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How One Night Changed My Life Forever... by potterfan310
Chapter 5 : Chapter Four
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A/N Sensistive topic ahead.

I woke up at nine since I could hear my wiz-phone vibrating. I looked at it and it said 'three messages received'. One was off Kyle, one off Katie and one off Lauren. The one's off the girls were asking if I wanted to go shopping and the one of Kyle was asking me whether I was doing anything today.

I sighed. I'm going to have to tell him today, I knew I would. I can't hide my bump any longer and I've put it off until now, because I wanted a picture from my twelve week scan as proof that I wasn't lying to him. I text him back telling him to meet me in the playground at one this afternoon and then I text the girls saying yes, but only for a few hours.

As I got up out of bed, there was no noise at all in the house, no talking or even any snoring and I wondered why the house was so quiet. Curiosity got the better of me and after making sure my baggy pyjama top was hiding my bump, I made my way downstairs and found Lucy fully dressed in the kitchen eating breakfast.

"Morning Luce."

"Urghh." She mumbled with her mouth full.

How lovely, I'm nice and that's the reply I get. "Where are Mum and Dad?" I asked her as I helped myself to some chocolate cereal.

"Like you care, anyway Mum has gone to see Auntie Evelyn and Dad is in work. Mum will only be gone for a few hours, so no funny business."

"It's a Sunday though and anyway it's not like I'm going throw a party Luce."

She looked at me as though I was mad. "Yeah well, I wouldn't put it past you." She got up from the table washed her glass, spoon and bowl and left the room.

"Thanks Luce. You really trust me then." I yelled after her.

Once I finished my breakfast (I left my dishes in the sink not caring) then went back upstairs. I had a nice long hot shower before getting dressed in leggings and a loose top that looked relatively tidy not forgetting a large hoody to cover my bump. I pulled on my uggs grabbed my bag, making sure I had the scan picture, my keys, my wand and my wiz-phone before leaving my room and walking down the hall. I knocked on Lucy's door.

"Enter." Lucy called. I pushed the door open to her room which was in pristine condition and saw she was sat at her wooden desk reading a book.

"I'm going out and I don't know when I'll be back, ok."

She looked up from the book she had been reading, "Ok. Where you going and who with?"

God she's so nosy, I sighed, "Not that it's any of your business, but I'm going shopping with Lauren and Katie. Ok."

"I suppose. Am I allowed to tell mum?"

"Whatever see ya." I shut her door and went downstairs. I left the house and started to walk over to the estate. Half hour later, I was outside Lauren's front door. I knocked and waited.

Lauren has blue eyes and bleach blonde hair (straight out of a bottle). She lives with her mum Sandra, twin brothers (Callum and Corey), and her four sisters (Lana, Lauretta, Lizzie and Lydia and two nieces (Brooke and Madison) Lauren is the second oldest. They all have the same dad but sadly he got killed twelve months ago, he was a solider. He was a lovely man and always up for a laugh. Their mum is pretty young I mean she's thirty-eight and widowed with seven children and two grandchildren.

I love Lauren’s mum she's amazing and whenever I get into a fight with my mum or dad and sometimes Lucy. I always seem to end up on their doorstep; they're like a second family to me. Her mum Sandra answered it. "Oh hello love. Come in, come in she'll been down in a minute. Would you like anything to drink?"

"Yes please, can I have water?"

"Course, sit down I'll bring it in now. LAUREN, Molly's here." The last bit was yelled up the stairs and then she disappeared into the kitchen.

Lauren's youngest sibling Lydia who is nine months was sat playing on the floor with her toys. She crawled over to me and put her arms up to be picked up. She’s really cute, she's got little blonde curls and a cute smile and is such a happy baby.

I picked her up and sat her on my lap, she started to clap her hands - it's mad to think that I would have my own in only six months’ time. Sandra came back in with my water and gave it to me.


Lauren came downstairs not long after wearing jeans and a pink t-shirt, "Hiya Mol. Katie should be here in a minute and then we'll go."

"Sure, fine by me."

Just then the doorbell went; it was Katie. Speak of the devil. Katie is my other best mate and has red hair (not a Weasley red) but a bright red as in it's from a bottle, she has green eyes and is kinda quiet and shy. Katie lives with her grandparents and is an only child. Her dad is in prison and she doesn't know where her mum is because she left her when she was nine.

