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Family, Love, School.... Oh and Quidditch by Antilles
Chapter 3 : Surprising Professors and Angry Ravenclaws
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Credit for the chapter image goes to Estella @TDA!

A/N: Anything you recgonize is not mine!
EDIT: Chapter imaggeeee!

 I pulled my wand out from underneath my pillow and pointed it at my alarm clock. “Reducto.” I muttered, sending the clock flying across the room into the wall. This was bad… It was only second day, and I already wanted to kill my alarm clock.

I heard a chuckle come from my left side. “Jeez Blake, what did your clock ever do to you?”


“Woke me up.” I replied, rolling over and pushing my pillow into my face.


“Come on, get up you lazy arse.” I heard come from the other side of the room. “You know Al will blast you with water if you don’t.”


“Five more minutes.” I mumbled as I started to fall back asleep.


“Oh No you don’t!” I heard someone yell just before I had a jet of ice cold water shot at me.


“AGHH!” I yelled jumping out of my bed, staring at a grinning Albus. “I hate you, you know that right?”


“Love you too Blake.” He replied, lowering his wand, before moving off to the bathroom.


I grumbled as I dried myself and my bed off before grabbing my towel to have a shower. I walked into the bathroom and nudged Al into the sink as I passed him on my way to the shower stalls.


After my shower, I dressed, and joined Al, Scorpius, Emmet and Jack as we made our way down to the Great Hall. We sat in our usual spots, and were soon joined by the girls. Scooping some pancakes onto my dish, I spoke to everyone. “So… Defense Against the Dark Arts is first… Means we get to find out our new Professor.”


“Yup, sure does.” Rose replied as she scarfed down a waffle. That girl may have inherited most of her traits from her mother, but boy did she get her father’s appetite.


“Still no news as to who it actually is?” Al asked as he chewed on a strip of bacon.


“Nope. Lily and Hugo had it last night, but neither of them would tell me. Said it was a surprise.” Molly said as she nursed a cup of coffee.


“Buggers.” I said as I took a sip of orange juice, washing down my pancakes.


“Trust me, You will be thanking me that I didn’t ruin the surprise!” Lily said as she plopped down beside me, as Hugo sat beside Emmet on the other side of the table.


“Sure. That’s what you said when Hagrid adopted one of the Giant Squids babies.” Scorpius said as he chewed on a bagel.


“I still can’t believe it’s a girl.” Hugo said with a laugh as he scooped some eggs onto his plate.


“Pfff, I don’t think any of us can.” I replied.


We finished the rest of breakfast with various forms of small talk. Albus, Scorpius and I discussed some quidditch tactics, while Molly and Rose had a chat with Lily. Hugo just sat there and ate…  a lot. He cleared out two bowls of eggs. I mean, where the hell does he put it all?!




Shortly before Nine, we all got up and headed off to our various class rooms. Emmet, Sarah and Alice joined us as we walked up to the Defense against the Dark Arts classroom on the fifth floor.


Upon entering the classroom, I saw that some Slytherins were already there. God how I hated Slytherins, they just royally pissed me off. I don’t really have a clue why, but they had been annoying me since Year One. This meant they took the brunt of the pranks me, Al and Scorp pulled.


Sitting down in the middle of the class, Albus sat beside me, while Rose and Scorpius sat in front of us. Molly and Emmet sat behind us, while Sarah and Alice sat in the row beside us. The bell rang, and the rest of the class arrived. Most of the Ravenclaws, and 2 Puffers took their seats, and waited.


We all waited.


Ten minutes passed before the office door burst open, and a figure emerged. My jaw dropped, and I heard an audible gasp from atleast half the class.


Standing at the top of the staircase from the Professors office was Draco Malfoy.


“No….” Albus said beside me with a face of shock.


“Scorp… That’s your…” I started to say.


“Yup.” I heard him reply cutting me off.


“You don’t…”


“I do.”


