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Paint It Black by amymoni
Chapter 15 : Chapter Fourteen
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“Where have you been?”


Lily hasn't come anywhere near the Slytherin common room ever since her fallout with Snape.


So her waiting for me outside it is definitely not a good thing.


“Here,” I shrug.


“I haven't seen you all weekend. What's wrong?”she asks suspiciously, pushing her hair out of her face to see me properly.


“What makes you think something's wrong?”


She raises her eyebrow, indicating that she has a valid reason to believe that.


“The fact that Sirius Black has been just as concerned about your absence as I am.”


And there it is, the reason.


“What happened?” she repeats, this time taking a concerned tone.


I let Sirius Black kiss me that's what happened.


He kissed me and I kissed him back and I actually liked it. Which, of course, scared me to no end and made me push him back, run away and hide in my dormitory for three days like the coward that I am.


But who cares about that really?


“Nothing,” I say, avoiding Lily's eyes.


This seems to only irritate her further.


“I'm not stupid, Grey. What happened between you two?”


“Yes, do tell us. I'd really like to know why my best friend hasn't said a word to me since you came and interrupted Quidditch practice three days ago.”


Oh, great. Lets add a worried James Potter to the mix. Because an annoyed Lily Evans was not enough.


Lily turns towards James, who's standing right behind us with his arms crossed over his chest.


“She came to Quidditch practice?” she asks him in disbelief.


“She did. And thanks to her, now I've got a keeper in the infirmary and a best friend who won't talk to anyone except to ask if they've seen her,” he points at me.


“Well, if your best friend wished to see me so bad, then why isn't he the one waiting for me outside the common room?”


I didn't mean to ask that. I really didn't.


After all, it is a relief that I don't have to confront Sirius Black yet. It is.


“He was, until he got into a fight with your cousin. Now they're both in detention. Sirius is cleaning telescope lenses up in the Astronomy Tower and I have no idea what Avery's doing, but I hope it involves dragon dung, out-of-control bludgers and hungry acromantulas.”


Lily and I both laugh at that. Potter raises his eyebrow.


“Yes, really funny this situation. Now care to tell me why Sirius is in a bad mood?”


Now it's my turn to cross my arms.


“That's between me and Black, Potter,” I say irritably.


Potter doesn't seem pleased by that answer.


“Are you sure it doesn't concern others too? Say, me and Peter?”


So he knows I know.


Of course, he does. He was bloody there, just not in his human form.


“No. Just me and Black,” I repeat.


Lily looks between the two of us and I can tell she doesn't like that Potter seems to know more than she does.


It's time to get their attention off me and I know exactly how to do that.


“And you don't see me interrogating the two of you because you're all of sudden too nice to each other. Which is very suspicious behaviour, if you ask me. But it's your business.”


Lily blushes to the roots of her red hair. Potter looks anywhere but at her.


Mission accomplished.



A/N: I'm so sorry it took me so long to update! I hope there's still someone around who wants to read it..

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