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Teen Woes by mtb1997
Chapter 1 : I Hate the Hogwarts Express
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I wake up to screaming, and quickly shove a pillow over my face.  It was too early for the Lovegood/Scamander household to be up doing their crazy antics!  I moan as I squeeze the pillow harder over my face; maybe if I suffocated myself, I wouldn't have to deal with this.  Of course, it didn't work like that, and soon, I admit defeat.


I moan some more as I get up from my comfy sanctuary.  I look to my closet to find something to wear.  Something a little formal, but that still had a hint of teenage rebellion would do.  I settle on a red polo (wrinkled just the right amount) and black trousers.  I look to the mirror.  Summer had been good to me, there was no doubt about it.  The sun had turned my usually-dirty blonde hair lighter into what now could be classified as "blonde," and turned my skin dark, but subtle enough for people to only just notice.  I managed to build up just a bit more muscle than what I had after my Fifth Year ended, but it had made all the difference.  If I was a gal, I'd totally shag me.


I saunter down the stairs to see a shattered tea cup and one ecstatic-looking Mom.  Dad was just reading the newspaper, as usual.  Lorcan was MIA, but I had a feeling he'd be down soon, much to my misfortune.


I look back at Mom, who seems to be frozen.  "What's up?"


She snaps out of it a looks at me.  "Guess what, darling?"


I roll my eyes and mentally chide myself.  I should never have asked her what was going on, because now, there was going to be a rather long and boring reply.  I could tell by the way she's so excited.


But I was too far in to back out now.  "...What?"


She bites her lip, obviously trying to contain her squeal.  In the end, the resistance was futile.


She can't hold it in any longer.  "I got the job!"


As she proceeds to jump up and down and hug me at the same time (leaving me at an awkward position), I feel my face fall.  Mom got the position of Divination Professor at Hogwarts.  Now, one of the reasons I go to Hogwarts is to get away from my parents.  This makes that much, much harder.  To say that my mom is embarrassing is an understatement.  Sometimes I feel like she goes out of her way to make sure my face turns a violent shade of red around my friends.  I was not looking forward to the new school year.


Lorcan comes in halfway through Breakfast.  Lorcan was the first to come out of Mom, and he'll never let me forget it.  He's more muscular than I, and, combined with the trademark Lovegood/Scamander looks, he gets all the slags as a result.  I wouldn't be surprised if he's had his way with every gal in Slytherin.  Luckily for me, I don't have to deal with him as much, seeing as he's in Slytherin and I'm in Gryffindor.  Lorcan and I are pretty much complete opposites.  I love my classes and studying, he loves playing hookie and smoking.  I call them friends, he calls them "fuck buddies."  One would get the idea.


I roll my eyes.  "You're late.  We have to leave for King's Cross in less than an hour."


He nonchalantly sits down across from me.  "Go fuck yourself."


Mom looks at both of us.  "Oh, look at my boys socializing!  You two are too cute!"


She then proceeds to pinch both of our cheeks.




King's Cross is busy as always.  We dodge random muggles as we make our way to 9 3/4.  As always, I go through first, and hope that the barrier closes before the rest of my family can get through.  Of course, Merlin is not working in my favor, and soon they came through as I sighed.  I looked at Reginald, my barn owl.  He's the only one in my family who I can tolerate.  Pretty soon it'll just be him and I.


Dad hugs Lorcan and I, and Mom gives us two big kisses and tells us that she'll see us soon.  We push our ways to the train, and quickly branch away to our separate compartments once we enter.  Lorcan hangs out with his shit-for-brains Slytherin friends while I find the compartment where my friends are.


I finally find them as the train starts to move.  In the compartment are Scorpius Malfoy, the Malfoy who is everything his father isn't; Fred Weasley, who's just like is father; and my best friend, Albus Potter.  Together, we make Gryffindor's most popular group.  I sit down next to Fred and quickly look out the window.  We're out of the station now, and I can see just how sunny it is outside.  I look back inside as they start discussing their summers.  I just lay back and watch them talking excitedly.  I was content just being back together with everyone.  Scorpius's teeth were straighter then they were last year, and his face was blemish free.  He was bound to get laid by the end of the school year.  Fred had his hair cut shorter, and it looked good on him, if I do say so myself.  And then there was Albus.


