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fight back by pottermaster97
Chapter 6 : 6. Consequences
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By dinner Draco was, to say the least, grumpy. All day he had people laughing at him or whispering about him when they saw him coming. He was sick of it no one had ever done that to him before. Just as he sat down at the end of his table two ravenclaws walked past whispering. I swear the next person I see doing that will be hexed! He thought to himself but soon enough more and more people were walking into the great hall sniggering or whispering, he gave up on dinner and left the great hall.

He didn’t get far. When he reached the foot of the marble staircase someone grabbed him from behind he struggled and kicked as he was dragged into a spare classroom. The person holding him however didn’t let go. He saw someone walking towards him from the shadows.

“God how I waited for this day” the voice said gleefully but he couldn’t make it out he’d never heard this voice before he didn’t have much chance to think though before he was writhing in pain. He fought with all his might not to scream in pain, but he was used to this pain. It brought back memories though, of voldemort smirking at others pain, his pain.

After what seemed like an eternity the pain stopped just for a second before a punch to the stomach. He still couldn’t see his attacker. Another punch to the face. The person holding him let him drop to the floor. A foot stomped on his face he felt his nose break but he didn’t care he could move his arms now. He leapt up and tackled his attacker straight through the wooden door they were sprawled on the floor Draco kept punching his face not caring who it was anymore.

Professor McGonagall came out of the great hall and saw them in the corner. She stopped a sharply waved her wand Draco went flying and hit the wall opposite.  “You go to Madame Pomefry right now! You’ll have a months’ worth of detention as well for fighting” she said to the boy who slowly got up and ran off. “as for you Mr Malfoy follow me” Draco reluctantly got up off the floor wincing in pain and followed McGonagall.

They reached her office. She strode in and told him to sit. He did as he was told deciding this was not the time to disobey her. “What on earth were you doing? Fighting with a fellow student, you are supposed to be head boy setting an example not starting fights!”

“But professor he attacked me!” he argued

“No but’s Mr Malfoy you will have a months’ worth of detentions as well, but if I ever catch you fighting again I will not be so lenient and you will lose you place as head boy understand?”

“Yes professor” he grumbled before getting up and swiftly leaving her office. He decided to go straight to the common room.


He arrived in the common room and saw Hermione reading. She turned when he walked in and rolled her eyes before returning to her book.

“Look granger I’m sorry about earlier I’m just having a bad day ok?”

“Fine, but if you ever yell at me again I will make sure you regret it”

“Um ok can you please heal me?”

“You know what because I’m feeling nice I will go to the kitchen I’ll be there in minute” she smiled to herself. Draco went to the kitchen and waited for her to join him. After a few minutes she did with a first aid kit. “Can’t you just use your wand?”

“To fix your nose I will use my wand but everything else I’ll use this” she indicated towards the first aid kit. “Why won’t that hurt more?”

“Exactly” she said triumphantly, she waved her wand and he felt his nose fix itself am I going crazy or did she just use wordless magic perfectly... wait what am I talking about she’s granger of course she did

She began to dab away at a few of his scratches. It instantly began to sting “hey granger”

“Yes malfoy”

“Remind me never to annoy you again”

“Good boy learning stuff already” she said mockingly “malfoy why wouldn’t you let me heal you earlier?”

“Because I deserved the pain after what I did to these people”

“You don’t deserve to be beaten up every time someone needs to take some anger out”

“I know that but I just feel so guilty all the time”

“Well don’t sit there whining make it up to the people you hurt”

“Do you really think that will work?”

“It’ll take time but yes”

“Thanks for the advice granger” Hermione picked up her wand and waved it quickly.

“There all cleared up” she smiled

“Wait you just put me through that pain for no reason” he said gobsmacked

“Would I?” she smirked mischievously

“Thanks anyway granger” he got up and was about to leave when Hermione spoke

“oh malfoy I was wondering if you could read this for me and tell me if you know who wrote it, it’s written by a pureblood. He cautiously took the letter and read :

Dear Hermione,

                                I know you are struggling without your parents but I know for a fact they would be glad you went back to school, stay safe and work hard. NB

Draco growled “so do you know who it is?”

“Uh… no I don’t sorry how long have you been in contact?”

“Since that day I saw you in the park”

“Oh and you have no idea who they are?”

“No she doesn’t want to tell me”

“Ok how did you parents know her?”

“She was my mum’s best friend”

“Oh how does she help you?”

“She answers my questions and makes sure I’m ok”

“Oh why don’t you show me when she next writes a letter and I’ll see if it triggers any memories.”

“Yeh sure thanks anyway malfoy”

“Ok night granger” he hurried to his room. He knew exactly who NB was but wasn’t planning on telling granger.





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