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Odd one out by elliefelton
Chapter 1 : 1. Seventh year
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 I'm Katy Andrews. I'm seventeen and I am not a normal seventeen year old. Well I am, but living with 5 brothers and sisters and a Mother who left when you were 11, can screw things up for a family.

Oh, one other interesting thing about my family, we're all twins, except my eldest brother and youngest brother and we're all in different houses at Hogwarts.

My eldest brother- Michael, he was in Slytherin. Screwed up in his OWLS and his NEWTS. Left home as soon as he could and now works in a muggle bar somewhere. He had a friend called Indie, she led him astray. Actually we haven't heard from him, so he's probably in prison or something.

Then there's the first set of twins. Tony and Sophie.

Tony- He's a little know it all, but I love him. He's not over protective like most brothers, he just prefers to do his school work. He was in Ravenclaw and aced all his OWLS and NEWTS and is now working at the Ministry in some job that I never ask about, probably somewhere in the International Magical Office of Law. He's sweet though.

Sophie- My favourite sibling. She was in Gryffindor, though she should've been a Slytherin. She was a prankster, a bloody good one at that. All the professors say she was almost as good as the Weasley twins. Almost. But she did well in her OWLS and NEWTS she had a knack for Charms. She now works in the very Weasley's Wizard Wheeze's. She likes it there, she tells me her and George get along quite well.

Then there's me and My sister Elle (also twins)

Elle- is my least favourtie, thats right even worse than Micheal. She's a Hufflepuff and gets everything she wants, she's Dads favourite as he was a Hufflepuff too and my Mum. She's gorgeous, like so beautiful she could be a Veela. I guess she's not that bad. But it sucks when one of your best friends who you're completly smitten with is infatuated with her. Oh and though we're twins we're nothing alike.

Then there's Jack- He's amazing, in his fourth year. He was only young when Mum left. But he has hair so Orange when he walked in, even Flitwick thought it was another Weasley. Coincedentally his best friend is Hugo Weasley. He's a little darling though, I'd rather share a room with him than Elle.

Me- I'm a Gryffindor. Me and Elle, nothing alike as she has long blonde hair and mine is Shoulder length and brown. Infact I'm nothing like my family, all of them have green eyes, mine are blue. I was the only one to have freckles. Actually everyone looks like my dad. But I look like my Mum, maybe that's why he doesn't like me that much. Oh and I'm inlove with James Potter.
Thats my Life.

"Katy, come on, or you'll be late!" I heard Sophie shout.

"I'm coming!" I replied as I tried to force my trunk shut

"Come here dimwit." Elle pushed me aside whipped out her wand and closed it for me

"Thanks, I could've done it though." She just scoffed and went downstairs

I followed after her. I'll miss this house, as I wouldn't be home for Christmas like everyone else. I'm going with Dom again.

Oh yeah, Dominique Weasley. My best friend.

She's a babe. Apparenlty a dissapointment to her Mother though, she has a younger brother Louis in Jack's year.
I love Christmas at the Weasleys, I get my own jumper and everything. Their family is so full of love and joy. Unlike mine which usually consists of us eating pizza because none of us can cook and shouting.

I decided to side-along with Sophie to get to Kings Cross. I had my guitar strapped to my back and I was buzzing. In a snap we were there.

I saw Dom breifly but then I had to say goodbye

"Bye Tony!" I flung my arms around his neck and he patted my back awkwardly

"Bye Kates"

I then flung my arms around Sophie she spun me around, I told her I'd write everyweek

I saw Dad hug Elle and Jack closely and he called Elle his Princess, I felt a familiar twang of jealousy.

"Bye Dad."

"Bye Katy, erm try hard in your NEWTS yeah. I know Elle will do well but please don't slack." He held out his hand awkwardly.

I brushed past him and went to see Dom and my other family

"TITCH!" I heard her scream.

"Don't call me that!" I moaned as she hugged me

"But you are titch!" She ruffled my hair

Then all her family came to welcome me. I like Doms Mum, she's so nice and I adore her accent it just makes everything sound so regal. Her brother Louis is sweet though.

But then Doms boyfriend came over Lorcan Scamander. They were so sickly sweet, I mock gagged then went to find Hannah.

Hannah is so sweet she's a Metamorphmagus and I love watching her change all her features. Today her hair is waist length and sky blue. So awesome!

"Good morning Katy!" She said in her bubbly voice

"Hey Han!" I hugged her, she reminds a lot of the professors of Luna Lovegood Lorcan and Lysanders mum.

"How was your summer?" I asked

"Oh me and Daddy went to France and looked at all the horses, they're so beautiful! You?"

"Cool, erm me, you know lived in my room or out in the Orchard on my broom, saw Dom though."

"Oh Katy, oh well our last year at Hogwarts. I'm looking forward to it, you?"

"Yup, okay better get on the train."

So we did, we sat in our compartment with Me, Dom, Hannah, Lucy, Fred, James, Jason and Lorcan. Hannah looked at Fred, he smiled at her and she blushed. CUTE!

Fred said that his Dad was going to pitch some new ideas to my sister.

Lucy Weasley, to say she's the daughter of Percy Weasley, she is such a troublemaker! Along with James and Fred.

I was sat next to James, when I saw him staring at Elle through the window, I decided now would be a good time to slip him a canary cream.

This is going to be a good year!

A/N- Well here's the first chapter of Odd one out. 

I will be continuing with Different Worlds, but I'm struggling with it at the moment and I've been desparate to start this story.

Please leave reviews so I know what you think!

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Odd one out: 1. Seventh year


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