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Kiss Me Again by heart_of_a_slytherin
Chapter 7 : Chapter Eight: Diagon Alley Part One
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 A/N:  So, omg I have so many reviews (okay only 34 but that’s a lot to me!)  THANKS SO MUCH TO ALL MY REVIEWERS!!!!!  Anyways, I just gave myself a Katniss braid, you know the side-dutch braid she had in the movie.  You can learn how by searching “katniss braid” on youtube.  Good Luck.  Sorry for the wait but here is Chapter 7!!!!  Read and Review  (By the way anything typed below like this in parenthesis is a note from moi!)


Chapter Seven: Diagon Alley Part One


(Chapter Image by ME!!)          


             When I awoke I was in Draco’s bedroom lying next to a warm body, which I assumed was Draco himself.  I couldn’t figure out why I felt the need to be somewhere else.  I gently sit up careful not to wake Draco up.  I look over at the alarm clock on the side table when I caught sight of Draco’s Hogwarts letter.  Suddenly it came to me.  DIAGON ALLEY!  ‘Oh my gosh, what time is it?’ I thought.  Glancing at the clock I saw that it was 11:00!  “OH MY GOODNESS!” I blurt out surprised. 

           “mmm...what’s wrong?” Draco mumbles drowsily.

           “It’s eleven o’ clock Draco!  We have to get up!”

           “Mmmm…alright.”  Draco sits up as well and flashes me a smirk, “What happened to ‘we have to leave at seven-thirty’?”

           “Oh shut up! Let’s go.” 

           “Alright,” Draco says as he stands up and pulls me up to my feet and apparates us to Diagon Alley.  I smile leaning against him for support while I get over the lurching in my stomach. 

           “Whoa there, you okay?”

           “Yeah I’m good.” 

           “Okay, so Gringotts?”

           “Yeah sure.”  We make our way to the regal looking white marble building which was Gringotts bank.  I smile at up at the building



           Hermione smiles up at the wizarding bank not at all noticing that I was lost in thought, mostly about her.  Her honey brown hair falls sleek and straight down her back and gleams when the sun hits it just right.  Her tan summer complexion glows, and her pink lips, believe me when I say I haven’t seen pinker lips anywhere, were as usual, full and tempting.  This was torture!  Especially when she smiled; her bright pearly white teeth glitter in the sunlight.  Why oh why couldn’t we have come here in the morning when there was no sunlight to make her shine, and no wind to toy with her hair?  I groan internally.  I was so lost in my thoughts and internal meltdown (sort of); I hadn’t even realized we were standing in front of the Gringotts counter and that the goblin, Grincelovanni (pronounced grin-shell-o-van-ee) was asking me what vault I was going to.

           “Oh, I’m sorry, vault number 3216,” I say slightly embarrassed.

           “And do you have the key to that vault?”  Grincelovanni asked me.

           “Uh yeah, it’s right here,” I assure him as I pull out my key from the back pocket of mine. 

           “Alright everything seems to be in order here. I’ll have Hendirvitch (pronounced Hen-dire-vitch) take you both to vaults 3216 and 7130,” Grincelovanni informs us before he leaves, most probably to get Hendirvitch.  I smile at Hermione who is looking at me with her eyebrows raised.


           “Nothing, you’re just always lost in thought lately.  Is something bugging you?” She asks genuinely concerned.

           I contemplated telling her that she was filling up all my thoughts.  Then I decided against it.

           “No, no I’m fine just thinking you know about…Hogwarts and well…”  It was at times like these I really liked my ability to lie smoothly. 

           “Okay, then.”

           “Uh Miss Granger, Master Malfoy (Fact: Did you know Master is what you call an unmarried man?)  This way please.”  A tiny goblin probably two and a half feet tall beckons us.  We follow him, oblivious to a certain redheads eyes following our every move.  (hmmm…who might that be?)


           Finally after quite a quick as lightning wild cart ride, Draco and I first stepped off at vault 3216.  Draco steps inside and fills his bag with galleons.  I step inside to take a look.  So it is true; Draco Malfoy is drowning in gold.  I’m not as rich as he is in wizarding money but I’m well off.  I live or well I used to live in a very large mansion courtesy of my daddy., until he and mum moved to Australia, and I moved in with Ron.  Draco and I step back onto the cart.  When I put my foot down I feel something beneath my foot and let out a screech.