“Did you…”








Don’t get me wrong. This was awesome. Scorpius dad was pretty cool, nothing at all like his grandfather. After the war, Draco had made amends with Harry, and even joined the Aurors to help hunt down some of the Death Eaters that had escaped. He had changed a lot since the war, and even Uncle Ron had to admit it. Draco Malfoy was nothing like he once was, which is why I’m so sure Scorpius had turned out nothing like what Draco had been like in school, according to some of Harry and Ron’s Storys. His Grandfather however… That’s a story for a different time. We had a interesting run in with him once.. but hey, I need to get back to the present.


I closed my mouth, and watched as Draco made his way down the stairs to stand in the front of the class. He looked very professional, as always, in a crisp black suit. Muggle suit actually, I never did figure out how he had become so fond of them.


”Good morning Class. I’m Professor Malfoy.” He said as he waved his wand and his name appeared on the board. “I’m sure some of you have heard of me. For those of you who haven’t, I am a former Death Eater, turned Auror. And now, I have, at the request of Headmistress McGonagall taken the post of Defense against the Dark Arts professor.”


He waved his had again and the word N.E.W.T. appeared.


“Now, it’s your seventh year here, and thus your N.E.W.T. year. We will be spending the first month reviewing the last few years’ material, so I can gauge your progress, and figure out what still needs to be worked on. After that, we shall start on this year’s curriculum.”


I still couldn’t believe it was Scorpiu’s dad. And I’m pretty sure neither could Scorpius. “Alright. I’ll be giving you a partner, and you are to practice your fifth year spells.” He waved his hand again, and our last names appeared on the board beside another person’s name. I glanced at my name on the top of the list, Anderson-Wood. Oh god… I was partnered with Jessica Wood, this was not going to end very well.






Don’t get me wrong. Jessica Wood is amazing. She is beautiful, smart, and most importantly, an amazing quidditch player. She was Ravenclaw’s Quidditch Captain, and quite possibly, the bane of my existence. See, not only did I go out with her for a few months in fifth year, (Which ended amicably!), but I am a chaser… and she is a Keeper. And a god damn amazing one, she inherited ALL of her father’s amazing keeping skills. She just had to be on Gryffindor’s biggest competition for the past 4 years. I mean, she is the daughter of two Gryffindor’s even! How did she get into Ravenclaw! But enough… I guess I kind went off on a tangent.


“Blake.” Jessica said as she set her bag down beside mine. She took out her wand and moved across the room from me.


“Jess….” I said holding my wand at the ready.


REDUCTO!” she almost screamed before I even had the chance to raise my wand from its ready position. I was blasted clean across the room before slamming into the chalkboard.


Okay.. so I may have lied a little, maybe our relationship didn’t end too amicably.


I pulled myself up from the chalkboard debris coughing. Looking over at Jess, I saw a smirk on her face as she crossed her arms. I heard laughter coming from the other side of the classroom, looking at its source, I saw Al and Scorpius literally rolling on the ground laughing at me, and Molly and Rose were covering their mouths as well.


“Well Blake, I would say your Protego needs some work.” Draco said form the side of the classroom, with the hint of a smile on his face.


“I would say so.” Jessica replied for me.


“Great.. ya, sure, I’ll get on that.” I said grimacing as I stood up, rubbing my now quite sore neck.


I walked back over to Jessica. “Alright… so…”


“Yes Blake?” She asked arching an eyebrow, looking at me curiously.


“What the hell was that?” I asked with a hint of anger in my voice. I didn’t mean for it to come out like that, but it did.


“What was what? I casted a simple spell, and you failed to defend against it.” She replied in the same tone.


“Ugh… whatever… let’s just get back to it.” I replied







The rest of my day was fairly easy. Herbology with Professor Longbottom was a cinch, he was an awesome professor, and it helped my partner was Molly, who is amazing with plants. History of Magic was really boring as always. I actually fell asleep for a good chunk of the class. Finally I had Arithmancy.


Honestly, I love the course. It’s just me, Molly, Scorpius and Rose. Okay, and maybe some of the Ravenclaws too.


