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A Building Love by weasleytwinlover2011
Chapter 15 : Chapter 15
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Dumbledore’s army stood in the Room of Requirement practicing spells completely unaware of what was going on in Umbridge’s office. Right then against their knowledge Marietta Edgecombe was betraying the group to Umbridge. It was then Umbridge, the Inquisitorial squad and Marietta entered the room.

There was a collective gasp from the members of the DA.

Marietta smirked... until she caught sight of herself in the mirror. She squealed in horror at her reflection. Written in boils across her face was the word ‘SNEAK’.

  “I jinxed the paper you signed your name on Edgecombe... anyone who betrayed us would end up like...” Hermione trailed off as Umbridge cleared her throat and the situation sunk in.

“This organisation is direct violation of the laws of the Ministry. Dumbledore’s army is over. I have owled the Minister... he’ll be here soon and your beloved Dumbledore will be locked up in Azkaban. As for all of you- you will have an hour detention every day next week with me,” Umbridge said to the students.

“No!” Harry shouted.

“No, Mr. Potter?” Umbridge asked.

“Yes, no! No! No! No! Dumbledore’s not going anywhere and you cannot torture all these students in your detentions! This entire thing was my idea... I’ll take everyone’s detentions.”

“No you won’t Harry, it was our decision to join. We knew what the consequences would be if we got caught. We’ll take our punishments,” said George.

“You are dismissed,” Umbridge said coldly though her smile never faded as the students filed out.

Harry, Hermione, Ron, Fred, George Ginny and most other Gryffindors stayed put.

“Can I help you?” Umbridge asked.

“No. Even if you could we wouldn’t want your help because you’re a cruel, cold hearted witch and it would give me much pleasure to kill you and then I would willingly lock myself up in Azkaban because it would be very much worth it. And you know what I don’t care what you have to say because...” Hermione stopped as George placed a hand on her arm telling that was enough.

“Miss. Granger I will not tolerate such threats would you like me to increase your detention?”

“She’s sorry Professor,” Ron said quickly.

“Very well, Mr. Potter a word if you please,” Umbridge said as she lead him away from the group to the Headmaster’s office. “Marietta go to the hospital wing for help with that jinx then to my office, understood?”

“Yes professor.”

“You,” Hermione spat, “it disgusts me to look at you. How dare you? Are you proud of yourself now? I wouldn’t be... let’s wait and see should we? Madame Pomfrey can’t fix that jinx but I can... I’m not going to obviously. You deserve to suffer. You betrayed us and I don’t forgive easily so get lost. Get out of here because nobody wants you here and nobody wants such a pathetic, weak, traitor as a friend so good luck,” Hermione yelled at her.

Cho appeared out of nowhere. “Who are you talking to like that? Marietta’s a great person. You’re being horrible!”

“Get lost Cho because if you’re going to defend someone like her then you’re going to struggle. But I guess it doesn’t really matter... Harry hates you so do most of us so you better get out of here because Hermione’s not the only one talented with a jinx,” Ginny warned her.

“Whatever come on Marietta,” Cho said as they walked away.  

“I can’t believe this! This isn’t fair!” Hermione shouted.

“Come on let’s get back to the Common Room,” Fred said as he led the group back.

“Hermione are you alright?” asked Ron.

“Are you joking?” Hermione screamed the question at him and Ron cringed. “Am I alright? No of course I’m not. I want to murder Marietta along with that wicked, old toad Umbridge!”

“Yeah we got that from ‘it would give me much pleasure to kill you and then I’d willingly lock myself up in Azkaban because it would be worth it’,” George said.

“I said that out loud?” Hermione asked as her eyes widened.

“Yeah you sort of screamed it at her,” George shrugged.

“This isn’t fair! I hate that woman! I hate this school! I hate it all!” Hermione exclaimed angrily. When she continued her voice was soft and miserable, “I just can’t do this,” she sobbed. She curled up in a ball on the sofa and started crying.

