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Finding Out About A Little Thing Called Love by JamesSiriusPotterII
Chapter 10 : 10) The Halloween Party with HER
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10) The Halloween Party with HER




Oh my god.




I’m going to start squealing in a minute.




Like a man though. Manly squeals.




The Halloween Party preparations are in full swing! The main components (consisting of booze and butt) were confirmed. No we were not inviting prostitutes, just bimbos and the like.




Right now, while hanging decorations in the Great Hall, we were arguing about the difficulty of being a bimbo.




“I mean, they have to make the effort of getting ready- sometimes even getting fake surgery done!” I insisted.




“Puh-lease, they just flaunt it. I mean it’s all good, let them do what they want to do, but you can’t actually admire them because of the ‘effort’ they put in to be sluts?” asked Mayfield, incredulously. I huffed.




“But Padfoot does have a point. I mean to put on all that make-up and pick which clothes to wear…” muttered Moony. SCORE ONE. Smart ones on my side!




“I agree with you on make-up, Moony, takes them an hour almost! The clothes, well, their whole wardrobe literally does not have one set of decent clothes in!” replied Mayfield.




“And your meaning of decent clothes is?” asked Prongs.




“Trackees and a hoodie,” I answered for her and she grinned at me, “But I think what they wear is very… decent,” I smirked, winking at Melissa Hordley, 6th year, and one of our most hot resident Hogwarts sluts. She giggled over at one of her friends, whipping her blonde hair around.




I spotted Iris in the corner of my eye, and I actually felt guilty when I saw how upset and alone she was. I was thinking about going to her, before I remembered what she said to Mayfield.




No one could say something like that and get away with it, especially if they hadn’t apologized.




Anyways, back to the argument at hand.




“I never thought it to be hard to be a bimbo. I mean come on, they are dumbshits,” shrugged Prongs.




“Exactly my point, Prongs! Plus their dressing isn’t the only way to look sexy,” exclaimed Mayfield. So of course I had to make up some plan that would eventually backfire in my face.




“Fine, Lexander. Are you up for a dare?” I muttered, cocking an eyebrow at her.




“Bring it,” was her answer.




“For the Halloween Party, tonight, you have to dress sexy. ,” I dared, with a triumphant look. She would never accept it- it would be the first dare she wouldn’t accept!




“What happened to me being one of the guys?”




“Oh don’t worry,” laughed Prongs. “This will be purely for research and a challenge.” We grinned maliciously at each other, and faced to turn to Mayfield with our manic expressions.




“You’d be better putting Prongs in a dress and making him a drag star,” scowled Mayfield.




“So you accept?” I looked at her shocked. I didn’t think she’d actually go through with it.




“Obviously. Since when has Alex Mayfield rejected a dare? You just wait till tonight mate, and we’ll see who’s laughing,” said Mayfield standing up.




“I’m pretty sure we will be,” I smirked, and watched her go up the stairs. I had made up a theory that if Mayfield was practically a brother to me, then Mayfield in a slutty dress would be like seeing your brother in a slutty dress, which equals hilarious.




Just imagined a picture of Regulas as a bimbo.




That was kind of on the border of hysterical and disturbing. Wait, make that mentally scarring.




“You know… maybe I’ll ask Lily-“ streamed Prongs, off in a daze. Probably thinking of his darling Lily all dressed up for the Party.




“No. You will most definitely not ask Lily to the Halloween Party, okay? She’s just looking for an excuse to go all Medusa on you. You have to show her you’re above that,” I hurriedly interrupted, before he got any more ideas.




“Medusa on me?” asked Prongs, snapped out of his daze.




“Medusa, this monster from Greek mythology.” The rest of the Marauders looked at me in shock.




“What? You know about Greek mythology?” asked Moony, wide eyed. Oh, gees, nice to know you think I’m as dumb as a bimbo! Ha. I like that simile…




“Yes actually. I read this book series called Percy Jackson, it was very good,” I explained. I just got more confused looks.




“You read?” blurted out Wormtail. I glared at him, and he immersed himself into fiddling with some confetti.




“Right, now with that odd revelation out the way… Whom are you going with to the ball, Wormy? Still that Slytherin girl?” muttered Prongs.




