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Changing for you by TigerLilian
Chapter 2 : More than just bodies
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Chapter two
More than just bodies

“No. No no no no no! This can’t be happening!” I cried and buried my face – no, James’s face - in my hands. The commotion had already subsided and everybody had gone back to their own potions. Everybody else except me and James, of course. Slughorn had been a little surprised that seemingly nothing had happened to us when we were drenched in the potion, but then decided it was just good luck. We didn’t tell him what had really happened. James had tried to, but I didn’t want anybody to know. This would have to stay between us. It would be way too embarrassing and it wouldn’t help at all if the others knew about it.

“Oh come on Lily, it’s not that bad. We just make a new potion and ta-daa!, everything’s back to normal,” James said shrugging and examining his new nails critically. It took me a while to answer him, as I had just realised how utterly beautiful he was. How his red hair floated to his back and how amazing his startlingly green eyes were… they made me want to just grab him and snog him senseless.

Wait, what?!

“Oh – my – god!” I cried again and balled my hands in my new overly messy hair. I was lusting after James! No, worse, I was lusting after myself! “This can’t be happening!” I repeated, now because of completely different reason. Then it hit me; not only had we changed bodies, we had changed everything else too! Or, more like it, only our conscious minds had lifted and went to the other body, leaving everything else behind. All feelings, unconscious thoughts, needs, wants, everything, had been left in our own bodies! So I could feel James’s ridiculously strong lust after myself! Eww!

“What now?” James’s voice sounded pretty annoyed when he lifted his eyes to meet mine. I found I liked that annoyed tone. A lot. No wonder James always liked to piss me off. I also realised it was hard to concentrate answering him properly.

“We didn’t only change bodies, you dimwit, we have everything else too! You do realise you examined your nails just now? Having any girly thoughts?” I said frantically. I think my eyes were even bulging. James frowned and thought about it, glancing around the dungeon to get something to go on. I watched his eyes settling on Sirius, who was grinning charmingly and flinging pieces of frog liver on some Slytherin. James’s mouth dropped and he gulped, leaning closer to me. Suddenly my nostrils were filled with delicious floral scent and I completely missed what he was saying. “Huh?” Why couldn’t I think straight?! It was only my own bloody shampoo for crying out loud! I was used to it!

There was suddenly very content and somewhat evil smile on James’s face. It scared me a bit. I didn’t know I was able to look that evil.

“I was just saying that yes, I am having girly thoughts and I just realised how incredibly hot Sirius is, which is disturbing, by the way. I was also pondering over the fact I look much better through your eyes than my own,” James said, still that freaky smile on his face. I wanted to tell him to wipe that stupid smirk-like thing off of my face, but I found it really hard to concentrate into more than one thing at a time and right now, the scent of my very own shampoo was preoccupying my brains and making me feel all wonky.

“Why are you smirking?” I finally managed through my haze. His smirk widened. Idiot.

“Because, now you can finally feel all the stuff I am feeling normally and then maybe you realise I’m not so bad you like to think I am,” James said happily and whirled a stray hair around his finger in the meantime. It was pretty enticing.

“Stop that!” I commanded him and grabbed his hand so he couldn’t continue. He sniggered and raised his brow questioningly. “It’s preventing me from concentrating! Do you realise how unbelievably alluring that is?” I said desperation in my voice. He sniggered some more.

“I do, actually. Do you realise that I am having those same thoughts and feelings that you are going through right now all the time? Hmm?” he asked and I froze. Imagine having to live your life with all these simple yet powerful feelings and needs to… do stuff. With that my brain suddenly filled with all kinds of pictures shoving just what stuff I would like to do to the girl sitting in front of me. Forcing the daydreams out of my head by force, I glared at James.

“Your mind is vile!” I exclaimed to him and earned an odd look from some Ravenclaw sitting a little to our right. I grinned at her apologetically and she blushed fiercely, ducking her head down. Hmm, that is definitely useful. Now, what were we talking about again..?