The group exchanged glances. Hermione didn’t often show her emotions and when she did she’d do it in private with just one of them. But nearly the entire population of Gryffindor house were sat around the Common room and everyone was staring at her.

“Ginny,” Fred whispered nodding his head towards Hermione asking her to do something for Hermione.

Ginny shook her head furiously. George rolled his eyes and went and sat beside her.

He pulled her small frame into him and she buried her face in his chest.

“Hermione it’s going to be okay,” he whispered to her.

“No it’s not,” she shouted but the words were muffled by his chest and the tears that were soaking his shirt.

“Alright why don’t you just go and have an early night. The sleep will help,” George suggested.

“No! I want to stay here. No, I want to go home. I want to be anywhere away from here. I wish I never came to this school,” she sobbed.

“You don’t mean that,” he said to her sadly.

“No I don’t,” she agreed. “It’s just not fair. This is all wrong, I can’t stand to see Hogwarts like this,” she said as the tears poured from her eyes.

“I know Hermione, I know,” George said.

The silence that followed confused him and he glanced at his twin with a questioning look.

Fred chuckled, “she’s asleep mate.”

“What am I supposed to do now?” George asked.

“Well you can’t move you’ll wake her up and she’s so fragile at the moment you don’t want to disturb her,” Ginny told him.

“Well I’m off to bed,” Ron called.

“You can’t go, what about Harry?” Ginny pointed out.

“He’s fine, he’ll be back soon enough,” Ron shrugged.

“Wow, isn’t Harry lucky to have such a great friend,” Fred said sarcastically.

“Oh get lost, he’ll be back later,” Ron said as he walked off to bed.

“Well I’m off to bed too,” Ginny said.

“And me,” Fred agreed.

“Wait Fred, what about me?” George asked.

“Don’t worry I got you covered,” Fred said summoning some pillows and a blanket.

“Night guys,” Fred smirked as he disappeared into the boys’ Common room.

The rest of the people who’d been in the Common room slowly left also leaving them alone.

George admired the sleeping beauty snuggled closely into him. He moved carefully so he was comfortable and stretched out beside her. It felt so natural to him and though he’d told himself time after time it wouldn’t work he couldn’t help but wonder if they could have a future together because if there was the slightest possibility then when it was the right time he’d have to try. It was just a matter of time before he’d have to make a move because his weakness was Hermione, his weakness was love. It didn’t take long for him to fall asleep and soon enough he joined Hermione

Hermione woke and could feel somebody beside her but she wasn’t at a position to be able to see them. Whoever they were they were very warm and they made her very comfortable. She was sure it was a boy so it was Ron, Harry, George or Fred. She thought back to the night before and cringed as she remembered yesterday’s events. The one word that seemed to ring in her head was ‘Umbridge’ and just like that the tears were back. As she cried she tried to remember more.

‘I was angry and upset, I started crying. George tried to comfort me and then I don’t remember anymore.’ She smiled through the tears, ‘George stayed with me.’

She rolled over and ended up face to face with a sleeping George. He stirred slightly as she moved and his eyes opened and he grinned at her.

“Thanks for staying with me,” she whispered to him.

“You didn’t think I’d leave you, did you? Crying again?” 

She nodded her head and frowned, “yes.”


“Because of Umbridge. We were making a difference, we were helping. It’s not fair that she ruined it. Now how are we going to fight, how are we going to prepare?” Hermione questioned as she began to cry again.

“Hermione you tried, you did your best and the results were amazing. The DA was great whilst it lasted Hermione and I agree it’s unfair but crying isn’t going to solve anything,” George told her.

“I just want it to go back to normal, no Umbridge, no DA, no war, none of it!”

“Hermione since your first year have you ever known Hogwarts to be normal?”

She laughed, “I suppose not.”

“You suppose not? Okay your first year there was all that stuff with Quirel and Voldemort and the Philosopher’s stone, remember?”

