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Off Limits by frini19
Chapter 5 : Word Vomit, Jealousy and Manipulation
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For the next few days, I couldn't help but get excited for the fake date with Michael. I didn't like him in any way beyond friends, but if I had to pick someone to go on a date with, even a fake one, Michael would be high on the list.

He'd probably be second, the first one being Teddy.

"You're going to Hogsmeade with Michael?" Jason asked me Friday night in the common room.

"Yeah," I said, looking up from my Charms book. "I don't like him that way, but Michael just wants to see if maybe I could. I figured it was a good idea. Who knows, maybe there are some feelings I've just never noticed before."

Michael and I came up with our lie the day that we agreed to go together. He figured that it was better than just saying, "I'm going with him to make my best friend's boyfriend jealous and hopefully he'll dump her for me because I'm really in love with him."

That might be a tad awkward to say.

"Are you sure that's a good idea, Tor?" Jason asked. "It sounds like you're leading him on."

"Jason, I know you care about him and so do I," I said. "And that was my primary concern of this. But he told me that I should just go with it so that he can see if I'm even worth liking."

Jason sighed. "Fine, but whatever you do, please don't hurt him."

"I don't want to hurt him," I said, quietly. "Just trust me Jas, please?"

"Okay," Jason said quietly. "Since we cleared that out of the way, would care to tell me something else?"

"Depends on what it is," I said, moving my book to my other leg.

"What's the deal with Lupin?" He asked me, trying to catch my eye. I looked down at my book and was determined not to look up at him. "One day, it seems like he's into you and about to kiss you in the Quidditch locker room, the next he's Gabrielle's new victim. What gives?"

I shrugged. "I've been trying to figure that out myself."

"He's just a tool," Jason said and I nudged him with my foot. "I'm sorry Tor, I know you like the dude but he's a tool for leading you on only to date Gabrielle later."

"He's not a tool," I said. "And I don't like him!"

Jason smirked at me. "Right." He looked toward the Portrait and stood up quickly. "I'd love to stay but I got to finish that Potions essay."

"Okay," I said warily, confused by his quick exit. "Bye."

He nearly ran up to his dorm and I looked toward the door to see what had scared him off.

I don't blame him for running.

Teddy and Gabrielle were walking in, Gabrielle holding onto his arm as if her life depended on it and talking his ear off. Teddy looked around the common room as if looking for someone to distract him. His eyes landed on me and he tried to catch my eye but I pretended to be too engrossed in my Charms book to notice.

Ha. Me engrossed in Charms. I hate Charms.

I just don't want to talk to Teddy right now.

I hadn't talked to him since Sunday, when I told him Gabrielle said all those nasty things to me and he stayed with her. I didn't know what to say to him, "Hey, you're still with that bitch I call a best friend?"

That'd be awkward.

Maybe if I continue to pretend to read my Charms then they won't talk to me.

Come on Merlin. Just do this one thing for me.

This one tiny thing. Find some compassion in your heart and help me out here.



Or not that's cool too.

"Hey Tor!" Gabrielle said, pulling Teddy down on the couch with her. Unfortunately, he ended up sitting next to me, with Gabrielle on his other side, something I did not enjoy.

I don't want to be near him.

He's The Rat Bastard.

"Hey guys," I said, putting on a fake smile and pulling my feet closer to me so they weren't near Teddy. "What's up?"

"Oh nothing," Gabrielle said. "We were just trying to figure out what to do for our date to Hogsmeade tomorrow. I'm so excited, it's our first trip there as a couple!"

"Sounds exciting!" I said, faking excitement. I stood up, determined to leave and continue my (not) studying of Charms in the dorm. "I'm sure you two will figure it out."

"Where are you going?" Gabrielle asked. "Please stay. I feel like I haven't talked to you in forever! Don't you agree, Teddy? You said something about how you haven't seen her around this week."

"Yeah, she was always busy when I tried to talk to her," Teddy said, more to Gabrielle than to me. He had tried to talk to me, tried to explain what the hell happened, but I always ended up walking away or pretended to be doing something when I actually wasn't. He knew I was avoiding him and I'm sure he knew why I was avoiding him to.

Because I liked him and he was dating my best friend but he called me beautiful.


