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Like Father, Like Son, right? by Ih8Voldemort
Chapter 2 : Fists of Fury
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7 hours later.....

"We're going camping!"

The sound of the Head Girl, Alora Mayfield, also one of my close friends, rang out around the Great Hall.


Mayhem. It was Bedlam. First years climbed over tables in an effort to reach their friends while sixth years attempted to subdue all the years in between. I caught sight of a bright flash of orange hair and my hand shot out, catching my brother by his collar.

"Hugo!" I hollered over the noise.

He squirmed. Then, seeing it was me, he relaxed and gave me a hug.

"Hey sis, I haven't seen you in forever!"

I hugged him back then released him, watching Ally trying to regain control.

She climbed up on a chair and screamed, "SILENCE!!"

Everyone froze and turned to look at her.
Ally panted, "Silence, please."

She shot a worried glance at the teachers' table. Professor McGonnagle was giving her disapproving glares over the top of her glasses.

Alora gulped nervously.
"So, um anyway, it's only sixth and fifth years going camping."

Everyone under the age of fifteen groaned and/or sighed.
I grinned. Camping. Awesome.


I shoved my favourite green sweater into my already overflowing hiking backpack. There. Done. All packed and ready to go. But wait! I frowned. There was something missing!

Blanket. Check.
Sleeping bag. Check.
Towel. Check.
Extra clothes. Check.
Toothbrush. Check.
Hairbrush. Check.
Schedule. Check.
Harry the teddy. Check.

Oh! Hang on, though. Where was my wand? I glanced around me, then, not seeing it anywhere, got up from my bed and rooted around in all my drawers, my closet and on my desk. I frowned. Where could it be? I could have sworn I hadn't taken it out of my pocket! I cursed. Maybe I was going crazy!

"Well yeah, we already knew you were crazy, sis."

An amused voice came from the door and I whipped round to see Hugo, leaning against the doorframe and grinning mischievously. I bit my lip. Had I said that out loud?

"Yes you did say that out loud, Rosie."

Damn, really? What was wrong with me? I sighed and turned back to the bomb-site that had been my bedroom five minutes ago.

"I can't find my wand Hugo." I whined, feeling like a little kid again.

He frowned. "Um, Rose? I think I might possibly have seen Malfoy waving a long brown wand around that didn't look like it was his....what are you doing?" But I wasn't listening.

"That git!"

I cracked my knuckles and ground my teeth while Hugo looked on worriedly. I was extremely overprotective of my wand, but come on. It was my WAND, for merlin's sake! It was like one of my limbs! My hands! Maybe even a leg....
....okay, woah. That was a bit off subject. Where was I? Oh yeah, kill Malfoy....grab wand....limbs....yeah, okay. Right.

"Um Rose?"

Hugo was looking at me concernedly and waving a hand in front of my face. I shook myself mentally.

"Er...what?" I stared at him blankly.

He blinked.

"I don't know! One second you were raging about killing Malfoy and him taking your wand and stuff, then you kinda just zoned out, I guess. Are you sure you're okay?"

Wow. Alright then.
I let out a breath.

I really was crazy.


"MALFOY!" I roared, storming in the general direction of the small pack of Slytherins that always seemed to congregate just outside of the Great Hall.

Ah, there he was, the evil one, standing in the centre of the pack of Slytherins and twirling a slender brown wand. MY wand, actually. My eyes narrowed. Oh he was so dead.

He smirked at me.

"What is it Weasley? What could you possibly come to beg from me, this time?"

"Give me my wand Malfoy."

He grinned. "No, I don't think I will, thank you."

I smiled.

His face turned suspicious. "What are you grinning at Weasley?"

I looked at my shoes to hide my beaming face.

"Oh nothing. Only that, because you said that, I can do THIS."

My head whipped up as my fist collided with his pointed nose. There was a collective gasp as everyone heard that satisfying crunch that comes with the smashing of somebody's nasal structure. Silence.

Someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned apprehensively, expecting it to be McGonnagle or some other stern teacher.

It was Lexi. She was doubling over gasping with her hand clutched over her mouth as her laughing eyes sparkled up at me.

"That was classic." She said weakly, wiping at the tears of laughter trailing down her red cheeks.

I beamed. She was on my side.
I turned back to Malfoy, who was holding his broken snout and moaning.

Ha. Weasley-1, Malfoy-0.

I told you not to mess with me. I grew up with James Potter. I fight dirty.
I smiled to myself as I bent down to pick up my wand, which Malfoy had dropped when he was in the process of feeling the pain that I had inflicted on him.

No magic included.

Ha. Sucker.

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