           “What? What happened?” Draco asks.

           “I felt something beneath my foot.  Almost like someone else’s foot.”

           Draco bent down and felt the bottom of the cart and said, “I don’t feel anything, maybe you imagined it.”

           “I could swear it was real though.”  I stepped back onto the cart again and was pushed into Draco as the cart began to hurtle on its way.  He put an arm around my shoulders and I bury my face into his chest to keep from throwing up my breakfast which now seemed to have been ages ago.  That would explain why, I am hungry.  Finally, we arrive at vault 7130, my vault.  I hurriedly gather a bunch of galleons and shove them into my bag before Draco can see what I have hidden in here.  I push the both of us back into the cart and in an instant we are back in the Gringotts lobby.  Grincelovanni bows us out, and we nod to him politely, for one must always be polite with goblins. 

           “Where should we go first?” Draco muses.

           “Madame Malkin’s Robes for All?”

           “Seems like a good place to start.”  We walk hand in hand down to Madame Malkin’s, my skin tingling wherever it touches his.  As we enter the store a small chime plays for a couple of seconds.  Not long after the chime Madame Malkin appears.

           “Afternoon Dears, ah…Hogwarts?”

           “Yes,” I answer. 

           “Alright then, Master Malfoy my assistant Kendall will take you over there, Miss Granger come with me.

           “I’ll meet you at the counter.” Draco says before leaving.

           “Alright Dear, spit it out are you two dating?”

           “No!” I answer Madame Malkin while turning a nice shade of magenta.

           “Ah but you like him.”

           “No, he’s just a friend.”  If it were possible for me to turn even brighter red, then I probably did.

           “Your face tells a different story.”

           “Okay so I like him.  It doesn’t matter anyways, once we get to Hogwarts there will be many more girls prettier than me.”

           “Then in that case we have to make you uniform special.”

           “What do you mean?”

           “First we’ll shorten your skirt, then we’ll make your blouse and vest fitted, and then your robes will be skin tight.  Don’t you worry love, we’ll make you stunning.”

           “Uhh, Okay.”

           “Good.”  About half an hour later, I was wearing the world’s most form fitting and flattering uniform while remaining innocent looking, I wasn’t showing or revealing too much like Pansy, but I revealed more than I had in the past.

           “There you go Dear, you look absolutely amazing.”

           “Thank you!” I reach into my bag to fetch out some galleons.

           “It’s on the house Sweetheart, a thank you for helping Harry Potter save the world, least I could do.”

           “Thank you,” I say genuinely touched.

           “It’s nothing like I said, it’s the least I can do.”

           “Uh I should probably take these robes off.”

           “Leave ‘em on, I want to see his reaction.”

           “Okay,” I agree.



           “Hi Master Malfoy, I’m Kendall, the ‘assistant’,” Madame Malkin’s assistant began, “but really everyone knows she’s not giving me the junior manager job because she wants to surprise me with that for my twenty-first birthday, which is next year, so your looking at the future Junior Manager of Madame Malkin’s.”

           “Umm…well you sure are peppy.”

           “I know, I get that a lot, I feel if just one person can be happy throughout the hardest and or the easiest of times then he or she could make everyone around them happy. Bet you don’t meet a lot of guys into designing wizardwear huh?”

           “No I can’t say that I do.”

           “So, Hermione Granger huh?  Think you could set me up with her?” Kendall asks while I stand up on a stool and he begins to tailor my robes, while my uniform is magically ironing itself.

           “Excuse me?” I say raising my eyebrows.

           “You know, score me a date with her.”  I probably look ready to explode or kill someone right now.  That was probably why Kendall burst out laughing.

           “Dude, relax man, I’m only kidding, half!  She’s quite sexy don’t you think?”  I could feel my nostrils flaring.  “Haha, still only kidding.  Dude it’s so obvious you like her.  I can understand why; what I can’t understand is how she hasn’t even noticed yet!”

           “Look, I don’t mean to be rude or anything Mr. Future Junior Manager, but I do not think you’re all that bright.  I don’t like her, like that.  We’re just friends.”

           “Uh-huh, right, that smile you sent her was just friendly and walking hand in hand is just friendly.  Look I had a girlfriend who was so freaked that I was going to cheat on her she told me all the signs of a guy liking a girl so that I’d know not to use them on girls I only liked as a friend.  Of course she ended up dumping me so….yeah.”