“Yes, that Slytherin girl. You met her though! You know she’s not like the others,” snapped back Wormtail. We all looked at him shocked, Wormy never used to be the one to shout back.




“Woah, chill man… I never meant it in that way! I know she’s nice, and I’m glad you found someone who you like so much. And you Moony?”




Moony blushed. “Actually, I asked out Annabelle Martin. From Hufflepuff, our year? Brunette, with blue eyes?”




“Nice catch, mate. She’s quite the looker, and I hear she’s real nice,” I encouraged, and Moony looked at me gratefully. He had never really met the right girl for him, and whenever he got serious (my name again, just saying) with her, he pushed her away because of his furry little problem. That dude was too kind and guilt feeling it’s unreal.




“You, Padfoot?” asked Prongs.




“Actually, I’m not sure. I was going to go with Iris, but then, you know…”




The three looked at me sympathetically. Well, Wormtail’s expression was unreadable, but I was guessing it was sympathy. “Guys, it’s okay! I’m fine,” I insisted, and they accepted.




“So, who you going with now?”




“I don’t know… Going solo?” I shrugged. “Don’t need to worry about a freaky mad woman going on about how I cheated on her then.” I shuddered at the memory.








It really was.




I swear you didn’t exist at that time?




We’ve always existed.






Those were the good days…








We are offended.




Be offended. I’m leaving voice land, hola!




That means hello.




Course it does. I meant guten tag!








Shut up.







You know, they may be annoying, but they sure are obedient voices.




“Prongs, who are you going with then? Obviously, not Evans,” I wondered.




“Who else could I go with?”




“Anyone! You’ve got many birds who would die for a chance to go out with you.”




“Really?” asked Prongs shocked.




Epic facepalm. “Yes really you dickhead! This is why I told you to jump out of the world of Evans for a while- live a little, while you’re still young!”




“You’re right Padfoot,” he nodded, scanning the room for birds. I closed my eyes and leaned back on my chair. I worried about him a bit. Yes, I know he’s in love and he should be determined to get Evans, but how much heartbreak can one man stand alone? I don’t want him to give up though- I just want Evans to give in. I don’t get love though. I mean there are prettier, nicer and maybe even the odd smarter than Evans so why run after her so badly? What’s this feeling inside of him that makes him so desperate for that one girl? And will I ever get that same feeling?




I opened my eyes, and was about to ask about this, but noticed Prongs wasn’t there. I turned my head, and saw Prongs snogging Melissa as if he was never going to kiss someone again. I saw a flash a red hair whip up the stairs, and I couldn’t help but smirk.




That’s my boy.








“HAL-LO-WEEEEEN, THE GHOSTS ARE COMING OUT, HAL-LO-WEEEEN, IT’S TIME TO SHOUT, PARTAAY LIKE CRAZAAAY AND DANCE THE NIGHT AWAAAY!” I sung at the top of the longs as we got ready for the Halloween party in my dorms. It was ‘Halloween’ by the Rememberalls. What an awesome band. I was deciding on which shirt to wear.




“Padfoot, shut up,” whined Moony.




“But I don’t know which shirt to wear!” I exclaimed, falling dramatically on the bed. I had piles of different kinds of shirt. “Which pile? I’ve narrowed down to two. Suggestive shirts or song quote shirts?”




“Definitely, since you’re going solo, suggestive,” grinned Prongs, shuffling through his wardrobe, looking for some clean jeans.




I scuffled through the pile, laughing at some. In the end I decided I’d pick two averagely suggestive shirts.




“So we’ve got the ‘Wanna make some magic? My wand’s at the ready,’ shirt or the ‘How do I get into your department of mysteries?’ one,” I said, holding up the two.




“I vote for the first, the second might take some innocent ones longer to guess,” declared Prongs.




“But the second’s more bam in the face. It’s got the shock factor,” argued Remus.




“I guess- the first one is a little too used,” I agreed. I pulled on the second shirt, and buckled a belt around my black jeans. I was going with the dark look, but the lack of black eyeliner and makeup meant it didn’t look gothic, just a tad sinister and quite rough. I liked it.