“But see, you are already using my charm for your own gain! And really, Lily, I can’t help the images that flood to my mind, they just… come. You just have to learn to deal with them and push them out when you need to,” James told me shrugging and smiled softly. Oh my god that smile was so gorgeous on those juicy little lips, if I just could –

“No. Snap out of it!” James said suddenly and snapped his fingers before my eyes. I jumped suddenly.


“You were staring at my lips and leaning forward,” James said, amusement lining his annoyed tone. “Now, tell me, why exactly were you panicking in the first place before realising how utterly beautiful you are?” he continued. What was I panicking before..? It had to be something big. What was I doing then? Looking at my Potions book, that’s right! I leaned forward to check the text I had been reading, when it hit me.

“Oh my god!” I cried yet again and James rolled his eyes, clearly annoyed this time. “Stop looking so alluring!” I exclaimed to him and buried my face in my hands again to block him and everything else out. It didn’t really help as it just made my head fill with various pictures about… stuff. I groaned into my hands.

“Just tell me, will you?” James said and poked me to the side of my head. I groaned again, but lifted my gaze and faced him. Taking deep breath, I finally told him.

“You remember what I told you previously when you asked what this potion does?” he nodded. “Good. Well, it also says that the effects won’t reverse before the both participants have learned something from the experience. It’s mostly the foxglove in this potion that does that and as it wasn’t properly boiled yet so we could proceed to the next step, well… there might be some alterations to that rule too. So we have no idea what will reverse this thing. And there is no counter potion,” I told him, despair in my voice. He gulped.

“Does that mean we are stuck like this until we both realise or do something and that we have no way of knowing what that something would be?” he asked horrified and this time he was the one burying his head in his hands. I sighed and ruffled my hair. When I realised what I was doing my eyes widened, but I decided to leave it be for now.

“Yes! It most likely has something to do with learning something from this all, but what exactly we should be learning is beyond me. It can be anything!” I told him. He groaned and kept his face hidden. I sighed and moved a little closer, patting him awkwardly on the shoulder. I would have loved to hug him, but I prevented myself from doing that for various reasons. Instead I leaned a little closer so I could whisper to his ear, “don’t worry. We’ll get this sorted. Merlin knows I don’t want to stay as a guy forever,” I shuddered, “in the meantime we just have to pretend nothing has changed. I… I don’t want to tell anybody, it would be weird and embarrassing and there would be too much questions. Okay?” I hoped dearly James would go with it. He sighed, lifting his eyes to meet mine.

“Okay, but we have to tell Sirius,” he told me flatly. I frowned. “It’s not just because I want to! It’s because he will realise in a second that you are not me! If you want, you can try and pull it off, but don’t blame me when he freaks out,” James said, scowling a little. I just stared at him so he continued, “and then… Well, let’s just say you have a lot to learn and I have to tell you things about me and my friends if we are to pull this through,” he said, biting his lip nervously and glancing at bored looking Sirius, who seemed to be falling asleep any moment now. When I caught myself staring at James, again, I quickly moved my gaze to the Potions book lying on the desk. I heard soft chuckling from my right and I knew he knew what exactly was going through my brains right now. If we wouldn’t get our bodies back soon I would probably go and hurl myself off the Astronomy Tower at the end of the week.

Deciding there was a quick change of topic needed, I said; “what about you? I should be teaching you to be me too!” He looked at me sceptically.

“No you don’t,” he said, “I already know everything about you that is necessary. I also know you don’t have any immensely close friends in Hogwarts anymore as Alice and Mary graduated last year, so I’ll manage just fine,” he told me matter-of-factly. I cursed his apparent knowledge of my life. It irritated me that he knew so much about me when I really didn’t know anything about him. Bullocks.

“Alright then,” I said grudgingly and he gave me a dazzling smile. I scowled even though I was suddenly tempted to kiss him again. I hate his stupid wants.

