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The Enigma by precious92
Chapter 2 : The Case
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Chapter 2
The Case

It has been two weeks since Astoria has started working in the Auror Office. By now she has become more comfortable with her job. Potter wasn’t kidding when he said everything was fast paced in the Office

“Greengrass! We’ve got a new case!” yelled Potter, trying to wear his long coat while running at the same time.

Astoria quickly got up, wore her work robes, and ran after her boss.

“How many times will I have to tell you to call me Tori? I don’t want people to associate me with my family.”

And then he had the nerve to chuckle.

“Sorry, need time to get used to,” replied Potter, not looking particularly apologetic.

“So what’s the case?”

“Someone got murdered in their own house.”

“The Killing Curse,” she said, confidently.

“No. That is what makes this case interesting. He got killed the Muggle way. With a knife and immense amount of torture.”

“If it is a muggle killing, then why not notify the muggle law enforcement? Why are we handling this?”

“That’s because the person who was murdered was a pureblood wizard, the son of a former Death Eater.”

Astoria was shocked. “Well who is it?”

“Flavius Blishwick.”

She stared at the body of poor old Flavius Blishwick. She remembered him from before, when she was a child. His sister, Octavia, was a friend of Daphne.

She couldn’t fathom who would do such a thing. The body had clear evidence of brutal torture until death. The bloke suffered even while he was dying. A bunch of Aurors were trying to collect evidence from the room.

“There is no evidence of break-in whatsoever. This is becoming more puzzling than ever,” commented Harry, with a frown on his face.

Ron Weasley came up and said, “Mate, we gotta hand this over to the Officinarum. If they can find out if the murderer apparated or not, we’ll be able know to if he was a wizard. “

“But why would a wizard want to kill using muggle methods.”

Ron looked seriously at Astoria, which was quite a feat for him, “One thing you should know, if a person can murder, he is mad enough to do anything he wishes.”

“But there always a motive,” finished Harry. “Tori, I want you to go back to the Office and do some paperwork. Firstly, I need you to write a brief paragraph on what we found. Don’t give out too many details. That is what will get released on the news. Gotta get those dodgy journalists out of my hair. I also need you to contact The Officinarum for me and tell them to send someone to meet me as soon as possible.”

“Er, one question: What is the Officinarum?”

Harry looked at her with a blank expression, then came to a sudden realization, “I keep forgetting you are new. The Officinarum is a section of the Department of Mysteries. The members are called Indagators. They use both muggle science and magic to research. They were, at first, a group of brilliant Healers, who took interest in the muggle way of curing. Nowadays they allow only brilliant minded witches and wizards to aid in their research. A few of the Indagators also help in Auror cases. They have been very helpful to both the law enforcement and hospitals.”

“And the wizarding community is okay with this?”

“They don’t know anything about what goes on inside. They just know that the Officinarum is as mysterious as the Department of Mysteries. “

“Oh,” was all she could muster.

“Till then, I’ll do some evidence hunting of my own.”

Astoria was tired.

She flopped herself on the couch of her apartment. But before she could doze off, she heard a knock on the door.

She got up to open the door. Standing in the corridor was her neighbour and friend, Fareshta Shab. From the first day Astoria moved into this apartment complex, Fareshta has shown her hospitality and generosity.

She was a beautiful young lady of 25 years, and had a tall and slim figure. The most striking feature about her were her eyes. They were bright green that looked more yellow then green. Her long, silky, black hair cascaded down her body, while her snowy white complexion contrasted with her hair.

“Astoria! It has been days since I last saw you! I am assuming that you got the job?” inquired she, in her melodic voice.

“Yes. I’m sorry Fareshta, I am so busy in the Office that I don’t have the energy to do anything when I get home.”

“It’s okay.”

The two girls hugged each other.

“Come in,” offered Astoria, moving out of the way to let her friend in.

“No, no. I have a night shift today at St. Mungo’s. I just got home with my groceries, when I heard your door open. I have to get dressed for work.”

“Ah, well. I’ll see you tomorrow, then.”

“Okay, but I won’t see you until night.”

Astoria gave a puzzled look at her friend. “You never take Saturday shifts.”

Fareshta, for some reason, blushed, “Well………….there is this patient. Poor guy had an accident in the northern mountain area.”

“Fareshta!,” gasped Astoria, realizing what she meant.

“I know I shouldn’t have feelings for any patient. But he is very handsome, Astoria. I wish you could see him! And I think he has feelings for me too!”

“What’s his name?”

“Raphael Adrastos.”

“Sounds Greek.”

“He looks like one too. With his soft dark and looks …………..” Fareshta blushed even more and stopped herself from continuing.

“Well, I am glad you found someone,” said Astoria, hugging her friend.

“Okay. I have to go,” said Fareshta, with a final goodbye wave.

Tori shut the door and flopped back to the couch. She was glad Fareshta was smiling and happy. The girl needed a boost in life. After she heard the news of her mother’s death in Iran, she packed up and moved at once. A year later, she came back as a haunting corpse. Usually she was all smiles and warmth. But her mother’s death changed her. So if she found someone who could make her happy, it was good for her.


Astoria jumped, when her name got called. She looked around found the source of the call: Harry Potter’s head was hovering in her fireplace.

“Potter! Do you know what time it is?” barked she.

“Yes. I am sorry to call upon you so late. But I have to ask a favour of you.”

Astoria was mad at Harry for calling her at this time of the hour, but what could she do? Deny her boss?

“What?” snapped she.

“I want you to go to the Officinarum tomorrow. I want you to listen to the Indagator, who is handling the case, carefully and bring any document he has to offer. He will explain to you everything.”

“Why can’t you go?”

“I would if I could, lass. Ginny expects me to accompany her to her monthly pregnancy checkup. I forgot about it, and foolishly booked an appointment with the Indagator. Now if I tell her that I can’t go because I forgot, she’ll explode.”

Astoria felt sympathy for her boss. She had met the Mrs. Potter a lot of times since she started working. She even became good friends with Ginny, having visited 2 family dinners already. But pregnancy was not meant for Ginny Potter.

“Okay, fine. Not that I have any choice.”

“You are a gem, Astoria Greengrass!”

With that, he left with a pop!

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