"Please just stay and talk to us," Gabrielle begged.

"I don't know I really should read this," I said, slowly backing away from them.

"It's Friday night!" Gabrielle huffed. She slumped down in the couch before jumping up again. "I know! You can just hang out in Hogsmeade with us tomorrow!"

Oh, fuck no.

And just for Merlin's laugh of the day, I backed straight up into a first year, fell over him, pulled him down with me and somehow his hand ended up on my boob.

I tried to ignore the fact that this is the farthest that I've ever gotten with a boy.

"Hey, get your hands off her," Teddy said, as he was suddenly right by my side. He pulled the first year roughly off me before leaning down next to me. "You okay, Vic?" He whispered quietly to me.

"I'm fine," I said and sat up. I looked back at the couch and saw that Gabrielle was still there, talking to some bloke who was vying for her attention.

What a wonderful, caring friend I have.

"Here," Teddy said and put his hand out to pull me up. I grudgingly took it and let go quickly, ignoring the tingling feeling.

We stood in an awkward silence, something we had never had done before. Teddy and I weren't awkward with each other, ever. He had known me since I was born and there had never been a time when we felt awkward.

Until now.

"You're ignoring me aren't you?"

Teddy broke the silence and looked at me, expecting an answer. I figured the best way to give him an answer was to continue ignoring him.

"I'll take that as a yes," he said, running a hand through his sandy hair. "Can I ask why?"

For whatever reason, this infuriated me. He doesn't know why I'm not speaking to him?!

"You don't know why I'm not speaking to you?" I asked in a harsh tone but keeping my voice low so others couldn't hear. "Well maybe it's because you're a tool who called me beautiful, nearly kissed me, started dating my best friend, called her a bitch when I told you everything she said to me, and then ditched out on family breakfast to stay with her."

"I'm sorry I didn't dump her like you wanted me to, but I don't live to please you," Teddy said, his tone matching mine.

"I don't want you to do anything," I said, ignoring the fact that I was blatantly lying. I wanted him to something. I wanted him to kiss me and dump Gabrielle. But that's beside the point. "I just don't understand how you can say that she doesn't deserve to be in my life and call her a total bitch yet still be with her."

"That's my business," Teddy said. "Who I date is my business."

"Of course it is," I said. "I never said it wasn't, I just don't understand it."

"It's not your job to understand it," Teddy growled. "Why do you care who I date anyway?"

"Why do I care?!" I asked him. "Maybe I care because not only are you dating someone my age but you're dating my best friend. I care because I've known you since I was born and you are one of my closest friends. I care because I've liked you since I was about two, something you remain totally oblivious about even though everyone else seems to know it!"

Teddy looked at me with wide eyes and I realized what I just said.


Rewind. Backtrack.

Did I just tell him that I like him?


"You like me?" Teddy asked me quietly.

Oh Merlin.

Why did I have to word vomit so much?!

"Um," I said.

Wow. I'm so articulate.

"Ted, Victoire get back over here!" Gabrielle called us and I swiftly walked past Teddy and to an armchair that I could sit alone in. Teddy soon followed, a dazed look and slight smile on his face. "Anyway, Tor would you like to join us for lunch tomorrow?"

Teddy still looked happily dazed as he stared at the coffee table, his smile getting slightly bigger little by littler.

Is it necessary for me to be concerned? Because I'm concerned.

"I can't," I said, looking at Gabrielle but keeping Teddy in my peripheral vision. "I'm going on a date with Michael."

"What?!" Teddy said loudly, snapping out of his dazed mood to look up at me, his eyes filled with fire.

"Aw!" Gabrielle said, clearly unaffected by her boyfriend's sudden change in mood. "That's so cute!"

"Since when are you dating him?" Teddy asked me, harshly.

"I'm not dating him," I said, picking at the spine of my Charms book. "We're just going on one date."

"When did you guys decide to go on a date then?" Teddy asked me and I couldn't help but think that maybe he was jealous.

Maybe mine and Michael’s plan was working already.

"Oh Teddy, don't go all older brother on her," Gabrielle said, hitting his chest playfully. Gabrielle believed his was being an older brother but, maybe this was my wishful thinking, he seemed jealous. He seemed like he was ready to go and tear Michael's head off.