“So we need to -,” James started, but was interrupted by the bell ringing loudly and Sirius suddenly jumping before us, grinning widely.

“Sorry to interrupt, Evans, love, but I need Jamesie boy here to do business,” he said promptly to James and then grabbed James’s stuff and ushered me out of the dungeon. I threw one terrified look at James before he disappeared out of my sight. It must have been weird experience to him too, Sirius suddenly coming and taking me with him instead of James. But well, I was James now so he just had to deal with it.

As we were walking through the corridors towards the Gryffindor Tower, I pondered over a whole new feeling I had gotten after getting over the sudden departure from the dungeons. I had always known there was this huge emotional bond between James and Sirius, but I had never truly understood it. But now, when I felt it myself, I was starting to get why the two of them were joined by the hip. Sirius just being there created this feeling of safety and comfort, and this undeniable trust rushed into me. I knew I could rely on him with anything, I knew I could give my life into his hands without a thought, knowing he would take a good care of it with his own. I felt like I hadn’t a care in the world as long as he happened to be there. It was immense and thorough, pure trust that I had never ever felt in my life, getting closest to it only with my mum and dad, and Petunia when we were little and still best friends. But even that wasn’t as strong as this bond. Still, there was absolutely nothing gay in it, it was like Sirius was my twin or something like that. In a way it was the weirdest feeling in the world.

Going through this feeling of James’s, I completely missed everything Sirius had just said. Naturally I needed to ask just what exactly he had said; “huh?”

Sirius rolled his eyes and huffed.

“Thinking about Evans again, are we?” he asked playfully and as he said that, my brains started playing pictures before my eyes, again. It was getting beyond frustrating.

“No,” I said forcefully and ruffled my hair. It seemed that every time I was feeling something like nervousness or if I was annoyed or frustrated, my hand flew to my hair automatically. And here I had been complaining about it when it was nothing James, or now I, could seem to control. It was kind of fascinating. “I was just pondering about the weird amount of trust we share,” I told him matter-of-factly, not thinking it through before it had slipped from my mouth. Sirius stared at me.

“What?” he asked incredulously. I gulped and tried quickly to invent something intelligent to cover my slip.

“I, you know, uh, just, err…” Yes. I am a walking dictionary. Perfect.

Sirius’s eyes went to slits and he stared at me intently for a second. Then he opened his mouth and spoke very slowly.

“If I were to tell you that you are a right stag, you would say..?” he asked, one eyebrow arched in a weird way which to me seemed somewhat meaningful. I hadn’t a clue what the hell Sirius was talking about. Maybe it was some of the things James had mentioned he needed to tell me so I would pull this being him thing through? Probably. So I went with the obvious answer.

“I would say you have finally started to embrace your gay side,” I told him and smirked, but even if my joke had amused him, he didn’t show it. Instead he grabbed my arm in a tight hold and tossed me into the closest private place there was; an empty classroom. Drawing out his wand, he swished it wordlessly towards the door. I heard a faint click when the door locked itself. Then I watched Sirius aim his wand at me, his face contorted in hatred. It was unbelievably scary. I gulped.

“Who are you and where the hell is James Potter?!” Sirius snarled at me threateningly. Maybe James was right, we should have told Sirius immediately. It was interesting how he recognized me not being James with just a couple of sentences. Weird and spooky, really.

“Okay, Sirius, take it easy,” I started timidly and he growled, sounding very much like a dog. I gulped again. I was going to continue, when there was suddenly another click and the door burst open just to be slammed shut again and locked wordlessly. I sighed, relieved to see myself walking into the room with a mix of amusement and concern on my face. Thank god, I thought when James advanced us carefully. I took a short step towards him, but Sirius reacted immediately. He moved fast in front of James, blocking him effectively from me, his wand still pointing directly at my heart. I stopped and cast a pleading look on James. Sirius looked like he was going to hex me.