We walked into the Room of Requirement, and I immediately smirked at our work. The music was on full blast, the drinks and snacks lined up at the sides with House Elves replacing them every so often. I ignored the squeals and cheers that followed our arrival, and walked straight to the stage. I pointed my wand at my throat and muttered a quick ‘Sonorous’ so my voice would be magnified.




“Hello, and how is everybody doing this fabulous night?” I shouted, and was answered with huge applause and cheering. “We’ve got quite the night ahead of us, so I only have one word for you. PARTAAAY!” I jumped off the stage, through the crowds, and headed towards the drinks table. It was time to get this night started. But where was Mayfield?




Someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around and was met by sex on legs. I’m not even joking. She had slender legs, that were not bony, but had just the right amount of muscle. Her curves were not overdone but just right like everything else. She had long black hair that fell down her bare back like a cascading waterfall, and stunning chocolate brown eyes that stood out against her light brown skin.




“Wait- Mayfield?” I gaped. Wow, she cleaned up nice. I mean, I had seen her in her underwear. But that was different. Seeing someone in a beautiful dress was different to that. It was an attractive, but not slutty dress. It was a deep maroon dress that was fairly tight fitted that reached a few inches above the knee. It gathered to form a strap on one shoulder, so not revealing and had a wide black belt that emphasized her curves. It didn’t smack you in the eyes like some of the sparkling silver dresses, but caressed your eyes, so that they were pulled that way.




“Yeah, ‘tis the wonderful me! See, I can do it! Plus, like the t-shirt,” she laughed. The last joke brought me back to reality. This was Mayfield, who was practically my brother. Well, let me tell you something- one should not be thinking the thoughts I am thinking about a sister, let alone a brother. Unless they were gay or a straight girl- then it would be vice versa.




“Anyways, up for drinks?” I offered loudly, trying to get my head out the gutter. She bit her lip. Really, Mayfield? WHY DO YOU TORTURE ME LIKE THIS?




She whispered something that I couldn’t make out.








“I’ve never drunk before!” she muttered louder. I gaped.




“Never? Like, as in, never?”




“No. I didn’t like losing control.”




“But, it’s fun! To just be yourself,” I protested.




“I don’t know who myself is.”




“Well, it’s time to find out. Do you think you can take something hard?” Then I saw something I’d never seen in Mayfield’s eyes truly before, the glint of rebellion.




“Give it to me.”




“2 Tequila shots,” I muttered to Rui Mendolt, the Hufflepuff beater and captain, who was bartending for the night. He was a bit of a prat, and no one knows how he was Hufflepuff, but he knew everything about drinks there was to know and would work for free, saying the ‘customers’ could be quite satisfactory. Sleaze.




“Newbie, ey?” asked Rui to Mayfield. She kept her head high and raised an eyebrow. “Good luck.”




“Don’t need it, thanks” she retorted. Marcus smirked, winked at her then gave her the drink.




“Feisty one you got there Black tonight,” he grinned. I glared at him.




“She’s not my date, she’s my beater,” I growled.




“Oh, Alex, isn’t it? Nice to meet you,” he greeted, sticking out his hand. God knows where that hand’s been. Luckily, she didn’t take it.




“Sure, just give Black his drink,” she grumbled, looking just as annoyed with him as I was. He passed me the drink reluctantly, and she turned to talk to Prongs and his date who looked incredibly pissed off at being annoyed.




“She may be a little hesitant now, but wait until she’s had a few drinks,” whispered Rui into my ear. He is going to be dead by tomorrow morning. I growled, but knew I couldn’t stop Mayfield from drinking, not now I’ve started her off. I’ve led her right into Rui’s arms. But, let’s see if he’ll get within a foot of her while I’m around.








The drinks had gone on. She had such a high tolerance for a first timer it was ridiculous. When she decided she was trying to smell my face, I decided even she’d have to stop now.




“Come on, let’s go,” I muttered, grabbing her hand.




“To dance? I love dancing,” she yelled, jumping off her seat and joining me.








“Oh, please, pretty please?”




“I’m not sure…” Let’s just say, the dress and her in general right now grinding with me would not end up well.




“I’ll dance with you, Alex,” muttered Rui, sliding beside her and slipping his arm around her waist.




