had, I am asking you to walk away…disapparate…and remember that the next time we meet I will not be so lenient.”

“Win or lose, we have done our purpose here.” Arthur pointed at the camera mounted at the corner of the ceiling. “Today ends the masquerade. Today muggles will know their rightful place. They will know that they are not the superior race in this world…that they are nothing but lowlife…”

“What have you become?” Kingsley whispered as anger boiled inside him. He can no longer do anything about the camera. The muggles will surely release it to explain the reason for their Minister’s death. And he is too undermanned to erase all the memories of the muggle security forces probably watching them by now. “Harry would have been disappointed with you.”

“I’m simply doing my best in the situation Harry left us in.” Arthur turned to Fudge and nodded. “You really should choose you recruit well, Kingsley.”

“What…?” Kingsley turned to his companion just in time to receive in his face Fudge’s sleeping spell.

“Alive as promised.” Cornelius Fudge removed his bowler hat as he watch the black man fell on the floor unconscious.

“Macnair!” Arthur shouted as stepped pass his fallen former friend.

Macnair rushed to the window, shattering it with his beefy elbow.


Arthur knew, muggles outside will be shouting, panicking as they watch the dark mark slowly rise above the palace.

Multiple pops sounded once again inside the room as more death eaters, who have been waiting for the dark mark, apparated into the room. The rebels, seeing that their leader is down and that they are now outnumbered disapparated one by one. Some tried to reach Kingsley but were easily taken down by death eaters.

Arthur ignored them as he purposely walked toward the throne. With a gesture of his wand, the throne floated away to reveal a sobbing queen balled up on the floor.

“No…no…” The queen whispered in fear over and over again before Arthur pointed his wand and ended her misery.

“Well done, Arthur.” Thickness, one of the newcomers patted him on the back. “Well done.”

Arthur ignored him. Instead he stared at the camera still watching them.

“Check if Broderick is still alive…” Arthur pointed at the still fallen Dark Lord.

One of the death eaters smirked as he pretended to check the life sign of his Lord.

“He still lives.”

“Bring him out.” Arthur instructed. “He will be a witness to our strength. He will bring our message of supremacy to the muggles.” Arthur looked around. “And destroy this place while you are at it.”


At Godric Hollow’s cemetery, Luna Lovegood stretched and smiled as she looked down on Harry’s grave. She had been standing watched for two days and now she was slowly losing hope that her father might be wrong.

Until now…

Hope soared inside her heart once again as she watched the ground shifted and the tombstone slowly moved as if someone is trying to dig out under it.




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