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Fix You by Werewolfs Rule
Chapter 5 : Autumn - October 31, 2021 9:48AM November 1, 2021 2:54AM
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St. Mungo’s is dressed up for Halloween, or at least the children/teenage cancer ward is. Children with central lines poking out of their chests getting chemo have on costumes and face paint. Nurses have on face paint too and are helping parents dress their sick children into costumes without getting their I.V.s caught in them.


I see that a few have this years Halloween shirt –Lights Out, Watch Out. It glows in the dark and Louis helped me turn Molly’s basic idea into a glow-in-the-dark masterpiece. I have Molly’s in my bag, along with a thick slab of Honeydukes chocolate and a box of pictures and cards from our cousins.


Most of them were made this morning in a mad rush as they’ve already forgotten her.


Molly’s by the window, most of her hair is gone, she looks weak and too skinny sitting in the wheelchair. Her eyes light up, only for a second, when I appear behind her. I wheel her over to an empty table, then find my own chair to sit in.


She loves the shirt, and laughs at the chocolate, but it’s the cards and pictures that break her. A nurse painted to be a banshee comes over and asks if she’s in pain, she is, just not the pain you can numb, not the pain you want to numb. She wants out of here, to go back with me, to be with her family.


She asks if anyone came with me and if I’m hiding them.


No one really wanted to come, unlike me it scares them to come here, they find the bald, eyebrowless, eye lashless, children scary. Even Molly.


None of our Gryffindor cousins even thought about coming, not even Freddie and Roxy. Everyone is focused on tonight, the party, their friends, what to wear.


I’m only going to videotape everything for Molly, she told me that I had to go. She didn’t want to have to just hear about it, she wanted to go.


I wasn’t going to take that away from her, she’s already had to give up so much.


Molly then asks me about Hugo, his letters have slowed from everyday to every other day, to once a week, to once every other week. I lie and tell her he’s been extremely busy, that he wants to get top marks this year.


She knows I’m lying, but she doesn’t want to know the truth, it’ll hurt even more.


I spend the next few hours with her, catching up on anything we can think about.


I hate leaving her, but I have to.





When Lucy comes around and asks for the cards we made for Molly I pretend to do what everyone else is, pulling out a piece of parchment and quickly making one up. Lucy hates us for this, but she’ll never admit it. I made my card a week ago, when Lucy asked us to make them, and have been putting on the finishing touches the last few days, I know that Freddie has been doing the same.


Dom is asking if her pictures count as a card, Lucy snaps and ask her if she would be happy with pictures when she was expecting a card. Lucy’s been snapping at everyone lately, even the professors. She grabs everyone’s unfinished cards and goes off to get Albus’.


Lucy is so lost without Molly its scary. I can’t stand her this way and I wonder how Louis can, across the hall I hear her yell at Albus and then walk out of the Great Hall.


I’m dreading seeing her later.


In Hogsmeade I decide to go visit dad and Uncle Percy, they both look like they’ve seen better days. Dad has rings around his eyes and looks like he could fall over at an moment, Uncle Percy looks even worse. Seeing them like this is the only reason why I throw on a pair of magenta robes and redirect the traffic of students to a new register.


My cousins pass through and try to walk off with merchandise all day, I’m surprised every single time when Freddie drags them back into the shop and makes them pay or put it back on the shelves. Freddie was always good at catching shoplifters.


At around half after five Lucy appears, looking tired and worn down, Uncle Percy doesn’t even notice her when she walks right pass him. I have no idea if Lucy cares or not, she’s probably use to this, being ignored because Molly is her parents, and my fathers, main focus. I’m tempted to run after her and say something to her, but this morning comes to mind and I don’t want to tempt fate.





I miss Molly.


Tonight would be so much more fun with her around. She would be dancing with Lily –though she isn’t that good, Molly that is, not Lily-, she would be singing on stage with Dom –Lucy would be to-, she would be the life of the party.



I miss her a lot.



Molly’s my rock, she watches out for me and I do the same for her.


Molly being gone has changed this year for me, I can’t write anymore. I have trouble doing my essays and I can barely write home, or to Molly.


I miss her.



I really wish that she was better and here. I wish that she could see everything with her own two eyes, not on the little screen of her Fyre.



I just… I wish.


Molly is the funest, coolest, craziest person I know.



I don’t want her to die, I want her to be here, I wish that she wasn’t sick.



I said it, and I’ll say it over and over again.


I wish that my favorite cousin Molly Abigail Weasley wasn’t sick.



I wish that Molly didn’t have Leukemia.



I wish Molly, I wish for you, I wish….


Molly’s going to get better, I know she will.


It’ll take time, but this stuff always takes time.


If Molly does die then I wish for her to go to Heaven, she deserves it.


I love my cousin and I wish for the best.


A/N: Thank you Rainstormsatnighttime for your review! Hope everyone likes the chapter.

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