“It’s fine, Rui, you’re bartending,” I replied. “I’ll dance with her.”




“It’s okay, Sirius, chill. Jake’s taken care of it.” Sure enough, Jake, a decent guy in the same year in Hufflepuff, Rui’s best mate, had taken over bartending.




“It’s okay Black, since you don’t want to dance, I’ll dance with Rui,” sighed Mayfield.








“You heard the girl. Go find yourself someone to snog Black. Alex and I are just dancing with each other as friends.”




Friends my arse. They went off, and I hurriedly followed, ignoring the girls asking me to dance. Shuffling through the sweaty bodies, I found them dancing very close. Too close for my comfort. She rested her head in the nook of his neck, and they almost merged into one body.




Punch him.








And for one, I agree with you voices.




I ran up and grabbed his arm, pulling him off Mayfield, and punched with all my might right on the jaw. I heard a satisfying click to signify it was broken, and he shot me a vicious glare.




“She’s not worth it,” he grumbled and shot off before I could get in a word. She was most definitely worth it to me.




“You want to dance?” I asked Mayfield, the alcohol pushing me on. She nodded, her eyes burning. “Then, let’s dance.” I grabbed her and we danced.








I didn’t count the minutes or hours we danced for. We just forgot about everything and just danced.




A slow song came up- ‘We Can Work Magic’ by Celestina Warbeck, a new star who had just been introduced to the world of wizarding fame.




Without even talking, we turned to face each other, and wrapped our arms around the other’s waist. We looked each other directly in the eyes, foreheads pressed together, skin tingling whenever she touched it. We didn’t even know how we were.




Slowly, our lips bent towards each other. They collided, and rubbed against each other passionately. Slowly, we made our way to a broom closet.








It went on and on, until I muttered, “Stop.” She wouldn’t want to, I knew- even my drunk mind could sense that much. We had already done enough damage for one night.




“Why?” she murmered, sucking lightly on my neck.




“Just stop,” I growled, shoving her away. Then she passed out.




Just wonderful.




I bridal style carried her to our room and tucked her in to my bed, refusing to let her sleep on the floor in her horrid state. That girl, who was meant to be like my brother, could fucking snog.




I found went to bed, that I missed her lips. Missed them so frickin bad.








“WAKE UP!” screamed an agonizing voice around the room.




“The pain!” I wailed.




“Arggghhh!” shouted another bleeding voice.




“FUCKING HELL, SHUT UP ALL OF YOU,” screamed a final one. Well, that shut us up considering it made my head throb harder than my heart.




I cringed at the bright light coming in from the window.




Go away Sun! You are not welcome- be gone!




Bloody merlin, do I hate hangovers.




I half-opened my eyes reluctantly, letting the light burn my iris. No, I was not being melodramatic.




I scanned the room. Moony looked incredibly smug, meaning who was the only one who wasn’t suffering from severe hangover. Wormtail wasn’t in sight, meaning he probably did the dirty with his little Slytherin friend last night. Prongs looked just as hellish as I did, which leads to expect not only was he suffering from a splitting headache, but he did something he was shitting himself about last night. Because I certainly was. I looked towards Mayfield who seemed to be so worried. Those lips…








I couldn’t even think about her the same way.








Snap out of it.




Easy for you to say. You’re not a hormonal guy who had one of the best snogs of his life.








You can’t ask her out- it would ruin everything.




Tell me about it. Plus, I don’t know if I’d even want to ask her out. I like her the way she is- not as some prissy girl trying to impress me. And what if she said no?








Just see what happens.




I guess…








We were grudgingly eating lunch, since I couldn’t resist food. We were just finishing some scrumptious apple pie, when Mayfield looked at me for the first time since last night. She looked just the same as ever, except without her usual twinkling eyes and smirk. I was shit scared. What if she said she hated me now? I couldn’t mess this up again!




She suddenly stood up, making me jump.




“Black. We need to talk. In private,” she added, when I didn’t move. I gulped, and followed her out of the hall.




One word was going through my mind. Shit.




A/N: Ahhh, cliffy! What will Mayfield say to our little Sirius? LET US SEE.



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