“Evans, don’t go any further, that is definitely not James Potter,” Sirius told James, who he still thought was me, behind him and eyed me again with pure contempt. James sighed.

“I know that, you dolt!” he informed Sirius, who started and turned to look at James suspiciously. “I told you we should tell him,” James said to me before looking at Sirius again. “How could I say this..? Right, Sirius. Yes, that is not James Potter, because I am. That is Lily Evans in my body and wise versa. Your little spell combined with our unfinished potion kind of made us switch bodies,” James said. Sirius wasn’t convinced though; instead he had backed off from James and was now pointing his wand at him.

“If I told you-,” he started again, but James answered before he could finish his sentence.

“I would say you should go and wag your tail at somebody else and go chase a rat with a wolf when you’re at it,” James said exasperatedly and Sirius’s eyes widened. I was staring at the both of them in disbelief.

“You people have security questions?!” I asked raising my eyebrows at the two of them. They both grinned sheepishly.

“Well, yes. You know there has been these pamphlets going around with security instructions and there was that you should create questions amongst your friends and family. We thought it would come in handy, so we have a few that only the Marauders understand,” Sirius said. Funny that the simple sentence had made Sirius to shift from threatening and very scary guy to his usual easy-going self in mere seconds.

“Riiight… I still think my answer was better,” I mumbled to myself and Sirius laughed.

“So, then. Let me get this straight. You got drenched with a potion and now you are Evans and Evans is you?” Sirius asked and James nodded solemnly. “And you weren’t going to tell anybody?” he asked incredulously. We shook our heads and he sighed, “can’t you fix it? No offence, Evans, but I can’t see myself being all best friends forever with Jamesie when you are taking over his body,” he said smirking and looking at me somewhat suggestively. I would have wondered how it was that Sirius took it so well and quickly, but the suggestive tone put James’s stupid emotions and fantasies racing and my mind was flooded yet again. It must have shown from my face as Sirius’s took this confused expression and he turned to James, “what’s with hi… her?” Oh the amount of smirk on James’s face right now!

“Well you see, when she got my body she got everything else too, more or less. She is now experiencing my fantasies about herself because of your previous comment,” James said merrily and Sirius guffawed.

“Well that is interesting!”

“It’s awful!” I exclaimed and ruffled my hair before realising it. Again. Stupid reflex! “Don’t you have a stop button or something? It’s incredibly annoying! How can you concentrate on anything?”

“I told you you’ll get used to it,” James said and then smiled widely and patted his eyelashes. I groaned and turned away from him, hearing him snigger at me with Sirius.

“I will get my revenge on you, you know! After I get my body back, I’ll know exactly what to do to mess your head so you can’t think anything in a week!” I declared, still not looking at him. That shut him up. “So are you going to tell me what’s up with your stag and tail wagging sentences?” I said sighing and resigning to my faith. When I turned around James was looking nervous and Sirius was frowning at him.

“We have to tell her, Padfoot, you know that. We have no idea how long it takes us to get back in our own bodies and it’s just two weeks till our, err, monthly mission,” James said pleadingly.

“Wait, so you can’t..?” Sirius’s eyes widened in shock and he glanced at me quickly, weird expression on his face. I wonder what it was like to talk to us like this. James shook his head.

“Don’t think so. I am pretty sure all of that is still in that body, so I can’t help you. And she needs to know anyway to get what you guys are talking about all the time.”

“Wait, you are not going to tell Moony and Wormtail?”

“Not yet, at least. If we can’t figure this out soon, then we’ll tell. We were going to keep this between us three anyway. Though Evans here thought she could fool you too,” James said and sent a smirk to me. I ignored him the best I could and tried to decipher what the hell they were talking about.

“But don’t you think we should discuss about this with our other half too? I mean, it is Moony’s secret and the other part is Wormtail’s as much as ours, you know that,” Sirius said, glancing at me quickly. He seemed to be debating something really hard. I had a sudden feeling I knew what that was.