           “You talk too much.  And you’re daft.  I. DON”T. LIKE. HER. THAT. WAY.  Get it through your thick skull.”

           “Man, just admit it.”

           “Fine, I like her!”

           “Good, now what are you going to do about it?”

           “Nothing,” I answer truthfully.

           Kendall shakes his head, “Well then you’ll just have to watch as someone else gets her.”

           “Whatever, you done yet?”

           “Yup, you’re all set.  Let’s go ring you up.”  I walk behind Kendall who suddenly screeches to a halt and I almost bump into him.

           “Whoa, what happened Kendall?”  I look around him to find Hermione leaning against the counter chatting with Madame Malkin looking absolutely hot!  Damn!  Her new uniform and robes fit her like a second skin, showing off many curves that look so damn perfect and tempting.  I silently thank father for teaching me to not show my emotions on my face and cheerfully say, “Hey Hermione.”

           “How do you do that?” Kendall asks me in a fierce whisper.

           “Do what?” I whisper-ask back.

           “Keep your face void of emotion,” He mutters.

           “Practice,” I answer flashing him a cheeky smile.

           “Oh hey Draco, you ready to go? I’m starving.”  Hermione flashed him her dazzling smile again.  Damn you! Witch!  How can your smile affect me so much? 

           “Uh yeah Kendall here just needs to ring me up.”  Then noticing that Kendall hadn’t moved; I waved a hand in front of his face and then added, “uh…once he returns to reality that is.”  Hermione and Madame Malkin laugh.  Hermione’s soft, delicate,  and fluttery and Madame Malkin’s gentle and sweet.

           “Oh I know what to do!” Hermione cheers.  She walks over to Kendall and is standing right in front of him.  Batting her eyelashes a bit she asks, “Hi Kendall I’m Hermione, oh silly me you already know that.  Have you been working here long?  I bet you have with all the skills you show, I mean I bet you could ring Draco up in a second.  Don’t you?  I mean it isn’t a competition but if it were you’d probably win.”  At this point she brings in the dazzling smile and continues, “You know I’ve never seen a guy design wizardwear, you’re truly one of a kind.  Keep up all the great work.  I bet Madame Malkin will promote you in no time.”  Madame Malkin is smiling and definitely approves of Hermione’s acting skills, plus while Hermione’s been rambling Kendall has ringed up my purchase and I just received my change.

           “Here you go Draco.  Miss Granger-“

           “Oh call me Hermione, and I knew you could ring us up in a second! Thanks buh-bye!  Bye Madame Malkin!”

           “Bye Dears!”  Hermione and I step outside of Madame Malkin’s store, me with a scowl on my face.

           “What’s wrong Draco?”


           “Is it about what happened in there, because I was just acting.”

           “That’s just it Hermione, you were acting.  Were you merely acting around me too?”

           “No, I-How could you think that? What do mean? I was just messing with him a little.  He doesn’t even know me!  Draco what are you asking me?”

           I took a deep breath, “Hermione, I don’t want to hurt you, and please don’t take this the wrong way, but all this time we’ve been spending together, was it all a lie?  Were you acting?”

           “WHAT? No, Draco, I wasn’t acting around you.  Oh my gosh, this entire time that we’ve been hanging out, I’ve finally  been able to be myself and be able to connect with someone.  You know Harry and…Ron can’t even keep up a conversation with me without the use of a dictionary.”

           “I’m sorry Hermione, I don’t know what made me think that!  Okay we’re good right?”

           “Yeah, yeah we’re good,” she smiles up at me and I pull her against me laying my arm around her shoulders.



           We continued to shop, buying all our supplies and catching lunch at 1:00.  Now that we’ve finally finished our shopping, Draco and I were sitting in Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour sharing a banana split sundae, laughing, and joking when I caught sight of someone familiar outside staring directly at us.  He didn’t look pleased.  He walks inside and is heading towards us.

I turn to Draco and say, "...kiss!"  And he obliges. 

A/N: So who do you think this mystery person is?  Leave a review and lemme know what you think.  I wrote an extra long one for you guys!  Mwah love all of my reviews especially LILY who reviewed on every chapter!  Love you girl!  Mwah!  Hugs and kisses to all my  readers.  Thanks for sticking with me even though I take forever to write and update and also write very short chapters.

Love, Zee

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