Any way’s I love it. The class is small, I’m actually good at it (not even joking, it comes naturally to me, I don’t even have to read the textbook most of the time, all Professor Gibson has to do is his little explanation at the start of the class, and I can do it instantly) and it gives me time to think about things.


Which at the moment, mainly involved thinking about what happened in Defense against the Dark Arts.


Two things about the class had me thinking right now. First, how had Draco managed to hide literally everything from Scorpius involving him taking over as the Defense against the Dark Arts teacher? Scorpius may be a Gryffindor, but he definitely had some Snake in him, he always seemed to know what was going on around him, because he tended to snoop a lot, yet this huge piece of information had managed to slip past him.


Hmm… Maybe Scorp was just losing his touch. I thought as I glanced beside me at Scorpius who was intently trying to finish his homework before class finished.


Nahh… Guess I will just have to ask Draco myself. If he can do it, maybe I could too. Lord knows it would be nice to keep a secret from Scorpius.


Second.. There was the whole Jessica situation. She had spent the entirety of last year avoiding me at every step. Now, she just sent me flying half the classroom. What was with that? I mean, I know I had kinda dumped her infront of her entire house, but I thought we were past that?


Again, something I will need to pursue further. But for now, class was over. Piling my books and homework into my bag, I walked out of the classroom with Scorpius, trailing behind Rose and Molly who were chatting about something.







After Dinner, we all piled into the common room and took our usual spots by the fireplace. It didn’t take long for the inevitable discuss to take place.


“You knew who it was. Why did you tell us?!” Al asked staring intently at Lily.


“Because I thought your expressions after class would be awesome. Which they were.” She replied with that famous Potter smirk. It was kinda creepy to see on her, I mean I am used to seeing it on James, or Albus, but Lily rarely uses it.


“And you, how did you not know?” Al asked pointing a finger at Scorpius, who just threw his hands up in mock surrender.


“Hey, I can’t know everything my parents do.” Scorpius replied, “Do you know everything your parents do? I mean, last I heard, they were going on a little private retreat to…”


“NO! SHUT IT.” Albus roared covering his ears with his hands. “DO not want to think about it. LALALALALALA.”


We all laughed at Albus as he continued to try and cover his ears while Scoripus explained what his parents were doing, in detail. I saw Lily grimacing as Scorpius started to talk about their alone time. Hell, even I grimaced; Harry and Ginny were the closest thing I had to parents.


“Scorpius, I don’t think any of us want think about that.” Rose said with a sigh, looking over the edge of her book.


“Fine… I just love seeing them all squirm.” Scorpius said as he grinned at me, Albus and Lily.


“Love you too mate.” I replied.


“So.. anyone hear what happened to Blake today in Defense?” Molly asked with a small grin on her face.


Oh lord, please no. I do not want to think about that right now. Jessica was the last think I wanted to think about.


“No, what happened?” Louis asked from his spot beside Hugo.


“Don’t even Molls.” I tried to say threateningly, shaking my finger at her.


“Oh, he got blasted across the classroom by Jessica.” Molly said in a nonchalant voice.


Everyone burst out laughing again, this time at my expense. “It’s not funny! That chalkboard really hurt!” I protested.


“Hey, at least she isn’t ignoring you anymore.” Lily replied through her giggling.


“Ya, ya..” I replied with a sigh. She was right about that, Jessica hadn’t even acknowledged me all of last year. And now, she was blasting me across classrooms, some interaction.


With another sigh I stood up. “Well, screw you gits, I’m going to bed.”







Okay, so chapter four is done!


Gotta admit, even I didn't know who the DADA Prof was going to be until I wrote it. Hehe. And the scene with Jessica? Was so fun to write.


Anyways, I'm looking for a Beta reader! I would love to have someone to read my stuff before I post it and correct my little gramatical errors and spelling mistakes. Also for the input on the story! 


Please, as ever, PLEASE Review my story if you like it!




P.S. My chapters are going to be a little smaller for a while as I get more comfortable in the story. I was tending to push myself a little the last too.

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