She just disappeared one day and left a note. No one knows where she is now but she still sends Katie birthday and x-mas cards as well as a present each year. It kills Katie as she really wants to talk to her but she can't as there is no address to reply to.

I put Lydia back on the floor with her toys and took the glass out to the kitchen and washed it. Laur was ready when I came back and we then left after saying bye to her mum and Lydia. We went through her garden and down the street, in the direction of the bus stop, chatting on the way.

"I need to be back before one as I'm meeting Ky. I really need to speak to him."

"Ooo off somewhere for a snog, are you." Katie joked and I hit her playfully, causing her to squeal.

"That's fine. Mum wants me to babysit so she can go out and catch up with her friends later on. Pop round if you like." Lauren told us.

"Ok." We nodded.

After three hours of shopping and losing Lauren, we all eventually made it back in one piece. I didn't buy much just a couple of new bras since mine are getting a little on the small side now. I said goodbye and left Laur and Katie at the bus stop before making my way to the playground.

When I got there it was empty apart from a tall lady with a little boy. I walked in and headed straight for the swing (I may be seventeen but I still love the swings). Kyle arrived not long after me and the lady with the little boy left so we were in private basically.

"You ok Mol, You seem a little quiet?" He asked when he saw me on the swing.

Well yeah that's because I'm trying to work out how to tell you I'm pregnant with your kid. But instead of saying that I said, "I need to tell you something important." I opened my bag and took out my scan photo.

"Oh God. You’re breaking up with me aren't you?"

"No Ky. I love you but you see." Deep breath Molly, deep breath "I'm pregnant." I passed him the photo.

"WHAT? Well that's fucking brilliant. You've been with other guys since you've been back at that stupid boarding school. I should have listened to what your sister told me about you."

"Wait, what did my sister tell you?" I questioned. I am going to kill her!! And since when did she talk to Ky she barely even knows him.

"That you were a slut and slept with any boy you could get your hands on. And she was right you are nothing but a slut. Did you really think I was gonna look after someone else's kid, WE'RE OVER." He threw the photo back at me and made to leave.

Tears were starting to form in my eyes, but I blinked them away. "KYLE STEVENSON, you listen to me right now. If you do not shut the fuck up I am going to leave this park and you will never see me or your baby again!" I yelled at him and he turned to look at me, I gave him my death stare and he slowly edged back towards me.

"Ky, one: I love you, two: I haven't slept or been with any other guys since we got together. Three: It happened at my birthday party, four: I am pregnant, five: YES it is yours and six: I'm keeping it."

I got up off the swing with the photo still in my hand and walked straight past him. He didn't move and he didn't say anything, as soon as I was out of the park, I ran as fast as I could all the way to Lauren's. My tears were thicker now and falling down my face. Before I could knock the door, Sandra had opened it. As soon as she saw the state of me she hugged me. "Oh Mol. What's a matter Hun? LAUREN!"

Lauren came running out of the kitchen and saw me. "Oh my god Mol's."

"What's happened?" Katie asked, also appearing from the kitchen.

"Are you gonna be ok, Laur. I have to go or I'll miss the bus." I heard Sandra call.

"Mum its find, go have fun. We'll manage." Lauren replied as she pulled her blonde hair up into a pony tail.

Katie pulled me to the sofa and I sat down, she pulled me into a hug and I sobbed into her shoulder,  "Everythingsamess, Onehugemess."

"What's a mess Mol. Has something happened with your parents?" Katie asked me.

I pulled out of her hug and shook my head. My scan photo was still in my hand so I handed it to Lauren who had shut the door and come over to us. Her mouth dropped open, as did Katie's.

"Shitting hell, Mol you’re not, are you?" Katie said.

I just nodded since I was crying too much, not to mention snotting.

"Is it Kyle's?" Lauren asked me.

Again I nodded, I just couldn't seem to find any words right. I bet I looked like one of those nodding dogs you sit the back of your car. "I told him and before I could say anything else he broke up with me. I told him it was his and then I ran." I sniffed.

"Oh Mol's. It's ok, come here" They both pulled me into a hug. When we broke apart, Lauren was smiling to herself. "Since were sharing things, I've got news as well." She reached into the pocket of her jeans and pulled out something wrapped in loo roll. "I've been seeing Luke for the past nine months and I'm also pregnant" She unravelled the loo roll, to reveal a pregnancy test, one that had two blue lines on it. "I only found out today" She announced.