"I'm not being an older brother!" Teddy yelled, and I knew it was the werewolf part of him that was causing his temper to become so bad. "I'm just saying that she could do a lot better!"

"Michael's a good guy!" Gabrielle defended. "Besides it's not like anyone else seems to be jumping at the chance to date her."


Love you too, Gabs.

"I can think of a guy who would jump at the chance to date her," Teddy said, quietly.

"Who? Maybe the four of us can double date!" Gabrielle said, very excited about the fact that someone wants to date me.

However, when Teddy looked into my eyes, I knew that there was no way that we could double date.

Because the guy Teddy was talking about was himself.


"Michael!" I said, running up to his dorm and swinging the door open. "Michael!"

"Yeah?" Michael asked and I saw that he was already in his bed, reading.

I ran over to his bed and jumped onto it, ignoring the fact that he was shirtless. "It's working!"

"What's working?" Michael asked, sitting up completely in his bed.

"The plan!" I said. "He's jealous!"

Michael smiled. "I told you it would work! Just wait until tomorrow. He'll be so jealous that he'll be running into your arms."

"Thank you!" I said, hugging him. "Thank you so much!"

"No problem," he said and let me go. He sighed. "Damn, I always hoped that when you'd be up here and I'd be shirtless we'd be on our way to doing it."

I smacked his arm. "That's a gross thought."

"I'm a teenage boy, what do you expect?" Michael said. "But since you're here..."


"Can't we just go to second?"


"Fine. Can we just kiss then?"

"No. You're a great guy but I'm not letting you have my first kiss so you can fulfill some fantasy."

"A kiss on the cheek?"

"Not even that."

"Damn. Next time I like someone I'm liking a slut because liking a prude sucks."


"Ow, don't hit me!"

"I'm not that a prude!"

"You won't jump into bed with me, I would say that's a prude."

"I have morals, there's a difference."



"Ow, stop hitting me Tor!"

"You deserved it assface."

"I don't know how Lupin has dealt with you for so long."

"He's not an assface."

"Or because he loves you."

"That's not true."

"Then why are you turning red?"

I buried my face in my hands. I hate it when he's right.


"Tor, get up we have to get you ready for your date!"

"No," I said, ignoring Gabrielle's request. I buried my head into my pillow to hide my face from the light.

"Tor, I'm giving you a minute before I get you out of bed by pure force."

Ha. I'd like to see her try to get me out of bed.

She might break a nail.

I was quickly falling back into the deep sleep I was in before Gabrielle decided it was an appropriate time to get up.

Goodnight world.

I will see you yonder.

I was slipping out of consciousness when I was pulled out of bed and landed on the ground, my covers wrapped around me.

"I told you I'd get you up," Gabrielle said, smiling triumphantly.

I looked up at her from the ground and glared at her. "What time is it?"

"It's 9 o'clock," Gabrielle said, checking her hair in the mirror. "I've been up since 7 getting ready for my date so I could get you ready for yours."

9 o'clock?!?!?!?!?!

Why did she have to get me up so freaking early?!

"Gabs, let me sleep," I said, getting comfortable on the ground. What? My bed was too far away. "It's too early to be up. Besides I still would need to go to breakfast before I get ready."

"First, it isn't that early," Gabrielle said, walking over to me. "And second, you can't eat anything because you overslept. It's going to take a while to get you ready."

"What?!" I said, shooting up from my tangle of covers. "What do you mean I can't eat?"

"You overslept! If you got up earlier, even an hour ago, you'd be able to eat but now it's just too late," Gabrielle said. She grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the tangle of covers. "Get in the shower while I figure out an outfit for you to wear."


"No buts," Gabrielle said. "Get in the shower."

I grudgingly walked over to the bathroom and got into the shower. I tried to ignore how annoyed I was that I didn't get to eat.

I like eating.

Eating is my life.

I'll probably die of starvation because I won't get to eat.

Thank Merlin Michael understands that I need to eat and won't be disgusted when I inhale 500 pounds of food.

He's such a good friend.

Unlike some people.

*Cough* Gabrielle *Cough*

I got out the shower and put my PJ's back on and walked back out to the dorm, dreading whatever slaggy outfit Gabrielle picked for my "date" with Michael.

