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Malice by Erised
Chapter 23 : Chapter XVIII: Desinence
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A week later

Evie hummed as she worked, tidying up and cleaning used bandages. She had decided to take over Eden’s old role of the makeshift doctor, in an attempt to make amends to the group. Xavier had been furious beyond belief at her, but the rest of the group seemed pretty okay with her leaving to try and find Eden and to find out more information about her parents. Issy was perpetually angry, so she didn’t count.

The thought of Eden made a frisson of sadness come over Evie as she thought about what the brave young woman had sacrificed for them. Even though she had doubts about her, Eden had laid down her life for what was right and just; when she explained the story to the others, they all seemed shocked yet touched at her actions. None of them were too happy about the fact that she was a Ministry spy who had infiltrated their group, least of all Xavier, but just as it had sparked hope with Evie it did the same for them. If one person could see that they were just normal human beings with thoughts and emotions, then it was a start.

Evie’s injuries seemed fairly trivial compared to everyone else’s. She’d be sporting a huge bruise down her side for a while, but apart from that and a few cuts and scrapes, she was fine. Noah had received the worst of the lot – his burn would scar and take weeks to heal. All that Evie could do was apply soothing cream and smile shyly at him as he grinned back. When he left he gave Evie a quick kiss on the cheek and a whispered “Thank you,” before dashing off to deal with Xavier.

Xavier had had quite the meltdown after he found out about Eden. He demanded that Noah should triple the protection once more and look into a new security system. They barely talked him out of uprooting the entire group and finding a new base, but Issy reminded him how long it took for them to find where they were now. Noah had simply rolled his eyes and gotten to work, typing slowly with one hand as the other was in a sling.

Issy and Robbie were pretty okay and so helped Evie clean up the mess, with Issy limping slightly. Noah was working at his computers and Xavier had locked himself in his office, refusing to speak to anyone. They decided that it was best to leave him alone.

Issy was feeling the loss of Eden acutely. She was perhaps her greatest friend in the Resistance; finding out that she was an enemy spy had cast a shadow on her. She shot suspicious glances at everyone, as if suspecting them of the same treachery. Despite her defensive nature, the sorrow in her eyes at the loss of a friend was clear to all.

It was late in the day and the sun had set when Evie was finally able to collapse on her bed, exhausted from the day’s events. Despite her light-hearted feeling, she felt older and wiser from what had happened. It was as if someone had added a thousand responsibilities to her shoulders. She frowned at the thought.

A gentle knock on the door distracted her from her thoughts. Noah poked his head round the door shyly, smiling goofily like he had been for the past week. Evie smiled back and patted the bed next to her, where he joined her. The two lay on their backs in a comfortable silence for a while before curiosity got the better of Noah.

“What did he want from you?” Noah burst out, causing Evie to look over. His eyes were filled with worry. She sighed; she hadn’t told anyone what had happened yet, despite Xavier’s insistence.

“He wanted my blood. Apparently my dad was really famous because he showed that he had magic when he was an adult.” Noah’s eyebrows shot up. “Yeah. So they wanted my blood so they could make the wizarding world stronger, and take over the world.” Thinking about it, Evie thought it sounded like a bad movie. She chuckled tiredly at the thought.

“Well... shit.” Noah stared up at the ceiling pensively. “What makes you different?”

Evie had been dreading this question. She closed her eyes whilst she said what had constantly been on her mind for days. “They told me that apparently, I have magic in me too and that it’s just slow building, but because I have a pureblood mother that it should start showing up soon.”

Evie didn’t think that Noah’s eyebrows could go any higher, but they did. “Wow. They might be wrong, though.”

“Yeah, hopefully. I’d rather be a Squib than be the only one of my kind,” Evie admitted truthfully. She looked over at him. “Would you still like me if I was a freak of nature?”

Noah laughed and propped himself up on his good arm. “I’m pretty sure I’d like you. It depends if you grew loads of facial hair and warts and stuff. Turn into a real witch.” He cackled as Evie pushed him over. She rested her chin on his chest and blushed, looking down.

Noah sighed. “I wish you knew what those Firecrackers were when you saw them in the Archives. I can’t believe they still had them. They were so dangerous they got rid of them all.”

Evie had heard this from the rest of them. “I know! They’d have gotten rid of them now anyway. We can dream.”

“Yeah.” There was a silence. Evie couldn’t bear it and gazed up towards Noah’s smiling face.

“So where does this leave us?” she asked shyly. She was pretty sure that things would work out for them now, but there was still a seed of doubt planted in her mind. She didn’t want to build her hopes too high. Noah responded by pulling her closer into a chaste kiss, ghosting over her lips. It was so tender and heartfelt Evie couldn’t help but smile.

“That’s where it leaves us.”

Evie grinned and snuggled into Noah’s side as he kissed the top of her head. The two had been there for five seconds when Xavier’s angry cries for Noah rang out so loud that they could both hear them. Noah winced.

“Bugger. I took a five minute break and apparently I should be shot for it,” he rolled his eyes dramatically and Evie giggled. He kissed her on the nose and got up. “I’ll be back soon.”

With a final smile and backwards glance, he was gone, leaving Evie to her thoughts.

Everything seemed to be working out well now. She knew that the matter between her and Hector would not be settled for a long time, but for now she was able to ignore it all and just concentrate on building her new life as a Squib. She had grown to love everyone in the group and form bonds she never thought possible. She thought of her mum and dad, and wondered what they’d be thinking if they saw her now. This ignited a thought.

Evie reached under her bed and wrenched free the makeshift wand that she had attached there. If she were magical, which she wasn’t sure she truly believed, then perhaps it would make a difference.

After holding it for a few moments, studying the intricate design, she waved it around for a bit. When nothing happened, she felt instantly foolish and went red, glad that no one was around to see her embarrassment. She clearly wasn’t magical.

A wave of tiredness hit Evie and she quickly drifted into a dreamless sleep, holding the makeshift wand in her hand as she drifted.

The wand sparked.


A/N: AHH! It's finished! Thank you so much to everyone who has stuck with this story for the past three years, especially marinahill and PenguinsWillReignSupreme! I hope you've enjoyed this rollercoaster ride and... there is a sequel! So look out for that soon! Thank you once again and let me know what you think <3

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Malice: Chapter XVIII: Desinence


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