"Bloody hell, you two. Both of you are pregnant?" Katie said looking from me to Lauren.

"Don't sound so shocked Kate, look at my family. It was bound to happen sooner or later to me. I mean mum had Lana at sixteen, me at eighteen, Lauretta at twenty, Callum and Corey at twenty-eight, Lizzie at thirty-two and Lydia at thirty-four. Look at my sisters as well both Lana and Loretta had Brooke and Madison at fifteen. It pretty much runs in my family, being a young mum not to mention being overly fertile."

"How far are you both?" Katie asked us.

"I'm fourteen weeks." I told them.

"I think I'm 'bout four or five weeks, I'm not sure. Have you told your parents Mol?"

"Nope because I know they're gonna go insane and probably kill me."

Katie laughed, "True though."

"Where's the kids Laur?" I asked changing the subject off pregnancy, having noticed that it was pretty quiet in this usually noisy household.

"Callum, Corey and Lizzie are all out the back, Lydia is asleep upstairs," She held up the baby monitor that had been in her hand "Etta and Madison are over Jack's packing as she's persuaded mum to let him move in with us, so he can be more involved with Maddie on the conditions that Etta gets the implant and that they won't have sex and Lana is over her friend’s house with Brooke."

"I thought it was a bit too quiet."

"Yeah well don't get used to it though. What with Jack coming to live with us and there might be another little one on the way, this house is gonna get even nosier." She joked as she wrapped the test back up and put it back in her pocket.

We left the living room and went out the back garden where Lizzie was playing in her Wendy house and the boys were on the trampoline. Since us three are such kids we all climbed on as well, as did Lizzie when she saw us all on there. Together we spent the afternoon bouncing and laughing as though nothing had happened today and that we not three seventeen year olds and that two of us were pregnant.

Mrs Simmons came back about three o'clock, she found us all still out the back, "You ok now Mol?" She asked having seen me laugh.

"Yes thanks Mrs Simmons."

"Call me Sandra Mol."

I giggled "Ok, Sandra."

We stayed outside until it was getting dark. I thought I had better go home now since it was getting late. I checked my wiz-phone which had been in my bag all afternoon and saw that I had twenty missed calls off mum, five off Kyle and two off Lucy. I sighed, "I think I best go home then since mum is probably going crazy."

"And me." Piped up Katie.

"Ok. I'll walk you both home."

We went back in the house and said goodbye. Etta was now home with Madison and was sat on the sofa feeding her. Madison is two months old and looks just like her mother, what with her wispy brown hair and blue eyes. Etta is fifteen, she's sixteen next year, and is the third oldest.

Laur turned to her mum and said "Mum I'm gonna walk these two home, ok I'll be back soon."

"Bye girls." Sandra said to us as she started to prepare th children's tea.

About halfway from Lauren's house Luke was waiting on the corner. "I'm here as your escort ladies." He told us.

We laughed and walked Katie to her house which is just up the road. Once she had gone it was the three of us.

"Congrats Mol." Luke said to me.

"I, on what?" I asked pretending to look confused.

"On the baby. Ky told me."

"Oh um thanks, where is he?"
"I don't know. He just text me saying 'Got Molly up the duff. ' I haven't heard off him since."

Lauren giggled "She's not the only one expecting."

Luke looked at her confused "What, your not are you?"

She nodded "I'm only about four or five weeks." Luke pulled her to him and hugged her with such enthusiasm, that her feet were taken off the ground. They looked so cute together, I always wondered if something was going on and when they would get together. And they finally have, even if they didn't tell anyone for nine months.

Luke is my best boyfriend after Kyle and is like a brother to me. He has brown hair, blue eyes and he's pretty tall. He lives with his mum and dad and is a only child. Even though he’s in 'a gang' he's really nice and is a big softy at heart. He also gives the best hugs.

They walked me back to the top of my street and I bid them goodbye and they wished me good luck. I'm going to see them now until when I'm home for Christmas. I walked up the drive and opened the front door.

"I'm home." I yelled.