Let's face it, we're probably going to go to the Quidditch pub and eat everything in sight while watching a Quidditch game.

Bros for life, yo.

Except not since, I'm a girl and all.

"Oh good you're out of the shower," Gabrielle said. She had three outfits on Madison's bed as she waved me over. "Come and look at some outfit options."

"Where's Madison?" I asked as I approached Gabrielle.

"She went down to breakfast and said that her and Aaron were going to go down to the Village after," Gabrielle said. "She isn't as good of a friend as I am, since she didn't want to help you on your big day."

Yeah, sure Gabrielle you're a much better friend that Madison. That's why you constantly belittle me.

"Okay, so just pick whatever outfit you like," Gabrielle said. "They all look great on you but you never wear them. So I figured now is as good of a time as any."

I looked down at the outfits Gabrielle put out and, as much as I hate to admit it, they weren't bad. They were outfits I never would have put together myself.

"Isn't it a little cold to wear a skirt?" I asked Gabrielle, feeling the fabric. It was by far my favorite outfit but the fact that it was starting to snow made me hesitant to wear it. The top was fine, a long sleeve shirt with a nice jacket and scarf but the cotton skirt that barely made it to my mid-thigh would be very chilly.

"Which is why you would wear these," Gabrielle said, pulling out some tights. "And these boots." She kicked a pair of tan Uggs that were by her feet. "And if you are still too cold then we can put a warming charm on the tights."

"Okay," I said, grabbing the clothes. "I'll wear this."

Gabrielle squealed and shooed me over to my side of the room so I could change while she put the other outfits away and decided how to do my make up and hair. When I finished changing, I looked in the mirror and was shocked by what I saw. I looked like a girl. Granted, my hair was a mess and I wasn't wearing any make up (yet. I'm sure Gabrielle was going to cake my face with that stuff) but the outfit alone made me look more feminine than I have looked in a long time.

My mother would be proud of me.

"Alright come sit down," Gabrielle said, setting up a chair in front of the vanity. I sat down and Gabrielle looked me over. "Do you have any preference of hair or make up?"

"I guess now," I said, shrugging. "I just don't want to look too different."

Gabrielle squeezed my shoulders. "Don't worry. You'll look like the same old, wonderful Victoire."

I smiled as Gabrielle started using her wand to ad soft waves to my hair. Even if she had been terrible to me, I couldn't help but think that maybe she was a better friend than I gave her credit for.

And because of that, I couldn't help but feel a little guilty because of why I was going on this date.

I was trying to make my best friend's boyfriend jealous.

Gabrielle wasn't the bad friend.

I was.


Gabrielle stayed true to her promise and made sure that I didn't look too different. My hair was still wavy, but she made it so that my entire hair was equally wavy and looking like I actually put an effort into my hair. She didn't put much make up on me, just a bit of mascara and eyeliner that, she said, brought out my eyes.

"Okay, go look in the full length mirror," she said. I did as I was told and looked at my reflection.

I was shocked.

I looked pretty.

But I still looked like me.

"Wow," I said, turning towards Gabrielle. "Thank you."

"It's no problem," Gabrielle said. She looked down and started playing with her hands. "I know I haven't exactly been the nicest person to you lately," she said quietly. "I have said some pretty screwed up stuff. And I'm sorry. None of it was true was horrible of me to say."

"Oh," I said, shocked by this. Where was this coming from?

"Teddy told me that he found you after I said all of that to you last week," she said, looking up at me. "He said he didn't know it was me until Sunday but last night he told me what it did to you. How upset you were. I guess this...this is me trying to show you how sorry I am because of that." She held my gaze, her eyes intense. "I didn't mean it. You are amazing and beautiful and some guy will be lucky to have you someday. You are honestly the most beautiful person I've ever seen Tor, and I guess I was jealous."

"Why would you be jealous of me?" I asked her quietly. It made no sense to me. Gabrielle was perfect and, sure her family life wasn't great, but she was still way better than I was. People flocked to her, everyone wanted to be her friend, every guy wanted to be with her.

"Because you're you, Tor," she said simply. "You are this amazing person who has the purest heart and a family that loves her. You don't even try and you are more beautiful than most girls even dream of being. Myself included. You are totally oblivious to the amount of guys who would love to take you on a date and fawn all over you. You never do anything wrong and you're're one of the best people in my life."