“I can’t exactly forget can I?”

“Your second year, the Chamber of Secrets was opened and you got bloody petrified! Do you call that normal?”

“Well I...” she started.

“No it’s not normal, your third year you saved Sirius Black and Buckbeak from death and hell that doesn’t even begin to explain what happened that year. Then last year you got dumped in the Black Lake for part of the Triwizard tournament. So answer this now, has Hogwarts ever been normal?”

“Alright point taken,” Hermione agreed wiping the remaining tears from her face.

“No more tears?”

“No more, not for now at least,” Hermione told him.

“Good enough for me,” George shrugged.

“Thank you, George,” she whispered snuggling closer into him.

“It’s alright ‘Mione,” George grinned wrapping his arms tighter around her.

“Hey you two,” Fred smiled as he and Lee entered the Common room.

Hermione blushed as she realised how close she and George were and rolled her eyes at the smirk Fred wore.

They slowly sat up.

“You alright Granger?” Fred asked.  

“Fine thanks Fred,” she smiled. “Did anybody speak to Harry?”

“No, thanks for waiting up by the way guys,” Harry said sarcastically as he too entered the Common Room.

“Harry we’re sorry,” Hermione frowned.

“No it’s okay I’m just still angry about yesterday.”

“What happened with Umbridge?” asked George.

“The Minister came with Kingsley and...” Harry looked at them awkwardly before continuing, “And Percy. They wanted to take Dumbledore to Azkaban but he did this amazing thing with Fawkes and just disappeared into flames.”

“So Dumbledore’s gone?” Lee asked.

“Gone,” Harry confirmed.

“We’re so dead,” Fred said as he shook his head.

“Who’s dead?” asked Ginny coming in.

“Dead! Who died?” Ron asked in panic as he came in from the boys’ dormitory.

“No one died,” Harry said and then explained what he’d just told the others.

“Alright now that’s cleared up, breakfast?” Fred asked.

“Yeah let’s go,” they all agreed.

“Wait Hermione,” Ginny said.

“What’s wrong Ginny?”

“You slept in those clothes, here,” Ginny said as she waved her wand at Hermione and the creases disappeared and her clothes appeared washed and fresh.

“You’re welcome,” Ginny chimed smiling.

“Might want to give me a chance to say thank you Ginny,” Hermione grinned. “Thanks Ginny.”

“You’re welcome,” Ginny repeated linking arms with her and walking to the Great hall.

 When they got there they glared at Umbridge sat at the teachers table though she seemed to smile at them all. That smile filled with false victory. It made them all sick.

All of their small group were experiencing the same problem. They pushed the food around their plates awkwardly.

“Come on you lot brighten up,” said Seamus.

“Oh come off it Seamus, we’re all miserable,” Dean told him.

“Well there’s no point in it, moping around and complaining isn’t going to fix anything,” George told the group.

“Plus we got you all something, just focus on the teachers’ table,” Fred said.

They all turned their heads towards the staff table and laughed as Umbridge’s plate of food exploded on her face, covering her in egg, toast and sausage.

The entire Gryffindor table were in fits of laughter as were most Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws. The odd Slytherin laughed too.

“You two are truly the best,” Hermione grinned.

“We know,” they said together, “but thanks for the reminder!”

Then Errol flew in and crashed in front of the twins. 

“Bloody bird,” George grumbled taking the letter off the owl’s leg. 

“It’s for us,” Fred said reading the envelope addressed to them.

“There’s a note on the back from your mum,” Hermione told them as she helped Errol scramble back onto his claws and fed him a small piece of toast.

“Dear twins,” George read aloud, “this was sent to the Burrow addressed to the two of you. We haven’t opened it but it looks important so thought we’d just send it to you. Hope you’re well, Mum.”

“Fred this must be...”

“93 Diagon Alley...” Fred nodded.

They both seemed to freeze.

Hermione looked from one twin to the other, “well open it then!”