Albus had always been the best looking of all of us, at least in my opinion.  His messy hair was now a trademark look, and his jawline could cut glass.  The fact that he was slightly shorter than all of us by three inches (we had measured last year, and he seemed not to have grown) was quickly overlooked.  Albus had always been muscular from Quidditch, and girls went gaga for that.  The sun was casting rays inside our compartment and it made his eyes pop out even more.  Oh, those eyes, those perfectly emerald eyes.  I mean, I've noticed them before, but never like this.  Such a work of art.  He had started to grow some stubble, also.  I wonder what it feels like...


"Like what you see?"


I snap out of my daze and see everyone looking at me in amusement.  I blink a few times and shake my head quickly.  I feel a blush coming on.


I look at him, trying to joke around.  "What?  Oh!  Oh, yeah!"


I laugh nervously, and everyone seems to buy it.  I feel the room go hotter as I start to break a sweat.  What am I thinking, thinking about Albus... in that way!  We're just friends, but now that I was thinking about it, he does look rather dashing.  Argh! It suddenly becomes unbearable, and I have to leave.  I pardon myself and quickly exit the compartment; my heart beating too fast for it's own good.  As I close the door, I quickly make my way to the bathroom, but I bump into something first.


After recovering, I see what I have run into.  It's two girls.  I recognize them immediately: it's Rose Weasley and Lily Potter.


I bend down to help them pick up the books that fell.  "Oh Merlin!  I'm so sorry you guys!  I don't know what was going on in my head!"


I continue to ramble as I pick up random books.  Rose and I reach for the same book at the same time, and my hand accidentally grasps hers.  She stops what she's doing and looks at me, as does Lily.  I, of course, have no idea what's going on.  I take my hand off and apologize.  They leave after gathering their books.  As I leave, I hear Lily ask Rose what the hell just happened in a rather annoyed tone.  I shake my head as I enter the bathroom.


After washing my face a few times, I go back to the compartment.  They look up at me.


Albus has a worried expression on his face that melts my heart.  "Where were you?  You left ages ago!"


I smile.  "Sorry, I ran into your sister and cousin, literally.  They were acting weird after I left."


Albus grinned and rolled his eyes.  "Oh yeah, Lily hasn't stopped talking about you since the end of last year when you stood up for her against Regina Bulstrode.  I think she fancies you!"


I feel my face burn.  "That's... perfect.  Just what I need."


He throws me a questioning look.  "What's up?"


My face reddens even more, if that's possible.  "What?  Nothing!"

Now at this point, I realize that there is one etxtra body in the compartment; making things a tad crowded.  Sadhya Patil was sitting a bit too close to Albus for my liking.  All too quickly I realize what's going on, and my face turns from violet to white.


I had to play the fool, though.  "Hey Sadhya... what's up?"


She goes to speak, but Albus puts a hand on her knee.  "Lys... don't you remember what I wrote you over the summer?"


I look up to Reginald, who blinks, and roll my eyes.  "You didn't bring a treat with your owl, did you?  Al, you know how territorial Reginald can get."


Albus rolls his eyes and smiles.  "Ah, how could I forget?  Well, anyway, long story short, Sadhya and I are dating."


My worst fears are confirmed as Albus and Sadhya grab each others hands.  I can see what he sees in her;  she's obviously gorgeous, with her tan skin and her long black-with-a-hint-of-blue (or was it red?) hair.  Her subtle hourglass-shaped body didn't hurt her looks, either.  She was a straight-O student, and definitely a girl that Albus could take home to Harry and Ginny.  In short, she's perfect for him.  She's perfect for him, but she's not me.  This is the point when I finally come to terms with my feelings for him.  She's not me, she's not me.  A chant starts in my head as I snap back into reality.


She was talking to me.  "...So does that sound good, Lysander?"


She's not me, she's not me.  "Sorry, what?"


She smiles a genuinely-friendly smile, damn her.  "Well, being good friends with Lily, I've known about her feelings for you for a while.  So, if you want, I can set you two up.  I think she'd be good for you."


I try to play it cool.  "Oh.  Thanks, but I'm not very... interested."


She smiles again.  "You'll come around, I'm sure of it!"


I steal a glance at Albus.  "I'm not so sure."

Lucky for me, Hogwarts appeared in the distance, and that was the topic for the remaining 20 minutes, leaving me to meditate in my thoughts.  This year was going to be weird.  That's for sure. 




A/N: This is my first chapter in a while.  Please give me feedback.  Do you like my idea?

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