Mum came rushing out of the living room looking frantic. "MOLLY EVELYN WEASLEY, WHERE ON EARTH HAVE YOU BEEN. AND WHY HAVEN'T YOU BEEN ANSWERING MY CALLS!!"

Oh great, She only uses my full name when I'm in trouble.

"Mum calm down. I told Lucy where I was going this morning. I went shopping with Lauren and Katie ok" I held up my shopping bag as proof before I continued, "And then we went back to Lauren's as she was babysitting. My phone was in my bag and my bag was in the house, so I didn't hear it ok."

She didn't exactly calm down much but at least she wasn't shouting now. "Lucy did not tell me anything. And what have I told you about hanging out with people from that estate. They're bad news, they do drink, drugs, knife crime and get pregnant way too young."

I chose to ignore the last bit, if she thinks people off the estate get pregnant to young what is she going to say about me. I am going to kill Lucy as well, why she couldn't she have told her and saved me all this hassle. "Yeah I don't care what you think about them mum. They're my friends not yours, so don't worry. I need to talk to you and dad in the living room."

I left her in the hallway and went into the living room. Lucy was curled up on the sofa reading a book again. "Lucy go away I need to talk to mum and dad, in private"

"No, I'm not going anywhere, I was here first."

"LUCY just go for god's sake."  I yelled at her.

Mum came in as did Dad from the kitchen. Thank god he was home from work, I don't think I would be able to cope on my own with mum's reaction. Knowing her she will go crazy.

"What's all this yelling for?" He asked.

"I need to speak to you and Mum in private and Lucy here will not go away." I told him.

"Is it important?" He asked.

Well yeah, I'm carrying your grandchild here. Except i didn't say that to him, but if I did would it make this a lot easier. "YES!"

"Ok Molly. Go on up to your room Lucy please darling."

Of course Lucy moved then and left. Dad went and shut the door, but I could guarantee that she'll be listening through the key hole. How am I going to do this? Should I just say or show them my scan. How are they going to react? What am I going to do? Calm Molly, calm, I told myself.

"Can you sit down... please?" I added hastily.

"What is it you have to tell us darling?" They said in unison.

"Well the thing is, I don't know how to tell you this but the thing is I'm pregnant." I quickly got the scan photo out and handed it to Mum. She looked at it and gasped. I watched it fall from her hands onto the floor. She became completely still, as did Dad.

"Molly how could you," She whispered after about a minute or two "How could you do such a thing to us and this family," She said her voice slowing creeping up "Do you have any idea what this will to the family name."

"We're going to do the right thing." Dad said turning to Mum. He opened his mouth to say something else but Mum cut across in front of him.

"Quite right Percy darling, we are going to get this problem sorted and soon." She said.

Did they realise I was still in the room. "Um hello, I'm still here you know."

"Yes darling I know," She said to me before muttering to herself " I shall book you an appointment at a private clinic when I find one that is far away from here. We shall get this problem sorted and no one has to know."

Is she talking about what I think she’s talking about. "Mum, if you are talking about abortion then I don't think so."

"Don't worry darling. Once it's over it will be like it never happened." She replied.

Is she for real?

"OF COURSE IT WILL. It will probably haunt me my whole life, if you make me do it." I knew I was shouting but this time I didn't care, I could feel the tears coming but I carried on, "If you think I am going to kill my unborn baby just because it makes you and dad ashamed, then you have another thing coming!"

I paused only to wipe away my tears, " DO YOU REALLY want to kill your ONLY grandchild, Sometimes I feel that it would have been better if I wasn't born and that Lucy was an only child. You favour her over me, always have and probably always will. I hate you both and I'll never forgive you for even suggesting abortion. WHEN MY CHILD IS MY AGE I'LL TELL THEM HOW GRANDMA AND GRANDDAD WANTED TO KILL THEM, HOW WILL YOU FEEL THEN?"

I picked up my scan photo and wrenched open the door. Lucy fell right into the room, and I knew she had clearly been eaves dropping. Rushing passed her, tears running down my face, I ran straight up the stairs and into my room. I slammed the door shut and it made a huge cracking noise when it came in contact with its door frame. I made the key turn in the lock using my wand which I had pulled out of my bag.

