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Frenemies by MissMandarin
Chapter 1 : Frenemies
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The world was ending, he was sure of it. His eyes closed involuntary and for a moment he refused to open them scared to death of what he may see. He took a deep breath and let his eyelids flutter open, the light was blinding for a moment, but like the dust clearing there she was. She was laughing; her face lit up with a smile and it wasn’t directed at him. Why should it be? What did he ever bring her, but misery and worry? What could he offer her but destruction and death? He strained to overhear the private conversation between her and the other man, he knew him well enough Dean Thomas, a year older than her, like he was. Her laughter echoed through the nearly empty hall, and Draco realized he must look like an idiot standing there starring after her and him. He quickly turned into an adjacent hallway and didn’t look back.

His frustration building all the way back to his room, especially now that he had to take a longer way around, he wanted to just hit something, hit someone. Like a gift from the gods Harry Potter turned the corner straight in front of him.

“Watch where you’re going Scarhead”, it was one of his usual arsenal of insults, normally Potter would shoot something back and they’d be on their marry way, but Potter seemed to have something more behind his eyes today as well.

“Watch yourself Malfoy”, Potter shot back, he pushed Draco away from him by his shoulders. Draco would have smiled just then if it wouldn’t have made him appear insane. He had a reputation after all.

“You going to make me?” It wasn’t his best line, but he had seen it in one of those muggle movies. “Or perhaps you can get your mudblood girlfriend to attack me again”, he hissed, knowing bringing her up would make him snap, he had watched Harry watch her, the way he looked at Ginny. Stupid Weasley was clueless to his best friends intentions with his future misses. “Or is that it?” Draco continued pouring the salt, hoping the beast would strike soon. “She only spreads her legs for blood traitors, is that the problem?” he laughed, a cruel laugh.

“You fucking ferret”, Harry’s face screwed up with rage and Draco congratulated himself for a moment before he felt the brunettes fist connect with his face. His head bounced off the wall as he was flung sideways by the force. Apparently he should have kept up with quidditch this year. He responded in kind before he had all his senses around him and connected somewhere with the side of Harry’s head. This wasn’t over nearly at all. The two men collided grappling with each other trying to get the other to the ground to better beat the living hell out of them. Draco could taste the sweet iron taste of blood in his mouth, hoping it wasn’t  tooth as Harry hurled him to the ground.

“Take it back you fucking ferret” was all he repeated as he straddled him and went for his face with his fists. Draco brought his arms up to protect himself, but the blows were still felt. He numbly thought how he couldn’t take it back while Harry was pummeling his head into the stone over and over, but he didn’t feel like pointing that out at the moment. The blows stopped then, both males breathing heavily. Harry slid off him. “Why the hell aren’t you fighting back?”

“Fuck”, was all Draco managed in a groan, he had noticed. Harry was laughing then, bruises forming on the side of his face and knuckles bloody and bruised.

“Draco Malfoy the masochist”, he was doubled over in laughter, Draco felt like his entire face was smashed and destroyed.

 “Shut up!” he snapped feebly. It was too late Harry had seen what Draco was struggling so hard to hide, everyone here and it had to be him.

Harry was still finding this all hysterical, Draco just sighed defeated. “Didn’t exactly seeing you pull your punches Potter” Draco raised his eyebrow in question, immediately regretting it as the movement only caused him further pain. Harry’s laughter immediately ceased. “So it is Granger…” The grief stricken look that Harry gave him at the sound of her name only confirmed it. Followed by a look of fear, Draco mused for a moment what it must be like to be Harry Potter, everything you love so dearly would be turned against you by those who wish you dead.

“If you tell…” he began.

“Relax Potter, I’m not one for getting other people killed because of you, that’s your damage”, Draco spit blood onto the floor, it seemed he had bitten into the side of his cheek, thank god he still had all his teeth.

“Touche”, was all the other said, Draco half expected him to start swinging again after that comment.

“Try not to drag Weasley’s sister with you”, Draco didn’t know why he said it, but something about the way Harry seemed to understand the fact that one could not have what one wanted, without hurting her. If Harry thought the deatheaters would kill Hermione, guess what they would do to a blood traitor to win Draco over to their side. Now that his father was in Azkaban he was technically head of the Malfoy family.

Harry’s eyes went wide with realization. “You!” he was starring mouth agape at Draco.

“And I thought you were the intelligent one of the Gryffindor bunch”, Draco snorted.

“Was that almost a compliment?” Harry asked confused for a moment before shaking his head. “Nevermind, you’re the one who Ginny was running around with when she told Ron she was going to the library or meeting Hermione?” Harry had known she had never met Hermione anywhere, because Harry was meeting Hermione.

Draco pulled a smile through his cut lip that could only be described as a painful looking smirk.

“I should hit you again for that”, Harry glared.

“As if I could force her to do anything she didn’t want to, bloody hell she could probably take on half the deatheaters by herself, she a fucking force of nature when she’s angry”, Draco looked fearful for a moment at the memories before his expression turned Harry who had begun laughing like a madman again. “What the hell is so bloody funny?” he demanded.

“You love her!” he pointed at Draco accusingly. “This is too hilarious, Draco Malfoy loves a Weasley”, tears were in his eyes.

“I….” he was about to protest it, but his mouth didn’t seem to want to move. “Bugger it”, he stood shakily for the first time and brushed himself off. “As if it matters”, he turned his attention back around the corner to where Ginny and Dean probably still stood.

“Dean you mean?” Harry caught his meaning, “Oh mate she’s using him, to make you jealous I suspect”. Draco looked at him as if he was crazy.

“Did you just call me mate?” he shook his head as Harry had done earlier, “Nevermind, what do you mean?”

“She was barely interested in him before now, not until she stormed into the common room one night”, Harry shrugged, wondering why he was standing calmly in the hallway talking to Draco Malfoy about girls, Ginny no less.

“Valentine’s day…” Draco remembered the fight well.

“Was it?” Harry smiled knowingly, knowing damn well what day it had been. He was trying to get information from him now.

“If you were anyone else and Slytherin Potter we may have been friends.” Draco concluded picking up his bag from where it fell. Harry chuckled at that.

“Doubtful Malfoy, but if you ever need me to beat your face into the stone again, feel free to call on me”, He still seemed to be amused as he walked off leaving Draco alone again in the hall. Oddly enough he was in much better spirits now.

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Frenemies: Frenemies


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