"That's not true," I said quietly. And it wasn't. The best people don't hope that their best friend's boyfriend would dump them.

Gabrielle smiled. "You're modest as hell too." She walked over and hugged me. "I'm sorry I said it. I didn't mean it."

"It's okay," I said quietly as she pulled away. "Thanks for helping me get ready."

"No problem," she said quietly. "Michael is a lucky guy." She looked at the clock. "It's 11, you should get down there. If you see Teddy tell him to give me 20 minutes."

"Okay," I said. She walked into the bathroom and I couldn't help but feel totally guilty for feeling the way I did for her boyfriend.

I walked down to the Common Room and saw Michael standing in the middle of the Common Room with Teddy. They were talking and I saw Michael laugh as James came up and joined their conversation.

"Hey," I said as I approached the three boys.

"Toire!" James said and ran over and hugged my legs.

"Hey Jamsie," I said, patting his head. I grabbed his hand and walked over to where Michael and Teddy stood, both of them looking at me like they didn't recognize me.

"Gabrielle said to give her a few minutes," I said to Teddy before turning to Michael. "Hey Michael." I pulled him into a hug.

"Shit, Tor, you're really not making this whole getting over you thing easy," Michael whispered in my ear and I laughed and pulled away.

"Toire," James said, pulling on my shirt. I looked down at him. "Is he your boyfriend?" He pointed at Michael.

I made eye contact with Michael and smiled at him, laughing because we both knew that that wouldn't happen.

"Nope," I said to James and he instantly broke out into a grin.

"Good," he said and moved to hold Teddy's hand in his free one. "Because then you two can get married."

Oh wow, awkwardness.

"Teddy has a girlfriend, remember?" I asked James.

He frowned and looked at Teddy. "You're an assface."

"James!" I said. Michael was laughing and I swatted him with my free hand. "Don't call him that."

"Why?" James asked. "He is. He's not breaking up with his girlfriend even though he's in love with you."

I looked at Teddy and saw that he had a slight pinkish tint on his cheeks.

We matched.

"How do you know that? Don't you have your own love life to worry about?" Teddy asked and knelt down to James' level. "I saw you trip Annalise. That's not a way to a girl's heart."

"Shut up, Ted," James said, pulling his hands out of mine and Teddy's. "I don't like her. She's a Slytherin."

"I don't know," Teddy said. "You seem pretty smitten to me. Why don't we ask Freddy?" Teddy looked around. "Oi! Fred get over here!"

Freddy waddled over and looked at Teddy. "What?"

"Does James like Annalise?" Teddy asked him.

Freddy broke out into a cheeky grin. "He fancies the shit out of her."

"Freddy! Language!" I said.

I am appalled at my cousin’s language.

Where did they learn to talk like that?

Hey, don’t look at me like that.

It’s not my fault.

However he didn't hear me because James started hitting him, claiming that he didn't like Annalise. Whoever she was.

Teddy stood up and watched James chase Freddy around the Common Room.

"Who's Annalise?" I asked him, causing him to look at me.

"A girl that James has a crush on," he said. "He's being a typical Potter male about it to. Harry told me what his dad was like with his mum, even showed me some of Snape's memories, and James is no different from his namesake."

"Well then, hopefully it works out for James eventually," I said, adjusting my shirt. I turned to Michael. "You ready?"

"Yeah," Michael said and grabbed my hand. "You look great by the way."

I smiled. "Thanks." I turned toward Teddy. "Bye Ted."

Teddy looked down at mine and Michael's hands before looking back up at me. "Bye Vic. Have a good time." He turned away and looked back at the entrance to the girl's dorms, seeing if Gabrielle was coming down yet.

She wasn't.

"You ready?" Michael asked me when we were outside of the Common Room. "You ready to make your man crazy jealous so that he'll come running to you, confessing his love for you?"

"I don't know if this is a good idea anymore," I said and Michael abruptly stopped.

"What did she say to you?" Michael asked me forcibly. "Last night you were all set to go forth with this mighty plan and now you aren't." Michael looked me in the eye. "What did she say?"