I kicked my uggs off, took off my hoody and bag, threw them on the floor. I flung myself on my bed, curling up in a ball. I could hear my wiz-phone vibrating so I picked up my hoody and pulled it out of the pocket. There was a message off Lauren,

Did it go ok. If not ring me xxxx

I rang her and on the second ring she picked up. "Laur, they hate me even more and they want me to get an abortion." I sobbed into my phone.

"Aww Mol, I'd sneak over if I could but mum's a bit teary. I told her tonight about me seeing Luke and that I'm pregnant, she’s not all too pleased. I wish you didn't have to go back to school Mol otherwise I would come round tomorrow."

"And I do to, but I have to finish my education and right now I can't be here. I can't be around my parents or Kyle right now. I need to get back to my normality for a while; I'll be home before you know it Lau. Only eight weeks and I'll see you again."

"I know but it's never the same without you."

"I know. It's not the same without you or Katie either But I gotta go now Lau as I have to be up early. Miss you."

"Miss you too Mol, bye."

I chucked my phone onto my bedside table and I curled up into a ball again. Just as I had gotten comfy there was a knock at the door. I ignored it hoping they would go away. They knocked again and I still ignored it. Do they not getting the message, do they not get that I don't want to talk to them. Then they knocked for a third time.

"WHAT!" I yelled.

"Mol it's me. Let me in please sis." Called my sister from outside.

I grabbed my wand and flicked it so that my door unlocked. She pushed it and there in my doorway was Lucy stood there with a large tub of Ben and Jerry's with two spoons poking out the top of it and a bottle of Pepsi. She walked in, kicking the door shut behind her. She came and sat next to me and I turned the key again re-locking my door using my wand. Which is a bad habit, I need to stop becoming so lazy, especially when I have the baby.

Lucy sat cross legged on my bed. Having put Pepsi bottle on my bedside table she held the tub of Ben and Jerry's towards me and I took a spoonful. Ice-cream really is yummy and no matter what it can cheer you up slightly when you’re in a shitty mood. I looked at my reflection in my spoon, my tears had dried up now and there were huge mascara streaks down my face. Great I looked a mess.

"You know Mol everything is gonna be alright. Mum and Dad will get over it." She told me, before she took a great swig of pop from the bottle.

"Thanks Luce and I'm sorry for yelling at you earlier." I smiled at her. Well at least one member of this family is on my side.

"I always thought they favoured you over me Mol. I mean I'm the good one, I never do anything wrong. I thought that they never noticed me."

"That's not true Luce. They prefer you, you're the one getting good grades, and you’re the one who has never been in trouble in her whole life. You're the one who didn't get pregnant at seventeen."

Lucy smiled and I recognised a younger version of my self siling back, "I love you Mol and I'm really sorry for telling Kyle that you were a slut, I didn't mean it. Does he know about the baby, I'm guessing it’s his from the look on your face."

"I, uh I love you too Lucy and yeah it is. He knows, I told him earlier on."

"So I'm gonna be an auntie am I. How far are you?" She asked.

I giggled, "Yeah you're gonna be auntie Lucy and I'm fourteen weeks" I told her.

"Bloody hell Moll. Where's your bump?"

I stood, lifting my baggy top up so that it stopped at the bottom of my bra. My little bump stuck out, free from the fabric. "There's my bump Luce."

"Wow, It's mad to think that's my little niece or nephew in there" She smiled staring at my stomach and poking me.

I squealed and she laughed as I then pulled down my top and sat back on my bed. "Wanna watch a dvd?" I asked her; since I was glad I had at least one family member on my side.

"I'd love too but I need to pack. We’re going back to Hogwarts tomorrow."

"Ok then. I suppose I better pack as well."

Lucy hugged me before getting up and left my room after I unlocked the door. I could still here arguing downstairs so I shut my door. Gathered all my Hogwarts things, muggle clothing and school robes I threw it all in my trunk not carting that it wasn't neat. I locked it shut and placed it next to my door with Specky's cage on top

She was off hunting at the moment, but I'd put her in there in the morning before we leave. I got changed in to my nice warm pyjamas and got into bed, flicking my wand to my door locking it and then at my light switch. I lifted my quit and then my top to look at my little bump.

I rubbed it and whispered "Looks like it's you and me kiddo, night night. Mummy loves you." I pulled my top down and snuggled under my quilt before falling into a dreamless sleep.

A/N I don’t own Pepsi or Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream. Nothing but the plot and OC’s are mine.



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