“Right,” Fred said as they snapped back to reality.

Slowly opening the envelope the twins moved closer and their mouths’ moved silently as they read each word in synchronisation. They scanned the other few sheets with quick glances before dropping the letter to the table. Everyone in the group stayed frozen waiting for them to say something. The twins turned their heads to face each other minds racing and eyes widened.

“Yes!” they shouted loudly and suddenly frightening most people.

“It’s ours,” George breathed.

“It’s ours,” Fred repeated, “... we did it?” he said unsurely as if it were a question.

“We did it!” George exclaimed confirming what Fred had said.

“You did it!” Hermione said happily as she hugged them both, “Congratulations!”

The twins hugged her back and they laughed.

“We couldn’t have done it without you,” George whispered to her and she just smiled and blushed.

“Congrats guys,” Angelina said also moving round to hug them.

The rest of the group took their chance to congratulate them.

Things took a turn for the worst when letters appeared in front of everyone.

You must attend an hour detention from 5pm-6pm from Monday to Friday this week. Do not be late to Umbridge’s DADA room or punishment will increase.’

They then realised the letters hadn’t appeared for everyone but just for those who were members of the DA.

Fred looked at George with a rare serious expression and George seemed to mirror it. They nodded at each other.

“We’ll catch you later,” George said to the group as they walked off.

“What happened?” asked Lee.

“Umbridge,” Hermione sighed.

“But didn’t you see?”

“See what Lee?” Angelina asked.

“They were all serious and stuff. Something’s up,” he said.

“Yes Lee, the sky is up. Now stop it would you it’s probably just the detention letters, they’re probably planning another prank on Umbridge,” Alicia said.

“I guess,” Lee shrugged it off. 


“So George what do you say?” Fred asked.

“I agree Fred, the shop’s ours now after all. We can start our lives we don’t need Hogwarts or NEWTs for this,” George said though the thought of leaving and not returning was painful.

“I say we stay on for at least another month. Give Umbridge hell and leave our mark on the school,” Fred told him.

“Sounds good, we have to go out with a bang.”

“We will George, we will.”

George looked down at his feet and blinked back tears and tried to swallow the lump forming in his throat. He knew they would leave that year and he’d leave Hermione but now it was so much sooner.

“George, we don’t have to leave early,” Fred told him.

“I want to Fred. I want to start our shop. It’s just- just...”

“Going to be hard,” Fred supplied.

“Hard doesn’t begin to describe it,” George said shaking his head and looking around their dorm.

“I’m going to miss it here,” Fred whispered.

“Me too, we’ll come back one day. Promise me we’ll visit our past some day.”

“I promise,” Fred said.

“How do you think they’ll take us leaving?”

“Hermione will be devastated,” Fred said seriously, “even if she doesn’t show it.” Then he sighed heavily, “Angelina is going to kill me.”

“It’ll work out fine. What’s Lee going to do?”

“He’ll have the girls for company,” Fred said though the thought of leaving Lee was difficult. Fred and George had grown to think of him as their brother.

“When are we going to tell them?” George asked.

“Soon. Tomorrow, after dinner maybe?”

George nodded and sighed, “This is going to be hard.”

“We aren’t leaving just yet. There’s still time,” Fred said arching an eyebrow at his twin.

Knowing he was referring to Hermione he shook his head, “not for that there’s not. I couldn’t do that to her. Tell her I love her then leave her, it wouldn’t be fair... wouldn’t be fair for her and it wouldn’t be fair for me.”

So how did I do? Did you enjoy it? Did you hate it? Please let me know and just drop me a quick review because they mean the world to me. Also on a whole remembering that this is my first ever fanfiction how am I doing so far? Am I making any consistent mistakes throughout the story or...? Really just anything you think needs to be said about the story just write a quick review please! Thanks to all my readers and my reviewers because with out your enormous support and encouragement I wouldn't still be writing this story!

Jenna :)

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