“Oh just tell me, will you?! I am trustworthy; I’m not going to tell anyone! It’s not like I could without risking him getting me back when still possession of my body anyway,” I huffed and glared. James was ogling at me blankly and Sirius looked scared. “What?” Neither of them answered. Instead they turned to each other and Sirius shook James by shoulders.

“She has our telepathy sense?!” he asked James, somewhat panicked and looking like he was considering to Avada Kedavra himself. I was starting to get extremely frustrated as I couldn’t understand what the two were saying, even though I realised how easy it was to read Sirius’s emotions. Had he always been this readable?

“Damn. That has to mean I don’t anymore,” James answered him, distressed, and then frowned, “Sirius. Stop checking me out. It’s creepy!” At that, I burst out laughing and had to support myself by leaning on a desk beside me as not to collapse on the floor. Sirius smirked apologetically and James just looked annoyed.

“I didn’t know you like to check me out!” I choked out between my laughter. I’m not even sure why I’m laughing about this. Normally I’d be just as annoyed as James was right now. Or maybe it was just that. Sirius coughed.

“I don’t usually. But it’s just so weird!” he said. James scoffed.

“It’s a good thing you find this so amusing, Evans, love, giving the fact that now I can check you out too, completely. All I need is a mirror…” That shut me up. I grimaced at the thought, even though James’s body thought it was pretty damn awesome situation. His mind was probably throwing a party right now. I glared at him.

“Oh no you don’t!” He just smirked at that. “Or-or I… Or I’ll check you out!” I shouldn’t have said that. It was obvious that my words just pleased James even more, as his smirk widened, Sirius started to laugh his usual bark like laugh and I could feel James’s stupid heart beat a little faster. Git. Apparently he would just love me checking him out. I couldn’t win.

“You do just that then,” James said triumphantly, turning to leave the classroom, Sirius tailing him. I moved faster than I thought I could, and blocked his way out.

“No! We’re not done here! We need to set some ground rules or something like that first!” I told him, my eyes flitting at Sirius and then back to James. I never realised how short I actually am. He sighed.

“No, we don’t. Just don’t do anything I wouldn’t, and I don’t do anything you wouldn’t. It’s simple as that,” he said and rolled his eyes. I blinked to keep James’s stupid mind from flinging pictures before my eyes and opened my mouth to protest. “Seriously, Lily, you needn’t to worry. I told you, I know you. I am the one who should worry, actually. And, if you really are worried, we can just stick together until we get our own bodies back, so you can observe me,” James told me and smiled. A beautiful smile. Sirius smirked. Stupid smirk.

“Yeah, it’s not like it would be out of the ordinary to have Jamesie staring at you,” he added helpfully. I was too busy trying to figure out how it would look to the rest of the school if I suddenly started to hang out with the Marauders to glare at him. It would most definitely be odd, but it wasn’t like I would keep James away from his friends all the time anyway. And it would be easier to deal with this whole thing when James was around, I realised. He was going through the same thing I was. And then it occurred to me I would be spending majority of my time with him anyway, what with the Head duties and teachers new let’s-make-Heads-sit-with-each-other-in-every-lesson conspiracy.

Resigning to my faith, I nodded. “Okay then.” James gave me a dazzling smile, which cleared my mind complete out of every other thought and opened the door, walking out. I followed him automatically with sniggering Sirius, who had decided this whole thing was extremely amusing.

Somewhere far away in my mind I registered the fact James and Sirius hadn’t actually told me what their “big secret I need to know” was. But as I was following James and the delicious floral scent that was floating from his enticing red hair, I couldn’t care less.

A/N: Yay, the second chapter!
I got this out fairly soon, as it usually takes me forever to write a chapter. It might be because I haven’t written any other stories at all lately, just this. xD As I got huge inspiration with this one, I’ll be probably making this story my main focus now. :D

Anyway, R&R, I love reviews! ^^

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Changing for you: More than just bodies


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