"Nothing bad," I said. "She said sorry for all those things she said to me last week. Teddy told her how I reacted and she said that she felt bad and that none of it was true."

"What else did she say?" Michael asked me. I was about lie and say nothing but then he interrupted me. "Don't lie to me and say she didn't say anything else. I know she did because otherwise you wouldn't be backing out, just because she said sorry."

I sighed and looked down the hall, making sure she didn't suddenly appear. "She said she was jealous of me. She said that I never do anything wrong and was one of the best people in her life. How can I be one of the best people in her life if I try to take away her boyfriend?"

"Damn," Michael said. "Even when she isn't trying to manipulate you she still does one hell of a job."

"What do you mean?" I asked him.

Michael looked down the hall and pulled me behind a broom closet at the sound of Gabrielle's voice.

"What I mean," he said quietly as Gabrielle's voice came closer. "Is that she can manipulate the shit out of you. She's right, you are a good person, so good that you should be a Hufflepuff. And she knows that. So she said that and maybe she meant it, but in the end, she said it because she knew that if you thought she felt that way you would never betray her."

I took in what Michael was saying and looked up at him. "You're saying she was subconsciously manipulating me?"

"That's what I think," Michael said. "Now, she doesn't know that we're only going on this date to piss Teddy off. But she has amazing timing. You're really the only person she has at her will. Madison refuses to be manipulated by her, therefore they don't get along. She doesn't even try to manipulate any of the guys because she knows that we don't put up with her shit. You're the only person who she knows she has in the palm of her hand. And you need to fight it."

"How?" I asked. "By betraying her? By ruining our friendship because of a boy?"

"I'm not saying that," Michael said. "I'm saying fight for what you want. Don't let her win. You want Teddy, you've wanted him for years. Why should she get him? You know her, she's just going to manipulate the hell out of him. For once, fight for what you want Tor, fight against her."

I nodded. He was right. I needed to fight for what I want.

I wanted Teddy.

And I wasn't about to go down without a fight.

I heard Gabrielle's voice, closer to the broom cupboard than before.

"I'm going to fight," I whispered to him. "But I need your help."

"Anything," Michael said.

"Glad you said that," I said and reached up and unbuttoned the first few buttons of his shirt. He looked at me with a confused face. "This probably won't help you get over me, but you said you'd do anything."

"I'm starting to wonder if that was a good idea."

"Shut up," I said. I pushed him up against the wall. "Kiss my neck."


"Just do it!"

Gabrielle's voice was right outside. Michael started kissing my neck, and I grabbed his hair, acting like this was exactly what I wanted.

I released one of my hands and pushed a broom down, the sound of it hitting the ground loud and obvious.

"What the hell was that?" I heard Teddy ask from outside.

Michael kept kissing my neck and worked his way up to my jaw. "This would be better if I had my hand under your shirt," he whispered.

"Keep it on the stomach," I said. "If it goes any higher you're going to wish you had never been born."

"Prude," he said and slipped his hand under my shirt. "Come on I can't do all the work."

I glared at him and started kissing his neck. He groaned.

"Ted, just ignore it, people make out in there all the time," Gabrielle whined.

"It's against school policy," Teddy said and I heard him grab the door handle.

I jumped onto Michael and wrapped my legs around him, his hand supporting me (he was grabbing my ass. He's so dead) while one remained under my shirt. I started sucking his neck, hoping to give him a hickey.

I was going to milk this for all it was worth.

Teddy had better be so fucking jealous after this.

The door opened and, just for Teddy, I started kissing Michael's jaw line.

"What the fuck?!" Teddy yelled. I pulled away from Michael and he stopped holding me, causing me to fall on the ground.


I looked up at Michael and saw that his hair was a mess, the first few buttons of his shirt were down and he had a bruise on the side of his neck.

He looked thoroughly snogged.

Even though we didn't snog at all.


I looked over at Teddy and saw the exact look I wanted to see.

He was jealous and looked like he was about to kill Michael.

Double win.


"I can't believe you actually gave me a hickey," Michael said as we walked around the village.

I shrugged. "You told me to fight. I figured that I would go all out."

"All out without kissing me on the lips," Michael said. "You do know you're supposed to have your first kiss and then give people hickeys right? You not doing this the normal way."

"I'm part werewolf and part Veela," I said. "What about me is normal?"

"True," he said. "But now I have a hickey from the girl I'm trying to get over while trying to help her get the guy of her dreams." He frowned. "Nothing about this situation is normal."

I smiled and put my arm around Michael's shoulders. "But that's what makes it something we would do."

"I guess," he ruffled his hair. "I guess it's better to have a hickey than a black eye. I shouldn't have decided to help make a part werewolf jealous. After today, I'm a little scared."

Teddy reacted exactly how we wanted him to. He blew up and nearly killed Michael. He event tried to escort me back to the Common Room but Gabrielle insisted that I go on the date. She still believed that he was acting as if he were a big brother to me. She didn't know that mine and Teddy's relationship had never been like that. No matter how close we were, we were never siblings to each other. The only reason Teddy let me go was because Gabrielle pointed out that he was acting jealous. He froze up then, looked at me, shook his head and then decided it was time to go.

So basically, he was jealous.

And mine and Michael's plan was working.

We sat down on a bench outside of one of the shops.

"I'm sorry," I said to him and looped my arm through his. "Hopefully after today you won't need to help me anymore. I know that was a bitch move I pulled." I rested my head on his shoulder. "I'm really sorry. This was supposed to help you get over me and I forced you to pretend to hook up with me."

"Nah, that was fine," Michael said. "It made me not want to hook up with you since you'd probably be way to controlling." He smirked down at me.

I punched him in the arm.

"You're such an asshole," I said.

"Yeah but without me, you would be lost," he said.

I thought about that. If I didn't have him, then this fake date wouldn't have happened. I wouldn't know that Gabrielle has been manipulating me and tried to continue to do so. I never would have decided to fight for what I want.

"Yeah, I would be," I said with a smile and put my head back on his shoulder.

We sat in silence for a little while and just people watched. There were people all over the place, kids running around and adults hurrying off to do adult things. Yet Michael and I just sat there, not talking.

I almost drifted of to sleep when he said, "Hey Tor?"


"I want you to be happy," he said, quietly, looking down at the ground. "And I know that you won't be happy with anyone else but him. The guy- fuck I hate admitting this- but the guy is the best guy for you. I know that if you tried to be with someone else you could be happy but in the end, you'd always be thinking of him. So I don't care how much it hurts me, I'm going to make sure you get him. As long as you make sure that you'll help me get my perfect girl."

I stared at his profile and felt sad for him almost. He was perfect and I knew that if there were ever a girl that was worth him, she would be the luckiest girl alive to have him.

I wasn't worth him. I wasn't even close, which is why I knew we wouldn't work. We were too good of friends and he was much better than I was. He would never do what I was doing, he would never steal someone away from someone else.

"Merlin, of course I will," I whispered. "You're my best friend. Probably more of a best friend than Madison and Gabrielle combined. You're doing all this for me. I'm going to find you your perfect girl even if it kills me. But in my opinion, no girl will ever be good enough for you. I don't know many other guys who would willingly put their lives in danger by helping the girl they like get the guy she likes. Even if this fails and blows up in our faces, I promise you, I will get you your perfect girl."

Michael looked at me and smiled. "It's not worth it. Liking you, it isn't worth it. Because I wouldn't trade this, our friendship, for a relationship with you. No matter what. I don't want to lose this."

I smiled at him. "Neither do I."

"Let's pinky promise it," he said. "Pinky promise that our friendship is more important than ever having a relationship with each other."

"Okay," I said, I was about to put my pinky with his but I held my hand back. "But on one condition. The only time we will ever do anything even slightly romantic is if we are both over 40 and unmarried. And then, we will marry each other so that we don't die alone."

Michael laughed. "Okay."

We pinkied it.

"So when do you think lover boy will do it?" Michael asked, stretching out on the bench. "How long do you think it will take him to dump her?"

"I don't know," I said. I tried to button up my coat but my hands were in mittens and it was far to cold to take them off.

Michael studied me. "You really like him, don't you?"

I gave up trying to button my buttons and looked up at him. "Yeah. I really do. He's the only guy that I've ever liked this much."

Michael nodded. "I think he feels the same way about you."

"I hope so," I said.

But Merlin, as he loved to do, decided to prove me wrong.

I saw Gabrielle pull Teddy out of the Three Broomsticks. They were laughing and looked like they were having a great time. Gabrielle tried to run away but Teddy grabbed her around the waist and kissed her neck, his classic big smile on his face. Gabrielle moved around in his arms, giggling the entire time and kissed him.

That's when I felt my heart drop.

Michael noticed me staring and turned around.

They kissed for a while but it wasn't like how they normally kissed. For one, they weren't snogging. It was a simple kiss. But for once Teddy didn't look like he was annoyed or cringing.

He looked happy.

The jealousy weld up inside me. She shouldn't get to make him happy. It's not fair.

I liked him first.

"You okay?" Michael asked me, placing a hand on my arm.

I stood up and started walking toward the castle, which, unfortunately, was in the direction that Gabrielle and Teddy were.

"Whoa, Tor," Michael said as he stepped in front of me. He saw the tears in my eyes. "Hey, it'll be okay."

"He likes her," I said quietly. "He really likes her and I...I can't."

Michael put his hands on my arms and moved them up and down soothingly. "It's okay, we'll get it, okay? You have to fight for him, you have to fight against her-"

"We forgot something very important," I said, looking up at him. "We forgot that Teddy is in this too. We forgot that he could have feelings for her and not me. We forgot the most important factor." A tear fell. "We're fooling ourselves if we think that we can get him to like me."

I started to walk around him but he grabbed my hand. "No we're not. I promised you, Tor, and you're going to get him-"

"Michael," I said. "I love you for promising me that. I really do. But..." I looked over at them. They were holding each other and talking and stealing kisses. "But they're happy. He likes her. I lost."

Michael looked like he wanted to argue more with me but decided against it. "Okay, at least let me go with you," he said. I looked into his eyes and saw that they were full of worry.

"No," I said. "I know you care but I just need to be alone."

Michael let go of my hand and nodded. "Alright. Just find me when you're done with your alone time okay?"

I smiled, despite the fact that I felt like my heart was ripped to shreds. "I will."

I turned and walked up to the castle.

Against my better judgment, I looked at Teddy as I passed. I saw that his eyes were on me and seemed to be asking me if I was okay.

I put my head down and continued walking to the castle as fast as I could before I could start crying.


I sat in the Astronomy tower, overlooking the grounds. I came up here right after I got back from Hogsmeade and just broke down.

I felt pathetic for crying over a boy.

I had been up there almost an hour before he found me.

"Vic?" Teddy asked, walking into the room. I was sitting on one of the steps that overlooked the grounds.

I looked up at him and quickly looked away. "Hey Ted. How'd you find me?"

He came and sat down next to me. "The Map."

I nodded.

Again, we sat in an awkward silence. I didn't have anything to say to him. He's the one who came here, so he was the one who was supposed to talk first.

"You okay?" he asked me. "Do I need to beat Michael up?"

"No," I said. "He's not the issue."

"So what is?"

I laughed a little when he said that. Was he really that dense? I told him I liked him last night and I just had to see him be all cutesy and sickening with his girlfriend.

Gee, I wonder why I would be so upset.

I stood up, suddenly infuriated. "Nothing," I said sharply. "Why don't you just go back to your little girlfriend and stop worrying about me?"

"So that's what this is about," Teddy said, ruffling his hair.

"Of course that's what this is about, Ted!" I yelled. "What else could it be about?"

"I don't know," Teddy said, standing up. "All I know is last night you told me you liked me and then today you were hooking up in a broom cupboard with Michael!"

"I wasn't hooking up with him!" I yelled.

"It sure looked that way," he yelled back.

"We were trying to make you jealous!" I yelled. "We pretended to hook up and pretended to go on a date because we bloody wanted to make you jealous! I still haven't had my bloody first kiss yet!"

"You were trying to make me jealous?" Teddy asked, in his normal voice.

"Of fucking course!" I yelled at him. "But it didn't work, since you clearly are too into Gabrielle to care about me!" I started walking toward the door. "This whole thing was a horrible idea since I ended losing again and I hope you know that she's just going to manipulate the shit out of you! I don't know why I even tried because there's no way in hell I even had a chance-"

But before I could finish or even open the door, Teddy wheeled me around, pushed me against the door and snogged me senseless.

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